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My Darling Gail: Part II
by Salteena

Our wakening the following morning was slow and languorous. Gail snuggled closer to me, her naked warmth stirring me erect immediately, "Daddy, Did we reallyÖ?" I lifted the duvet and showed her the stains on the sheet from our lovemaking the night before. "Aaah good, it wasnít just a lovely dream then."

Weíre here together; itís really true! Good morning my father, my lover. You smell deliciously of bed, and so do I. Such a sexy smell! And there you are too, Daddyís handsome penis, all nice and stiff and pleased to see me. How well my pussy remembers you! Come let me kiss you good morning as well.

Still holding my member in her fingers, Gail rolled onto her back and spread her legs invitingly, "Daddy, I feel so marvellous, so wet and warm down here. Do you think your lovely big penis will fit in me straight away?"

"We can but try, my pet," I smiled as I moved over her, "guide me into you."

Gail rubbed my mushroom head up and down her vaginal slit three or four times to make it slick with her juices. "Oh, you feel so hot and smooth," she sighed, "I never, ever imagined a penis could feel so wonderful. I think I want you inside me now." She positioned me in the entrance to her tunnel, anointing me further with her lubricious vaginal mucus. She pushed down on me slightly and then winced, a slight frown creasing her brow, "You feel so big. Did you really fit in there last night?"

"Oh yes, indeed I did, for more than an hour. But be patient, my love, you are still so very new to intercourse and your gorgeous vagina needs time to adapt to any penis, let alone one the size of mine. Just try to relax." Leaned down and kissed the base of her throat and arched my body so that I could reach the suffused, dark pink, aureoles of her nipples.

Oh Daddy, At first I thought my virginity had healed up again, but now I can feel you opening me up. Youíre stretching me again, and it doesnít hurt. It feels so wonderful! Your penis is sliding slowly inside and I can feel every millimetre as you are coming in. Ohhhh! This is soooo awesome! Yes, Daddy! Kiss my breasts! Suck my nipples! Make them stand up, all tingly and aching. And bury your hard penis deep inside me! Splash your seed in me and make me come!

Gailís clinging vagina opened up to let me into her velvety, liquid depths. Lord, she was hot in there! Just as I did the previous evening, I started thrusting slowly, letting her tight walls adjust to my bulging, rock hard presence. Gail met my every move with her eyes closed and a beatific smile on her lips, lifting her abdomen to draw in deeper and writhing her hips to maintain maximum contact between her clitoris and my throbbing shaft. I brought my sexy daughter to the brink four times, held her on the very edge of orgasm, and then let her relax before arousing her again. And then we climaxed together, kissing deeply as our orgasms pounded through us.

Nobody has a lover like I have! No wonder Mummy was so happy after you and she made love. Maxine and I knew every time. Itís hard to keep such things secret in a wooden villa like ours - sounds and vibrations travel! I was so jealous sometimes, wishing you were making love to me. And when she started to get ill, and didnít feel like having sex with you, I wanted to take her place - to make you happy. I almost asked her once if I could. And now we are together. You have taken me and shown me a glimpse of heaven. Oh, Daddy, I want to stay with you forever!

We cuddled for a long while and then got up to share a shower Ė another intimacy I had dreamed about and masturbated over for months. Whilst we were soaping each other down, exploring crevasses and intimate apertures with our fingertips, Gail suddenly kissed my nipple, "Daddy, just in case you are wondering Ė Maxine arranged for both of us to start taking the pill. Mummy was too sick to have that to worry about. I know weíve talked about birth control and STDs in our Sunday sessions, but Maxine never actually told you what she did. So thereís no need to worry."

I kissed the top of her head, "Thank you sweetheart, but I figured that out when I came across the occasional empty blister pack when I was getting the garbage ready to go to the dump. Thank you for telling me though."

I changed the sheet on the bed, tucking the stained one away in a drawer as a personal memento of the night. After a good breakfast, I had work to do over at the back of the farm. Even though I had a manager on the spread I still involved myself with some of the jobs, especially those that were dangerous for just one or two guys to do. Gail was going to put the finishing touches to her costume for tonight and dye her hair, and, also, start a casserole for me to dip into while she was out. Helping Jack and his son Pete to repair the bridge that had been partially washed out was tough work, but Iíd not felt so invigorated in a long while. In fact Pete, who was a burly young sprog of twenty-three who played prop in the First XV for our local football club, asked me to slow down a couple of times because I was wearing him out for his game that afternoon!

