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My First Taste of Black Magic
by Slob Ice

Susan, you were right, I can't believe I doubted you. I denied myself the joy of black men for all those years. When I think of all that black cock I could have enjoyed nearly brings tears to my eyes. I envy all your black boyfriends back in those crazy school days. You went with, what,...maybe eight or ten guys. I recall being curious though reserved-I lacked the moxie to break with the pack.

Well, my dear Susan, I'm a believer now. You see I recently shed those stupid inhibitions and began dating black men. Actually it was three weeks ago when I finally "got religion!"-BLACK MAGIC!

And so, Susan, there I was on my knees about to worship my first big, throbbing, black penis. It was aimed just inches from my face, my quivering red-glossed lips. To say that it was the most appetizing dick ever to grace my presence would not be an overstatement. Its smooth ebony skin glistened wonderfully down the entire veiny shaft except for the bulbous head. Here it turned nearly pinkish as it jetted from its turtle-like foreskin. Having lived 24 years in denial and dreaming vicariously through your sex life, it all seemed to come down to this moment. I was just seconds away from tasting it as I gazed greedily in awe still marveling at its full eight inches of joy. My eyes were sponges soaking in its mysterious knowledge. It was art, a fucking masterpiece. I studied the peehole, which reminded me of a tiny mouth. If it could speak I imagined it might say something like, "Open wide, girlie, I'm coming in!" My whole body shook in anticipation of taking this juicy tube of blood-engorged flesh through my lips, into my mouth, and down my moist throat. My breath whispered across it, hot and uneven as my heart pulsed. I could contain myself no longer: my hand pumped him gently as I parted my willing lips and...but I'm getting a head of myself.

Remember when we used to kick around a bit back when we were kids? We had a lot of great times you and me. It abruptly came to an end though when I shied away after you began running with black guys. It was an ignorance, I admit. I was an idiot for allowing myself to fall victim to peer pressure. And worse of all, I was a hypocrite because I secretly lusted for your black boyfriends. For what it matters, I am sorry. Truly.

Anyway, Susan, it's been how many years since we saw each other? I bet at least five. I should tell you that I married computer salesman, Harry. I suppose I don't need to tell you that he's white. I've kept my figure for which Harry is so proud of showing off. It may sound conceded but I have never had a problem attracting attention from the opposite sex. With a 34B cup size, a "cute bubble butt" (as Harry will say), azure blue eyes, and jet black hair set against my pale white skin, I know I'm a catch for any man. I take good care of myself. I work out almost daily, wear fashionable clothes, make routine visits to the nail salon to maintain my one and a half inch nails, and have perfected my make-up. Remember all the time we used to spend trying all the latest make-overs. Back then I could never get it right. Now I am very confident with my appearance. We have an easy life with a fairly routine routine. I suppose some people would call it a rut.

You see, Susan, my husband and I have sort of drifted apart. Harry has become so absorbed in his work the last few years that we almost live separate lives. Often he is on the road and though I can't find proof he has ever been unfaithful, I can't say he satisfies me completely. We rarely make love.

I work as an accountant for a small telemarketing firm about 25 hours a week. When he is away on business I sometimes check out the night life around town. A lot of new clubs have opened downtown. Although I just go out to dance, I never seriously considered cheating on my husband. And let me let you I have had opportunities. From both black and white men.

Lately, I have experienced very intense dreams of black men fucking me. Actually it's more like black cocks as I never see their faces. I may recall a glimpse of a chest or shoulder but definitely no faces. Weird. Many mornings I have risen with a dripping pussy and a day-long horniness that just doesn't quit. Black cocks that once filled my night dreams are now filling my head during the day as well.

One morning, after such a dream, I woke, masturbated, then tried a cold shower to rid my mind of cock. Still their images persisted. So powerful in fact that I became obsessed. At work that day I lost all hope of getting any serious work done. I asked my boss for the rest of the day off. He is a dear to work for and though he granted me my request he did insist I stay until lunch. Somehow I managed to finish my morning assignment.

After punching out I headed down to Pharo's, an urban club about ten minutes from work. Pharo's is a class establishment. The interior is posh and cushiony. It's very clean and comfortable and has a mostly black clientele. It was around half past noon. I knew it would be slow but my need was great.

Well, Susan, I walked in and found two black men at the bar and a white red-haired bartender, who looked as out of place as me. They were all about my age and were engrossed in an afternoon ball game on the tube. I stepped up to the farther side of the bar and ordered a chablis. I drank in silence and hoped that one of the blacks might start a conversation with me. When, after my first drink, that didn't happen I decided I should make the first move. As I was about to walk over to them and offer to buy the next round, the taller of the two walked in the back to the mens room. This, I thought, was even a better opportunity. After a couple of minutes I took the chance and I walked back coyly slipping into the mens room. He was just buckling up at the urinal.

