The Best Erotic Stories.

My First Threesome
by Bruce Swain

The following happened so long ago there's no point in using false names; if the other people involved are still around to read this, then they'll probably be happy to be able to remember it!

I was in the Australian Navy for 15 years before I finally got to Hawaii; I'd been just about everywhere else - the Far East, Japan, the Philippines, India, Fiji, New Zealand, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, and the east coast of the U.S.A. - and been to England twice and lived there for a total of five years. But Hawaii had constantly eluded me - just when it was announced that the ship I was in was going there, I'd be posted off.

But when I finally made it, it was well worth the wait!

After a two-week voyage from Sydney, we berthed at Pearl Harbour on a Friday afternoon, and that evening all we officers (nearly 200 of us - I was in Australia's only aircraft carrier) had to attend the obligatory official cocktail party on board. With that duty behind us, most of us went ashore to try to get two weeks' worth of dirty water off our chests, so to speak.

Of course, every female we spoke to knew precisely what we were after, as we weren't exactly subtle. While our accents did intrigue them, they resisted all our blatant attempts to bed them - locals and tourists alike. So we returned on board, hornier than ever.

The second night in (Saturday) a bunch of us went to a cinema in Hotel Street ("downtown" Waikiki) to see the famed "Deep Throat" - and, of course, that didn't help us at all!

The next morning, I received a telegram - I had become a father again. My wife and I had been hoping that the little fellow might arrive before I left, but he had decided to take his time. Anyhow, that meant that that evening I had to "wet the baby's head" - helped by quite a few of my fellow officers.

By 9pm the guzzling had slowed down some, and most of the drinkers had gone ashore again. About a dozen or so of us remained, and I was playing "Liars' Dice" with three other guys and steadily going through a bottle of port when a rather rowdy gang of people arrived in the wardroom (officers' mess).

They had been brought back from the Pearl Harbour Officers' Club by another of our officers, to sample the hospitality of "the baby green aircraft carrier" as the Yanks called it. (That was one big advantage we have over the United States Navy - our ships are "wet", whereas American ships are "dry", and to further ice the cake, the booze is at duty-free prices!)

So we had to abandon our dice game and turn to being good hosts, and it soon became common knowledge among our guests that I had just become a father for the second time. Of course, they couldn't buy me a drink, as all the drinks in the wardroom are on the "chit" system, but they were quite happy to toast my newborn son with drinks that we bought them!

Anyhow, I got to talking with one particular couple, Lynne and Jay Smith. Jay seemed quite a nice guy (for a civilian!) and his wife was a little honey. She was only a couple of inches over 5 feet tall, and quite slim - but quite shapely with it, and a nice pair of tits. I started dancing with her, and it was she he moved against me - with the obvious physical and quite uncontrolled reaction on my part! She, of course, felt it, but made no comment.

When she excused herself to go the ladies' room (we always had one of the heads - toilets - set aside for ladies while in port), I said to Jay, "It's a pity girls like Lynne are married."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because it makes them unavailable to the rest of us - like me."

His reply sent my mind racing:

"Not really..."

When Lynne came back, we started dancing again, and she asked me how long we'd been at sea - meaning, of course, how long since I'd "had it". I told her a little over two weeks, to which she replied,

"It must be hard."

"It is," I replied. "Can't you feel it?"

She thought that quite funny, and the next time I went to the bar to get another round of drinks I noticed her leaning close to her husband to say something she obviously didn't want anyone else to hear. When rejoined them, Lynne asked me,

"Would you like to come home with us?"

"What - for coffee?" I replied - hoping that was not what she meant!

She smiled and said,

"Well, you can have coffee too - if you want."

I looked at Jay, who just had a slight smile on his face. When I raised my eyebrows questioningly, he just gave me a wink.

"Give me a couple of minutes to change," I said.

My cabin was two decks up, and I made it there in record time. I quickly discarded my uniform, and threw on a civvy shirt, slacks, shoes and socks. I nearly broke my neck shooting down the ladders back to the wardroom, and half expected to find that Lynne and Jay had gone when I got there - but they hadn't.

On the drive to their house - which was on the other side of the island, so it took us a bit over half an hour to get there - I found out exactly who they were. I knew they weren't navy, but seemed to have a lot of friends who were. It turned out they were both PhDs, from the university at Berkeley, Ca., and their expertise was sex research! Specifically, group sex; they had already written two books on the subject, and had just finished researching the third. And the naval crowd they had got "in" with were all swingers - and had provided them with plenty of material!

When we got to their house, Lynne went off to change into the traditional "something more comfortable", while Jay got us all drinks. He offered me a joint, which I politely declined, being happy to stick with my Benson & Hedges.

Lynne soon rejoined us, and all she had on was a sort of smock - tied with two thin straps at the shoulders and one either side at her waist. It was obvious that if the straps were undone, all would be revealed...!