We fixed Gailís hairstyle together, which gave me another massive erection. She reached behind her and gave my rampant penis an affectionate squeeze, saying that sheíd love to feel it pushing up in her pussy, but sheíd never make the Ball if we started doing that. Then she shooed me out of her room while she got dressed. When she appeared in her costume for a pre-departure fashion parade she was dazzling, but showed far too much bare flesh for my peace of mind. And it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. However, I kept my council.

We had already arranged that I would take her to the Ball, but Sean would bring her home. Sean was a boy from a neighbouring farm who Gail had dated from time to time over the last couple of years. I wasnít to wait up for her because there was usually a party at someoneís place afterwards and she would be home late - by which she meant early in the morning. Gail kissed me on the cheek and told me she loved me before getting out of the car. I reminded her to call me to come and get her if Sean seemed to have had too much to drink to drive safely, then I watched my daughter make her way into the school hall where the dance was being held. I felt so proud that such a stunning creature had chosen me to take her virginity.

Seanís ute coming up our road woke me at 2.45am. Itís pretty quiet at night out where we live; you can hear a car engine from miles away, especially when its exhaust needs fixing like Seanís did. And country people are always attuned to unusual noises, especially in the night hours with all the livestock rustling that goes on nowadays. They stopped quite a distance away from the house and it was over an hour before Gail came indoors. She knew by my light being on that I was awake so she came straight to "our" room.

"Hi Daddy, sorry if we woke you up." At some stage in the evening she had brushed her "alien" hairdo out. Hopefully the lime green would wash out just as easily. Gail was a bit tipsy and her lipstick was pretty smudged. Also, her dress seemed to be showing off a lot more of her flesh than when she had started out.

Iím so glad youíve got the light on. I was afraid youíd be mad at me and make me go to my own room. This has been such a crazy night and I want to tell you about it. Then I want you to take me and fill me up with your come.

"How was the evening, sweetie?"

She sat at the foot of the bed and slipped her hand under the duvet to stroke my foot. "Oh the Ball was fun. I was a bit disappointed to start off with because I was sure everyone would see that I was changed - that since they saw me leave school on Friday afternoon I had become a real woman. But nobody seemed to notice anything different about me. The party afterwards got a bit heavy. And Sean is really hosed off with me. I had to spend nearly an hour out there trying to calm him down so that he wouldnít go too mad driving home."

"Well what happened to get him so upset?"

"Itís kind of a long story. It all started when I was in the "girlsí bathroom" at Joleneís brushing that gunk out of my hair - Joleneís was where the party was. Her parents had gone out to a motel for the night and left us to party and make as much noise as we liked. Well, this girl, Melanie, came in. Sheís only been at the school for two years, has always been a bit of a loner, never goes out on dates or anything like that. We all thought she must be a bit religious, but her being at the party that night blew that theory right out of the window. For me, so did something else.

"We talked as I brushed my hair, nothing significant, just girlsí stuff and I didnít really notice that she was moving closer and closer to me. Well, all of a sudden, she reached out and slipped her hand through one of these slits in my costume and took hold of my breast. It was a hell of a shock, I can tell you, and I slapped her hand away and asked her what the f*** she thought she was playing at. Melanie burst into floods of tears and told me she was very sorry for doing it, but all the boys at school, even Sean, had been saying for months that I must be queer, because I wouldnít let them into my pants. She said that she didnít go on dates because she only liked girls. She had wanted me ever since she saw me on her first day at school and had been waiting for an opportunity to be alone like this with me.

"I should have really blown my top at hearing that Ė not at her, but at the guys whoíd been slagging me off. Melanie canít help her lesbian feelings and I told her Iíd like us to be friends as long as she keeps her hands to herself. Then I helped her dry her eyes and told her Sean and the other guys are a pack of wankers, who are just pissed off with me because I wonít go to bed with them like the other girls do. I also told her that just because I donít open my legs for them, it doesnít mean that I havenít got a man. But I do have one, and one whoís a better lover than any of them ever will be.

"I was bloody angry with Sean for saying things like that about me and when I went back into the party I totally ignored him, even though Iíd been with him most of the night up until then. But later on I had to go to the bathroom again, this time for a pee. When I came out Sean was waiting in the corridor for me. He just grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into one of the bedrooms and pushed me down on the bed. The room must have had had several visitors before us, because the bedcovers were already pretty mussed up and there were one or two sticky damp patches.

"Sean started kissing me and touching my breasts. Iíd let him do that before when we were out on a date, but his time I pushed his hand away. Then he got angry and shoved his hands up my dress and tried to pull my panties down. We had quite a fight, which is how my costume got torn, but he didnít get them off. I could feel his erect penis shoving against me while we struggled. And when he got it out and pushed my dress right up above my waist and stuck his penis in between my legs, I really got scared. So I kneed him in the groin. That slowed him down a bit.

