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My Fantasy
by Sexy Eyes

I'm sitting at home all alone. My husband is working late tonight. This is the third time this week and I am so fucking horny. I've been pleasing myself all week with my 8 inch dildo and I must admit that it does get me off, but I really miss the feeling of a real hard cock inside me. Just thinking about it, gets my pussy wet, and I just can't help but start playing with it. It makes me think of doing something to my husband that he will never forget. Really why shouldn't I? I have my car, he's the boss, which means he can take breaks whenever he feels like it. Right now it's 11pm and all I have to do is take a shower and shave my pussy. Mitch loves feeling my pussy when it's soft. He always says that he could fuck me for hours when my pussy is soft. So I keep it soft for him, and for me.

Getting outside, I notice that it is pouring rain. I think to myself...this could be a very interesting night. I'm horny and my fantasy has always been to fuck in the rain. Come to think of it I'm also wearing the perfect outfit. My short dark blue skirt, my black satin bra, no underwear and no top, just my metallic blue soft leather jacket over my bra. Oh and my knee high boots add the finishing touches. Lets just say that I'm feeling VERY sexy.

I get to Mitch's work at around 12:30am. I can feel my nipples getting harder as I get closer to his office door. I walk in, and there he is, sitting there with his head in his books. I startled him as I shut the door. I immediately tell him to come with me outside, but he tells me that he's almost done. I start to look into his eyes and smile at him as I sit down on the chair where his clients usually sit. I spread my legs putting my boots on the edge of his desk, reveilling my smooth, shaved pussy. I lick my fingers, closing my eyes, letting out a little moan. I start running my fingers down my body, until I reach my already wet glistening cunt. I love the way his eyes are looking right now, and the smirk he's got on his face. What's funny is that one of his hands has disappeared. Obviously he's strocking his cock for me, getting his dick ready for my waiting pussy. I love the thought of that, I am really wet now, still rubbing my mound, looking deep into his eyes, licking my lips. All of a sudden I surprise him by taking out my dildo and start licking the end of it as I would if it was Mitch's cock I had. Then I start deep throating it, looking at him at the same time because I know he loves that. I bring down the dildo to my pussy and rub it really fast onto my hard clit, moaning a little. I notice that Mitch is now sitting comfortably in his chair and I can see his hand moving faster up and down. My pussy being so fucking wet made it much easier to slide in the dildo deep inside me. Here I am fucking myself with my dildo and my beautiful husband is jerking himself off for me. We are both teasing each other indirectly and talking bed talk to each other. My husband really gets into talking dirty to me and so do I. I think that is why we always have amazing sex. Mitch loves calling me a nasty slutty bitch, and when he does, it drives me crazy. I ask him if he wants his hard cock inside me and he responds "yes baby, come over here and sit on it. Ride it like the bastard I am" I think about it for a second, thinking about the rain outside. I decide and tell him "No baby, I want you to follow me outside I have something in mind for us"

As we are walking out of the building, I am thankful that it is still raining. My car is parked at the back of the lot, but I take my time walking there, rubbing Mitch's dick in the meantime. We get to my car and Mitch asks me where we are going "Nowhere, we are staying right here baby, do you remember that fantasy I told you about?" I knew he knew because he picked me up and sat my ass on the hood. "I guess you do remember" I grabbed him by the head and pulled him towards me, kissing him passionately. I start to undo his business suit jacket taking it off and busting all the buttons off his shirt. Stripping him down to only his smile. I tell him that I want his cock in my mouth but first he must eat me out. He takes off my jacket and bra, sucking on each nipples one by one . Reaching down I stroke his cock really fast and tell him "fuck baby I want you so bad"

The rain feels so great on my nearly naked body, it is somewhat chilly outside and my nipples are so sensitive. Mitch lays me down on my back , spreading my legs apart, he starts to lick the inside of my thighs and pinching my nipples at the same time, twirling them between his fingers. "C'mon baby stop teasing me, fuck my pussy with that talented tongue of yours" Mitch loves to eat my pussy, he can do it for hours and I can take it for hours. But DAMN he's so fucking great at it that I always cum at least 6 times in an hour.

Sucking my clit and spreading my lipd apart, he buries his tongue deep inside my now loose cunt. I put my legs on his broad shoulders, keeping his head there. "Oh yeah baby, eat my pussy, you feel so fucking amazing." I am so turned on that I want to do things that we have never done before with Mitch. But what? Mitch and I have done almost every position that two bodies together can create. I tell him that I wanna suck his rock hard cock. I lean my body off the side of the car, so I am positioned upside down and he can keep sucking me off. I start licking his balls, putting one by one in mu ungry mouth, then practically swallowing his dick. I stroke his cock with my mouth faster and faster. His rod is getting really hard now and then he tells me that he wants to fuck me. I have been teasing him enough I fingered; therefore, I didn't mind at all.

I get up halfway onto the roof and hood so Mitch can fuck me doggy style. Then Mitch sticks in his cock inside my pussy. He puts it in deeper by every pull of my hips towards his dick. "Oh yeah baby, fuck your slut, real fast and real hard" I order him to spank me for disturbing him at work. "I am such a bitch, ain't I honey?" I can feel my juices splatter onto his balls as the rain glistens off our bodies. It is such a great fucking feeling, being outside in the rain, fucking my husband after almost 3 days. I can tell he is enjoying this as much as I am. He spanks me more often leaving red marks on my ass from the rain. But I love the way my husband fucks me. He says"C'mon bitch, scream for me, I love hearing you sream" Now how can I not scream? His dick deep inside my horny pussy and it's penetrating my g-spot inside. I fell myself cumming now, and so does he because I feel his dick tighten up. "Oh yeah baby, fuck me, fuck me...cum on my ass baby" He is moaning really loud now, the moan he always does when he's about to cum. He pulls out and strokes his cock letting all his jism run down my ass. I turn over and suck his dick clean. But I love sucking his cock so to his surprise I don't discontinue. I lay him down and tell him to eat me while he face fucks my pretty little mouth.

Positioned in a 69er, I start to stroke his cock slowly since it is a little sensitive from just cumming. I lick the head of his still pretty limp cock but it won't take long for it to harden again. He giggles because of the tenderness. I begin to deep-throat it, feeling his shaft harden up already. I massage his balls, nibbling on them and bitting them a little, but very gently. I put both of them in my mouth at once. I love his clean shaven balls. They are so perfectly round and right now they smell like sweat, rain, and my pussy. "Oh god baby" Mitch is digging his fingers deep inside my pussy, and being kinda rough but not really. I seriously have no complaints. He's wiggling his tongue onto my now hard love button, but then again it's always hard when I'm around my husband. He just has that affaect on me I guess. I keep deep-throating his faultless cock up and down, my tongue wiggling as I move upward and downward. My tongue ring pleasing him a little extra. I can feel his cock tightening up again ready to cum, and his tongue inside my mound. We both let out moans of felicity, as we overly enjoy each others company tonight. He tells me he's about to cum once again and just knowing that makes me start to cum automatically. He sucks my clit hard and swallows all my cum and he starts to cum into my mouth. I swallow every bit of cum he has for me. He keeps sucking my clit making my orgasm never-ending. His jism tastes so good. And I know that he loves mine also. I am pressing my pussy onto his face making him get all the remains out with his tongue, and I keep sucking his cock until every drop has come out.

Mitch and I so very numb right now turn towards each other and kiss, tasting each others juices. I then ask him if he enjoyed his break, he responds "mmmm yeah baby, you have been on my mind all week and I really missed fucking you" I give him a change of clothing that I just s happened to have in the car and tell him that I will see him later on tonight for round 2, and 3.


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