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Mindy Fucks (Part II)
by Tristan

After the extremely sexy events of my 18th birthday initiation I had an unquenchable desire to repeat my incestuous encounter with mommy and daddy as often as possible. I'm learning to be an uninhibited little tramp under their firm but gentle hands and I've quickly learned the things that turn them on the most though they have me trying something new nearly every time we make it.

My daddy, for instance, likes me wearing my schoolgirl uniform with my hair up in pigtails while I suck on his huge cock. He likes me to act like I'm still an innocent virgin just starting out with sex while I slap his hard cock against my cheeks and lips, rub it over my forehead, lick it with my tongue and suck it back deep into my throat. He likes me to look him right in the eye and to use my sexiest slutty little girl voice when I beg him to shoot his thick cream all over my face. He sometimes likes me to dress like a sophisticated young lady in beautiful evening gowns, particularly if they're long, sheer and slit up the side with a plunging back and a V-neck that emphasizes my perfect teenage tits. Occasional evenings mom and dad will take me to dinner and dancing and I'll dress like that beneath which I'm wearing the sexiest lingerie possible. Thin red, black or cream see-through cotton panties with matching stockings, garter belts and a push-up bra from Victoria's secret, or an ultra-sheer teddy I know they'll rip off my body before the night is through. I'll dance all evening with mommy or daddy, feeling her rub her hands up and down my back and over my ass and feeling him rub his hard-on through the thin material of my dress into my pubic bone.

I particularly like this because it makes me feel so dirty doing it with my parents in front of everyone at the club. I also like it because I know that soon enough they'll take me home, strip the clothes off my back and fuck my mouth and cunt and ass until I'm so tired from cumming I pass out in their bed. Daddy likes to fuck me from behind so he can easily go to my cunt or ass and loves it when I start babbling fuck words as my orgasm approaches. He fucks me almost as often lying over the top of me, from the side, standing up or with me on top of him. The filthier I talk the better it gets for both of us. He loves to feel my tight wet cunt gripping him like a vice when I cum and to feel my cunt juice pouring out, soaking and matting our pubic hair as he pounds into me. He loves my smell and the way I taste. He likes to put his hard cock between my tits and fuck them and cum on them and he likes how tight my tasty ass is. He even likes to put his tongue in it and to lick around the puckered rim of my rose-hole. He likes me soft and cuddly and submissive, always ready, always slutty. No holes barred.

Mommy loves to fuck and be fucked with her huge collection of vibrators, dildos and plugs. She loves to feel my tongue sliding around her wet pussy lips and to dig her own tongue through my groove from the bottom to my hard little clit nut. She likes to have the lips of her pussy and her ass sucked while my tongue does wild circles in her meat and she loves to feel my fingers whipping in and out of her wet center, buried to the knuckles reaching for her G-spot. Mommy and I both squirt when we cum so we love wetting each other's faces and tits down with girl cream when we come, and we come a lot. We like to scissor our cunts together and grind against each other's clits, or doing it with a nice double-headed dildo buried in our cunts, getting each other off. She likes games as much as daddy and wants me to be her bad little girl.

She likes to spank me then make me beg her to fuck me with the special daddy dildo, the one that squirts come like a real cock, the one they gave me on my 18th birthday. She likes to get me hot and wet rubbing the warm, veiny rubber cock around the lips of my cunt, sliding the head over my clit and bumping my asshole until I'm practically slamming myself backward to get it in me. She likes to make me suck it like a real cock. Since it "cums" from a combination of friction and heat, if I orgasm or I stroke it hard, I set off the mechanism that releases about a quart of thick, white juice that tastes and smells almost exactly like the real thing. The "cum" certainly feels real inside my ass or pussy or splashing over my tits and neck, across my face and in my hair. Mom likes me to dress up in my leather "dyke" clothes and strap a big black dildo around my waste and to swat her ass with a switch or paddle while I fuck her cunt and jam her ass with a vibrating plug. Then again, I think all girls secretly love this kind of thing.

Almost nightly since my birthday I've been fucked by one or both of them. Usually it's both of them but occasionally daddy works late and leaves me to pleasure with mommy. I'm sure daddy's fucking that sexy little secretary of his. I'd like to fuck her myself. Hopefully soon he'll bring the whore home for us all to fuck. Mom's fucking most of the neighbors and I've fucked their sons and daughters so we're quite the fucking family though we like family fucking best.

