The Best Erotic Stories.

Mindy Fucks
Pt. III: Mindy Punished
by Tristan

"Mindy! Get your ass down stairs right now!" yelled daddy.

"Shit," I thought, "what have I done now?"

The last few weeks before graduation had been great. My birthday had been a night of surprise and revelation. Each night since then had been filled with unsurpassed sex. My parents were planning an around the world trip on the boat and I was going with them, taking a year off after high school to experience the real world. Things couldnít be going better, but now daddy was yelling at me and I didnít know why. I knew the sound of that voice though. It meant I was in real trouble. I threw a silk robe on over my panties and T-shirt and ran down the stairs.

"Whatís the matter daddy?" He was holding some papers in his hand. The look on his face was of complete displeasure. On the hardwood floor at his feet was a torn envelope, the Visa logo prominently evident on its face. Suddenly I realized what Iíd done and I shrank a little inside knowing that whatever was coming wouldnít be good. My part of the bill would total at just over a thousand dollars blown on dresses, shoes, makeup, lingerie and a few choice sex toys. There was also lunch with Jennifer at Café Neuf and a room charge at the Ramada Suites where Jennifer and I convinced our math teacher, Ms. Hathaway, to give us "Aís" for a class we ditched more often than not.

"Mindy, who gave you permission to use my card?" asked daddy. His voice was firm and stern. His body language was no nonsense. My mind was reeling, looking for excuses, looking for a way out. Big trouble was definitely just around the corner. Suddenly it began to occur to me that things might be entirely different now. Maybe my way out of this was not to duck at all. "Why not", I thought to myself and decided to play it cool, nonchalant. "Christ!" I almost said out loud, "I mean Iíve been fucking mom and dad for weeks now. Iím like a second wife to daddy; even better than a second wife. I mean, momís hot and totally sexy and experienced, but Iím younger. So what if I used his credit card. I deserve some perks.

"Take it easy daddy," I said, putting some attitude in my voice, "Youíve got plenty and I needed some new clothes and stuff."

I didnít even see it coming. Daddyís hand came out of nowhere swinging around me and landed with a resounding slap across the left cheek of my ass. It wasnít an easy slap. There was nothing lighthearted about it and it stung enough to bring immediate tears to my eyes. My face flushed with shock and confusion as I tried to dance out of range of his next swing.

"WhaÖ what are you doing daddy?" I cried.

"Listen you little bitch!" he said in a stern, threatening voice. "Iím your father and as long as I am, which means until the end of time, you damn well give me the respect I deserve and do what I tell you to do. Donít you ever use my credit card without my permission." He was trembling with anger.

"Iím sorry, daddy. I wonít do it again." I said. Tears were rolling down my face. I couldnít believe how angry he was and I was genuinely sorry. I hadnít meant to disappoint him I just hadnít really even thought about it. I saw his eyes begin to soften at the sight of my repentance and tears. "Mindy," he said, in a softer voice, "sorry is just not good enough. I think you need to learn a lesson this time."

Daddyís strong hand came up and took a firm hold on the thick hair hanging loosely down the back of my neck and he led me toward the kitchen.

In the kitchen daddy sat down on a tall stool and pulled me roughly across his lap. Lying across his lap, the cheeks of my ass stood out, proudly pointing towards him covered only by the thin material of my white cotton panties as my robe rode up around my waist. My tits flattened across his thigh, bulging slightly beneath my armpits. My hair hung down to the floor. Daddy raised his palm high in the air and brought it down with a hard, loud slap across the cheeks of my ass. Tingling pain shot through me starting from my ass cheeks then radiating upwards as the nerve endings in my butt sent screaming alarms synapse to synapse to the pain register in my brain. Iím sure the cheeks flushed and reddened immediately. I was being spanked like a little girl. His hand rose again and again. Smack, smack, smack. Tears of pain and humiliation fell from my eyes. "Please donít daddy," I begged. His hand rose again and came down hard but at the end he rubbed his palm gently over my sore ass and as he rubbed me I noticed that the sharp painful sensation of his slaps had moderated to a tingle. The tingling felt almost electric, as if a low voltage current was running through my body. My red ass was hot and the heat was spreading down my thighs and up my torso. l noticed that my pussy was dripping wet and that I was grinding my crotch into daddyís knee. My nipples were hard where my tits lay flattened against his thigh. A blaze of lust shot through me as I found myself fervently hoping that daddy would slide a finger or two up my ass and stick his cock in my mouth.

Daddy lifted me off his lap and turned me around so I was straddling his thighs, my ass grinding against the hard knot straining against the material of his trousers. He pulled me by the hair back against his chest and I felt his hot breath against my neck and ear as he whispered, "Mindy, youíre a little slut and Iím going to show you what happens to little sluts who donít show me the proper respect." His hands came up the front of my body and he began roughly pinching my nipples and squeezing my tits. He pushed me forward and grabbed me by the hips as he ground his hard cock against the panty-covered mound of my pussy. His hand slid down past the elastic waistband of my panties and across my trim pussy. His fingers slid thickly through my syrupy wet slit, teasing my clit, making my body jump involuntarily and a groan of lust and desire pass between my lips. "I want to cum daddy," I moaned, "make your little slut daughter cum."

Daddy laughed and pulled me back up on his lap so his lips were next to my ear. His fingers remained in my panties fondling my cunt. "Itís not going to be that easy Mindy dear." His voice was chilly and menacing. "Youíre punishment has only just begun", he said. "Youíre going to do exactly what I tell you to do for the rest of this afternoon. Youíre my slave until your mother gets home. Iím going to do whatever I want and your going to do whatever I say." Daddyís hands came out of my panties his fingers dripping with my honey. He lifted his hand in front of me so I could see my juice glistening there and then he put his fingers in my mouth. My tongue swirled around his fingers licking myself off of him. "One more thing," he said in a whisper, "you are not to cum until youíre mother gets home. Not even a little." His words froze me inside. Mom wouldnít be home for at least eight hours.