We settled on a pile of scatter-cushions on the floor, and Lynne asked me what I had been doing since we arrived. I told her, straight out, "Trying to get laid - without success!" I then mentioned that the previous evening I had been to see "Deep Throat", and she gave a sort of derisive snort. Placing her drink on a small table, she came over to me and gave me a long, deep, tongue-kiss. When she drew back, she said,

"Okay - you've seen the movie, now see the real thing!"

With that she started on my belt-buckle, and I raised my hips to help her slide my trousers down. Then her fingers went to the waist-band of my jocks - from which my cock was already straining for release. When it sprang into view she didn't come out with any bullshit like, "What a size!" because it wasn't. I have only the "average" 6 inches or so, although I have been told the thickness is a bit above average.

She simply smiled, obviously not disappointed, and said,

"That looks impatient."

"It's been impatient for the last seventy-two hours," I replied, hoarsely. "And I think it's on a very short fuse!" Meaning it wasn't going to take much before it blew!

But it was Lynne who did the blowing...

She positioned herself on her knees between my legs, and took my now rock-hard organ in both hands. Her tender touch caused an involuntary twitch, and a drop of pre-cum oozed from the slit. She gave my rod a couple of long strokes with the fingers of each hand, then lowered her head and closed her lips around the knob.

"Oh, shit!" I groaned, as her tongue swirled around my bloated crown. Then I watched in absolute amazement as her lips moved down, down, and down - until her nose was buried in my short and curlies! I could feel my knob pressed into the soft tissue of her throat, which clasped it firmly yet gently, and I had to bite my lip to stop myself coming right there and then.

"Gee-zus!" I exclaimed, then when she pushed her tongue out between my shaft and her bottom lip to lick my balls I nearly went through the ceiling!

Slowly, ecstatically slowly, she drew her lips back up my cock until my knob slipped free, glistening with Lynne's saliva. She smiled at me and asked,

"Just like Lind Lovelace?"

"Much better," I replied, honestly. "I'm feeling it instead of watching it - but I still don't believe it!"

She smiled again and said,

"Believe - and enjoy."

And down she went again, until once more she had swallowed me entirely. I gritted my teeth, and clenched my fists until my fingernails bit into my palms, trying desperately not to let both the spectacle of watching Lynne deep-throat me and the feeling of my knob being squeezed by her throat muscles make me come too quickly - no matter how desperately I wanted to!

When she next moved her lips back up my length her tongue went to work on my knob, her tongue probing the slit while her smiling eyes fixed on mine. She knew exactly what effect she was having on me, and was obviously enjoying it.

After another couple of deep plunges down my length and more teasing of my swollen knob, she took her mouth from me long enough to say,

"Don't hold back - let it go. We've got all night..."

That just about did it. If I had "all night" then I was sure I would be able to work up another load...or maybe even two!

So I just rested on my elbows and let Lynne continue. It took only a couple more "swallows" before I felt that familiar stirring at the base of my spine.

"Uh...nearly there," I croaked, just in case she wanted to pull away. I didn't see any tissues or anything like that handy, so perhaps...

Lynne just glanced up at me with her smiling eyes and carried on, emitting a soft moan that sent a delightful tremor through my cock.

Then I felt two weeks' worth of jism start to rush towards the tip of my cock, and, feeling my cock begin to throb in her oral grasp, Lynne clamped her lips tightly around the bottom of my shaft, imprisoning my knob tightly in her throat. I groaned through clenched teeth as the first spurt of semen shot from me, and I raised my hips in an involuntary effort to force my cock even deeper into Lynne's throat.

She allowed the first two jets of jism to go straight down, then pulled back to keep just the knob in her mouth and allow the rest of ejaculation to splatter across her tongue and against the back of her throat. When I could open my eyes and glance down, I saw - and felt! - her swallowing. She kept her lips clamped around the shaft just below the crown, gently sucking the last few drops from me, then probed the slit with the tip of her tongue to make sure she hadn't missed any.

I hadn't realised I'd been holding my breath until I let it out with a long "Phew!" I was still trembling slightly all over from the intensity of the orgasm, and my cock gave a couple more twitches in Lynne's mouth as she rolled her tongue around the now highly-sensitive knob for the last time before eventually letting it slip from her slips.

She swallowed again, obviously to send the last mouthful of my semen southward, then with a self-satisfied smile on her face, asked,


Stupid bloody question! I thought.

"Much," I replied breathlessly.

"There was quite a lot," she said. "Two weeks' worth, you said?"

"Uh-huh," I confirmed. "But I think my sperm bank is now well and truly empty!"

She smiled again, and said, "Yeah - I think I got it all. It sure felt like it, anyhow!"

As I reached for my cigarettes on the nearby coffee table, Lynne asked,

"Why do let yourself go so long? Why don't you jerk off?"

"I quite often do," I confessed, "under similar circumstances. But we've been playing bloody war-games ever since we left Sydney, and I've been working eighteen to twenty hours a day. Whenever I got into my bunk I just wanted to sleep."

