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My Darling Gail: Part I
by Salteena

"Daddy, can you come and give me a hand with this? I canít get the back right by myself." I had been passing by Gailís open bedroom door and stopped to watch her arrange her hair in fantastic spikes and whorls. Tomorrow night, she was going to a school Fancy Dress Ball dressed up as an alien, she had been working on her costume for weeks, and now she was designing how her hair would look. Tomorrow it would be lime green with a silver frosting and held in place by the gel she was practising with now.

My wife Andrea died of cancer two years ago, leaving me to finish bringing up our two daughters, Maxine and Gail. After the long drawn-out trauma of watching the person we loved so deeply slowly waste away and finally collapse under the weight of her agony, our lives gradually returned to normal. Well, not quite normal, for me, because I was constantly faced with reminders of her. My daughters were virtual copies of their mother in her youthful prime: short and vivacious, with soft dark hair and eyes, plump-breasted without being "busty", and with trim hips and gorgeous legs. And they had both inherited her warm, sparkling, personality.

It was now three months since Maxine went off University to study Horticultural Science, leaving Gail and I in the family home on the farm. Gail had one more year of school to see out, then she too would be "gone" to Teachers Training College. Perhaps then I might be able to think about building new relationships and find a partner to fill at least part of the gaping hole in my life. But I was not all that confident.

In the months after Andrea passed away we three had made it a rule to hold a family group meeting first thing every Sunday morning. I had engaged a manager to run the farm during the terminal years of Andreaís illness, while I looked after her, and that arrangement still stood. Therefore, I was pretty much a "man of leisure" and generally "held court" sat up in bed, with my daughters sitting on the bed close by, usually still dressed in their night-clothes and dressing gowns. Our discussions were wide ranging, from farm matters, through school experiences, problems with boyfriends, future plans, drugs, alcohol, dealing with womanhood - you name it, we talked about it. It was all very frank and free, and it helped us to cope with our loss.

When Maxine left for University the Sunday morning ritual continued. But now I became more conscious of Gail as a person - no, thatís wrong - I became more aware of her as a woman. She had taken to sitting closer to me than either she or Maxine had ever done before. Also, she had taken to not wearing her dressing gown, turning up in just her pyjamas or a nightie. And, because she was sitting closer to me, I became more aware of her odour: that heady woman-in-bed scent that is part perfume, part perspiration, part sex-smell that all women acquire during a nightís sleep. I became so attuned to Gail that I could even tell when she was menstruating.

To my shame, I usually became erect under my duvet as I breathed her scent in and watched the subtle movements of her unfettered breasts shifting beneath her nightwear as she gestured to make a point. Every Sunday morning when I awoke, I prayed that she would wear one of her short nighties so that I could admire the smooth sweep of her thighs as she shifted position to make herself more comfortable. Sometimes I caught a flash of her panties. And once, when she had no panties on, a swift glimpse of the dark thatch of her pubic hair. And, to my greater shame, I fantasised about sex with her when she left me to shower and dress for the day, rubbing my throbbing penis in my fist until I pumped my sperm into a wad of facial tissues I kept handy.

I continued to do the laundry, just as I had done when Andrea was sick. Early one morning I found a pair of Gailís panties in the hamper, just after she had left for school. They were still warm from her body where she had been wearing them overnight and their crotch was freshly damp from her natural female secretions. Shaking like a leaf I carried them back to bed and pressed them to my face. Scenting her sharp, fresh-seashell, woman-fragrance and licking the crotch to try and get a taste of her vagina. Then I wrapped the silky fabric around my penis and masturbated against them, ensuring that my fluids mingled with hers when my furious ejaculation overcame me. Over the following weeks I looked out for similar opportunities, searching the laundry for her soiled underwear, turning back her still-warm bedcovers after she had gone to school and caressing and scenting the sheets where she had been sleeping. And fantasising and masturbating, and rightly feeling more and more disgusted with myself at what I was doing.

And now Gail was sat on her heels in a kneeling position on her bedroom floor dressed in just a thin cotton nightie. She had propped a large mirror up against the end of her bed and was shaping her hair into fantastic peaks and whorls,

Tonight might be the night it happens - I do hope so. Iíve put on one of my oldest nighties; itís so thin itís almost see through. Youíre standing in the doorway now. Poor Daddy, youíve been so lonely since Mummy died. You havenít taken up with anyone else for fear of upsetting Maxine and I. Itís such a waste, youíre only thirty-eight, still young and very fit from working on the farm. Still nearly as fit as when you were playing provincial football off the side of the scrum. Seanís father says you would have been an All Black if you been a couple of inches taller and played for a more fashionable province. And youíre so handsome in a rugged, battered sort of way. Iím glad you havenít found another woman yet, it gives me a chance. Iíve wanted to feel your big leathery hands stroking me ever since I got the first sexual feelings in my pussy when I was ten. And Iíve been trying to tempt you to take me into your bed every Sunday morning since Maxine left home, but you always keep your distance. Come into the room Daddy, come close.