Daddy lifted me off his lap and turned me to face him. He pushed the robe off my shoulders so that it fell in a pile around my feet. "Your nipples are hard," he said and bent his head down and gently bit each nipple, teasing them with his teeth, making them ache. When he lifted his head there were two wet spots on my T-shirt where his mouth had closed over each tit and my nipples stood out harder and longer than they had ever had before. I could feel my pussy juice seeping from me and running down the inside of my thigh. "Turn around and put your hands on the counter," he ordered. I did, bending over at the waist and thrusting my ass towards him. Daddy pulled my panties down over my ass and began fingering my anus. Two fingers passed down my crack and entered my slimy wet pussy and began to pump in and out. He pumped me to within seconds of a mind scrambling orgasm then withdrew pulling my panties back over my ass and leaving me panting and shaking.

"Sit on the stool and wait for me," ordered daddy. I did and he left the room. I was tempted to finger myself and get off while he was out but decided against it. Frankly, the thrill of waiting, of being under his complete control outweighed the potential release of a self-induced orgasm. I could hardly wait for whatever was coming next. Dad returned to the kitchen with a handful of long silk scarves from my mommyís closet. He stepped in front of me, knelt down and slipped mommyís red spike heels on my feet, lacing the straps up my calves. He lifted each leg so that the spike slipped over the middle brace of the stool I was sitting on causing my thighs to spread out with my knees to lift just slightly higher than my waist. He then tied each ankle securely to the leg of the stool. Sitting on the stool like that, my legs wantonly splayed, he had an unobstructed view of my wet panty covered crotch, the lips of my swollen pussy and my pubic mound clearly evident through the thin cotton. Next he stepped behind me and pulled my arms back. He tied one end of a scarf around my wrists pulled the other end tight and tied it to the stool brace so my arms were securely tied behind me and my chest was thrust forward prominently displaying my small, firm tits. Finally, he stepped behind me and carefully tied one of the soft scarves over my eyes making sure that I could not see through or beneath it.

I could hear daddy walking around me appraising my vulnerable body as I sat tied so lewdly to the stool. I could hear his calm breathing and my own excited inhalations. I could hear my heart pounding in my chest. Every part of me was shaking with sexual need and excitement. My pussy felt so gooey wet I was sure that my juice was in a puddle on the stool seat beneath me. The next sound I heard caused me to literally gush juice down my inner thigh. I heard the distinct, unmistakable high-speed whirr of a vibrator. Dad stepped forward and slid the shaft of the vibrating sex toy between my crotch and the stool seat so that my panty covered pussy lips spread over the girth of the shaft. The vibration shook my cunt and sent thrill bolts racing through my interior. I responded by grinding myself onto the shaft, shifting my hips from side to side in an effort to get the thing in me. Unfortunately for me, dad had placed it perfectly so that, while my pussy was being constantly aroused, I couldnít get enough direct clitoral stimulation to get off. I was wet and horny enough to die, getting wetter and hornier by the second, but I couldnít cum. "Stay like that for awhile," I heard daddy whisper in my ear then I heard his footsteps as he left the room.

I sat there in misery and ecstasy hunching my frustrated cunt against the vibrator. I must have been there for quite a while before I heard daddy coming back into the kitchen because by the time he came back the batteries were beginning to wear out and the vibrations were becoming weaker and more erratic. The steady hum that had come from the little tool when he first set it under me had become a slow, labored grind. My pussy was wetter than ever, my excitement multiplied by the frustration of being incessantly driven towards orgasm without actually achieving the release. Blindfolded, my sense of touch, smell and hearing were exponentially aroused. My body was peaked with sensitivity and coursing with thrilling sensations. Every stray sound and smell felt corporeal, like a loverís hand caressing my tits. I was stimulated by the slightest breeze across my body and could feel my skin goosebump, the fine hair on my arms and the back of my neck rising, to invisible, almost imperceptible currents of energy in the air surrounding me. I had never felt a more urgent need to be filled with cock. My emotions were building to a wave, an almost physical pressure. I felt like I was caught in a whirlpool, being sucked into a realm of emotional sensation for which I had no comparative experience. I felt like I was submerged in a boiling sea of sex and lightning awash with noise and color, blue, red, pink, purple, green, gray, currents of arousal pulling my body in multitudinous directions.

"Mindy," said daddy, "I know you must be pretty horny by now. I hope you understand why Iím doing this and that youíre learning a lesson." I nodded my head up and down to signify I did understand. My body trembled uncontrollably, the mere sound of his voice, as intimate and physical as a cock being rubbed across my lips.

He moved towards the counter and then I heard him pick the phone off the receiver. He dialed and a moment later spoke. "Hi," he said in a friendly, open voice. "Do you have time to come over now? I have something here I think youíll be very interested in." He stopped talking momentarily to listen to whomever he was speaking with. At this point, I didnít know what to think. Was he going to leave me here alone, miserable and unattended? Was he inviting someone over to see me humiliated, submitting to his discipline? I didnít know what would be worse. "Yes, something like that," he said, continuing his conversation with the mystery person, laughing lightly, happily into the phone. "Itís what I talked to you about beforeÖSureÖNo, I already called themÖO.k., see you in about half an hour."

