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My First Time
by IndianAsian

I have been on the Internet a couple of months now, and have come across a few sites with interesting stories of people and their various sexual experiences. I thought about writing about my "first time" and thought " what the heck ". So here goes.


I was 16 years old at the time. I was a quiet boy, growing up in a coastal village. We were a "normal" family, I have an older sister and brother. They are quite a number of years older than me and had moved out already. My sister was living in a city a couple of hours drive away, but came home quite often for the weekend. Sometimes she brought a female friend home for the weekend. Like I said, I was a quiet kid, I was not well built neither was I fat or stubby. I was outdoors most of the time either on the sea or roaming the surrounding hills so I always had a well tanned body. I had girlfriends but nothing ever got further than serious petting. I had the usual interest in girls, as most teenage boys do have. I'm not what people would consider good looking neither ugly, just your "average joe". Well back to the day in question.

My sister was home for the weekend. She had brought a friend with her, Bianca. Bianca had visited before and we all got on well. Like my sister she was in her mid twenties. She had a well shaped body, slim hips and long strong legs and black hair. One thing I'll never forget about Bianca, was the colour of her eyes. They were light blue what I call " sky blue". I have yet to see another set of eyes that colour. It was hot Summers Saturday afternoon, we had just had lunch and everybody was feeling rather mellow and sleepy. Mom and Dad had gone for an afternoon nap. My sister and Bianca were laying on the lawn sunbathing. I was in my room lying on my bed listening to the radio and thinking of nothing much.

My bedroom door was slightly ajar, there was a knock on the door and Bianca popped her head around the door. "You sleeping?" she asked. "No, come in I replied". She entered my room, she still had her bikini on with a towel around her waist. The bikini top, barely covered her firm breasts and she was in good shape with her body still covered in tanning lotion. All in all she looked stunning. She told me my sister had gone for a sleep, she did not feel like sleeping and had heard the radio on in my room. She sat on the edge of the bed with her body turned towards me. I could not take my eyes off her. Her slender but shapely figure looked good, I could smell the coconut lotion on her body and like I said her bikini top did not cover much. All I wanted to do, was just reach out and feel her tits.

We started chatting about what the three of us could do that night. There was a band playing at a local bar. Even though I was under age I knew all the locals and never had any problems getting in. I suggested we go there and if we liked we could shoot some pool. The next question came like a shock. "Have you had sex?" she asked. I just lay there, looking at her. I hadn't but what was I going to say? I was lying with my hands behind my head, I was bare chested and just wearing shorts. She gently lay her hand on my chest and said, "you haven't have you?" I went red in the face, I could feel my face flushing. "Would you like to have sex with me?", she asked. Her hand slid down to the bulge in my shorts and gently massaged my cock. I remember her eyes looking at me, I just looked at her and tried to say "yes" as calmly as possible. I never expected this from Bianca, she just did not seem like the type ( well according to the limited knowledge I had of women then ).

She stood up, closed my bedroom door, unwrapped the towel from her waist and took off her bikini top. All I could do was stare at this gorgeous body standing in front of me. She had nice tits with nipples that turned up slightly. I had a double bed and she told me to move over. She lay down on the bed. I must have looked like I was in a state of shock (a state of wonder was how I felt ). She told me to lie back, she leaned over me and caressed my chest with her hand. Her lips brushed against mine. Kissing I was used to, we kissed. She pulled her lips away from mine, gently tugging on my lower lip as her lips left mine. She just looked at me, those eyes staring at me. "Good kisser" she said, as her hand slid down and started to unbutton my shorts. She pressed a tit into my mouth and I felt her nipple with my tongue. Using my tongue, I played with her nipple. She told me to nibble with my teeth, as I did this, she moaned, by now my cock was a raging hard-on. She had unbuttoned and slipped her hand under my undies, as her hand touched my dick, I felt my cock quiver. She sat up, pulled my shorts and undies off. My cock as rock hard and stood up like a pole it quivered as she stroked it with her hand.

Sensing I would cum if she carried on much longer. She lay back on the bed and told me to kneel over her. As I sat up and kneeled over her, I noticed a dark wet patch on her bikini panties. The thought of her getting wet just made me want to cum. Without saying a word, she pulled my head down and placed it over a breast, I got the message. Gently I started tugging at her nipple with my teeth. While I was doing this my hand was playing with her other nipple. "harder" she moaned. She started moaning and whimpering, that little "whimpering" she made almost drove me insane. I tugged harder at her nipples, switching from hand to mouth on each nipple. her breasts were not large and I could get a nice chunk of tit into my mouth, just tugging, pulling and pinching. She pushed on my shoulders. Slowly I moved down her body, licking and kissing. She really liked it, when I tickled her navel with my tongue, she let out a big moan. moving down I pressed and rubbed hard with my hand against now, very wet bikini panties.