"Daddy, can you come and give me a hand with this? I canít get the back right by myself."

With my heart thumping like a jackhammer I entered her room and dropped to my knees close behind her. My mind was flashing a continuous stream of messages at me: For fuckís sake, Derek, donít touch her! Donít mess up all our lives! Gailís your daughter! Donít do anything stupid! Donít fucking touch her, no matter how much you want her!

Gail looked at me over her shoulder, her eyes clear and innocent, and she smiled, nearly tearing the heart out of my chest. As she turned back to the mirror I glimpsed the bare curve of one breast down the neckline of her nightie and my penis surged to an aching erection. For fuckís sake, donít touch her!

My daughter coached me in what she wanted me to do and with trembling fingers I tried to follow her instructions. I was shaking so much I made a complete mess of it, but Gail was very patient and we started over. I had never experienced anything as erotic as this in my life before: Manipulating my daughterís gel slippery hair and touching her vulnerable-feeling scalp. Watching the lift and fall of my daughterís breasts in the mirror as she raised her arms to work on the front part of the hairstyle. Smelling her body fragrance. Feeling her glowing animal heat. Listening to the soft sounds of our breathing, and her soft laughter as I messed up for a second time. My erection was a screeching nerve begging for release. For fuckís sake, donít touch her!

Ohhh! Youíre here, kneeling right behind me! I can smell your man-smell and feel the heat of your body! My heartís beating like mad and Iím getting wet between my legs. I tried to tell you how to fix my hair, but my thoughts are in such a jumble I didnít do it right and you made a mess of it, but thatís Ok. It means youíll stay close and try again. Itís only my hair and my head, but youíre touching me! And youíre looking at my breasts in the mirror. Do you like them? Are they big enough for you? Come on Daddy donít be scared. Canít you feel me wanting you? I donít care if your hands are all sticky with gel, hold my breasts. Please!

We almost got it right the third time and Gail leaned back to get a more distant view of her reflection, resting her warm upper back on my chest. Her lower back pressed softly against the tip of my penis, straining vertical in its prison, and I prayed that she couldnít detect what it was. She rested on me, turning her head from side to side, gazing in the mirror. Meanwhile, I was staring at her, down her cleavage past the glorious inner curves of her breasts, almost to her navel, and then further down to where her nightie had ridden up to expose the tops of her thighs and a slip of her panties at their fork. For fuckís sake, donít touch her!

I have to encourage you somehow! My nipples and my pussy are on fire! I wonder if thereís a nerve linking the two? I leaned back on you just now. It was heavenly! Youíve got an erection! I could feel it, hot and stiff, poking into my lower back. If you donít make a move on me soon, Iím going to put my hand on it.

"What do you think Daddy? Does it look nice?"

I managed a strangled response that her hair looked just about right. Gail knelt upright to make a final adjustment to the central spike she had built up in the front of her head. I couldnít see her face in the mirror but I could see her breasts lifting again as she raised her arms. And her nipples were massively erect, sticking out under the sheer cotton of her nightie, every detail of their contours open to my gaze.

I shot my load in my pants. My breath exploded from me with a whoosh. Floods of hot wetness splashed across my belly. I couldnít stop it. I was completely out of control. And I was now desperate to get away from my daughter so that she wouldnít see the spreading stain and know how aroused I had been - and how close I had been to committing an unforgivable sin. With my penis still pumping my fluids out of me I scrambled to my feet and headed out of the door.

Oh! Youíre leaving. What have I done wrong?

"Daddy! Is something the matter?"

"No, itís Ok, sweetheart, I just have to go to the bathroom."

Your voice sounds all shaky like youíve been running for a long time. Come back quickly Daddy! Squeeze my breasts, and stroke my tummy! Put your big strong fingers between my legs and feel how much I want you!

I cleaned myself up as quickly as I could and dumped my sperm-soaked briefs, wrapped in my T-shirt, in the laundry hamper. My pants would have to go to the dry cleaners if I couldnít brush the stain out. I wrapped a towel around my middle and went to Gailís doorway. I poked my head around the jamb and wished her goodnight, "Iím off to bed now, honey, donít stay up too late." She looked very disappointed that I wasnít going to help her any more, but to give in to my need and rejoin her would be fatal. Particularly the way I was now undressed.

