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My First Massage
by Copperhead

My body was aching; all the work I'd been doing outside in the garden had taken its toll on me after a long winter of inactivity. The idea of a professional massage kept coming into my head, so after thinking about it for two or three days, I made a few phone calls and found a place that was both close by and affordable.

When I arrived at the address given to me, I was a bit surprised that it was a private house, but since I'd seen the advertisement in the newspaper for several days, I figured it must be a legitimate business. A sex-crazed murderer/masseur wouldn't advertise in a big daily newspaper! But just in case, I left the paper with his address and phone number on the front seat of my car. His name was Bill.

Upon entering, I was shown to a bedroom where I could disrobe. When Bill gave me a large bath sheet to wrap around my body, I asked him if I should remove 'everything'. He said that as long as I was comfortable with it, he preferred it. Other than my husband and a doctor, no one has seen me nude in over 25 years. I'm not a sweet young thing with buns of steel and perky titties. I'm a 40 odd, married woman who's had a couple of kids and carries a few extra pounds. Was I comfortable with removing everything? No, but I'd come this far, so figured "What the hell, go for it!" As I reached for the towel, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Straightening up, I realized that I didn't look too bad. My copper-coloured hair, fair skin and blue eyes complimented each other. Although my breasts had a bit of sag to them, my nipples were rosy and thick. My eyes wandered down across my tummy and to my shaved mound. The only hair was a small amber tuft just above the slit. I heard Bill coming back, so grabbed the towel and wrapped myself up.

When I first arrived, Bill was wearing trousers and a shirt, but when he came back into the room after I had disrobed, he was wearing shorts and a tank top. I was directed to a large comfortable chair and when I sat down, I was delighted to discover that it was heated with a vibrating unit inside of it. It felt very relaxing.

He sat down on a stool directly in front of me, lifted my legs up onto his thighs and began to massage my calves and thighs with a warm body lotion. I could feel myself relaxing and the muscles loosening up within a few minutes. The long edges of the bath sheet seemed to fall between my inner thighs so I felt "covered up" and I laid my head back and enjoyed the feeling of the warmth of the chair and the warm lotion being rubbed on my legs. He had a large hand-held vibrator with two heads on it in the shape of a "Y" that he pressed against the large muscles in my thighs; with the two vibrating heads they seemed to be almost "stroking" them. The only thing that prevented me from totally relaxing was that the towel kept coming loose a little above my breasts. I had to keep adjusting it so it wouldn't come apart. He passed me a clip so that the towel would stay together better. I felt him lean forward to take my hand, and then he was massaging my upper arms and shoulders. After several minutes, he was touching my legs again.

Then he stopped and asked me to sit down on the futon. There was a low cabinet built across the bottom of it and he put a pillow against it and told me to sit with my back against the pillow. He sat behind me with his legs on either side of my body. Using the warm lotion he began massaging my shoulders and neck. It was heaven! My shoulder length hair seemed to be in the way and he asked me for the clip that was holding the towel together so he could pin my hair up off of my neck. His fingers felt so wonderful massaging the sore tight muscles of my shoulders, neck and upper back. Bill lifted my arms up so they were resting on top of his thighs. His hands started to move around to the front, massaging my shoulders, the area under my arms above my breasts and my upper chest area. He was moving slowly, using firm but gentle pressure. With each circular motion he made, his fingers moved downward slightly. I knew that he was going to touch my breasts, but it felt so nice, I didn't want him to stop. When his fingers first brushed across my nipples, he hesitated and since I didn't object, he continued to caress them.

"Ohhh", I sighed, "This really is a full body massage."

"It's whatever you want it to be." He replied. "Do you enjoy having your tits massaged like this?"

