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My First Taste of Pussy
by Ainu

I was in Munich, Germany. I had gone to Europe as part of a ski club group and arranged to stay on my own and just wander around for several months. In Hamburg, where prostitution is either legal or ignored, I'm not sure which, I had gone to a bar with phones in each booth. After several calls, an English speaking girl who said her name was Doris had come to me and we ended up in a hotel room. In Rome, where it definitely isn't legal, a cab driver took me to an apartment up several floors in a large building. There, I went to bed with a girl who said she was married, lived in a small village, and came to Rome occasionally to visit her Aunt (whose apartment this apparently was) and make a little money.

I had never used prostitutes in the U.S. but discovered on this trip that it all worked out very well. Both of the girls I just mentioned were very good at what they did and made me feel as if they really enjoyed it all. I know I did.

I was traveling around fairly inexpensively just trying to see what I could of Europe. Mostly, I did what all tourists do and visited famous sites, museums and so on. I used the whores only when I got so horny I couldn't stand it any more because they cost money. I could certainly see why they did it; one customer and you made more than many people at low level jobs earned in a full day of labor.

In Munich, where prostitution was apparently illegal, it was obvious that the single girls I saw strolling along the downtown sidewalks at night were available. It was winter so they were bundled up but they wouldn't be out there unless they were hoping to earn some money. Two nights, as I went to several bars, I noticed these girls but didn't do anything about it. Partly, I was running low on money and partly I wasn't absolutely sure about the girls and didn't want to get in trouble accosting someone on the street. Finally, I was horny enough that I decided to give it a try.

I walked around several blocks where they seemed to be most prevalent. Several smiled at me but I kept looking. Then I saw this girl that really appealed to me. I would have tried to date her if we were in some more normal situation. She was slightly tall, perhaps 5"8", and very slim, with red hair and a beautiful complexion. The hair wasn't flaming red, more subdued. Not strawberry blond, darker, with some very light brown taming the red, sort of toward a rust color.

So, I approached her and she stopped walking and smiled at me. I asked her if she was available and learned that she didn't speak English. That was odd. She must have been either from out in the sticks or from East Germany because kids in West Germany all learned English in school. At first I was amazed the way everyone I met could handle English to some degree or another. But this girl didn't. Up close, though, I found her even more appealing.

Another girl came up who spoke English well. She tried to set up a threesome, including herself in, but I managed to just use her to arrange terms with the redhead.

We got a cab and she gave an address and we rode fairly far into the suburbs or outer section of the city, perhaps a couple miles or so. I paid attention because I wanted to know how to get back to the Pension where I was staying. We stopped at a door that must have been on the back side of a store or small factory because it was just blank except for this door. Inside we faced a staircase and went up. It's a little risky doing things like this. I could get beat up and robbed; I don't know the language or the social customs or anything. We ended up in what we would call a bachelor apartment in the U.S. -- one large room with a kitchenette against one wall and a separate bathroom. There wasn't room for a boy friend to be hiding and jump out and rob me.

She said some things to me that I didn't understand and went into the bathroom. She came out in a couple minutes and started to undress. I could tell she was asking me to do the same. As I saw her naked body, I was very glad I had chosen her. I'm sure she wouldn't appeal to some, she's almost skinny, but for some reason she looked great to me. Tall, slim, great coloring with that red hair and pale skin, blue eyes, wide mouth with a great smile. Her breasts weren't large at all but they were there, she wasn't built like a little kid. Great butt. I've seen this before, girls who seem skinny end up not being as skinny as you think and have great butts. No cellulite or saddle bags or what can be less attractive, just nice pink curves all firm and standing up. Her legs were fairly thin also but with some shape. As they came up to her cunt, her thighs actually curved away some, as if they were purposely leaving room for access to her pussy. Her pubic hair was sparse and fairly light colored, proving that the red hair was real. She wasn't shaved or trimmed, there just wasn't a lot of it, but the result was the same as if she had trimmed it.

We got on a couch with fairly many pillows on it that I'm sure was also her bed. For whatever reason, as we started feeling each other, I wasn't getting an erection. It didn't happen often but it had happened to me before, back in the U.S. Maybe I was still slightly scared, wondering if her boy friend would come in and rob me. Maybe I was concerned about venereal disease since I didn't have any condoms. Anyway, she suggested, "Tanz?" I assumed, correctly, that she meant dance. So, we ended up naked, holding each other, shuffling slowly to a tape player she had. She felt great, her naked body up against me. I kissed her neck and shoulders as we danced.