I climbed into bed, naked as usual, turned on my bedside light and started to read a very dry treatise on pasture management that Maxine had found for me at the University. I needed to study something really dull to calm me down and bring me back to some kind of sanity. After about twenty minutes I heard Gail go to the bathroom. Ah, good! Sheíll be off to bed soon.

She was in the bathroom a long time and I was about to turn off my light and try to sleep when I heard her scratch my bedroom door with her fingernail - Gailís usual way of asking permission to come in. "Yes?" I called, and she came into the room. As she walked up beside the bed I couldnít take my eyes off her. Her hair was back to normal. But God, the material of her nightie was thin. And through it, in the light of my lamp, I could clearly see the pert swell of her breasts and the dark circles of her nipples Ė thank heavens, they were no longer sticking out. And, because she had taken off her panties, I could also detect the dark shadow of her bush. My penis surged erect again.

You look frightened. I know you can see through my nightie. Thatís why I chose it. Itís no good. I know you want me, you came in your pants. Thatís why you left my room in such a hurry. If you wonít make the first move Iíll have to. I want you so much. I had to take my panties off they were so soaking wet from my need for you.

Gail sat on the bed close to me, her knees together demurely, pushing the duvet cover to one side so that she was sitting on the bottom sheet.

"Hi Daddy. Are you Ok?"

"Yes honey, I fine."

"I was worried because you rushed off so quickly. I thought you were sick or something."

"I was in a bit of a rush to get to the bathroom, thatís all." I lied, "I was on my way there when you asked me to help with your hair."

"You should have said." Gail slipped her hand under the duvet and the cool backs of her fingers touched the outside of my thigh about half way up. She left them there. My penis twitched.

Iím touching your leg under the duvet. It feels so hard and strong. Donít push me away Daddy! Let me make you feel good. Touch me back. Make me feel good too!

Oh God. Not again! I prayed. "Your hair looks Ok, Gail. That gel must come out easily." I could detect the unsteadiness in my voice. Could she?

"It takes quite a lot of brushing." Gailís fingers moved up my leg in a stroking motion. "As long as you wait for it to dry properly first, you donít even have to wash your hair afterwards." Her fingers were stroking higher and higher on my leg. She was now almost level with my hip. "Do you mind me doing this?"

"Oh Gail! Itís very beautiful, but you shouldnít be touching me likeÖ"

Gail moved her hand swiftly over my heaving belly and her cool fingers grasped my tumescent penis. Her eyes widened when she felt how big I was. "Poor Daddy, I found your underpants in the laundry hamper, even though you tried to hide them in your T-shirt. I looked for them. I guessed what had happened. Iím sorry it was like that for you. I wanted it to be different." She stroked the full length of my shaft, rubbing the sudden pre-come from my tip over my glans with her thumb. My penis jumped in response to her touch.

Oh God! Iíve done it! Iíve got your penis in my hand. You feel so long and hot and I can hardly get my fingers all the way round. And you feel smooth too, like hot smooth marble. I stroked my way up your leg and grabbed you before you realised what I was about to do. Let me hold you, donít tell me to go away! And touch me, Daddy! If you donít put your hand up my nightie soon, Iíll take it and put it on my pussy myself!

I couldnít help myself. Despite the fact I was telling her, "Gail, we shouldnít be doing this. This is incest." I brought my hand out from under the duvet and started to stroke the inside of her knee with my fingertips. Oh Lord, her skin was so soft and so smooth! Gail opened her legs slightly to let me stroke higher up the creamy-soft satin of her inner thigh.

"I know itís supposed to be wrong, Daddy. And incest is such an ugly word. But it feels so nice and so natural. And I love you so much. How can it be so wrong?"

"It always has been a sin, darling, ever since civilisation started." I was now almost touching her sex. Stray strands of damp pubic hair brushed the backs of my fingers as my hand moved on her. Gail was gently caressing my testicles.

"It made a lot of sense in the days before birth control, Daddy, but now itís madness."

My fingers caressed her slippery labia and moved deeper into her wet cleft, seeking her vagina.

Ohhh! Youíre there! I nearly came when you were caressing my thigh. Iím sure thereís a wet patch of my juices where Iím sitting on the bed. Your fingers feel so beautiful moving on my pussy. Youíre talking about incest, but I donít care. I need you so badly. I want to feel lovely big penis take my cherry and tuck itself right up in my tummy! But, it must be your penis!