"Hmmmm", was all I said, but that was the 'go ahead' sign. By this time the towel had come loose from my body and my breasts were completely exposed to him. For several minutes his hands massaged my upper body, moving from my neck, shoulders and breasts. Each time his hands got to my nipples, he'd rub them, pinch them or pull on them. Then he brought out a small vibrator and slowly moved it over my body, including lightly flicking it over my hardened nipples. My breathing was becoming a little shallower and I could feel the moisture between my legs.

After a while, he asked me to lie face down on the bed. He knelt beside me, poured some of the warm lotion on my back and started to massage me. It was wonderful. I had my arms raised level with my shoulders, resting on the mattress. His hands kneaded the muscles in my back and pressed up and down my spine. It felt so nice, and I couldn't help but wonder just how far he'd go and where he would touch me. The anticipation of his touch made the entire scenario even more exciting. He moved down to my buttocks and massaged the cheeks, pulling them apart then pressing them back together again. His fingers didn't go between but as he pulled my ass cheeks apart, I could feel the flesh around the opening of my pussy moving.

Next, his hands were on the back of my thigh and he was massaging them. He went down one leg; back up again, then did the other leg. I was lying with my eyes closed and I could hear him moving around a little bit. I felt something very soft floating over me. I opened my eyes and saw the huge pink feather he was brushing so lightly over my naked body. GOD! It was so sensuous. He reached for the hand held vibrator again and put it against my neck, moving it around my back, up and down my spine and onto my thighs. He was bringing it up very close to my crotch, but didn't touch me there with it. I wanted to move towards it, wanted to feel that vibration on my clit and around my pussy...and I'm sure he knew it.

He asked me to turn over onto my back. The towel was long gone. It surprised me how excited it made me to lie naked in front of this stranger. This was like a fantasy and for me; behind my closed eyes I fantasized a perfect body that he was looking at. He was still kneeling beside me and he began to put the vibrator on one of my large thigh muscles again. He moved it up and down, while kind of nudging me to separate my legs a little more. I bent my other knee up slightly and he put the heads of that vibrator right over top of my pubic area and pressed down firmly. One of the heads was against my clit; the other one was vibrating right at my very wet pussy. I moaned and raised my hips towards it. felt so good. His other hand reached up to caress and fondle my breasts with an occasional pinch of my nipples. I was so hot and wanted to have an orgasm so badly. He would apply pressure with the vibrator, back off, and then do it again. I was moaning and squirming around underneath it; I wanted to grind my hips right into it. I desperately wanted to him to fuck me with the head of the vibrator, but he wouldn't allow it to enter inside of me. He just kept pushing downwards, making small circular motions, and then he'd back off. I was going out of my mind.

I finally said, "Ohhh...Please, Please...FUCK ME with it, let me cum..." He didn't back off again. He held the vibrator firmly in place as I arched my back to reach it with my clit. He used his other hand to fondle and pinch my big, thick nipples. Within seconds, I had an amazing orgasm! I reached down to move his hand and the vibrator away from my now overly sensitive clit and he put the heads of the vibrator on my pubic mound for a few seconds.

When the waves of my orgasm had stopped, he covered me with a satin sheet and ran his hands all over my body. Once my breathing had returned to normal, he asked me to sit up and he knelt behind me and rubbed my back again for a few minutes. Then he got up and went into the next room. I knew that it was over.

I got up and started to dress. He came back into the room to open the drapes, etc and talked to me while I put on my clothes. It was very strange, but not uncomfortable. We went back out to the entryway and I paid him and finally looked at him. It was the first time I had actually looked at his face, looked into his eyes. Until then, he was a complete stranger; we both smiled; I said thank-you, so did he and I left.

Afterwards, I couldn't believe that I had really gone there and let someone I'd never met before touch me so intimately. It wasn't until then that I even wondered if he had gotten aroused. The truth is, I didn't really care! It was a wonderful sensation to be so pampered and not feel that I had to reciprocate in any way. It was a totally selfish experience and I loved every minute of it. The excitement was amazing, and while driving away, I wondered if I'd ever go back again.


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