This was almost like a date, a pretty girl, a lovely body, dancing. Except, of course, we're naked. I was getting turned on. Then I had a thought. I had never, ever eaten pussy. I'd read about it, seen it in porn pictures, thought about it, and knew that in most loving situations, it's what you got to eventually. So I decided that this would be a great time to try it, to learn from it, so when the time came to do it for real, I'd know what to do. I had nothing to lose, if I messed up this girl wouldn't complain. So, I moved my face to kiss her on the lips as we pressed against one another. She let me, seemed to enjoy it and kissed back.

I led her back to the couch and we lay down. I kissed her again, then started kissing her shoulders as I felt her breasts. I kissed one breast as I held it and moved my other hand down to her cunt. I licked her nipple, sucked it into my mouth. I also stared pushing my fingers into her cunt, trying to get her aroused some. I moved my hand and mouth to her other breast. She had one of her hands on the back of my head, the other on my shoulder. My finger was slipping more easily into her vagina as she got slightly lubricated. I kissed down over her stomach and re-positioned myself on my knees, on the floor, between her legs.

Then, there I was, my face and mouth to her cunt. I discovered her cunt was way down between her legs, a little awkward to get to, further down between her legs than I had thought. It was actually below her pubic hair. I could see all of it and its shape. It wasn't all that appealing, to be truthful. Wrinkly. I kept my finger sliding inside her and just kissed her labia, her cunt lips. Then I slid my finger out and tried to put my tongue into where the finger had been.

I have no idea what her experiences had been. I mean, she's a whore, so she's probably experienced everything. But whatever, both of her hands came down on the sides of her cunt. She spread her legs wide, wider than I think I had ever seen legs spread, and she rolled her hips or butt some and her cunt came up so I could get at it easier. And she pulled or spread it open with her hands. It's all pink inside, sort of raw meat in there. Well, I got my tongue in there and started licking away. She started saying things to me but I didn't understand a word. Her voice was soft, nice, I'm sure she was saying good things but I still have no idea what. I licked up and down, up and down.

There's an old joke, "Is a cunt salty?" Well, it is. At least to some extent. It's more than that, though. It's a little like I imagine what raw meat would taste like if you licked it. But there's something else, too. And as I went on and on, that something else became the predominate taste. I don't even know what to call it or how to describe it but it was the taste of her, the taste of female sex. Her cunt started off fairly firm and got softer or mushier as I went on. I found her vagina with my tongue and tried to stick it in as far as I could.

She took her hands away. one of them went onto the back of my head again. The other one she used to rub two fingers back and forth --- pretty forcefully it looked like -- on a spot about two inches up from where I was licking. She said some more to me but I had no idea what it was. The hand on the back of my head seemed to be pushing me towards the fingers of her other hand, so I licked up that way with my tongue. Where she had been rubbing had a shape to it, a bump or fold of skin or something. I licked my tongue back and forth on it. I could hear breaths and sounds that let me know that this was what I was supposed to be doing, she liked this. Very soon, I could feel the shape change some, it was growing. Actually, something inside the bump grew and stuck out a little. So I licked it, got my lips on it, sucked and licked. Her hips started to jerk or jump some. Her hand was pressing on the back of my head. I think she had both hands on my head. Her legs closed some, sort of holding my head into her. Since I had room and nothing else to do with them, I got a hand up under my chin and stared fingering around in her cunt. I kept licking and sucking on what I knew by then was her clit and I got a finger, then two, up into her vagina.

Her whole cunt kept getting wetter and wetter, the taste kept getting stronger. Her hips were jumping and I was getting my face pressed into her until I wondered if I could breathe. Then she yelled. Maybe she screamed. Whatever, it surprised me. And then my mouth started getting lots of fluid, a slightly thick fluid. It was running down my fingers onto my hand. It was the first time I became aware that women "came". It may be different than men. It isn't semen, it's a lubrication or something to help the semen get up into the woman, I guess. But it sure happens. I just kept licking, moving down into her slit and sucking up whatever came and then back up to her clit, over and over. She kept jerking around and almost screaming.

Then she spread her legs and pulled back on my hair. I got my fingers out of her and looked up and she had a huge grin on her face. She babbled away about something and was pulling me up. We ended up with her naked body and mine all up against one another as we kissed. She got her hand down onto my cock and then proceeded to do to me what I had done to her. She's kissing my shoulders, licking my nipples, kissing my stomach, then her mouth is on my cock. By then an erection was far from a problem. I was up and as hard as I ever got.