"What about the last two nights? You said you went back to your ship hornier than when you went ashore."

"Again - I was so pissed and tired that I just crashed out. But I'm sure I would have made love to Madam Fist and her five daughters tonight if this hadn't happened!"

Lynne and Jay both chuckled at that, then I just had to ask:

"That deep-throat thing - did you learn it from the movie, or...?"

Lynne shook her head vehemently.

"No - I've been doing it for years." Turning to look at Jay, she smiled and said, "If we'd known we could have made a movie about it, we might be rich by now!"

"Amen to that," Jay said, lifting his glass in a mock toast.

"And I know lots of women who can do it," Lynne went on. "Some of them I've taught how, but the others have been doing it for years, too."

"How did you start?" I asked, genuinely interested. "I mean, I've had plenty of blow-jobs, but whenever I tried to get a woman to take more of me in her mouth she'd end up gagging. I never even knew a woman could take a whole cock in her mouth and throat until I saw the movie!"

"Well...I started giving Jay head while we both still in college. I was so naïve in those days I was determined to stay a virgin until I got married - silly me, I didn't know what I was missing!"

"Serves you right," said Jay, which earned him a poke in the ribs from his wife.

"Anyway, I made up my mind that if he couldn't have my pussy, I'd have to make my mouth like one - and take all his cock in. It took me a while to master it - and there were a few unfortunate mishaps! - but I eventually did it. Much to Jay's delight, I'm glad to say."

Again Jay raised his glass. "I'll drink to that," he said, and did so.

"But the horny bastard wanted more," Lynne went on, "so I gave him my other cherry."

"You mean your..."

"Yep - the ol' Hershey Highway! You know what 'Hershey' is?"

"Uh-huh," I replied with a knowing grin. "I'm a chocoholic - consumed a few bars of it when I visited the east coast a few years back."

"Anyway, that kept him happy until we got married - and I was a virgin, at least in one hole, when I walked down the aisle."

"But I guess you've made up for lost time since, eh?"

They both chuckled, and Lynne said, "I guess you could say that!"

Having regained my composure (and stopped shaking!), I asked,

"Could I return the compliment now?"

"I'd love you to," Lynne replied, with another warm smile. She got to her feet then, and without taking her eyes from mine undid the two straps at her hips. The smock fell apart, held now only by the straps at her shoulders; when she untied those, the two pieces of material fell at her feet.

Her figure was as beautifully proportioned as I'd earlier judged it to be. Her breasts weren't all that large (34-B, I later learned), but they were perfectly shaped with no sag at all. Her trim waist flared into nicely rounded hips, which tapered to smooth thighs and very shapely legs. Her pubic thatch (she was a natural brunette) was neatly trimmed for a bikini, and even in the dim light from the couple of table lamps I could see drops of moisture glistening in the curls. I felt a further stir of excitement when I realised that giving me head had turned her on.

I quickly shed the rest of my clothes, too, leaving Jay as the only one of us still dressed. He continued dragging on a joint and sipping his bourbon as Lynne lay down, rested her head in his lap, stretched her legs out towards me and parted them invitingly.

I positioned myself on my belly between her legs, then had her bend her them and lift her thighs slightly so that I could wrap my arms around them and reach her pussy with my hands. Using my thumbs initially to part her lips, which were already quite swollen with arousal, I easily found her clit - which was almost the size of the end knuckle of my little finger! It looked as if it were just begging to be kissed and sucked - but I was going to make Lynne wait a little while.

I began by running my tongue upwards from just near her arsehole, around her pussy and along the inside of her pouting lips to the top of her slit - but not touching her clit. I did this a few times, very slowly, savouring the taste of her juices.

Eventually I pushed the tip of my tongue into her pussy, which brought a low moan from her lips, and she wriggled her hips slightly. I then pushed my tongue in as far as I could, and when I withdrew it I just had to swallow because of the copious amount of liquid that brought forth. It wasn't quite sweet - just a bit tangy, but delicious nonetheless.

Now I went for her clit - flicking it a few times with my tongue before fastening my lips around it and sucking hard. That made Lynne lift her hips from the cushions and grind her loins against my face, covering my lips and chin with her secretions.

She squirmed on the cushions as I continued sucking hard, occasionally using my tongue to give her love-bud a few more licks, but sucking seemed to be what pleased her most. Whenever I removed my lips to give her another long lick from arsehole to clit she would give a little gasp, and at one stage even a little "Oh!" in a disappointed tone.

Now it was time to give her the full treatment, and with my lips fastened on her clit I brought my right arm from around her thigh so that I could insert my middle finger into her soaking pussy. This was followed by my index finger, then I hooked both fingers and began probing for her "G-spot". I guess I must have found it, as her hips came right off the cushions again, and she moaned loudly.

Still sucking hard, I began to finger-fuck her, stopping occasionally to again press her G-spot. Eventually I got a third finger into her and began sawing my fingers in and out as I continued to work on her clit with my lips and tongue.