The day after my birthday I came home from school and went upstairs to bathe. My pussy and ass were still sore and I had a slight bruise around my lips from plunging my mouth over daddy's massive cock and smashing my mouth into mommy's hot cunt. We have one of those large sunken Jacuzzi tubs and a large shower with a built in bench and body wash nozzles sticking out from the walls chest high, just right to stimulate a girl's nipples. Of course both the tub and shower have nice water massage attachments and mom keeps a few nice gizmos in the bathroom drawer to attach to the hose including a clear plastic water dildo that floods my pussy and ass in an unbelievable way. As I stripped the uniform off and dropped it onto the floor I admired my young body in the full-length mirror against the tub wall. Long brown hair around a teenaged supermodel's dimpled face. A small, slightly upturned nose, deep brown eyes, perfect white teeth and full, pouty lips. Beautiful tits, youthful and upturned, not too big but not too small, just right for me with small nipples that turn hard as eraser tips the second I get a horny thought in my head. My tits are just large enough to fit a hard cock between. A slim waist and tight, hard stomach. The small diamond ring in my belly button gleamed in the bathroom light. The tattoo I had done last year, a stylish tribal pattern just above my pubes stood out against my clear olive colored skin. A nice tan line emphasized my bikini lines, my tits contrasting nicely, a little paler than the skin on my chest and stomach. My thong line high up on my hips, tight to my closely trimmed pussy mound between soft, shapely legs, which peeked the soft lips of my sex and behind the perfect peach clefts of my ass. Body overall; tall with long, shapely legs, perfectly proportioned, grapefruit sized tits; stomach, arms, chest and legs revealing the intensity of my aerobic and weight training exercise regimen; face like my mother's, high cheek-boned, sexy, innocent and beautiful.

I hadn't worn panties to school that day eager to keep that sexy, secret adrenaline buzz of my horniness. I liked the thought that of letting some of the hunky football studs see a flash my pubic curls the way Sharon Stone showed hers to Michael Douglas in Fatal Instinct. I even let my English teacher stare deeply into my twat during 4th period class and I could see the obvious bulge of a nice sized cock in his pants. He's quite good looking so I'll have to do something for him later. I attend an extremely conservative catholic religious academy and the irony of the fact that I, along with most of the girls in my class, am an outrageous slut, gets to me every time I think of it. Wouldn't the priests and nuns be shocked if they knew how much fucking and sucking was going on between the students at the school and between the students and their families? I was looking forward to a nice long soak in the tub to wash away the soreness and weariness of the long night's fucking my parents had given me. I poured some foaming bath oil into the warm tub and started the jets letting the water stir to foam and bubbles and release the sweet scent of lavender throughout the bathroom. I lowered my body into the warm water floating gently down into one of the contoured seats built into the tub.

For awhile I just drifted off on the current and scent, a Calgon moment, and let my thoughts drift back to the day before. I could see my mom and I sun-splashed on the deck of my daddy's ski boat. I felt again the sharp hardening and vagina twitching excitement of opening the first present and seeing the sheer, black, crotch-less body suit draped over the store's pink tissue paper. Even now I was wearing the matching pearl necklace and earrings daddy had given me to go along with the lingerie. As my thoughts drifted further into the evening before, I thought about the second pearl necklace daddy gave me that evening and the feeling of mommy's mouth and tongue sucking and licking his thick semen off my tits and neck. The feel of her tongue lapping at my face and the lobes of my ears. I could almost smell the pungency of her pussy as she lowered herself onto my own eager tongue and I began longing to feel again the power of daddy's cock pounding into my wet center.

Soon enough the horny feeling spreading through my body became overpowering and I lowered myself slightly in the tub, scooting my hips out towards one of the powerful water jets. The jet swirled against my inner thigh teasing the fluff and lips of my sex. I let my hands rise to cup my full breasts and used my strong fingers to pinch and squeeze the nipples to full erection. Knowing I had to have more I raised myself out of the tub and retrieved the water dildo from the sink cabinet. I screwed the attachment into place then let a strong pulse of water flow directly over my extended clit and into the mouth of my pussy. "Ohhh," too much, I thought, the electric effect of it being too suddenly intense. I reached for the bath oil bottle, its roundness fitting my hand like a cock, and removed the top. Giving it a gentle squeeze I allowed a stream of oil to splash over my tits. The oil pooled off between my breasts and rolled down to the water but on my tits where it splashed it looked like someone had shot a load of clear, watery cum on me. I don't know how I managed not to spray the entire bottle over my face because that's the thought that immediately came to mind as I looked at the oil on my tits and thought about someone shooting sperm all over them.