"Sean tried to hit me in retaliation, but I ducked out of the way and he missed. Then he started calling me a "prick-teaser" all sorts of other foul names. All of a sudden, though, he must have realised that he was being a complete prat. Also, that heíd come very close to raping me, because he suddenly became very contrite and begged my forgiveness, said heíd had too much to drink, and swore heíd do anything I liked as long as I didnít cause a big fuss. I told him that all I wanted from him was to take me home.

"On the way here I made sure he didnít drive above 50k, I didnít want us to end up in a ditch or down a gully. We talked about what had happened and I told him I was very disappointed at what he had done and what heíd been saying about me Ė about me being queer. I like Sean, heís basically a very nice guy, and Iíd hate to lose him as a friend. Anyway, he told me that heíd been getting wound up for months about me not going to bed with him and when Melanie had "stuck the knife in" by telling him I had a man, heíd lost his cool.

"We sat outside talking around the subject for a long time. I made our conversation last a lot longer than it really needed to, because I wanted Sean to sober up a bit more before driving again. He asked me who my man was and I told him that his name is my business, but that my man is older than he, Sean, is and is such a marvellous lover Iím not interested in having sex with anyone else. I also told Sean that Iíd like to stay friends, but he has to forget about getting me into bed. He was still pretty unhappy when he left, but he promised to drive home slowly and have a good think about our future relationship when he was sober."

Oh, Daddy, donít be too angry with Sean. It was my problem and Iíve sorted it out. I want you so much. Iíve got so wet between my legs sitting here caressing your feet while I was talking to you, there must be a big damp patch on my dress by now. That fight with Sean was really scary, but it was also pretty exciting and I found myself fantasising it was you trying to force me. Sean was unlucky really Ė I came to my senses, just in time, with the realisation that he wasnít you.

"Daddy, would you like to undress me?"

My daughterís question shocked me out of the reverie I had entered whilst listening to her account of the nightís events. If young Sean tries anything like that again, heís going to get one hell of a hiding! "Oh, gosh yes!" My erection was instantly sticking out in front of me as I threw the duvet back and climbed out of bed.

Ohhh, your penis looks magnificent! All long and hard: just for me. I feel like teasing you. How will you react? Will you get angry? Will it really turn you on? Or will you try to force me? Oh, yes! Force me to have you, Daddy! I want your penis inside me too badly to mess about with hours of foreplay. Just take me!

Gail lay down across the bed, smiling a coquettish smile, with her arms folded across her chest and her ankles locked. "Do you want to take my dress off Daddy? Do you want to tear it off your lovely young daughterís soft body and crush her tender breasts with your big hands? Do you want to rip your little girlís panties off her and stick your hot hard penis in her tight little pussy and shoot your come into her womb?"

I knew straight away what kind of charade the little trollop was playing and decided to match her. With a wolfish grin I knelt astride her face. Holding her head in one hand and my penis in the other I pointed it at her mouth. "You bet Iím going to stuff this monster into your pussy, you horny little slut! But first youíre going to have to suck it! Make it good and hard!"

Daddy! You are brilliant! I was afraid you might not want to play!

Gail shook her head from side to side, "Oh no, no Daddy. Not your great big thing in my little virgin mouth! Iíve never sucked one before! Are you going to push it right in and fuck me and make me swallow gallons of your hot come?"

"I may do that! Or I may save it for your pussy. It depends on how I feel. Now, open your mouth! I want to feel you sucking me and licking me with your slippery little tongue!"

Gail opened her mouth just a little way. I shoved the head of my penis hard at her lips then gripped her chin and forced her to open her mouth wide. I pushed right inside her mouth and started to fuck her. Jesus! I couldnít believe I was doing this! Then Gail started sucking me and caressing my balls, so I eased off with my thrusting. Soon she was bobbing her head on my shaft and I was fast approaching a climax. It was too soon. I pulled my penis from her with an audible plop and stood over her. Gripping the neckline of her costume I growled, "Now letís get this rag off!"

Your penis tasted so beautiful, Daddy, your salty pre-come was nothing like Iíd imagined it would be. And the way your penis jumped and got bigger when I ran my tongue around underneath the head! I wanted you to come in my mouth for the first time. It would have been awesome. But I think you want to fuck me in the pussy first. I am going to suck your penis again later and drink your sperm down. Maybe, you willÖ No! I mustnít think about that now or Iíll go over the edge!