I have never since had anything as pleasurable happen to me. She licked and sucked my cock up one side and down the other. She had me down her throat and then she had me out in the open just holding me with her hand as she looked at it and smiled and then got her mouth over it again. I never planned on this, it just happened, but soon I had my hand on the back of her head and I was bucking my hips, shoving my cock into her mouth and then back out some. Fucking her mouth, basically. This was different than fucking, though. In some ways, it was better. Her lips and tongue just kept working on me, all the time.

It didn't take long and I felt it coming. I said to her that I was going to come. I'm sure she didn't understand me any better than I had understood her earlier. Her eyes looked up at me, her lips around my cock that was about two-thirds into her mouth. As I ejaculated, came in her mouth, I got the feeling from the look in her eyes that she was smiling. I mean, she couldn't smile because her lips were stretched around a big fat tube of cock, but she looked like she was smiling. I guess she swallowed it all because she just kept sucking as my cock finally started to soften some.

She pulled her face back, the fingers of one hand still around the base of my cock, and gave a huge grin. She licked her lips and inside her mouth with her tongue and then started saying things to me. Again, I have no idea what she was saying. Then she's back up on me, laying on me, and we're kissing and holding each other, feeling each other all over.

I have no idea what we did for how long. I didn't know what she was saying and she didn't know what I was saying. But when you've got a lovely naked body handy, you just do whatever comes naturally. I kissed her all over and she did the same to me. She had a truly great butt, firm and round and pink and sexy. Her breasts, while not huge, were each more than a mouthful and I licked and sucked them plenty. I don't know whether it was 30 seconds or fifteen minutes (probably closer to the latter) when we both realized that she could feel my erection returning as she kept feeling it and pulling a little on it and massaging around it and playing with my balls.

A minute or so later, she was straddling me, sitting on me, sliding my cock up into her. I had said her cunt seemed soft, well, up inside her cock wasn't soft. It was more like muscles because it gripped my cock all around tightly and darn near sucked my into her. She was sitting up, using her legs to ride up and down on me. I could feel her all around every bit of my cock as it moved inside her.

This was fabulous. I had become more and more appreciative of how lucky I was to have picked her. That great, slim body was moving up and down in front of me. Her mouth was slightly open and she had a far away stare in her eyes as if she was in a sexy trance or something, enjoying my cock moving inside her. I know I sure enjoyed it. I watched my cock going into her cunt. I can see why they call the edge of her cunt "lips" because that's what they looked like. As she rose up and slid her lips up my cock, they sort of dragged behind a little, then when she lowered herself they sort of sucked up in her little. Sort of like lips pursing in and out around my cock. I could see her clit, a pink little shape right above where my cock disappeared into her and I got a finger on it. That made her grin even bigger. Soon, she was laying back down on me. I could feel her breasts sliding back and forth on my chest as that big round pink butt slid back and forth. I put both hands on it and it felt perfect.

I moved my hands up onto her back and tried to sit up. She gave me a big smile. She sort of leaned to one side and got a leg loose and then the other way until she had her spread her legs out so she was now sort of sitting in my lap, my cock up into her, her legs around and behind me. I leaned over some more but actually had to pull out for a moment as I got my legs around and out of the way and soon I was the one on top. pounding my cock into her. She had both hands up on my back, both legs up on either side of me. I kissed her neck, then her mouth as I kept shoving into her.

I could tell by her breaths, her moans and almost screams, and from the feel of moisture around my cock, that she was about at orgasm. That was good because so was I. I don't think I had ever fucked as long as we did that time, and then we both were exhausted and looking at each other with smiles on our faces. I just left it in her as I softened, then finally pushed up and off to the side.

I don't know her name. I don't know what job she had, if any, or if I was anything special to her or if this kind of thing happened regularly. But it was a very, very great evening of sex for me and I'll never forget it. It also gave me the experience so that I've been able to move on to oral sex with others since then, and apparently I'm fairly good at it. Because, back in the U.S. I have understood what the girls have said to me and, without exception, they love it.

And I love it. I love a woman's whole body -- lips, breasts, but there's nothing sexier than a cunt. I mean, a cunt is the ultimate sex when you come right down to it. And I really love tasting it, getting a woman aroused by sucking her clit. It makes me realize why most women seem to like taking a cock in their mouth -- an erect penis must be the ultimate in sex to them just as a cunt is to me. It probably says something about me, that it was with a prostitute that I finally got the nerve to try what I had been wanting to try for some time. But I'm truly glad I did, it's improved my sex life ever since.


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