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Moist Encounters Pt. I
by Untamed Heart

It is 3:12pm on a Thursday afternoon, and I have been staring at the clock for the last 2 hours. Wishing, praying that the day would end so I could come to you. All day I have been fantasizing about being with you, touching you, fucking you. The thoughts have been driving me absolutely wild! Picturing us together having the sex of our lives for hours on end. Just enjoying every inch of each other, repeatedly.

Finally, the pain got too real for me to handle. I sprang from my seat, said my good nights to the group, and left for the day (an hour early). I jumped into my car and drove as fast as humanly possible to your work. As I was driving I was remembering the tight security at your building, but I was so horny for you that I was determined to find a way around it. I just had to have you now!!!

Pulling into the visitor's parking lot, I step out of the car and adjust my clothes. It was very hot in the car and I noticed that my blouse had become a little transparent from the perspiration that was forming on my chest. I could see my breasts clearly through my blouse and bra and was thinking I should probably put on my jacket, but then decided against it as it may work in my favor to get me past the security guard. As I walked towards the gate, I noticed that the guard was already watching me approach. I assumed that he didn't get very many female visitors and that was why he was watching me, I was wrong.

As I got closer, it became obvious that his eyes were fixed on my now erect nipples. His glare made me a little self conscious, but I didn't let him see my nervousness. I spoke your name softly and asked where I could find you. I explained that I was your "cousin" and that you had forgotten your wallet in my car the night before. He was so busy staring at my tits that I don't think he heard a word I said he just nodded and opened the gate. With a sweet smile I thanked him and continued to walk towards the building, thinking to myself, "1 down ... 1 to go!!".

Once inside the main lobby, there was another gentleman blocking my path. He appeared friendly, but horny would be better as it would help me more to get passed him. He asked me if he could assist me, so I repeated the same story I had told the front gate guard. He looked at me a little suspiciously, eyeing me carefully, almost as if he were trying to read my body language. After a few seconds he smiled, leaned in close and whispered, "I really shouldn't let you back there, but I have a feeling that Bruce is going to be very happy to see you. I know I would be!". Smiling back at him devilishly, I responded "Well Sir, I hope he's horny to see me too, as I've got something for him that I can't wait any longer to give him". With that, he pointed me in the right direction and watched me walk away.

The warehouse was large and filled with isles of merchandise. There were several people walking about, but no one looked familiar. Although we had never met, I had an excellent idea of your appearance and was confident I would recognize you. However, I had no idea the plant was so large, I was going to have to ask for assistance. The first man I came across told me that you were straight ahead and to the left. He offered to escort me, but I politely refused explaining that I wanted to surprise you.

As I walked towards you, I noticed that you had your back to me, so you weren't able to see me approaching. This was perfect. I could come up behind you and do pretty much what ever I wanted without you seeing who it was. The thought of this excited me even more then I already was, and I could feel my nipples growing harder with each step I took towards you. Standing right behind you now, I quietly undid one more of my blouse buttons, showing a little more of my cleavage. A couple of other men nearby were watching now, smiling and obviously wondering who I was and what I was up to. I'm sure they had a good idea, but from the looks

on their faces, they appeared to be shocked that it was going to happen here. I smiled back at them, winked suggestively as I slowly leaned against your back, and slide my hands around your waist. My actions definitely startled you, as when you turned to look at me your face was ghost white. "Shit Adrienne, what are you doing here? This warehouse is full of men, you scared the crap out of me!!! I though it was one of these guys trying to grab my dick!!"

I apologized softly, but after the initial shock wore off, you smiled at me sweetly and it was obviously to me that you were happy to see me (for the first time). And when I looked down at your crotch, I knew for certain you were horny to see me too! You could tell by the expression on my face that I was very hot and bothered too, so you quickly suggested that we find a place to go ... fast!!

As you hurried me down one of the isles, I mentioned that I had noticed a maintenance room door on my way in to see you. I suggested it might be a good place to go as it would be noisy enough in there to muffle any noise that we were absolutely going to make. The though of this made you walk quicker, dragging me behind you as you raced for the door.

Once inside, you flicked on the light to reveal a crowded room with lots of boxes and mechanical equipment. You locked the door and stood there in front of me staring and licking your lips. I wanted you more then ever now, the wait has been far too long, so I kicked off my shoes and started to remove my blouse. You followed suit and began to do the same. Within seconds, we were both completely naked and aching to touch each other.

I could feel my insides churning with the thought of your hands on me. I instinctively leaned back onto a box and lift myself up on to it, spreading my legs in front of you. Without hesitation, you come to me, positioning your hips between my legs, pulling me closer to the edge of the box. Pressed up against you now, I run my tongue slowly, gently along your bottom lip, tasting your sweet mouth. Your hands are softly placed on my hips and you can feel my body quivering under your touch. Sensing my nervousness, you kiss me passionately and whisper that everything is going to fine. Your voice is soothing and I feel myself relax immediately. It's strange, but even though I don't know you (in a sense I'm fucking a complete stranger), I feel so comfortable with you, like our bodies were made to fit together. Your arms are embracing me, comforting me as we slowly explore each other.

