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My Experiment
by Justin Guglielmotti

I had one of those days. The love life was boring and life sucked even worse. I couldn't even hypnotize the regular women in the area. So I thought I'd take my show on the road and find someone new in the next town. I knew my powers needed work as I never had to use them for almost a year. The last time I used them the girl was under total control and she did whatever I wanted. After then I tried to use my hypnotizing powers but all of the girls knew about me and it never worked.

I finally reached the next town and immediately ran into a girl standing by herself. I went to her and asked if I could be of assistance to her. But before she had a chance to answer me, I used my powers on her and had her under my spell. First things first, I had us go to a nice secluded area away from where anyone within eye length and ear shot could hear or see us.

Then I ordered her to start undressing and then she started by taking off her top then she followed by taking off her jeans. From what I saw right now it was a really great sight. Then she started to take off the bra and panties and show her whole package. Then I told her to go and undress me as well. She started with my shirt then my pants then my underwear.

Now at this point we are both naked and then I tell her to give me a blow while fingering herself. She must have got a thrill off of this because about two or three minutes into it I was ready to shoot sperm into her mouth. But I told her to stop as what would be the point to do all of that without actual sex. I then got down on all fours and then started to work on her pussy and she was about to release herself and indeed she did!

After she settled down then I told her to sit on my dick and start moving. She was like a professional. Then after a couple of minutes I had her get on all fours for some doggie-style loving. After a minute she was really getting into it moaning and screaming and shouting SHIT and OOOOOOOH FUCK!!! KEEP IT GOING! DON'T STOP!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!! SOOOOOO GOOOOODDDDD!!!

But it was time for me to release my sperm again so I exited her and told her to get on her back and open her mouth wide and receive my love juice. And she did by not losing a drop of it. She must have really loved it!! But then it was time for me to leave her and then I told her to get dressed.

After she got dressed I then told her after I snap my fingers you will remember nothing. Then I snapped my fingers and she had no idea where she was or why she was there and then remembered me saying something about assistance. I thought to myself if only she knew that I already helped her in one way that day. But after that we became close friends then quick lovers then we became married.

Now my life is complete but I will never tell her about how the first time we had sex was like. That secret will die with me to the grave.

This is a totally fictional story. Nothing in it is true.


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