He moved back towards me. Blindfolded, my sense of hearing was acute so he sounded thunderous moving towards me. In my mindís eye I could see him towering above my vulnerable body, staring at my wet crotch. I was desperate to feel his hands on me, gently or roughly, but on me. I wanted him to rip my panties off and bury his cock in me. I would have cum if he had just rubbed his cock across my mouth, if he had put it against my face. At that moment, I would have cum if he had only said a few choice words to me. If he had called me his "LITTLE SLUT" or his "WHORE" or if he would have jerked off and covered my face or my tits with his hot cum. Graphic images of sex were invading my mind. I could see, just as if it were happening now, him slowly feeding his long, thick cock into my lubed ass as I lay beneath him with my legs hooked over his shoulders. I saw images of him tit fucking mommy and his thick sperm ejaculating from the strained purple head of his cock, ropes of it spewing over her neck and onto her cheeks. I could practically taste it as I saw myself licking her ears and rubbing my face into the wet mess dripping between her tits. Daddy brought me back to the reality by roughly pulling my T-shirt up to expose my tits. I heard a swishing sound through the air in front of my face and then heard the swish descend towards me a split second before I felt the sting of a soft something hitting across my right nipple. The sensation, so surprising and unexpected, was again, like the spanking, almost immediately more erotic than painful. I felt like my tits were swelling and a pulling in me like a chord being struck from my tits to my clit. Not enough to get me off but it pushed me right to the edge. I heard the swish again and felt the sensation of the blow to my left nipple.

"I see you like the feel of this riding crop," said daddy, swishing the leather rod in the air around my face. I was twitching, frightened and excited, groaning with pleasure, seduced by his cruel dominance. "I want to ask you something Mindy?" he said, "Have you ever fucked yourself with this crop." "Yes," I sobbed out. I saw myself kneeling on my bed, rubbing the hard shaft of that crop through my wet cleft, pulling the ends up so that the length of it rubbed hard and incessant across my asshole and the lips of my pussy, across my throbbing clit. I saw myself lying down and thrusting the thick end of it into my cunt as my fingers pinched my nipples. I saw myself sucking my juice off the end, licking the length to taste myself, cumming as I did it. Suddenly I felt his hand rubbing my thigh and then he quickly removed the dying vibrator from beneath me and turned it off. "Youíre all wet," he said with a rough laugh. "Do you want me to spank your clit with this crop?" he asked. I almost jumped out of my skin when he began to gently tap the leather tab of the crop against the wet panty covered lips of my pussy. Like a wanton I spread my legs out as far as I could and pushed my hips forward to meet the next strike. "Eat me daddy, please eat me," I was begging him. But he only laughed. I felt him tease my inside thigh with the crop and then tip it so the edge slid under my panty leg. In an instant four inches of the crop slid into my pussy. He turned the crop, rotating his end in a wide circle so that the shaft inside me rubbed against the slick walls of my cunt. I was insane with need; the crop was too thin to get me off. I needed to be filled with something thick and hot. "Iíd put this in your ass if I could reach it," he said. I wanted him to reach it. "Turn me over," I begged him, "put it in my ass daddy! Please, daddy! Fuck my ass with it." I had lost it, I would have begged for anything to get myself off. "No," he said harshly and with a jerk he pulled the crop from my cunt leaving me empty and throbbing.

He stepped away from me again then I heard the whistle of something thicker being whipped towards me through the air and I suddenly felt the kiss of soft strands landing across my tits. It was, I later found out, a horsehair whip. Designed to sting a little, sensitize, it wasnít meant to hurt. It left red streaks across my tits where he had applied it but they didnít last, just something to let me know heíd been there. Of course, each time he laid the whip across my tits my body was wracked with spasmodic need. I wanted to cum each time I felt the whip land across my firm tits and my nipples hardened to steel. At that point, the point where he was whipping my tits with such soft cruelty, if I had simply let go of everything, if I had released my emotions and anxiety and the last vestiges of my self-control, I believe I could have, would have, cum harder than anyone ever had or would again. I might also have simply lost my mind. This was, and remains for me today, the most unconditional submission to raw sex that I ever experienced. Daddy was being a cruel master, but not one without thought or my best interest at heart. He was being hard but his touch was pure velvet. My body jerked. Tears were pouring from my eyes, down my face, hot and wet as the juice that was streaming from my pussy. I felt, at once, both exhausted and energized. Moans of joy and pain emanated from me. Sounds of unrepentant lust, pure fuck need escaped my throat, unearthly and spectral. Time had slipped away. I was no longer fully anchored to reality.

"Stop!" I heard a firm female voice scream across the kitchen. I jerked not recognizing the voice, relieved that daddy had stopped whipping my tits, embarrassed knowing that to whomever she was my absolute lust would be unavoidably evident. "Tom," she said. Her voice was clear and steady. "You canít keep whipping that little girl like that. Have you lost your mind?" My savior, I thought. "If you keep that up," she continued, "sheís going to cum. Canít you see her body shaking? You can practically see the mouth of her cunt contracting." She reached my side and I could hear her taking the whip from daddyís hand and throwing it to the kitchen floor. "You must not continue torturing this girl," she told him. My relief was total. Maybe this lady would get me off. Her voice seemed kind, happy. From what she was saying I felt like she understood my need, that she would help me cum and then she said to him, "Let me torture her for you." It was as if she had just knocked the air out of me. I felt her mouth closing on mine, her tongue running across my lips then through them to tangle with mine. I was stunned with shock, fear, and excitement. Who was she? What would she do? Hot tears coursed down my face, sobs choking through my throat. "There, there child," she soothed. "Everything will be all right. My name is Charlotte and your father has asked me to help discipline you."

Charlotte continued in her soothing tone to explain that I was being disciplined this way so I would understand to the core of my being who the leaders of my family were. I was never again to assume that I had any greater claim to either daddy or my parentís belongings than what they were willing to give me out of the kindness of their hearts. And that I had neither the experience nor the character to assume I was any kind of replacement for my mother. To instill these beliefs in me she had convinced daddy that the torture I was now enduring was barely sufficient. Had I been her daughter, she said, things would have been much worse. "The fist may be iron," she said, "but the glove is velvet."