Her fingers were in my hair, grasping it tightly in two handfuls, and keeping my face pressed tightly against her. I was finding it hard to breathe, and now understood why some women's perfect man was a guy with a 6-inch tongue who could hold his breath for 10 minutes!

Thankfully, she wasn't long in climaxing. She almost tore my hair out by the roots and came right off the cushions again as I felt her little bud throb between my lips and her pussy muscles close tightly around my fingers.

She let out a long, low "Ooooohhhh!" of ecstasy as the orgasmic spasms wracked her body, and the juices flowing from her pussy ran right down to my wrist. When I thought she had finished I gave her clit one last flick with my tongue, which caused her to involuntarily try to close her thighs.

"No more - please!" It came out as a sort of giggling moan, as she used her fingers in my hair to lift my head from her loins.

Repeating her earlier stupid question, I grinned and asked,


Without answering, she pulled my face toward her, raised herself up and forward, and gave me another deep tongue-kiss - tasting her own juices in the process.

"You did that very well," she said huskily. "Lots of practice?"

"Fur pie is one of my favourite dishes," I told her honestly.

Jay then got up to refresh our drinks as I fumbled in my shirt pocket for my cigarettes. We lay there for a while, sipping our drinks, smoking our respective types of cigarettes, and chatting - about sex, of course!

I asked them how they'd got into the sex research business in general and group sex in particular. They said that when they'd been discussing a topic for their thesis, it had seemed to them that there hadn't been a comprehensive report on American sexual habits, etc., since the Kinsey Report of years earlier. They were already in the "swinging scene", and had been from the first year of their marriage - ever since, as Jay had said, Lynne realised what she had been missing!

To cut a long story short, they thought that as they had first-hand knowledge already of the group-sex scene, they might as well use that as the subject for their thesis. Jay wrote his from a man's perspective, and Lynne from a woman's - and each received their PhD. They then wrote a book, which was quite successful, on the virtues of polygamy versus monogamy, and then a second totally on group sex in America. To do that they had toured most of the country, after setting up meetings with various people through a contact magazine, and had mixed business with pleasure as they gathered material.

Their third book, which as they had told me they had just finished researching, was on the Armed Forces - what wives did when their husbands were away on deployments, what husbands who remained at home did with those temporarily abandoned wives, etc. Honolulu had turned out to be a perfect place for that, as it was full of what were called "WestPac Widows" - wives of men whose husbands were on 6-month deployments to the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans. "Infidelity" was far more commonplace among naval husbands and wives than army or air force, they had discovered - but I could have told them that!

"You're obviously not celibate while you're away," Lynne said, smirking.

"I've never pretended that I was," I replied. "My wife doesn't ask, and I don't tell her."

"But what does she do while you're away?" Lynne asked.

"She's the original one-man woman," I said. "Besides, right now she's got her hands full with a new-born baby!"

"So you two haven't swung?" Lynne asked.

I shook my head. "She hasn't got the slightest interest in it. I've sort of hinted at it a couple of times, but she always changes the subject very quickly."

"But she knows - or suspects - that you've been unfaithful," Lynne said. It was a statement, not a question.

"I suppose so, but she's never said anything. I'm sure she just doesn't want to know."

"Is it always when you're overseas that you go with other women?" Lynne seemed to be really pushing now.

"What's going on?" I asked. "Am I going to be an appendix to your latest book?"

They both chuckled, and Lynne said,

"No - I'm just curious. We've only spoken to American naval people so far - you're our first Aussie! So - have you played up close to home?"

Recalling an incident in England, I replied,

"I guess the over-the-back-fence neighbour is as close to home as you can get!"

So I went on to tell them about that, until Lynne, changing the subject, asked,

"Feel like a Jacuzzi?"

I replied "Sure," whereupon she led me out the back to where a Jacuzzi was bubbling away adjacent to a 15-metre pool. Resting our drinks and ashtrays on the edge, Lynne and I stepped into the bubbling water while Jay at last shed his clothes then joined us.

We sat there, Jay and I on either side of Lynne, as they pumped me for more details of my "infidelities". I was far more interested in hearing about their experiences, but told them of the woman in Mayport, Fla., who worked behind the bar at the Officers' Club, and told me she was going to take me home and "Screw til sun-up!" And about the woman in Rosyth, Scotland, whom I arranged to meet through a contact magazine, and whose husband - unbeknown to me - "spied" on us from the bedroom wardrobe while we screwed. And about another woman I'd met in England who was literally addicted to sperm - she'd much rather give me a blow-job than a fuck, and whenever we did screw would make me use a condom so that she could drink the jism from it afterward!

While we were talking Lynne began gently stroking my thigh, her hand edging closer and closer to my stiffening organ. When her fingers eventually found it, I was rock-hard again.

Turning to Jay, she smiled and said,

"I think Bruce is ready for round two - and you haven't even had round one yet!"