"Oh, not my pretty dress Daddy! I spent hours making it. Please donít tear it off me like that!"

I grasped the neckline of Gailís dress and ripped it from her body, lifting her bodily from the bed before the material gave way. Her chest was heaving as she took in deep, ragged gasps of air. Her beautiful breasts were quivering with the effort of breathing and her nipples were sticking out like organ stops. I took a breast in each hand and crushed them, mercilessly grinding them against her chest. Her nipples burned my palms.

"Oh Daddy, stop! Youíre hurting me, crushing my little titties like that!" But in reality Gail was thrusting her breasts up into my hands, pushing harder against them.

I grasped her soft orbs in my hands so that each nipple stood out in the circle of forefinger and thumb. I bent over one and covered the swollen aureole with my mouth. Flicking my tongue over it rapidly I sucked it hard. Gailís whole body leapt in response her whole body kicking and writhing with pleasure. I turned my attention to the other blood-suffused teat and bit it Ė not to hurt her, but to show her the danger she was in. Gail convulsed again and a groan exploded from her throat: "Aaaaarrrrghhh!"

Daddy! Iíve just come! It was like a lightening bolt blasting right throughout my body! It was so powerful that I thought I was going to die. Oh Daddy, youíre killing me with your passion!

Still gripping her nipple in my teeth I reached down between us to pull her panties to one side and then I entered her. It was like pushing my penis onto a bowl of hot liquid Ė not water, something more viscous. She was so wet I couldnít feel the walls of her tunnel and I slid into her so easily, so deeply and so quickly our pubic bones crashed in a violent collision. And then she gripped me, once, twice, three times and my balls emptied with a great "whoosh!" I think I screamed. I know I released her nipple for fear of biting it off. And my back arched like a bow as I pumped my seed against her cervix while her vaginal muscles milked me, sucking every last drop from my body.

I have never heard a man scream before. Did I hurt you Daddy? Or did you scream with pleasure? Oh, I do hope it was pleasure! My God, if I wasnít on the pill Iíd surely be pregnant now, your sperm shot so far up inside me! Oh Daddy, that was so massive! Can we ever reach this peak again? Or will everything else seem tame from now on? But, who cares? I love so much!

I collapsed onto Gail and quickly rolled us onto our sides facing each other, my penis still lodged deep inside her. Out bodies were so slick with sweat it was hard to hold on. We clung together, both of us shaking tumultuously and fighting for breath. After a long, long time we both calmed down. Amazingly, my penis was still hard, like a rock, buried right up in Gailís vaginal canal. "Oh sweetheart, I left you behind, forgive me?"

"No need Daddy, I beat you there by more than a minute, when you first bit my breast. But youíre still with me. Roll us over so that you are on your back. Let me make love to you!"

I rolled us over and she ground her pubis down hard on mine. "Daddy, youíre going to have to get my panties off, theyíre digging into me. Have you got the strength to rip them, gently, or am I your Delilah?" A weakened Samson I was, but I managed the task fairly easily. And then, Gail started moving on me. She was sublime!

You look so beautiful down there, Daddy, with your dark brown eyes looking up at me so lovingly. And your bent nose Ė how many times did you break it playing rugby? And your strong chin and sensuous, oh so sensuous mouth. And your powerful chest with its little pink manís nipples, so cute, and your mat of tiny black curly hairs. And your belly is hard and flat. Youíve still got pecs a lot of body-builders dream about, flexing as you respond my loving you. And your lovely hard penis exploring my insides. Can you feel my vagina kissing and stroking it? You feel so gorgeous in there!

Ahhh yes! Caress my breasts gently and fondle my nipples. Oh, Daddy, Iím not sure which way I like it best. Soft and gentle like this? Or hard and rough like before? With you, either way is perfect! Ohhhhh! Circling your tongue around my nipple like that makes it want to burst! Do it to the other one too! Oh my gosh!

Daddy! I can feel you growing bigger, getting harder! Oh please! Stay with me a bit longer! Iím almost there! I can feel it building! Oh yes! Yes! Oh heavens! My insides are boiling! I can feel you coming. Oh that is soooo glorious! We must have flooded the bed again! Daddy!

Like most farming people we didnít need to set an alarm to wake us up in the morning. Gail and I were pretty damned groggy though! I padded down to the kitchen to make us a cup of tea each, taking a leak in the downstairs toilet while the kettle boiled. When I got back to bed, Gail had taken the opportunity to wash the remains of her makeup off and relieve herself as well. She looked freshly scrubbed Ė a little kid again, peeking over the edge of the duvet. She welcomed me back into the bed by wrapping her warm naked self around me and nuzzling her nose against the side of my neck. The tea went cold as we fell asleep again in each otherís arms.