"Iím still a virgin, Daddy."

Feeling crushed by disappointment, taking this as a signal to stop, I removed my fingers from between Gailís legs. She let out a small cry of distress and with her free hand pushed mine back on her. "Just, donít put your fingers in me, Daddy. Nothing has ever been in there. Not even my finger, not even a tampon." I found her clitoris with my fingertip and stroked it lightly.

Gail shivered and let out a gasp, "Can I get into bed with you Daddy?"

I found equilibrium. I came to terms with the fact that Gail and I were going to make love. I was going to be her first man, her first lover. It was going to happen now. And my heart soared. "Nothing on this earth would make me happier, my darling. Come to me."

Gail let out a squeak of astonishment when I raised the duvet to let her into bed, "Youíre so big! I could feel with my hand, but now that I see youÖ!"

"Then we shall both have to be very gentle with each other, sweetheart. Come!"

Gail moved under the covers; her attention still fixed on my penis. Yes, I was big, about eight inches long and as thick as a young womanís wrist. But, If I werenít brutal with her she would suffer very little pain when I entered her for the first time. Thereafter, she would love my size. And I was now determined there would be many opportunities for that to happen.

Daddy! Your penis is so big! Iím getting a bit scared now. I still want you so much, but youíre going to split me apart with that huge thing! But you are so beautiful too, all of you. Hard and soft all at the same time, and your body is sooo warm! I canít wait to feel you touching me! I hope you donít just feel me up. I want you to fuck me! Kiss me too, please! I want you to love me as well as enjoy my body!

I helped Gail to lie on top of me, her pubis crushing my erection against my belly Ė an exquisite ache. We kissed as lovers, our tongues tentatively seeking each otherís out, tasting each other for the first time. I pulled her nightie up over her body and helped it off her. Gail gasped again when she felt the full impact of my body heat, especially that of my penis trapped against her belly. Her nipples were gloriously erect again; her breasts were full and inviting.

We kissed again, exploring each other. I caressed her smooth flesh: her back, her flanks and her rounded bottom. And imperceptibly I parted her legs and moved her up my body until the very tip of my penis was nestled at the soaking entrance to her vagina. I broke off our kissing, "Gail, sweetheart, lift up the upper part of your body. I want to hold your breasts."

She did as I asked her to, supporting herself on her straightened arms. I took her breasts in both hands: hefted their weight, caressed their glorious curves and brushed their distended nipples with my thumbs. She writhed slightly, pressing her breasts into my hands, "Ooooooh! Daddy! That feels so beautiful!"

Ooohhh, Daddy! Your kisses are so wonderful I feel like crying with happiness. You do love me, I can tell. And the way youíre touching my breasts! It feels even nicer than I ever thought it would. I wish you would kiss and suck my nipples! And your penis is so hot and hard down there, so nicely tucked in between my legs! Wait a second! Whatís this?

"Oh! My God! Daddy! Youíre inside me!"

Getting her to raise herself like that was just enough to start my invasion. Then gravity and her own subsequent movements had eased me into her, gently stretching her hymen without tearing it and giving her pain. I was now inside by a good three inches. My daughter was no longer a virgin. She looked down at me with her eyes brimming with tears of joy, "Oh Daddy! I love you so!" The she made a slight wriggle and seemed to suck my penis deep inside her.

You feel so amazing! Youíre filling me up, stretching me all round. But it doesnít hurt. Did you feel that Daddy? I gripped your penis with my pussy to say "Hello" and to let you know how happy I am to welcome you into my very secret place. Iíve waited so long for this, saved myself for just this instant. Iíve refused all the other penises that have tried, keeping it just for you. And, oh My God, it was worth it! Make love to me Daddy! We will fuck each other and make each other come! Never stop fucking me!

Her tight passage convulsively grasped my shaft in its velvety clasp and Gail descended to lie down on me again. Simultaneously we moaned, "You feel so wonderful!" Then we kissed deeply. I broke off our kiss briefly to say, "Stay still my darling, let us get used to each other." Then I returned to kissing her. At the same time I caressed every accessible part of her curvaceous body making her make small movements on my penis, opening her vagina so that when we started to fuck properly she would be able to accommodate all of me. Our heat was rising. Gail began to writhe, to rub her belly and breasts against mine and make small whimpering sounds of lustful need. It was time.

Staying buried deep in her I arranged us with me looming over her, her legs spread-eagled and her vagina stretched open wide. I looked down at her perfect beauty for a moment, and then into her eyes, "Are you ready?"

