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My Cousins Part III
by AhMyGoddess

I let out a soft groan as I got to my class and realized that the previous class was still going on. I was way too early! I just couldn't keep myself from rushing through this day, I had so many plans for the upcoming night! I leaned against the wall in the hallway and let my thoughts drift over the events of the past week.

One week ago I'd started having sex with my cousins Matthew and Nick. They were identical twins and they both had a beautiful twelve inch cock. I'd stumbled upon Matthew masturbating while watching a porno and after seeing his huge cock I didn't rest until I had it in my mouth and then in my cunt. Nick's cock soon followed.

One of the first things that we did after that was to pool our money together and go shopping. We went to the local sex shop and bought some great toys. Among them were three dildos of varying size. I'd never had anal sex before and I was anxious to try it, but first Matthew and Nick got my tight ass prepared for the onslaught of their huge cocks by fucking it with dildos. We also bought a king-sized mattress and put it on the floor of Matthew's bedroom, our twin beds just weren't big enough to accomodate three people. I loved falling asleep on the mattress after being thoroughly fucked by my well-hung cousins and then waking up with them in the morning and doing it all over again.

All of the fucking had some good effects and some bad effects. I'd gotten to know my cousins a lot better from all of the personal contact. Matthew was a soft and tender lover who liked to hold me close as he fucked me with his long cock. Nick was a powerful fuck machine who liked to contort my body into endless new positions as he rammed his huge cock into my pussy again and again. I certainly had the best of both worlds.

The best thing was that Matthew and Nick, who were very shy and nerdy and had been virgins before I seduced them, were already showing a lot more self-confidence. I loved to see my cousins walking tall and filled with pride because of the fact that they had conquered my cunt and were completely satisfying me.

I also loved the fact that we were trying and doing everything that we could think of to pleasure each other. My life had turned into one giant fuckfest of pleasure. It only had one drawback, my pussy just couldn't handle all of that fucking with those two giant cocks. I'd had to take a three day break from sex to give my tired cunt a rest, but that was all going to end tonight.

We'd come up with a plan to keep my poor pussy from getting worn out. I'd promised Matthew and Nick that I would ask my friend Cammie to join us. They wanted to see me having sex with another girl and I was eager to try eating pussy. My mind was racing with all of the things the four of us would be doing together that night if Cammie agreed to join us. I'd only known Cammie for a short time, but she seemed like that type who was willing to try anything.

The doorbell rang and I ran to answer it. It was Cammie. She'd been shocked to hear that I was having sex with my cousins but when she found out that they had such huge cocks she didn't hesitate to agree to join us. She gave me a quick hug as she entered the apartment.

"Thanks for inviting me Shelly. It's been a long time since I've tasted pussy and I just can't wait to get one of those huge cocks inside of me!" Cammie exclaimed, her face was flushed with excited anticipation.

I laughed and thanked Cammie for coming. We went to the living room and I reintroduced Cammie to my cousins. After the introductions all four of us made a beeline for Matthew's bedroom. Once we were there everyone starting removing their own clothes and helping everyone else out of theirs. My head was spinning, my heart was pounding and my pussy was getting hot and wet as more and more naked flesh was revealed.

When everyone was naked the guys pushed us down on the mattress. I became oblivious to everything else as Nick started kissing me deeply and stroking his hands over my body. His mouth moved down to suck and nibble my breasts and his fingers delved into my pussy, his thumb rubbing my clit. I quickly had a small orgasm and then I felt Cammie grabbing my hand. I turned my head to look at her and she smiled. Matthew was pumping his large cock into her bald pussy.
"Thank you so much, Shelly," she breathed, her eyes closed and she started having an orgasm.

I watched Matthew's cock pumping in and out of Cammie's pussy and then I grabbed Nick and pulled him up over me. "Fuck me hard, Nick. Please fuck me hard," I begged and Nick spread my legs and rammed his giant cock into my juicy pussy. Cammie and I smiled at each other and watched each other getting fucked. I wrapped my legs around Nick's waist and pressed my heels into his ass, pushing him harder and deeper into my cunt. It wasn't long before I had an orgasm. Nick pulled his cock out of me, repositioned me so that I was on my hands and knees, and started fucking me again. With his hands on my hips he thrust deeply into my pussy again and again.