The next thing I heard was Charlotte moving away and inaudible whispers as she talked quietly with daddy. I heard shuffling sounds as she moved around getting comfortable in the room. After a few minutes she seemed settled and walked back towards me. I felt a faint sensation moving across my tits and I realized that she was touching me up with a feather. She trailed it over my nipples and down the sides of my ribcage before she slid it across my abdomen and into the wet center of my crotch. "We are now going to provide you with a small feast for your senses," she said. "I hope your father hasnít already overloaded you." She reached over and tweaked my nipples, then kissed me again. Her tongue trailed across my face and down my neck. She began sucking on my tits, teasing the nipples with her teeth. "You are a lovely little bitch," she whispered through teeth clenched over my nipple. Her tongue trailed past my tits and she began to softly bite into my abdomen. She wiggled her tongue into my belly button then stood up. She pulled my shirt back down over my tits and moved away from me. I heard water running in the kitchen sink. A second later she was back in front of me, pouring warm water down the front of my shirt. I could feel the thin cotton of my T-shirt sticking to my chest. She kept pouring so that my T-shirt and panties were soaked and the wet material pasted to my body. The white panties and T-shirt were now completely see through exposing my tits and cunt to her gaze. Much sexier in a way that being naked. I felt exposed, vulnerable and more turned on than ever. I heard her telling daddy what a pretty little pussy I had, what pretty tits. Wet, I began to chill and goosebump in the cool air of the kitchen. Charlotteís finger stroked the lips of my pussy through the wet material of my panties.

"Little slut," she said, her voice was hoarse and sexy, "tell me what kind of little slut you are." I was confused. My mouth opened, but I was a loss for words. What did she want me to say? I felt a sudden stinging slap across my face. "ANSWER ME SLUT!" she commanded. "Tell me how far youíre willing to go, how degraded youíre willing to be, so that we can forgive you and stop your misery."

"I, IÖ" I stuttered, "I want you both to fuck me," I said in a rush, "I want to be your slave. Do anything to me. Fuck my ass. Let daddy use my mouth. I want his cum on my face. Bang my cunt with a dildo. Stuff my ass with a plug. Cover me in oil and cream me." I didnít know what else to say. I had never really talked like that before.

"YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT YOU STUPID LITTLE CUNT!" she screamed at me. "Do you want me to rub my cunt all over your mouth?"

"YES," I gasped.

"Will you suck my tits when I cover them with your daddyís sperm?"

"GOD, YES!" I screamed.

"Are you willing to pull a train? Get fucked by 100 men; have cocks in your mouth, your pussy and your ass while the rest jerk off on your tits and face? Do you want to take a bath in cum? Will you drink it from a cup?"

"YES, YES!" I was screaming out my answers. In my mind's eye, everything she said was happening to me right then. My pussy ached and throbbed. Fresh pussy dew was weeping from between the swollen lips. My thighs were drenched. "I WANT TO FUCK THEM ALL," I yelled. "GANG BANG ME. HAVE THEM FUCK ME IN MY ASS, IN MY PUSSY. I WANT TO SUCK THEIR COCKS. I WANT THEM TO JERK OFF ALL OVER ME. DO ME OUTSIDE. TAKE PICTURES. PUT IT ON VIDEO. IíLL DO IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. JUST PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME CUM NOW." I felt spent. I was crying out with need.

"Your not getting anything until you learn your lesson you little cunt," said Charlotte, venomously.

The doorbell rang and Charlotte called out for daddy to answer it. A moment or two later I heard heavy footsteps enter the kitchen. "Mindy," said Charlotte, "these two boys are here to make things just a little worse for you." Even numbed and shocked as I was my mind still registered alarm and protest that two new strangers, men, were in my house looking at me sitting tied to a stool, practically naked, drooling with unrequited sexual need. "You probably know these boys," continued Charlotte after a pregnant pause. "They certainly know you. Now every time you go to the mall, every boy you see outside this house, youíll have to wonder, Ď was he one of them?í"

"O.k., boyís," she said, "have at her."

I heard the heavy footsteps approaching me directly, the sound of clothing being removed and then a strong, masculine mouth covered mine, his tongue searching mine out, his hands roughly squeezing my tits. Strong arms surrounded me from behind and a hand invaded my crotch, fingering me through the wet material of my panties. One of the "boys" began untying me. My legs were free and my arms freed from the stool, though still tied behind me. I heard Charlotte warn me not to remove my blindfold. I was sandwiched between the two boys. I could feel their hard cocks rubbing against me. Strong hands forced me to a kneeling position and two cocks competed to get in my mouth. One cock passed between my lips and I began to suck enthusiastically, bobbing my head to get as much of the shaft into my throat as I could. The other cock was rubbed against my face. I could feel the trail of sticky pre-cum where he rubbed it across my cheek and eyelid. The boy in my mouth pulled out and began to beat my lips with the head and shaft. He swung it around to lay the length of it against my cheek and I could feel his hand stroking it. I flicked my tongue out to lick the shaft and turned my head towards the hot cock of the other boy capturing the large head between my lips and sucking it into my mouth to give him the treatment. The first boy continued to jerk his cock, smearing the pre-cum across my cheek. I was moaning throatily and letting the vibrations of my moans travel through the shaft of the boy in my mouth. They were both breathing heavily, fucking my mouth and jerking against my face. My hands were freed and I was pushed forward onto my hands and knees. One of the boys fucked my mouth while the other mounted me from behind and slid his hard cock deep into my ass. I began to reach up to finger my cunt but someoneís hands reached in and grabbed mine pinning it back to the floor. I was helpless to help myself, still unable to cum but being ecstatically fucked in my mouth and ass. I could hear the two boys moaning and knew they would cum soon. The one behind me was slamming his cock into my ass, grinding me. I was pushing back at him, feeling his balls swing forward to slap against the wet mouth of my cunt every time he thrust himself into my tight rectum. Both boys were moaning. Their heavy breathing and "oh, yeahís" told me they were going to cum at any second. Suddenly they withdrew. A hand tangled into my hair and pulled me roughly into a kneeling position. I stuck my tongue out and turned my face from side to side, not sure from which direction the cum barrage would begin. "Good boys. Cover her in cum," I heard Charlotte yell out. I felt a wet splash against the side of my face then more as they both began cumming in unison on my face and into my hair. They directed jets of their semen down the front of my shirt to cover my tits and they came against my neck just below my ears. My face was a sticky mess and Iím sure it was frosty white with their cum streaked all over my cheeks and forehead, across my lips and eyelids, in my hair, on my neck and down between my tits. I felt a tongue lapping at my face; Iím not sure whose, but probably Charlotteís.