You are still sleeping and so is your lovely penis. It looks so fragile, all soft and wrinkled. It seems impossible that such a small thing can grow so big and give a girl so much pleasure. Now that Iím really close to it I can smellÖ Yes, I can smell me! My smell from when you were inside me! Iím going to suck your penis and wake it up. And you will wake up too. And maybe you willÖ Oh, please, I hope you do!

My penis felt like it was two feet long, but the naked nymph who was kissing and caressing it kept evading my grasp, preventing me from feeding on her delicious body in return. The tension was intense. I was rising to orgasm and IÖ

"Good morning, Daddy. Youíve woken up at last. Your penis started to twitch and I thought you were going to come in my mouth whilst you were still asleep."

My penis was shiny with Gailís saliva as she held it against her cheek, smiling as she greeted me. The beautiful naked nymph in my dream was very, very real. I smiled in return and stroked her hair. Gail returned to making oral love to my shaft, sucking it gently, taking it deep in her throat, flickering her tongue around its sensitive head, and caressing my balls. I lay back to enjoy the extraordinary sensations she was giving me.

You looked so surprised to see me down here when you woke up. I really did think you were going to come, Daddy. Your testicles tautened in their sac and your penis stiffened and jerked three times! Iím glad youíre awake now. You know itís me whoís kissing and licking this wonderful pole and making you feel so nice. Lay back and enjoy, Daddy. Iím going to make this the best youíve ever had!

Oh! Youíre moving, turning me around and opening my legs. I can feel your rough, unshaven cheeks on the insides of my thighs and your breath on my vagina. Daddy, you have no idea how long I have waited for this moment! You wonít remember that summer, when I was ten, when you and I and Maxine were playing at shoulder carries in the swimming pool. You were uncomfortable about it, but I insisted on getting on you "the wrong way round". You had a beard then and your hairs tickled the insides of my thighs, making me go all tingly. And your lips were just millimetres away from my little crutch. I wanted you so much to kiss my little pussy through my costume that I nearly pushed myself onto you. But I saw that Mummy was watching and then Maxine pushed your head under the water and the moment was gone.

Gailsí sex was like an exquisite, moist, dusky-dark-purple-pink orchid, crowned by the dark, springy curls of her pubic hair. I breathed in her scent. She was intoxicatingly earthy, rich and vibrant with the odours of our overnight lovemaking and her present arousal. I dipped my tongue in her nectar like a humming bird feeding from a tropical flower. She spread her legs wider, begging me to come closer to her very core.

But, now youíre here, at last! Your tongue feels so marvellous as it slides over my lips and into my hole. I wish it were lots longer so that you could push it right inside like you do with your penis! And, Daddy, youíve found my clit! If you could only share the little electric shocks you are sending up my spine youíd be amazed! This is everything I ever dreamed about! Iím flying! Thereís a huge tension building in my tummy! My muscles are clenched so hard theyíre hurting me, my spine feels like itís about to snap! I have to leave your penis while this happens or I might bite you! Oh God! Oh no! I canít take it any more. Itís so intense! Iím coming! Every muscle down there is twanging! My whole insides are shaking out of control and lights are flashing in my brain! Ohhh, Daddy, I wish you could feel this with me, what youíve done to me. It is soooo extraordinary! I am crying, it is soooo beautiful! Like warm, golden rain!

Gail shuddered and shook violently with the orgasm I gave her. She still held on to my penis with her fist, gripping it fiercely Ė almost painfully. I was pleased sheíd taken it from her mouth. She was so far "out of it" she might have inflicted some very painful damage! I stroked her calves tenderly - touching her any further up produced another savage and now unwelcome tremor from her body.

She came to earth lightly, finally opening eyes that glistened with tears. She smiled to me, "Oh, Daddy, that was unbelievable! So perfect! Iíve waited so long for you to kiss me there! Iíll tell you how long later on. But now, I have to make you feel the same."

And my beautiful daughter returned her mouth to my throbbing shaft, kissing, licking, teasing and caressing until I exploded!

Your penis is jerking violently. The underside is pulsing and gobs of hot, salty, yeasty sperm are shooting into my mouth. Your sperm, Daddy! My fatherís lovely sperm! You taste so fabulous! Iím going to eat up every drop. Keep ejaculating, Daddy! Come and come and come into your little girlís mouth! You are my man! And I love you so!


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