"Well, we can soon fix that," Jay replied, standing up and stepping out of the Jacuzzi. Lynne and I followed; I was handed a towel and quickly dried myself off, then Lynne took me by the hand and led me to their bedroom.

Jay had got their first, and was lying on his back on the king-size double bed, slowly stroking his stiffening cock. Letting go my hand, Lynne took her husband's cock in both hers and soon brought him to full erection. I couldn't help noticing that he was slightly longer than me, but perhaps not quite as thick.

Having got Jay hard, Lynne then straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock - taking him all the way inside her in one smooth, downwards plunge. She then began to slowly ride hip, bracing herself on her hands, and leaning forward to kiss her partner deeply and lovingly.

When she broke the kiss, Lynne turned to me and said,

"Come on - get up here where I can get at you."

So I climbed on the bed, which was fortunately good and firm, and stood at Lynne's head, my left hand against the wall so that I could keep my balance. Looking up at me Lynne opened her mouth wide in obvious invitation - which I gladly accepted.

She kept her head still as I slowly pushed my cock into her mouth, her clips closing firmly around it and her tongue already starting to do magic things on that ultra-sensitive spot just under the knob. When I came up against the back of her throat, she sort of tilted her head backwards so that I was pushing slightly downwards - and my cock just kept disappearing until it was once again lodged firmly in her throat.

I could feel the breath from her nostrils on my heated shaft - but it would stop each time she took my full length: apparently when my cock was all the way into her throat she was unable even to breathe through her nose.

It was a bit hard for her to keep her head still as she rocked back and forth on Jay, so she stopped moving so that I could fuck her face. Jay then started thrusting up into her, so that she was being fucked at both ends - and the little moaning noises she made around my cock indicated she was enjoying every bit of it!

After a couple of minutes of deep-throating (which I was able to enjoy fully without worrying that I might come to soon), she let my cock slip from her mouth, sort of nodded over her shoulder, and said huskily,

"There's room for one more back there. Pick a hole - any hole," she added with a grin.

"You can take two in your pussy?" I asked.

"Easily - but if you don't want to share there's always the other one."

"The 'Hershey Highway'?"

"Uh-huh," she said, smiling again. "You don't have any objections, do you?"

"No - I think it's terrific. But..."

"Oh, yeah - this is your first threesome, so it's also your first D-P, right?"

"DP?" I asked, naively.

"Double-penetration," Lynne explained. Of course I'd seen it in X-rated movies, but as Lynne had said, this was my first threesome so obviously it would also be my first "D-P".

"Won't I need some lubrication?" I asked, remembering my previous experiences with anal sex.

Lynne nodded at my shaft, which was liberally coated with her saliva.

"I think you've got enough - and I get pretty slippery back there naturally."

So I positioned myself between Jay's legs, and he stopped thrusting into Lynne while she lay forward onto his chest, presenting me with her beautifully rounded arse-cheeks and the little star-shaped orifice between them. With her weight on Jay, she reached back with both hands to spread her cheeks, opening up her anus for me to begin moving in.

I must admit I was a bit awkward, trying to balance myself on the bed and at the same time get my cock into right place. I'd managed to stab Lynne a few times in her arse-cheeks before she used one hand to grasp my shaft and place the tip against her anus.

Then I was able to edge forward, and watched in the dim light from the bedside lamp as my cock slid easily into Lynne's "Hershey Highway". It was incredibly tight and incredibly warm, and I could feel the soft walls of her rectum close around my shaft as it slid deep into her bowels.

"Christ, that feels good!" I exclaimed. Through the thin membrane separating us, I could feel the hardness of Jay's cock deep in Lynne's cunt, and when he began to slowly thrust in and out of her again his knob sort of rubbed along the bottom of my bottom of my shaft. For just the briefest moment I felt a bit disturbed at being stimulated by another guy's cock, but then quickly dismissed that feeling as I reveled in the feeling of being deeply imbedded in Lynne's arse.

Knowing that I was a novice, Jay told me when to start thrusting, so that we could set up the proper rhythm. It took me a little while to master it, and I slipped out a couple of times, but each time Lynne grabbed my cock and reinserted it. Eventually I found the rhythm, and we began to give Lynne a deep double-fuck.

That was obviously something much to her liking, as she began crying out expletives and blasphemies as Jay and I plumbed both her passages. After a while she told us to stop thrusting, and she took over, rocking backwards and forwards so that our cocks were sliding in and out of her simultaneously.

It took only a couple of minutes for her to have her first orgasm, and her sphincter closed so tightly around my shaft I thought that she would cut off the blood supply! When she had calmed down, Jay asked if we could change positions, as he had had enough of being on the bottom. So, following his instructions, I reluctantly withdrew my boner from Lynne's arse and lay down on my back. Lynne then straddled me, facing my feet, and taking my cock in one hand again placed the tip at her anus. As she squatted down I watched it disappear once more into her dark depths, then she lay back on me, turning her head to give me another tongue-kiss and then to ask,

"All right?"

"Great," I replied, and meant it.