"Your filthy now," I heard Charlotte say. "Letís clean you up." She helped me stand and began leading me from the room. I put a hand out, unsure of my step and felt someone take my arm. "Keep walking," said my dad, gruffly.

They led me down the hall and into the bathroom. I was still blindfolded, though from the sound of breathing and footsteps I could tell that they had all, Charlotte, my daddy, the boys, crowded into the bathroom with me. Charlotte helped me over the edge of the tub, telling me to keep my hands off the blindfold and myself. She ordered me to lie down in the tub and then she stepped into it over me, straddling my body. She sat down on my chest then scooted forward. I felt a naked, very wet cunt slide over my chin and onto my mouth and my tongue shot out to dig deeply between the lips. Her cunt tasted and smelled like musky heaven. I tongue lashed her clit as she bounced slightly against my mouth. I could feel her shaking and then her cum splashed against my lips. I sucked her juice into my mouth and drank her. She backed off my mouth then raised her hips slightly over my tits. I felt a dribble of wetness on my tits and thought she might be cumming again, then she was soaking me. I smelled the vinegary smell of urine and knew instantly that she was peeing all over my chest. I was shaking again, aching to finger my cunt while she peed all over me. I was as close as humanly possible to orgasm. I heard her say something but as aroused as I was, as aroused as Iím sure she was, I couldnít comprehend the words. A stream of hot piss suddenly drenched my face as one of the men began dousing me from above. All three men let loose and began to shower me with steaming piss, covering my face and head, pissing down my body and all over my thighs and legs. Iím sure that they pissed all over Charlotte as the waved their spitting cocks from side to side, hosing me down. One stream was directed at my pussy causing me to groan and buck myself up off the floor of the tub.

After an eternity, the streams became a drizzle and then stopped. Charlotte sat down heavily on my tits. I could hear a squishing sound that I knew meant she was finger fucking herself on my chest. She was shaking and her breath was ragged. "Jesus!" she said, "Iím fucking cumming again." And she was. Her voice rose to a strangled moan and then a scream as her pussy convulsed around her fingers. I could practically feel the contractions as she jerked against my tits. Had I not already been so wet I would have felt the splash of her cum jetting on my nipples. Slowly, slowly her orgasm subsided. She slumped forward. I felt her tits brushing my cheeks as she leaned over me. I leaned up and sucked a nipple into my mouth, nibbling it with my teeth. She rested there for a moment then sat up. "Tom," she said to my dad. "Send the boys home. Itís time to get Mindy ready and I want to take the blindfold off while we do it." I heard the three of them leave the bathroom.

Charlotte began to deep kiss me, pulling my body into her embrace. She told me what a good girl Iíd been and promised me I wouldnít have to wait too much longer. "Your such a nice little slut," she whispered to me, again and again. "Such a pretty little cunt." The emotion in her voice, so tender, swept me away. I loved her then. I wanted to please her to please my dad. She began to untie my blindfold and then I saw her for the first time. A woman about my motherís age, somewhere in her mid-thirties. Beautiful, slim, with a well defined body. Her hair was short and blonde. Her tits were small but firm. Her fingers and toenails were painted a light shade of pink. We stood together in the tub, embracing and kissing. Her hand slipped down my back to cup my ass. Our tits rubbed together. I felt her finger enter my anus and I rubbed my pussy mound into her. "Make me cum," I groaned into her mouth. "I canít," she said. "If it were up to me I would. But itís up to your mom and dad. I think youíve learned your lesson here. I donít think anyone could have done as well as you have here today."

My frustration was tempered by the obvious love in her voice. She turned and turned on the shower. The hot water cascaded over us washing the cum and urine from our bodies. She lathered my body slowly, sweeping her hands gently over my tits, lathering my cunt gently so as not to accidentally set off my orgasm. She turned and I lathered her, brushing the soap over her tits and through the soft hair of her cunt. I let my fingers slide into her, fuck her gently. She spread her thighs to allow me deeper access. I pulled out giving her a slight taste of the frustration she and daddy had given me all day. I lathered her back and ass then relented to my own desire and kneeled down. I asked her to bend forward a little and then my mouth and tongue sought out her ass. I reamed her ass with my tongue while I finger fucked her cunt from below. She pushed back towards me spreading her own ass cheeks with her hands to allow my tongue to penetrate as deeply as possible into her rose. She came gently, laughing, and thanked me for the pleasure by pulling me to my feet and kissing me deeply.

We cleaned each other gently beneath the warm water for some time. Dad didnít come back in, obviously giving us some space to explore each other. Charlotte shut off the water and then had me sit on the edge of the tub. "I need to clean you up a little more," she said. I sat down and she spread my legs out. She reached over to the vanity counter and picked up a can of daddyís shaving cream and a safety razor. She filled her hand with a generous quantity of foam and then rubbed it on my mound, across the lips of my pussy, down around my rose hole and around my inner thighs. She drew the razor gently over my pubis, shaving the trim hair completely off. I could see the fresh skin after each pass of the razor as she continued shaving my cunt bald. Her finger slipped passed my pussy lips and she pulled gently to stretch the tender flesh allowing her to shave the hair next to my cunt lips without cutting me. I almost passed out from the feel of her fingers gripping my wet flesh though she was very careful not to touch me over excited clit so as not to unintentionally cause an orgasm. I was secretly thrilled by the possibility of her accidentally cutting me, though with a safety razor there was probably little chance of that happening. Charlotte asked me to lift my knees slightly to better expose the skin and hair around my anus to the razor. Once again she used her finger, this time in my asshole, to stretch the skin and remove all the hair.