Your body is so firm and tight, the feel of it under my hands is enough to send shivers down my spine. I run my hands down your sides to your waist and eagerly move forward to grasp your cock. As expected, it is rock hard and swollen, throbbing in my hand. I bring my hand back up to my mouth and lick each finger before placing it back on your cock. You begin to moan softly as my hand caresses you slowly but firmly. With my other hand I run a finger down your ass and cup it in my hand, kneading it, squeezing it tightly. It feels so good, I just want to bite it!!!

As my hand steadily rubs your cock, your mouth moves down to my breasts. You are sucking them hungrily, biting the nipples. It hurts a little, but at the same time, it feels so wonderful that I push your head further into me, encouraging you to suck harder. You willingly comply. My back is completely arched now, raising my tits to your face. Your forceful sucks are making my pussy tingle with anticipation;

I can feel the juices starting to stir inside me, aching to escape. I take this sensation for as long as possible, until I force you back, leap of the box and slide down your body to my knees. Still looking up at you, I kiss the head of your cock ever so gently. Licking the tip while my hand works you. You are so hard now, I want you inside me, but I want you in my mouth too!! I stick two fingers into my pussy to subside my need while I take the swollen head only into my mouth and suck it anxiously. Your hands are now on my head, forcing me to suck you harder, faster. Not that I need the encouragement, but I love the way you grab my hair, pulling my mouth deeper on to your throbbing cock. I can feel it hitting the back of my throat with every thrust. Your moans are getting louder and more frequent. Not wanting you to cum just yet, I slow down the pace and use my tongue to lick up and down the shaft. Once down at the base I take your balls into my mouth and feel their fullness. While I roll them in my warm, wet mouth, I use my hand on your shaft to keep you hard and ready. Your cock is completely erect and parallel with your stomach, twitching with every stroke of my hand. Pre cum is forming at the head, so I hungrily suck the sweet cream off before it drips down. Not wanting to waste a drop.

Moving your hands from my head to my shoulders, you lift me to my feet. You kiss me hard and force me down on my back on top of the box. My fingers are still deep inside my pussy, working feverishly. You yank them out, telling me that my fingers were no longer necessary because you were going to take over now. I close my eyes in anticipation as I feel your tongue slithering up my inner thigh. My body is shaking with excitement, I feel like I'm going to cum just with the thought of your mouth on my pussy. Your slow pace is increasing my need, teasing me with every slow lick. Finally you reach my pussy, but instead of lick me, you start to blow softly on my lips. Holding it open with your fingers and blowing inside. OH MY GOD!!!! It feels so wonderful I can hardly contain myself!!! I squirm with delight, not wanting you to stop. You're trying to hold my hips still but you can't, my body is out of control and all I can feel now is your breath on my pussy.

I lift my legs up, hooking my arms behind my knees, lifting and separating them as far as they will go. My pussy and ass is completely open to you now, damp with my juices. After seeing my eagerness, you begin to lick me, plunging your tongue deep inside my hole. With one hand you're rubbing my clit, with the other you're plunging two fingers inside me, right along side your tongue. You can feel my muscles contracting as you pump me harder. My hips raising off the box to meet every thrust you deliver. My juices are escaping now, just enough for you to get a taste. I can see the top of your head from between my thighs, moving frantically, feeling your tongue lapping up every drop. I'm so close now,

I squeal your name, begging you not to stop, "I'm gonna cum now Bruce!!!!" Instantly your tongue moves faster, licking, sucking, plunging my pussy. My body convulses into a multiple of orgasms, releasing my juices on to your face and tongue. You continue to lick until I cum again. I can't stand it anymore; I have to taste you too. I beg you to 69 me so I can have you too. You climb up unto the boxes and straddle my body, sticking your still hard cock in my face. I grasp it quickly, ramming it into my mouth as fast and as hard as I can.

You continue to lick me as I begin to suction your dick. I'm sucking so hard now that you feel it in your stomach, pulling and aching. I'm moaning as I suck you, wanting you to cum in my mouth so badly. You know this is what I'm waiting for, what I'm dying for you to do, so with one last thrust you explode. I immediately feel your warmth in my mouth, running down my throat. I swallow it all and continue to suck, to make sure I get all of your cream.

Feeling spent, but not yet completely satisfied, I roll you off of me and on to your back. Pleasantly, you are still rock hard and standing at attention. I sit up, get on to my knees and straddle your chest, pinning down your arms with my hands. I bend forward and kiss you softly, parting your lips with my tongue, tasting my juices still lingering in your mouth. You try to reach up to touch my tits, but I won't release my grip. "Sorry sweetie, no touching just yet. I want my way with you first. Just lay back, relax and enjoy". I didn't have to tell you twice.