Nick slowed down and pulled his cock out of my pussy. I felt the head of a dildo push into my cunt and stroke in and out a few times. The pussy-juice coated dildo slipped out of my fuckbox and I felt it pressing against the tight ring of my asshole. "Oh yes, Nick, YES!" I cried and pushed my ass back against the slippery dildo, it popped into my ass and I let out a long moan of satisfaction as I felt it's length inside of me. Nick started slowly pushing his huge cock back into my pussy. I could feel the dildo and Nick's cock pressing against each other through the thin wall that separated them. When Nick's cock was finally all the way inside of my pussy he stopped moving for a moment to become accustomed to the supertight fit. I was filled so full that I couldn't stop moaning, I felt as if I was going to explode. My body was giving little jerks and spasms, the pleasure was almost too much for me to handle. Nick reached a hand around to my pussy and as soon as his finger touched my hard little clit I started screaming in orgasm. Nick grabbed my hips and started ramming his mammoth cock in and out of my spasming pussy. I had one orgasm after another, screaming and moaning and shaking as Nick fucked my cunt with deep powerful thrusts and the dildo filled my ass with an amazing pressure.

Nick finally pumped my pussy full of cum and removed his limp cock from my pussy and the dildo from my ass. I collapsed onto the mattress and watched Cammie as she moaned and writhed under Matthew. I moved over and took one of Cammie's nipples into my mouth, nibbling and sucking on it. Cammie grabbed my blonde hair and pushed my face into her titty, I continued to tongue her hard nipple, enjoying my first taste of another girl's breast.

I heard Matthew groan and I looked down to where his cock was stretching Cammie's pussy to the limit. I knew that he was pumping her full of his sweet cum. As soon as he let his limp dick slide from Cammie's pussy I pushed him away and pushed my face between Cammie's spread legs. Cammie was a petite redhead and her pussy was also small. It was shaved bald and I admired it's little lips covered in pussy juice and dripping Matthew's cum. "Oh, Cammie," I sighed, "your cunt is beautiful." I began to lap up the juices from Cammie's pussy, enjoying the taste Cammie's cum mixed with my cousin's, the smell of Cammie's cunt and the slick feel of her shaved pussy against my tongue. I poked my tongue up into her hole, sucking out more cum and fucking her with my tongue. She moaned and pushed her cunt into my face. I moved up and lapped my tongue over her little clit. I could tell that she was close to having an orgasm and I began to suck her clit and stroke it hard with my tongue. She cried out and fresh juices gushed out of her pussy.

I was moving down to lick up all of that pussy honey when I felt hands pulling me away from Cammie's cunt. I looked up at Matthew to see why he was taking me away from that delicious pussy. Nick was standing next to him holding something that I had never seen before. "What is it?" I asked. They didn't answer. Matthew stood behind me and spread my legs and then my pussy with his hands and Nick came forward and thrust one end of the contraption up into my pussy. They started fastening it and I realized that I had one dildo up inside of me and that another was sticking up from my pussy like a cock.

"Go fuck that hot little slut's pussy," Matthew said and they pushed me down between Cammie's legs. I was feeling a little awkward, not quite sure of what to do. Nick spread Cammie's little pussy lips open and began to feed the head of the dildo into her hole. Matthew's hands were cupping each of my ass cheeks and he pressed me foward. The dildo slipped all of the way into Cammie's pussy. My cousins got me started on a rhythm and then moved back to watch as I fucked my beautiful friend's cunt. With each thrust the dildo in my own pussy shoved deeper inside of me and I let out a moan of pleasure. Cammie was pinching her nipples and saying, "Fuck me hard, Shelly, it feels so fucking good to be fucked by a girl." I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could and soon we were both crying out in orgasms.

I felt as if I could have gone on forever, those dildos were never going to get limp, but Nick and Matthew came and pulled me off of Cammie. Their cocks were rockhard from watching me fuck my friend's little cunt. They brought us over to Matthew's bed and leaned us over it side by side so that our tight little asses were thrust up into the air. Matthew put his cock into my sopping pussy and stroked it in and out and few times. Then he started pushing the well-lubed head of his giant cock against my asshole. The head popped inside of my ass and he pushed the rest of his shaft deep inside of me.

I moaned and grabbed two handfuls of blanket. I'd waited for so long to have one of my cousins' huge cocks up my ass. It felt so good, I was completely full and I felt so naughty. "Oh, Matthew, fuck my ass hard!" I cried and Matthew started to pump his cock in and out of my ass. I moaned and screamed, wonderful feelings coursing through me. Cammie was lying next to me with Nick's cock up her ass, getting the same treatment. I watched her writhing and crying out in pleasure. Matthew's cock continued to pump my ass and soon I felt my legs turning to rubber and my pussy spasming in a huge orgasm. I screamed and hot juices gushed from my cunt and dripped down my legs. Matthew's hands tightened on my hips and he drove his dick even harder into my ass. I felt him shoot his load deep inside of me and it pushed me into another orgasm. Matthew collapsed onto my back and I lay trembling beneath him in the aftermath of my orgasms.

A little while later we were all heading down the hallway to take a shower together. Cammie held my hand and looked at me, her face tired and happy, "Shelly, how can I ever thank you for this? It's been the best night of my life and it's not even over yet!"

"Well, if you really want to repay me, can you come back tomorrow night?" I asked and she agreed without hesitation.

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