Jay then got between her legs and buried his cock in her pussy. I then found I really couldn't move all that much, and was content to just lie there and feel the rubbery walls of Lynne's rectum embrace my shaft as Jay did all the work. He pounded away for a few minutes, then grunted,

"Here it comes, hon!"

Whereupon he whipped his organ out of Lynne's pussy and thrust it into her mouth. He groaned as he emptied his balls down her throat, and Lynne moaned with delight as she drank down the seminal fluid - something she'd obviously done many times before.

When Jay had finished, and withdrew his wilting cock from her mouth, Lynne swallowed one more time then said softly,

"We often do it that way - saves a lot of mess."

It made sense to me!

Then, without letting my cock slip from her rectal passage, Lynne swivelled around until she was facing me, and began to slide her arse up and down along my length.

"Nice?" she asked, unnecessarily.

"Bloody beautiful!" I replied, truthfully. But then I had to ask, "What about when I come - where do you want it?"

"Wherever you want to put it," she answered. "Where you are, in my mouth, on my tits - you get to choose."

Decisions, decisions!

"Where I am - if that's all right," I eventually said.

"I was hoping you'd say that. I love the feel of a guy coming in my bum."

But despite the exquisite stimulation I was getting from her arse, I knew that I was still a while from coming, and told her so.

"That's all right," she said. "I'm in no hurry - are you?"

I assured her I wasn't, and gave an extra hard upwards shove to accentuate the point.

"Oof!" she gasped. "I felt that!"

"You were meant to," I replied with a grin.

At that stage Jay got back into the action again, turning Lynne's head so that he good kiss her while his fingers found her clit and began to gently rub it. I heard Lynne moan softly with pleasure, and when their lips parted she said throatily,

"A little harder, darling - I'm almost there again."

And she was. As she continued to ride my arse and Jay continued to strum her clit, she went into her second orgasm - and again her sphincter went into spasm around my shaft. It was so tight that for as long as her orgasm lasted she couldn't slide her arse along my rod, and I had no choice but to wait patiently for her to come down from her big "O".

When she did she shook her hair from her eyes and asked,

"Want to move?"

I said I did, and she lifted herself slowly off me. Anticipating correctly what I wanted, she then got onto her hands and knees, once more presenting me with the intensely erotic sight of her beautifully rounded arse-cheeks and the stretched hole between them. With a moan of pleasure I once again sank to hilt inside her, until my balls were slapping against her wet slit. Then, resting my hands on those firm, smooth globes, I started to slowly piston my cock in and out, watching Lynne's anus stretch as the rim of my knob forced it to expand, then pushing forward again into her depths.

"God, that feels good!" Lynne exclaimed softly.

"You're telling me!" I gasped as I kneaded the firm flesh of her buttocks and thrust my cock back and forth between them.

Then, much to my amazement (and not a little disappointment!) I felt the stirrings of my approaching orgasm. Having shot my load only a couple of hours earlier I thought I'd last much longer, but the exquisite feeling of screwing Lynne's arse (and, I guess, the psychological effect of the whole situation) had the inevitable effect on me.

With my fingers digging into the resilient flesh of her buttocks I was pulling Lynne back sharply to meet my forward strokes, my loins meeting her buttocks with a wet slapping noise each time. I don't know how Lynne knew, but she gasped between strokes,

"You're...uh!...cumming...aren't you? I can...uh!...feel you...throbbing..."

"Ooohh, yes!" I replied through clenched teeth. Then I don't know whether it was intentional or not, but once again Lynne's sphincter closed tightly around my shaft, so that it took quite an effort to continue thrusting.

On the other hand, the resultant effect was to hold back my jism until it literally had to burst from my cock. So tightly was Lynne gripping me that I actually felt the fluid flow along the length of my shaft to explode from the tip, deep into rectal depths.

"I!" Lynne grunted. "So hot!"

There couldn't have been much, but my orgasm was no less intense. It started before the first jet of semen shot into her bowels, and lasted until long after I was dry - but still pumping her arse. I just didn't want to stop, but Lynne collapsed forward onto the bed, leaving me with my semen-covered cock waving in the cool night air.

Sitting back on my haunches, I looked down at Lynne's arse; it was still stretched open to about half the diameter of my cock, and leaking some of the white fluid I had just deposited there.

"That...was...good!" Lynne said - and she sounded sincere.

"Good?" I replied. "It was fan-bloody-tastic!"

Smiling at me over her shoulder, Lynne asked,

"So you enjoyed your first D-P?"

"Very much," I answered truthfully. "And what came after!"

"So," Lynne went on, with a cheeky grin, "which do you prefer - my mouth or my ass?"

"That's an unfair question," I replied, "and I really don't know the answer."

"Well, there's still one hole to go - when you feel up to it again," she said, still with that same cheeky grin.

"Don't you folks want to get some sleep?" I asked, being polite - but praying that they'd say "No".

"Oh, don't worry about us - we're quite used to all-night parties," Lynne said.