She gazed up to me, her dilated pupils, deep, black, pools of desire, "Oh yes, Daddy, yes! Fuck me Daddy, please!" She pleaded huskily, "Fill me up with your lovely penis. Paint my insides with your sperm. Make me come and come and come!"

Slowly at first and then with increasing momentum, I stroked my eight-inch tool into my daughterís hot, tight, velvety channel; pulling back until I almost left her, then driving down and back in deeper and harder with every stroke, angling my shaft to make maximum contact with her clitoris. I couldnít recall fucking any vagina this hot and this tight and with this clinging smoothness before. Panting and making tiny cries of delight, Gail worked her vaginal muscles on my thrusting penis, clinging to me as I withdrew and relaxing them to welcome me back when I returned. "Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! You feel so magnificent. Donít stop, donít ever, ever stop!"

This is soooo fantastic! Daddy, you are such a wonderful lover! You know just how to take me to paradise with that hot, hard penis of yours. Itís like a hand inside me caressing me in all the right places. And when you push it in me it moves over my clit making sparks fly in my brain. I hope you love this as much as I do. My bodyís on fire! I feel like Iím flying in the sky, higher and higher. Kiss my breasts, Daddy, please!

When I saw that her neck and chest were becoming suffused with colour I knew that Gail was approaching orgasm. Her eyes were tightly closed and her head was rolling from side to side, and her breath was coming in rapid, ragged heaves. And when she arched her back, lifting her breasts to me, I bent over and licked a nipple. Gail dissolved in a shaking, shuddering climax, "Itís happening! Oh God! Oh! Oh! ThatísÖ! Oh Daddy! Oooooohhhhhh Daaaaddeeeeeeee!"

I know I screamed. I couldnít help it. The feeling was so overwhelming! I had my first ever orgasm! It started at my toes and burst all the way up my spine and into my brain! My insides were banging and crashing with such thrills of pleasure I hoped it would never stop. And you did it Daddy, my wonderful, wonderful lover! Oh, thank you, thank you. I love you so very much!

I gave Gail a few moments to enjoy the thunder and lightening crashing through her. I could feel her vagina fluttering wildly on my penis all the while, and then, when I felt her spasms start to slacken, I began to stroke into her again. After a few moments more her eyes snapped open, "Daddy! ItísÖ Itís starting again. Iím going toÖ Ooooh! Yes! Oh! God! Yes! Yessss! Aaaaaaagh!"

Three more times after that I brought Gail to orgasm, each time with more intensity than the last. Finally, as she approached her sixth climax in a row, I could hold out no longer. With I mighty roar of, "Gail!" I burst my sperm in a pounding flood against her cervix, filling her vagina with my hot love, and tipping her over the edge into another screaming paroxysm of pleasure.

We clung to each other, sweating and trembling, as our bodies came back to earth. My lovely Gail let out a tiny sob of loss as my softened penis slipped out of her silken orifice and released a flood of our combined juices onto the sheet. I moved us onto our sides, still holding each other, and we stroked each otherís still quivering flanks and gazed into each otherís eyes. Finally we kissed, tenderly, lovingly, all lust and passion gone.

Oh, Iím exhausted! But, oh Daddy, my love, such a lovely exhaustion. You made me come six times! I didnít know such a thing was possible. And each time you took me to a higher level of pleasure. And when I felt your hot wetness flooding my womb I thought I would die of ecstasy! Does everyone have sex like this? Or am I just one of the lucky ones?

"Oh Daddy, no girl has ever, ever lost her virginity so wonderfully as I did tonight. Thank you so much."

Gail gave me no time to reply, sliding down my body and kissing my flaccid penis, "And thank you too. You were superb. Come back and make love to me soon." My member stirred as if acknowledging her homage and promising to return. And she kissed him again, but this time, goodnight.

I pulled the duvet over us both and we slept for an hour until nature called and the two of us had to run to a bathroom. We met again in the passageway, Gail paused outside my bedroom door, suddenly demure and childlike. She was actually blushing, "I suppose Iíd better go to my room now."

Gazing longingly down at the stunning curves of her naked body and, uttering a fervent mental prayer, I took her hand, "Gail, darling, if you want it too, this room is our room for as longÖ"

This wasnít a one-time fling! You want me to stay with you. To sleep with you; to wake up in the mornings and see me there beside you. Me, Gail! Oh, Daddy, you wouldnít believe how happy youíve made me!

Gailís radiant smile lit up the dark passageway, "Oh yes, Daddy, I want!" And still holding my hand, she led me to our bed.

To Be Continued...


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