Shortly she was finished and she rinsed me off with the nozzle spraying needles of warm water against my pussy and ass, exciting me further. She ran her hand over the smooth skin of my newly bald pussy, then she slid down and began running her tongue around the inside of my thighs, licking the new pussy juice from it. She sucked my cunt mouth between her lips but didnít run her tongue into me knowing that I would orgasm instantly if that happened. "You taste divine," she said, then stood up, stepped out of the tub and began drying off. "Lets get you dressed now," she continued. "Your mom should be home pretty soon. I have to leave shortly. Iím as horny as a teenager and I have my own daughter to fuck tonight." She helped me out of the tub and then had me sit on the closed lid of the toilet as she dried me off with a soft, thick towel.

After we had dried each other off, Charlotte walked me into my parentís bedroom. Laid out on the bed was a skimpy, see through short baby doll nightgown with matching panties. I sat at momís vanity as Charlotte combed and dried my hair. She tied it up into two matching pigtails at either side of my head. "Tonight," she said, "youíre going to be your parentís little girl again. Do exactly what they tell you to do. If you are a perfectly nasty little girl for them, submissive, and diligent in your pleasuring of them, Iím sure they will give you the relief you crave. Remember, if you get out of hand again, theyíll send for me again and things will be much, much worse the second time." She dressed me in the sexy gown and then she left to dress and leave. I remained on mom and dadís bed eager for them to come to me and eager to cum for them.

I sat on the bed alone for some time, impatient and eager, my cunt sopping wet, my nipples hard as pebbles. I could have masturbated myself and cum but I was now anticipating a much greater reward. After having waited so long, having experienced and withstood so much, I wouldnít shortchange myself by my own hand. After an excruciating wait I heard a knock on the door. My heart jumped into my throat as my dad entered the room. He was naked except for a towel wrapped around his waist that did not do much to hide his obvious arousal. I could see his powerful cock outlined beneath the material, erect and straining. "Youíre mom just pulled into the driveway," he told me. "Iím going to meet her downstairs and Iíll send her up to you in a minute or two. I hope you learned a little respect for us today." He walked over to me and gave me a long, deep soul kiss. His powerful arms surrounded me protectively as his mouth smothered mine, our tongues swirled in a tangle. He turned and left the room closing the door behind him.

I sat on the bed quivering with excitement. I heard the sound of the front door opening and mom and dad talking. I couldnít make out the words, but I heard their voices rising a little, a momentarily heated exchange, then quiet as they adjusted the volume of conversation in order to keep me from hearing. After a few minutes I looked up to see the bedroom door slowly opening. I saw my mother standing at the door looking at me. Her face and eyes registered a strange mix of both anger and sympathy.

I started crying softly. "Mommy," I said, "I need you to fuck me real bad."

The anger in momís eyeís disappeared replaced by an uncommon look of empathy and love. She moved towards me unbuttoning her blouse and dropping her skirt to the floor as she came. I was once again stunned by the beauty of her body, which she kept in shape through a disciplined exercise routine. She was wearing a matched set blue satin panty and bra from Victoriaís Secret. Her neck was adorned with a simple diamond charm necklace. She wore matching teardrop diamond earrings and on her arm was a matching diamond tennis bracelet. Daddy had given her the jewelry a few weeks earlier, not to mark a special occasion, but, as he put it, simply to celebrate her class and beauty and to demonstrate his undying love. Mom had more class than anyone I ever met and I was only now beginning to recognize and appreciate it. She was a complete woman even though she was also a world class slut. Who was I to even begin to compare myself to her? One day I might be her equal, but I had a long way to go.

"Iím very angry at your father and Iím ready to kick Charlotteís ass for what theyíve done to you today," she said. "But you were wrong too and Iím very disappointed in you."

"Donít be angry with them mommy," I replied. "They did exactly what they had too. I need discipline. I need to be reminded of my place. Iím your little slave slut and you and daddy have to do whatever you want to me. Iím here for your pleasure."

"Maybe," answered mom, "but youíre also my little girl and a beautiful, independent young. For the rest of tonight and until I decide otherwise, what we share will be about mutual respect and pleasure."

Mom came to me then and began kissing my face. Her hands roamed around my body, rubbing my back and shoulders then reaching my front to fondle my tits and pinch my aching nipples. She rose up to undo her bra exposing her firm tits then she bent down and began rubbing her nubs across my face and lips. I kissed, licked and gently bit at her nipples enjoying the site of her, shivering with lust.

Mom pushed me back on the bed and began kissing her way down my body. She fondled my tits, pushing them together to make a tunnel then running her tongue through the cleavage. Her mouth surrounded my nipples and sucked while she pulled them through her gently clenched teeth.

She proceeded down my body, licking my abdomen, flicking her tongue into my bellybutton. She pushed my panties off my hips and down my thighs then she pushed my knees apart and laid my feet flat on the bed. She had me hook my hands beneath my knees and pull myself up and wide for her. Grabbing one of her tits, she directed the hardened nipple to my honeypot and began rubbing herself into my wet mess. Her nipple grazed my clit and I could see her tit coated with my hot juice. She pushed herself hard against me massaging the mouth of my cunt with her entire tit. My cunt was hot and wet, aching for her to get me off. Sensing my urgent need, mom slid further down my body. Her chin grazed the bald mound of my cunt and passed over and beyond my swollen clit, then, her entire mouth was placed over my pussy. Her tongue swirled out, deep into me. She sucked my juice. Her mouth closed over my clit and sucked hard while her tongue flicked against it. She opened her mouth again and then her tongue was swirling and darting around my clit. I was building towards an explosion.