Using my fingers and palms I rubbed the oil over my chest, massaging it into my tits, letting my suddenly slippery nipples slide between my pinching fingers. I rubbed it over my neck and shoulders feeling the warmth spread deeply through my body down to my cunt, preparing myself to accept the incessant stimulation of the water massage. I was well lost in thoughts of my mommy and daddy seducing me on the beach, presenting me with the special dildo. The dildo was made as an exact copy of daddy's cock; a nine inch monster with veins and a heavy set of nuts. They used it on my cunt and ass and then showed me how it made its own warm cum, mixing the slightest drop of water with the special powder in the nut sack so that it produced cum like a fire hose. I was dreaming back to how they had sprayed my over-heated body down with the dildo cum and then sprayed me with their own, my daddy's cum all over my face and mommy squirting all over my tits as she used my nipples to fuck herself.

Prepared, I brought the water dildo back to the lips of my pussy, this time the stimulation wasn't as intense and I moaned out loud as I let the first inch penetrate my pussy lips. Squeezing my tits with one hand I thrust my hips forward to allow the six-inch nozzle to enter me fully, the hose extending from my cunt in a lurid way.

My cunt spasmed, sucking tightly around the hard plastic cock and my thumb twitched swiftly across the hard nut of my clit. A stream of moans and fuck words began coming out of my mouth and in my mind daddy was sliding his cock in and out of my mouth while kneeling in front of me mommy licked and sucked my cunt. The plastic cock was moving quickly in and out of my cunt. My raspy breath was coming in quick gasps as my knuckle brushed my clit each time I brought the dildo all the way home. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm going to cum!!!" I screamed to myself. "Oh shit it's going to be a big one!" "Fuck, cock, cunt, ohhhh daddy, mommy, fuck your horny little daughter!!!!" Then I exploded. My cunt clamped down so hard on the dildo it almost hurt. An ecstasy, intense as a supernova, spread from my gushing center through my nerve endings down my legs, curling my toes. Rays of pleasure shot forward through my ass then spread like a wave up my stomach, tingling my nipples, flushing my face and making my scalp tingle liked I'd been electrified. My cunt convulsed again and again as the water pounded into my womb and I twitched in agony and ecstasy no longer a girl or a woman but instead a world-eating cunt alive only to the universal cock spraying itself unendingly into me.

Slowly the water cock slipped from my pussy. Slowly I floated back to earth.

"That was a good one," I heard my mom say.

Startled, I snapped awake and up and turned to see my parents sitting naked on the edge of the tub. Daddy was fisting his engorged cock. The purple head looked like an angry animal ready to spit a stream of seed all over me. Mommy had the fingers of one hand slowly sliding in through her own syrupy wet cunt while she swirled circles around her clit with the fingers of the other. The shock of them being there so suddenly, the sweet thrill of the incest taboo, and the sight of their enflamed sex so close sent me back to the edge of the orgasm cliff, almost tipping over, so close, so very close.

"Why don't you go ahead and suck your father's cock before he shoots that load into the water," said mom, her voice husky with sex.

I didn't have to think again as I quickly leaned forward sucking him past my lips, my tongue dancing beneath the head of his cock, my cheeks sucking hard to get him down my throat. I heard him groan and felt his hands run through my wet hair as I leaned forward onto all fours between his legs eager to suck him down, bobbing my head up and down to milk his beautiful daddy cock. I felt mom slide in behind me and grind her cunt into the soft cheeks of my ass. I felt her hands reach around me to cup my tits. She laid her body over mine, her own tits flattening across my back, then she slid back running her tongue zig zags down the hollow of my back raising goose bumps all over my body. Daddy's cock got even harder and I let it slide from my mouth. I nibbled it with my teeth and let it slide between my sex pouted bruised lips. I brought my hand up and stroked it, barely able to fit it in my fist. I teased my lips against it and brushed it with my tongue, licking downwards to take each of his nuts gently into my mouth and suck the tightening skin of his scrotum. Meanwhile mom's tongue played through the crack of my ass working its way towards my puckered rectum. I felt her hands parting my ass cheeks to give her a better angle, then I felt her tongue swirl around the rim of my ass. Seconds later I felt her tongue wiggling into me and heard my own throaty moans in response.