My heart pounded as I stood in the doorway.

He turned, surprised, and nonchalantly said in a deep voice, "What's up, honey? This ain't no ladies room."

"I know. " I said. I was shaking from anticipation. "I wasn't looking for the ladies room."

"Oh?" he responded with a touch of sarcasm in his tone.

I suddenly realized I held the advantage position and blurted out exactly what I wanted to say: "I came in here looking for some action. I would very much like to suck you off." I couldn't believe I said it but there I was. Just hearing myself say the words almost made me cream my jeans.


I kept my composure, looked directly in his eyes, and confidently spoke: "I want to suck your dick. I want to know what it tastes like. You got a problem with that?"

"Damn, woman. No I got no problem. You want it right here?"

"Right here, right now." I walked smugly into a stall, my high heels clicking on the tiled floor. It had a mellow musky odor. I placed the lid top down on the toilet and sat down. I tried to exude power and authority though my entire body seemed to shake with excitement. "Come here-bring it on!."

In seconds he was standing directly in front of me like an obedient puppy and began to undo his pants. "Wait," I said, "I'll do that."

I slowly unzipped him and let his trousers fall to the floor. I rubbed him through his jockey shorts with my hand. My long fingernails carefully scratched his manhood through his cotton briefs. As he hardened I saw the head boring its way through the waist band. It struggled for freedom. I carefully pealed back his underwear and drew them down. His long slab of joy sprung forwards. And so here it was-fleshy and gorgeous and black, just inches from my face, as I said before. I finally had a black cock all to my own just like in my dreams.

"Wow," I told him, "you have a very beautiful cock. It's just the right length and thickness. I hope you won't mind giving me a thorough tonsiling with it."

"No problem, lady," he sort of giggled.

"No, I am very serious. I want you to stuff it all the way down my throat. I want you to literally fuck my face. Make me gag on it. Don't be shy. Think of me as your personal cock receptacle. And when you cum, well, I'll give you a choice. You can either pump it down my throat or blow it in my mouth. Personally, I'd like to taste it but it's your call."

Now that he was given his instructions, I wasted no time in beginning my fun. I took his cock in my hand and brought the head to my lips. My tongue first went for the peehole. I licked it several times. It was salty, probably from his having just urinated. I took the head between my lips and drew it in, sucking hard. He moaned and braced himself with his arms against the frame of the stall doorway. I carefully lathered his entire cock, licking and tasting all sides. It was delicious. I nibbled along the shaft's tender underside and kissed the peehole while manipulating it with my hands. I was lifted serenely to black cock heaven as he grew more and more excited. When he started rocking his hips, I took the hint and opened my mouth for him to fill. He began to poke it further in and I responded by sucking more of its length with each thrust. His hands grabbed the back of my head and I looked up at him with my deep blue eyes to confirm my consent.

We were committed in jamming that cock all the way down my throat. With each oncoming thrust another half inch slipped down. I lustfully accepted a dozen more rams until that throbbing monster laid claim to my esophagus. Clearly now the advantage was his-he was in full blood lust. I would receive a thorough face-fucking whether I wanted it or not. I loved it! Thrust after thrust, dive after dive, his black pecker penetrated the depths of my accommodating throat. I couldn't believe cock sucking could be so much fun. He was so hard and so manly. And Goddamn he felt and tasted so fucking good, Susan.

Having worked up a good steady rhythm, it easily sliding in and out as saliva seeped out in long strands then dribbled on the floor. I creamed my undies several times while fingering myself. Then almost disparately, he clutched my hair, planted his cock in my throat, and held my face way down into his crotch. He bucked with my nose nuzzled in his pubic hairs. Not once, not twice, but three times. I was completely plugged and couldn't breathe. I thought he'd shoot his spunk right down my throat but unfortunately, I couldn't hold him in any longer and had to push off him gagging and gasping for air.

At this point there was no turning back. His eyes told me that he couldn't stop if he wanted to and I so wanted his seed. Quickly he brought it back to my face and pushed my hands away. Pumping his cock with his own hand, he aimed his cock directly at my mouth. I instinctively fell to my knees in front of him and looked him square in the eyes. With his free hand he cupped the back of my head. I licked my lips and opened wide for him. Offering my extended tongue as an easy target for his ejaculate, he nestled his mushroomed head on it and vigorously stroked himself as I held on to his upper thighs anticipating my sweet pungent treat. Pre-come oozed and I got a quick prelude of what was forthcoming, Susan. My body was electric and nervously twitched, my panties soaked through. My God, it was good. It was so fucking good, Susan!

