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My Day Dream
by Alex Valentine

I am obsessed with my neighbor, her name is Brandi. She is short, half oriental, with large breasts and a small waist. Every time I see her I imagine all the things we could do together. I have been inside her house and I know she is a romantic so I have finally gotten up the nerve to write her something. This is it, even now it lies in her mail box waiting for her to pick it up. I am waiting here by the window to see how she reacts to it. Below is the letter I sent:

"You are wearing a long white summer dress and I am wearing a button up shirt and slacks as we drive up to the hill. There is a small hill with a giant oak at its crest where you and I like to picnic. I pull around to the old stone wall and stop the car. The day is warm but not hot, as I get out of the car and go to the trunk to get the basket. you have already started top climb the hill when I look up. the sun catches behind you and I can see your silhouette through your dress, I sigh gently and begin to climb the hill after you.

"When I reach the top you are already there waiting for me with a smile as you take the blanket from under my arm, as you bend to spread the blanket I see that you have decided to tease me today, you have not worn any underwear. I sigh again and reach out to gently pinch you. You giggle and sit down as I put the basket down and begin to remove the food. I also take out an old book that you often have me read to you from, and when you see it you tell me how thoughtful I am that I remembered it. I sit with my back to the tree and you lay with your head in my lap, and ask me to read. I begin. As I read I watch you breathe, the rise and fall of your chest, the peacefulness of your closed eyes, the way your body moves beneath your long dress. You pinch my nipple through my shirt and laugh as you feel me begin to stir beneath your head. I sigh again remembering my promise.

"I continue to read and you hand stays at my shirt, unbuttoning buttons until the cool breeze blows in and cools my sweaty chest, I shiver and you laugh and begin to play with my nipples again. Having had enough I close the book and reach for my glass of wine, when you see me take a sip you ask for me to give you a sip as well. I raise your head slightly and place the glass at your lips. I shiver as you swallow and lick the small beads of wine from your lips. I raise the glass again only this time my hands shake and I spill a bit down the side of your neck, you smile and ask me to clean it up. I lower my lips and lick the wine from your neck all the way back to your mouth, where I kiss you deeply. You take the wine bottle and spill a bit more down your neck and tell me to clean that too. You unbutton your dress just enough for me to get to the wine and see something of your lovely breasts with out me seeing enough. I hungrily lick up the wine and your sweat.

"I can see your nipples strain against the fabric of your dress and I begin to push it aside to help them when I remember my promise. I sit back and sigh again. You are smiling as you tell me to feed you your lunch which I do. With everything I do that pleases you, you unbutton another button, as well as moving your head every once and a while to enrage my cock. You giggle from time to time at the state I am in and unbutton another button on your dress, and although you have quite a few undone and I am able to see a great deal of your beautiful body, you seem to make sure I can really see nothing much. Then you sit up and reach behind you to grab my cock through my pants, you tickle it, stroke it, pinch it and play with it but I hold my ground, and do nothing. "Kiss me now." you say as you turn.

"I am given a beautiful sight as your dress falls off your shoulder and your right breast is exposed. I kiss you madly and deeply as your hand continues to explore me. My hands begin to rove inside your dress and you begin to unbutton my pants. I stroke your nipples as I bite your neck and you pump up and down on my cock. I grab you and rip the rest of the buttons off your dress as I slide down your body and between your legs. I begin to lick you like crazy as you writhe around on the blanket screaming. Then your legs lock around my head as you shake all over, cying out again and again. Finally when your body has relaxed you smile and stand up, gathering what is left of your dress around you. You look back over your shoulder and say "Drive me back home and I might let you watch me cum again on the way." I leave the basket behind!

Your Secret Admirer"

If you would like to know what happened when she got the letter please let me know.


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