Seconds before my orgasm could overtake me, her tongue left my clit and she shifted lower to explore past the lips of my pussy and tongue fuck my gooey hole. She dodged my hands, urgently trying to pull her face back up to my clit. Her mouth passed beyond my pussy so her tongue could deeply explore my ass. She rolled her tongue into a dart and pressed it deep into my rose hole, past my sphincter muscle. As she ate my pussy and ass her hand roamed over my hips and abdomen and she kept reaching up to fondle at my tits. I was moaning and groaning. My head was thrashing from side to side. My hips were pumping up off the bed and I was babbling incoherent, nasty fuck words, begging her to make me cum, to put her mouth back on my clit.

At last she relented. She soul kissed my ass then trailed her tongue back up to my soaking cunt. She delved in to my wet center, her tongue sweeping in a gentle arc forwards and backwards, then, side to side. My groans were becoming desperate cries of ecstasy as my pent up passion expanded like a balloon being relentlessly filled with air. Mom turned her head slightly sideways and frenched my wetness. Her tongue flatted and swept powerfully across my clit. Her mouth sucked my juice in and her throat contracted as she swallowed it down. My body began to shake as every nerve in my pussy connected with every nerve in my brain. I began screaming in solar ecstasy realizing this would be no ordinary orgasm. It began with a feeling that my entire body was convulsing as if I was suffering a grand mal epileptic seizure. I could literally feel the network of nerves running from my feet to my head, a tingling connection from my toes, up the backs of my legs, straight into my wet pussy. The electric sensation passed in and out through my ass; up past my hips and through my torso; over my hard nippled tits; past my chest and throat; out of my mouth; through my face, radiating my earlobes and finally into the central nerve system of my brain. I was experiencing my first full-body orgasm. My mouth formed words and groans in an earth-shattering scream. "FUCKÖFUCK ME MOMMY! IíM CUMMING. OH FUCK, IíM CUMMING! MY CUNTÖEAT MY FUCKING CUNT! OH GOD, IíM CREAMING!"

My pussy spasmed uncontrollably as orgasm racked my entire frame. I bucked my hips hard as my own hands grasped and twisted my nipples. My anus was contracting with each strong pulse of my pussy. Viscous cream ejaculated from my pussy, splashing mommyís face and neck. She opened her mouth to catch the cream though I couldnít control the flow and most of it splashed around her lips and chin. I kept creaming as my orgasm refused to subside. Soon her face was washed with my juice. I could see clear streams of juice sliding down her cheeks and dripping onto the bed sheets. She lifted her face out of my cunt and shifted her body forward to press her tits close to my cunt. I obliged her move by cumming all over her tits, wetting them with my girl seed. With a quick move I rolled mommy onto her back and straddled her chest. We were both moaning and panting and screaming out our pleasure. I pushed my pussy forward, using one hand to roll and massage my clit while I pumped three finger of the other hand deep between the clenching walls of my cunt. My bald cunt was red and gaping, my clit stood out like a large, hard nut. Pussy cream jetted from between my lips as each contraction forced the pent-up wetness out from my interior. I was giving my mother a girl pearl necklace. Teardrops of my juice dripped down the swell of her tits into the concave intersection of her chest and neck. I could see strings of my first, thick ejaculate in mommyís hair. Her face was covered as if ten men had stood around her jacking their thick cock cream over her face, but in this case it was all me and my pussy was still cumming, still spurting out my juice.

Even through the mind haze that naturally accompanied such unimaginable multiple-orgasm, it began to dawn on me that daddy, the architect of my pain and pleasure, was not witnessing this scene. At least thatís what I thought as I sat on mommyís chest jilling myself off on her tits and face. I felt mommy lifting her hips and felt her hand sliding under my leg to get down towards her hips. At first I thought she was just trying to get her fingers down to her own cunt, but I realized another presence behind me and, looking over my shoulder, saw daddy there. He leaned forward to kiss my lips then grasped my shoulder to turn me. I swung my legs over mommy straddling her in a reverse cowboy. My orgasm was still going strong and my pussy gushed cream down her stomach so that it would eventually pool in her bellybutton. I looked down to see that dad was thrusting mommyís cunt full of the "living" dildo she had given me on my birthday. True to its nature, the dildo was squirming in her cunt, heating itself by friction and contact with her interior furnace. Around mommyís hips, daddy had strapped a monster 8" dildo, it was hard and thick and veined like the real thing and mommyís hands were holding it erect and stroking it as if it were real. Daddy released the dildo in mommyís cunt allowing it to be sucked deep into her by her own orgasmic contraction the he pulled me towards the thick fake cock strapped to her waist it and lifted my hips high. I assumed he meant me to lower my steaming, creaming cunt onto the rubber cock, but as I began lowering myself he pulled me further forward and edged the head of the phallus into the crack of my ass. With unerring certainty the dildo wormed into my anus and past the tight sphincter muscle. I felt every inch of that cock as it slid deep into my butt and I came even harder from the feeling of that hard shaft sinking deeply into me, rubbing my anal walls as it progressed. With superhuman strength, daddy pulled the two of us, mommy and myself, to the edge of the bed. He wrapped mommyís legs around his waist to give her support as she wiggled and squirmed herself against the root in her cunt, then he pressed the bulbous head of this thick 9" cock between the lips of my cunt and with one thrust sank all of himself into me.