Jay suggested another round of drinks and another restful dip in the Jacuzzi, so off we all went. It was while we were sitting in the bubbling water, letting it have its restorative effect, that they dropped the bombshell. I had been anticipating quite a week with them while my ship was still in port, but they let it drop that they were going back to the mainland tomorrow - or rather, later that day, as it was by now well after midnight.

They went on to explain that the house belonged to a wealthy friend of theirs from San Francisco, who had offered them the use of it for the six months they were in Hawaii. They had said that they had finished their research, and they had an appointment with their publisher in L.A. the day after tomorrow. So I was just a "final fling".

I was totally devastated, which Lynne must have sensed, as she again put her hand on my thigh and said,

"Don't worry - we can give you the names of a couple of women who should keep you happy for the rest of your stay."

I didn't think that anything that might happen during the rest of the week could be anything like that night, but then there wouldn't be any harm in accepting Lynne's offer.

"I'll make a couple of phone calls before we leave, and let the girls know that you might be in touch. When I tell them about you, I'm sure they'll want to meet you."

"If Lynne recommends you," Jay put in, "they will come after you!"

I was still disappointed that I wouldn't be repeating the night's experiences with Lynne and Jay, but then I was somewhat mollified with the prospect of meeting another couple of "sure things". I pressed Lynne for details, but she told me I'd enjoy things more if I found out for myself what they were like.

"I think Mary-Ellen will be the right for you - she's a little darling," Lynne said.

"She's married, I take it?"

"Uh-huh, but her husband's a real prick. He's an engineer - works at the submarine base," Lynne told me.

"And he'll screw anything with a pulse!" Jay added.

"So how is he going to feel about me screwing his wife - if I get that lucky?" I asked.

"He can't very well complain," Jay said. "He's fucked every woman who'd let him - and strangely enough, there have been quite a few. And he doesn't give a damn what his wife thinks."

"Sounds like someone I don't want to meet," I decided.

"Well, if you want to meet Mary-Ellen - or Mellen, as we call her - you'll probably have to," Jay said. "But my advice would be to get rid of him as quick as you can, and get Mellen on her own."

"You'd advise against a threesome with them, then," I asked.

"Very strongly," Jay confirmed. "Besides, I don't think Mellen would want one anyway."

"She just needs a nice guy to treat her nicely like she deserves - for as long as he can, anyhow," Lynne said. "Promise me you'll do that."

"Okay," I agreed. "I'll be a perfect gentleman."

"I know you'll be perfect," Lynne said, grinning, "but you don't have to be a gentleman all the time!"

They went on to tell me about some of the others they had met during their stay, but avoided using surnames and wouldn't tell me any more about Mary-Ellen - Mellen. Sometimes they had just had foursomes with another couple, sometimes one or other of them had gone for a threesome with another couple, and there'd been quite a few real group sex sessions, with upwards of ten couples present. Lynne was almost bragging when she told me of having taken on eight guys at one party.

"Drained 'em drier than the Nevada desert," Jay said. "Took on three of them at once, and emptied their balls in nothing flat!"

"And you, you big stud!" Lynne said, playfully digging him in the ribs again. "There was this one woman - Maria, a real nymphomaniac - but Jay screwed her so hard and for so long she was begging him to stop!"

"And I was glad to," Jay said. "She had gotten so dry she was begging to chafe me!"

"Ouch!" I said, almost feeling it.

We had been in the Jacuzzi for at least an hour, I guess, as we'd gone through another three drinks each and I was getting very low on cigarettes - not having had the foresight to bring a full pack with me - when Lynne's gentle fingers wrapped around my cock again and she asked,

"Ready for more?"

"If you are," I replied. So again we got out, dried off, and headed back to the bedroom. Lynne sat on the bed, and had Jay and I stand side by side in front of her. Then she went from one to the other, alternately deep-throating our cocks and gently stroking them, until both of us were rock-hard again.

Satisfied with her work, she asked me,

"Want another D-P, then?"

"Sure!" I replied.

"But I get her ass this time," Jay said. "It's time for you to sample her pussy."

I agreed wholeheartedly, and lay down on my back. Lynne straddled me, then took my cock in one hand and began rubbing it slowly backwards and forwards along her slit. This girl didn't seem to need any foreplay - she was constantly wet!

After a couple of minutes of teasing me that way, she nestled the tip of my knob between her soft inner lips then slowly lowered herself down my shaft. At first she took just my knob inside, then raised her loins until it almost slipped out; then she sank down again, taking a couple of inches of me inside before lifting up again. She did that three or four times, and had me groaning with impatience, before she finally sank down until I was balls-deep inside her.

She was so hot and so wet - and she treated me to a display of muscle control such as I'd never experienced before - or since. Starting at the base of my cock, with a sort of rippling effect she squeezed progressively along its length right to the tip - then squeezed the whole shaft.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed.

Lynne smiled at my obvious delight, then said,

"Just hold still while Jay gets in."