Then at last he came. A huge wad of sperm skipped across the back of my tongue and clung to the back walls of my throat. I made gagging noises but keep my mouth wide open for his next shot. His second-a big white oyster of jism-fell on the flat of my tongue. I pulled it quickly in and opened wide for the third blast. This one hit the roof of my mouth and ran slowly drizzled down toward my throat. I pushed his hand away and fastened my right hand around his hardon and my lips around the crown of his cockhead. I pumped the rest of his warm delicious offering into my mouth. Goddamn, Susan, I confess to you now that it tasted beyond my expectations. It was fucking delectable! Just kneeling there in front of him with a warm mouthful of his freshly deposited sperm was enough to convince me that I would be back soon for more black men. Yes indeed, Susan, my future was looking black!

In the meantime, he looked down at me in disbelief as his cock softened. "Damn, woman, you took the whole load in your mouth?"

I nodded, marinating my taste buds in his spunk. I rolled it around and even thought of gargling it but decided finally just to swallow it down. I then kissed him, Susan. No, not on his lips but on the tip of his sticky penis of course. I pulled his underwear up and carefully repackaged his equipment.

"Hey," I called as he started to leave, "Thank you." He turned and nodded, obviously pleased. "One more thing..." I said.

"I know," he said looking back, "I won't tell anyone. It'll be our little secret."

"No, I WANT you to tell your friends out there. I was hoping you could send your buddy in...I'm still hungry."

"Whoa! Okay, sure I'll let him know you're waiting for him."

"You're such a dear! Thanks. For your efforts here's my phone number. Anytime you would like to do this again I hope you'll call."

"Thanks. I sure will...Tiara," he said reading my name from my note.

Well, tan eternity of five minutes went by before his friend walked in. I was still in the stall. "Tiara?" he said almost meekishly.

"Over here in the stall" I answered.

"Oh, wow, Fred was right, you are waiting for me aren't you?"

"Yes I let me help you off with your pants."

As I pulled down his jeans I noticed he was already hard. "Fred must have given you the intimate details, huh? His story excite you?"

"It sure did," he confessed.

"Well, I'll try to live up to his account of the facts."

I unceremoniously brought my face to his crotch. Taking his manhood in my hands I rubbed his cock and balls all over my face. His musk was stronger and he was circumcised and had a larger dick than Fred. It was perhaps two inches longer and a bit fatter. It had a lot of veins and was also lighter in color. As I began licking up and down the shaft, I wondered if I would be able to inhale his cock as I had Fred's.

With my left hand I pushed his hard-on so that it was against his belly and rubbed my fingers up and down the shaft as my lips sucked on one of his hairy balls. He moaned and growled. When pearly drops of pre-cum ran down his cock, I took my right index finger and captured the drops from his peehole.

"What's your name, lover?"

"Simon." he said.

Then I brought my wet finger to my lips and sucked his cum off it. I found it tangy and even tastier than Fred's jism. I couldn't wait for him to shoot off in my mouth. "Simon, you taste delicious, even better than your friend."

I resumed my ball sucking/shaft rubbing technique. "Tiara, could you please use your long nails to scratch my shaft just where you are rubbing it now."

"Will that get you off quicker, lover?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, it sure will," he said.

I quickly let his cock drop and circled the base with my left hand directing the cockhead to my mouth. Trapping his bulbous head between my lips, I gingerly scratched the underside of his shaft with my red polished nails. He loved it. My tongue worked the head, circling, lapping, and teasing it. "Oh. Oh...ohhhhh...." The truth neared. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! That quickly he shot three huge loads in my mouth. I tightened my lip grip on him and BLAM! BLAM! BLAM he unloaded three more. I knew that if I didn't swallow, his precious sauce would leak out. I ate his seed, quickly swallowing three times. His cockhead was still locked in my lips. I grabbed him by his ass and forced him forward. Most but not all of his dick went down my eager throat. No way could I suck it all down. Too bad, Susan, he certainly deserved to be deep-throated because his cum was the best I ever tasted.

He withdrew his dick from my mouth then bent down to lift his jeans. I spied a dab of spunk clinging to the peehole. "WAIT!" I nearly screamed and grabbed his black rod. I milked the remaining seed into the palm of my hand by pressing my thumb down the underside of his shaft and drawing it forward. Another half teaspoon of sperm eased out of him. I then, cat-like, licked the jism from my hand.

Needless to say I gave him my number too. I fixed my hair and makeup and walked out to the bar and thanked both of my black lovers. "See you soon, studs" and I waved goodbye. The bartender looked disappointed. Oh, well, I really wasn't interested in him.

Susan, these two black men certainly fulfilled a dream of mine, in fact, they surpassed all my expectations. I was hoping that I could convince you to meet up with me so we could get reacquainted again since we now share a mutual interest. Please write or call me soon.

With kind wishes,


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