I realized later, to my secret shame, how wrong I had been during my daylong ordeal to have a single evil thought about my daddy. It occurred to me afterwards that daddy had matched my every frustration. He had been equal to all my mounting sexual tension and he had shared my almost uncontrollable need for release. During the entire day, daddy had not once fucked either Charlotte or myself. He hadnít jacked off when the boyís had fucked me and he didnít cum all over me even though I begged him to do it. Daddyís balls were swollen like two ripe plums. His thick cock was painfully erect and fiery red, the veins stuck from the bloated shaft. The head of his cock was engorged and purple. He grunted and moaned as he continued thrusting his cock into my vice like cunt. This was not fancy fucking. He was not pulling the shaft out and tickling my clit with the head, nor was he teasing me my rotating his hips to grind it to me. He was not sliding the shaft partially in, leaving only the head between my pussy lips before he would slide forward, varying speed and rhythm to stimulate my orgasm. No right then he was fucking me hard. He was pulling his cock back and banging forward into my already creaming cunt. My juice gushed around the shaft of his cock every time he pumped into me. As hard as he was fucking me, as desperate as I could feel he was to cum, I knew it would not be our longest fuck, but it was our best fuck so far.

Beneath me mommy was thrusting the dildo in and out of my ass. She had finally managed to grasp the cock in her cunt and was banging away at herself, matching each thrust into my ass with her own deep thrust into her cunt. I heard her begin wailing as an orgasm overtook her and I looked down to see the shaft of the dildo pulsing and thick white cream spurt out from around the tight seal of her cunt on the shaft. She was getting the dildo off inside herself, creaming her womb with the special cum sauce that the dildo manufactured within its hidden chamber. I myself had not stopped cumming from the moment of my first explosion. The sensation in my pussy would not abate and I felt as if I was going to pass out from the prolonged excitement. As it was, the sheer physical drain on me was so intense that for several days after the event I could barely walk without limping and cramping and my abdominal muscles were soar for weeks from the constant contractions of that night.

Daddyís breathing had become a gasping roar and the sound of mommy wailing out her orgasm finally pushed him over the edge. He began banging his cock into me harder than even before. His pubis pounded against my clit with each heavy thrust. Suddenly I felt his cock swell thicker and he cried out as a thick wetness began filling me. Daddy was cumming inside me, filling my pussy with his sperm. I felt his cock contract once, twice, thick pulses of sperm flowed into me. Daddy grabbed my hand and yanked it down towards his cock just as he pulled out of my cunt with a loud sucking sound. He thrust forward and my hand was suddenly filled with his thick cock. I squeezed it tight, barely able to get my small hand around the girth of him, and stroked hard. Daddyís sperm fountained up. A huge stream of sperm shot up high into the air, hanging momentarily before falling gravity took over and it fell down and forwards onto my tits. The thick sperm immediately soaked through the thin, transparent material of my baby doll exposing my hard nipple topped tits as efficiently as if I was a feature at some college bar wet T-shirt night. More of his sperm shot out. I literally felt as if I was sitting beneath some roman fountain as ropes of his cum splashed out onto my face and into my hair. I had never seen a man cum so much and so hard in my entire life. Daddy was screaming out in ecstasy, his voice harmonizing with mommyís while she heaved and moaned beneath me. I was still cumming and between the feeling of daddyís hot sperm covering my body and the feeling of mommyís hot dildo banging into my butt hole, my over-stimulated system practically turned me inside out. I had become nothing more than one mind-shattering, hot, wet orgasm. All of my consciousness, all of my physical world collapsed into that one sense as if I had found the Zen essence of orgasm. It was a feeling to purely raw for me to contain any longer. I passed out then and there, falling backwards across mommy while daddyís cock continued jetting ropes of his seed onto my tits and belly and mommy pounded my anus with the thick fake cock.

I canít remember a single thing that happened after I passed out that night, though I know the three of us continued fucking long into the night. I awoke the next morning lying between my parents, safe and secure. My body was unbelievably sore, and would be for some time to come, and I was completely covered with dried sperm and pussy juice. Somewhere along the line the sexy little nighty had been literally torn off my body as if I had been raped. Mom, dad and I took a long hot bath later and it took about an hour of rubbing shampoo into my hair to get all the dried semen out of it. Unbelievably mom sucked dad off during the bath and I watched in awe as he covered her face with a thick frost of fresh sperm. I donít think I will ever again be tempted to think I am better than mom is in any way. Daddy is momís husband and I am their daughter. As long as they keep fucking me, keep treating me like their loveable, perfect, kinky, nasty little baby slut, I wouldnít have it any other way.

***Personal Note:

Hi. This is Mindy and what you have just read is a slightly fictionalized story of a real event that I narrated to my husband Tristan. Both my parents are now gone. They passed away in a terrible boating accident a few years ago. Tristan is my soul mate and I have no fear at all telling him about all the wonderful years I spent as my parentís lover.

As Tristan has wrote out above, during my hot lesbian fuck with mommy that night I was under the impression that daddy was not watching us. I couldnít have been more wrong. My unselfish dad allowed mommy to start my orgasm, an orgasm he had spent the entire day getting me prepared for, and while mommy was sucking my cunt, he was in the other room adjusting and focusing the network of cameras he had placed throughout our house. The entire fuck on their bed, from start to finish, was captured on video by his hidden camera. Tristan and I often watch that video as part of our lovemaking and I am now Tristanís little slave slut.

Tristan is a very powerful master and the only man other than daddy who has made me spurt girl cum like a teenage boy shooting his first load. Beside the video of that night we have a trunk full of others shot at various times during my years with mommy and daddy. Of course Tristan and I have made many videos of our own. We share our videos with others at swing parties and through exclusive trading clubs. If you are ever lucky enough to see the video of that scene I described above, youíll know your seeing me. It makes my pussy wet just thinking that you might one day stumble across it, make the connection, and know suddenly what I look like and exactly what I was feeling that day.

Lots of love. Iíll have Tristan write more for all of you soon.

* * * * *

More of Mindy adventures to come. E-mail me if you liked it and want to read more soon.


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