With much more expertise than I had earlier shown, Jay positioned himself between my legs, took his cock in his hand, and pressed it against Lynne's little rosebud. It obviously opened easily to accept him, as the next thing I felt was Jay's cock pushing deep into Lynne's arse, pressing on the underside of my shaft in her pussy. When he was fully embedded, he let out an "Aah!" of satisfaction then began slowly moving in and out.

In so doing he also pushed Lynne back and forth along my cock, so really all I had to do was lie there and enjoy! Lynne's eyes were closed, her head was thrown back and each deep shove by her husband into her bowels brought a hoarse "Ugh!" from her parted lips.

Then, after a few minutes, her head fell forward, and she began moving her loins in time with Jay's thrusts - both of them speeding up. Her breathing was now quick and shallow, punctuated with gasps of "Yes! Yes!" as her orgasm approached.

I heard Jay groan and actually felt his cock throbbing in Lynne's arse as he emptied his balls into her. Before he finished Lynne started coming as well, her pussy clamping tightly around my shaft as all her pelvic muscles went into spasm.

Jay gave a couple of final deep thrusts and then was still, while Lynne's muscles slowly relaxed. She took a few deep breaths, opened her eyes and smiled at me as she said,

"No I'm afraid there is going to be a bit of a mess."

She was right. As Jay removed his wilting cock from Lynne's arse, much of what he had just emptied into her flowed out and trickled over the base of my cock and onto my balls.

"Sorry 'bout that," Jay said as he climbed off the bed. "But what goes up - "

"(must come down," I finished for him. But I didn't feel that I was in any position to complain...

Then Lynne began riding me, sliding her cunt up and down my length; she varied both her pace and the depth to which she sank my cock, sometimes just moving up and down on the bloated knob before sliding down to grind her loins against mine.

She seemed to sense when I wanted to change position, and without disengaging we managed to roll over until we were in the missionary position. However, rather than just hook her ankles over my legs, Lynne raised her legs until they were over my shoulders, and I plunged as deep into her as it was physically possible to do. Each time I hit bottom - the entrance to her womb, I guess - she would make a little grunting noise, but never made any complaint that I was hurting her.

After a while she lowered her legs and then told me to put mine outside hers so that she could close them. She now how had my cock firmly imprisoned by her strong thighs, and while neither of us moved she began "milking" my cock with those magnificent pussy muscles of hers.

She smiled at the ecstatic expression on my face, as she knew what sort of effect she was having on my cock. I was absolutely amazed by her talent: she varied the clenching so that for a while it would be around the base of my cock, tightening for a few seconds and then relaxing, then she would shift to the top, giving my knob the same treatment. Finally she would clench tightly around my whole length.

But when my arms began to tire I fell on my side, taking Lynne with me, and for a minute or so we just lay there on our sides, facing each other. Then I started moving, Lynne throwing her upper leg over mine to allow me deeper penetration. I was starting to feel that I could just keep on fucking her and not come, but eventually Lynne said softly,

"We are going to have to finish soon - are you getting close?"

I told her that I didn't think so, whereupon she asked me what position was most likely to get me off. Without hesitation I replied "Doggy".

Quick as a flash Lynne was on her elbows and knees, her beautiful rump aimed at me, both her holes at my mercy. I must have spent too long studying the view, as she asked,

"What's up? Trying to decide which hole?"

Then I realised I was!

But without waiting for me to make a decision, Lynne reached back with one hand and pulled me towards her arsehole. I had a brief moment of reluctance at taking "sloppy seconds", which I quickly overcame and sank my length into her rectal depths.

Once again Lynne flexed her sphincter muscle - but not completely, only enough to apply maximum stimulation while still allowing me to move easily. With her weight on one elbow and forearm she used her other hand to reach underneath and gently caress and squeeze my balls, encouraging them to empty their contents. I really didn't think that I would be able to come for a third time in just a few hours, but Lynne soon proved me wrong.

Her grunted urgings, her agile fingers and her warm, clasping rectum succeeded in stirring up what juices I had in me, and they began racing along my shaft, seeking release. My fingers sank Lynne's buttocks, beads of sweat stood out on my forehead and my toes actually curled as for the second time I exploded into Lynne's arse. I'm sure that after a couple of spurts I was shooting air, but that in no way lessened the intensity of my orgasm.

When it was over, I reluctantly withdrew my overworked cock from Lynne for what I knew would be the last time.

After that we all showered, and as I was getting dressed I noticed that it was quite light outside - almost sunrise. Jay apologised that he would not be able to drive me back to the ship as they still had to pack, but called a cab for me; it arrived about 15 minutes later.

As they saw me off at the door, Jay gave me a very firm handshake while Lynne gave me a final deep tongue-kiss. She then pressed a slip of paper into my hand, and whispered,

"Thank you."

"No - thank you!" I insisted. "I'll never forget this."

"I should hope you won't," Lynne said.

And I didn't.


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