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My First Experience with Black Men
by Sensual Shelley

My husband and I love having sex outdoors. Whether it is in the park, the car, or smack dab in front of everyone on the street. We usually have men that want to join us, but this time was different.

This time, two black men wanted to join in. Little did I know then that my husband had planned it this way before hand. He was always surprising me like that. I have always had a fantasy about having sex with a black man.

Well, here was my chance. Here we were, in the park, right at sunset. You know, where the sky turns orange and pink at the same time. I think it's the loveliest time of the day. I was on our favorite blanket in the grass while Matt was sucking on my milky white breasts. He had his hand on my stomach, but was ever so slowly inching his way down to my smooth pussy. Oh, how he knew all the right spots.

He slid one, two, three fingers in and knew how I loved it. I was so wet and turned on I couldn't stand it. I told Matt that I wanted him in me and in me NOW! He giggled and moved down and gently slid his big thick 9-inch cock in me. Oh, how I loved that cock. I moaned with delight as he entered me.

He would tease me by entering it a little, then pulling it out; finally I just grabbed his well-toned ass towards me. He jammed his cock in me so hard I had to gasp. Oh, but how I love that feeling. I start moving my hips to his. I was cumming before long. Before I knew it, I was cumming again and again. He started pumping faster and harder and I could feel him get ready to cum.

He came and I looked up and saw two of the sexiest black men I have ever seen in my life. I don't know how long they had been there, but long enough I could tell. They both had the biggest bulges I have ever seen. Matt looks over his shoulder and motions for them to join us.

"You don't mind, do you, honey?" I shake my head no. I would be crazy to pass up a chance like this one.

The two men make there way over and introduce themselves as Tyrone and Robert. Tyrone shakes Matt's hand while Robert just moves in for the kill. He pulls his pants down to reveal a 10-inch cock. My reaction is to put my mouth around it so I grab his big hard cock in my hand. I can't even touch my fingers on the other side its so thick! I slowly put my mouth around his big hard cock. I start licking the tip of his cock ever so slowly, he moans at my touch. I take the opportunity and deep throat Robert as far as I can go. He moans even more.

While I am doing that to Robert, Tyrone loses his pants and starts to fuck me from behind. Tyrone grabs my ass and moves my hips for me while I suck Robert even harder. As Tyrone fucks me he starts to insert a finger into my ass. Oh, that feels so good. I moan at that. He starts finger fucking my ass. I love having my ass fucked. I start to feel myself cumming again and start sucking Robert even more. Robert is about to cum, I can tell, so I stop sucking and have Tyrone lay down. He lies down and I get on top of him inserting his entire huge cock in me. Robert gets behind me and starts to insert his cock in my ass. Oh, I love the feeling. Matt comes around and I start sucking his cock like I have never sucked cock before. My head bobs so hard that my hair keeps getting in the way. I start to feel Robert cumming inside me and not long after I cum, followed by Tyrone. Matt cums a few minutes later.

As we get dressed they are talking like they have known each other forever. "Wait a minute, Matt, you set this up?" "Yes, honey, I did it for you." Oh, how sweet. I could have fucked him right then and there again if I hadn't been so sore.

If you see a couple having sex in the park, come by, say hello, cause chances are, it is probably us. Thanks for reading my experience with those wonderful black men.

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