As soon as I let go of your arms, you folded them behind your head, closed your eyes and just lay there smiling, waiting for what I had to deliver. I stayed still for just a moment, looking at you, not wanting this to come to end. I wanted to fuck u for hours, but I knew it was only a matter of time before you were missed and someone would come looking for you. So, I snapped out of my daze and slide my body back towards your waiting cock. I lifted my body, moved back and lowered myself down on you. My body tensed as your stiff prick entered me. It feels so powerful, filling my hole. As I continue to take you in, you open your eyes and grin. I can tell by the look on your face that you are pleased with my tightness.

You wonder if I will be able to get it all in, and are quite satisfied when I do. I begin to rock back and forth with a steady rhythm, grinding my pussy down deeper. You close your eyes again and begin to moan, enjoying the feelings I'm stirring inside you. My eyes are closed too, my back is arched all the way back with my hands on your knees supporting my body. My legs are bend and close to the sides of your chest, keeping you still as I ride you. I'm moaning with pleasure as I feel you throbbing inside me. It feels so wonderful deep in my pussy. I begin to move faster as my body begins to tighten around you. I know another orgasm is just around the corner, but I'm not ready to give in yet.

I lean forward and take one of your hands from behind your head, placing it between my legs. "Please rub my clit for me Bruce, I'm almost there". You respond to my request instantly, rubbing my hard swollen clit with your thumb. With your other hand you cup a breast and knead it firmly. The pleasure I'm feeling now is so overwhelming, I can't possibly hold it in any longer, but I want us to come together. I begin to move more quickly now, really grinding in to you and gyrating my hips in a circular motion. "I want you to cum with me baby, are you ready to do that?"

The expression on your face says it all; you are more then ready. With a few more quick thrusts, we were shuddering together, juices flowing out of me and down your crotch onto the boxes below us. The cum seemed to flow forever, forming a small puddle between your legs. When I finally felt the vibrations stop, I lift myself off you, lying down beside you. Grinning at me, you slyly ask, "Aren't you going to clean that up Adrienne, we wouldn't want anyone to come in here and find that mess." "

You're so right Bruce, what would people think?!" With that, I drop to the floor, place my head in between your legs, and begin to lap up our love off the cardboard box. It's still warm and ever so creamy. I take it all, leaving only a wet spot behind. My enthusiasm excites you and I notice you getting hard again.

"Since you're still ready to go Bruce, my ass could use a little of your attention. I would love you to fuck my ass to finish me off. I promise to cum again!!" I slowly turn my back to you, reach down and grab my ankles, raising my ass in the air for the taking. Knowing that this was your first anal experience, I could only imagine what was going through your mind. I was hoping that you truly were interested and not just trying to please me. Either way, you come up behind me and rub your cock up and down my ass, slowly and repeatedly. The feel of you excites me. I push back on you, letting you know I'm ready for you to enter me.

Taking my forward hint, you inch your way in to my ass slowly. It has been at least 7 years since I have been taken this way, its quite painful but incredibly pleasurable at the same time. I let out a long sigh as my body relaxes to allow you to enter me more easily. Your cock feels my hole loosen, so you continue to go all the way in. I can feel your finger nails digging into the flesh on my hips. I can tell by your grip that this is exciting you, and your excitement makes me hotter. I begin to slam back on you with every thrust, driving you further into my ass.

Suddenly I feel your hand reaching between my legs and into my pussy. Using at least three fingers, you finger fuck me while you're ramming me. I'm going to cum for sure now. The things you're doing to me are making my body shake with pleasure.

Uncontrollable waves are coming over me, making my legs tremble with weakness. Tears are rolling down my cheeks now, I can't hold back any longer. I love the pain you are inflicting on me so much, so much that I start to cum instantly. I feel it flowing out of my body on to your fingers, which are still deep inside my cunt. You are still probing them in and out, making me cum repeatedly. I feel like I can't stop myself, my body just keeps convulsing with every movement of your fingers and cock. My legs are shaking under me, I can hardly stand. You sense my weakness and wrap your arms around my waist to keep me from sliding off your cock. You keep me balanced on you, long enough for you to cum too. One last push, a long hard groan, and I feel your cum filling my ass. I smile satisfied as your warmth fills my hole.

Exhausted now, I slowly pull away from you and sit on the floor panting in heat. You gather our clothes, and come to me on the floor. Kneeling beside me, you carefully slip my blouse on to me and hand me my skirt. As I slide it over my legs and hips, you stand and also get dressed. Nothing has to be said we just look at each other and know that it was the best sex either of us has ever had. You lean down to me, kiss me gently and take my hand as you walk towards the door. Opening it quietly, we both slip out and walk casually towards the exit. The manager at the front door smiles knowingly and winks at you. You smile back at him and turn to kiss me good bye. As you do, I slip you my tongue one last time and whisper, "Until next time sweetie, and I promise it will be soon".


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