Daddy's hips began pumping up and down as I sucked his cock back into my mouth. Mom dipped lower allowing her mouth to suck at the cup of my cunt. I felt her tongue enter between my wet lips and her tongue dive into my groove as deeply as it could. She ran her tongue against the side of each cunt wall then flicked it quickly over my clit, vibrating me with her lips. Daddy's cock began swelling as I pumped him now with both hands. My eyes wandered upwards looking at his strong, lean and tan body. The body of a professional deep-sea diver used for hours of intense, high-pressure work beneath the sea and days in the sea sun and spray. His face handsome and clean shaven, still appearing young, his hair neat with just a few strands of gray to indicate his maturity. I looked into his clear blue eyes seeing the shadow of myself and my mother behind me reflected there. I could see myself in his face just like I could see myself in my mother as if I was a twin. Mommy's tongue began to lash frantically between the lips of my cunt, sweeping up each time to swath my clit. I could feel myself seconds away from another intense orgasm, the kind that would have me spurting jets of my own juice all over mommy's face; the kind that sometimes made me pass out from the ecstasy. I knew I was perfectly safe but I still felt the anxiety of the unknown and taboo, the fear and desire and love. I had to have it all.

"Daddy," I begged, removing him from my mouth, my hands stroking hard up and down the length of him. "Cum all over my face! Cum all over your little sluts face daddy. I need it now!"

"Aggrahhhh!!! I'm cumming now," yelled daddy.

I was gone. I felt myself sliding over the cliff. Daddy's cock swelled so hard and throbbed. I could feel his balls tightening and the sperm rising thorough the massive prick between my hands. The piss hole of his cock opened like a mouth and with alarming pressure the first rope of semen shot out of his cock rising up over my face to fall back across my chin and over my forehead into my hair. My own cunt spasmed and I could only imagine my wetness splashing over mommy's face, across her nose and in her mouth. I stuck my tongue out catching the second shot of daddy's cum across my mouth, tasting the salty spray and tang on my tongue, the balance spurting onto my chin and cheek. I heard him moaning and I stroked his cock hard to get more of him out onto my face. His third shot went directly into my mouth. My cunt contracted repeatedly against mommy's tongue, jets of my cream squirting out for her. Dad shot more until my face and neck were covered with his seed and I came more until my mother's face was covered with my musky cream, until it ran in streams down her cheeks to her neck and over her tits. Then it was finished and I felt myself turning to my mother, felt her tongue licking the cream off my face felt my own tongue swirling out to lick it off my lips and chin. I felt daddy wrapping his cock in my hair, stroking the last of his cum onto the back of my neck and behind my ear.

I looked into my mother's eyes and saw her own need and my cream on her face. I knew she wanted me to fuck her. To give back to her in equal measure what I had just received. She had already prepared. She reached behind herself and then began strapping the beautiful black dildo around me. It was as long and thick as my daddy. It had an insulated motor that allowed it to vibrate even in the water and a knuckle that would rub against her clit each time I pushed it home. It had a stud and pad on the back that would nestle against my own clit stimulating me as I fucked her horny cunt to mush. Mom leaned back against the tile raising her hips so that the cock head brushed through the lips of her pussy. I didn't wait. I just pushed it in all the way to the base and flicked the switch activating the most powerful vibrations through the soft, pliable latex directly to her cunt and my own clit. Behind me, daddy lowered himself, bringing his still raging hard cock to my anus and slowly pushing it in. I felt my muscles tighten, then relax as the head went past my sphincter ring and the cock shaft slid deep into my secret hole. I fucked mommy with powerful strokes leaning over to lick her tits and necks, forcing her head up to deep kiss me and taste myself in the tangle of her tongue. Daddy's cock beat a hard tattoo into my ass. The vibrator hummed against my clit and I could see its effects on mom's face, the pre-orgasmic flush running through her skin and over her chest. Her nipples were like bullets pointing up at me. She came. The lips of her cunt spread so widely around the dildo clamped down and her cream squirted down the rubber cock to mingle into the hair of my cunt.

Dad's cock ripped hard and suddenly from my ass and I felt him stand behind me, felt his cock slide through my hair beside my ear and I felt it jerk against my neck as another stream of his cum shot out past my face to land on mommy's tits. I felt myself cumming, an equal measure to my mother as more of daddy's come flew out hitting her neck and her face. Mom moaned as each hot wad touched her skin and gibbered fuck words as she used her fingers to push his semen into her mouth. I continued to ram the fake cock into her hard and ruthless and she came, shaking with each thrust. Dads cum began to abate and I felt the last few shots fall to my shoulder and run down over my tits. I saw the love in my mother's eyes. The love for me her sexy daughter and for her husband there with his cum covered cock rubbing against the back of my head. I felt daddy slide down behind me, telling me how much he loved me. I felt and heard him kissing the back of my neck and my ears, his tongue flicking out to taste himself there and then his hands turned my face to him and he kissed me his tongue in my mouth.

More of Mindy's family adventures to come, including Part I, her birthday initiation. E-mail me if you liked it and want to read more soon.

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