I slid the waist band down, as the bikini panties rolled down I saw this clean shaved pussy. Clean shaved all but a little "V" of curls just above her pussy. She saw me looking at her pussy. Fingering the little "v" shaped patch of curls she said," that is my little Mohican". Her pussy looked delicious, with puffy lips and all clean shaved. She sat up and reached for a pillow. She put the folded pillow under her butt and positioned herself so that I would be on my knees at the side of the bed, with my back to the door. She told me to kneel next to the bed. She then raised her knees and spread her thighs.

In front of me was this good looking shaved pussy. She told me to look closer, I could smell her sweet scent. The pillow elevated her butt, she told me that she wanted me to get a good look at her pussy and that she wanted me to eat her pussy. Spreading her lips, she started to rub her clit. Carol (my then girlfriend) and I, had tried this once almost getting caught by her mother in the process. Bianca started to tell me that she wanted me to nibble her clit and get my tongue under the little "hood" where her clit was. Just her talking about it almost got me off. My cock was throbbing and all I wanted to do was cum. Bianca started to play with her tits. I spread her pussy lips and started to lick away at her pussy. The smell and the taste of her pussy was driving me crazy, I was really enjoying eating her pussy, but my hard cock was having other ideas. Bianca was moaning and arching her back. Every now and then she would run her hands through my hair and push my face into her pussy. I started to nibble her clitty, this she enjoyed as she was moaning real hard.

I was having so much fun, I did not hear the bedroom door open. I felt somebody behind me. Looking around I saw my sister with a huge smile on her face. "Having fun are we?", she asked. My sister, leaning over towards Bianca said " I have never done this, but always wanted to" she proceeded to kiss and nibble Bianca's nipple. My sister stood up and started to remove her bikini top, she had shorts on but those came off and so did the bikini panties. She then sat in the bean bag that was lying on the floor and started to play with herself. That really turned me on, my sister had a good body just like her friend but bigger tits. She just looked at me and said " well, Bianca is waiting for you".

I turned back towards Bianca and just looked at her. She was smiling and said " I want to have a good cum". I started to lick and nibble away at Bianca's pussy, she was getting really wet. Her moaning got louder and she was arching her back. I knew she was going to climaxing, so I spread her lips further apart. I licked her hard, rubbing my tongue up the insides up her spread lips and stuck my tongue into her fuck hole, as far as I could and flicked my tongue in and out of her. I felt her tighten and she tightened her ass, she was going wild, it was really difficult to keep flicking at her pussy.

Bianca let out a squeal as she climaxed. Her pussy was dripping wet and I sucked at her pussy as one would suck at a wet sponge. She tasted good, I stuck my face hard into her pussy and just licked and sucked away. Bianca lay there, letting the waves of pleasure sweep her body after a good cum. I heard my sister behind me breathing hard through her teeth. I turned to look at her. She was lying in the bean bag, with her knees up and her thighs spread wide. She had one hand almost inside of her, as she fucked herself. This was really turning me on, watching my sister fucking herself.

Bianca motioned for me to get back up on the bed. I lay down next to her, she started to stroke my now very hard and ready to burst cock. She leaned over me, kissing me she whispered something about it being "my turn". I lay on my back and she mounted me. At first she did not come down on my dick all the way. She was teasing me and each time she came down, she took a little bit more of me inside her. I just lay there watching this beautiful woman sliding her wet pussy up and down my cock. Bianca was watching my sister fucking herself. By now my sister had a finger up her ass and was tickling her own wet pussy.

My sister started to tell Bianca, that she wanted to see me on top of Bianca. Bianca climbed off me, sliding my hard and wet cock out of her. Bianca lay on the bed and told me to climb on top of her. She guided my cock into her pussy. I started to thrust into her and she was whimpering and arching her back, pushing her pussy up to meet my thrusts. She pulled her knees back, so that I could go deeper. She was moving wildly now, bucking and arching her back. I heard my sister let out a "squeal", I turned to look at her, she had climaxed and was rubbing her juices over her tits. I was going to cum, my balls tightened. Sensing this, Bianca told me to cum all over her. I felt my cock explode inside her. I slipped my cock out and came all over her, my streams of hot wet cum running down her belly. My cock was throbbing as I came. Bianca reached down and started to massage my cock, squeezing the hot cum from my cock.

Bianca told me to move up on her, I moved up and kneeled over her chest and she rubbed my wet cock head on her nipples. Pulling me closer to her she proceeded to suck me dry, while she massaged my balls. There I was, sitting on top of this beautiful woman, I had just had my first fuck and my cock was moving in and out of her wet mouth. I looked at my sister, she was smiling at me while she stroked and caressed her pussy and enjoyed the view.

The three of us got dressed and sat talking. My sister could see, that I was not quite sure of what to think, of what just took place. She let me know that we would keep it as our secret and that she was glad that I had experienced the pleasures of sex, and that she was there to share it with me. That night, Bianca showed me more of what she enjoyed. My sister was there again, watching us and fucking herself. I admit, that was a big turn on, watching my sister finger fucking her wet pussy, while I had my cock inside her friends wet pussy.

That weekend was not last time Bianca and I had sex. A few months later something else happened, but that is another story. I might write about it, we will just have to wait and see.
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