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My First Wonderfuck
by Softly

The idea of meeting with several men for an evening of sex had been wandering the back roads of my mind for several years. Where, when, who with, and how to arrange it were all stumbling blocks. It was not like I was in need of a sex outlet; what with a husband, and a lot of quickies at parties. When I was between books, or otherwise bored, my mind would wander to things that would be exciting, such as a cruise, trips to Vegas, New York, or yes; long hot sex.

On March third, I came in from the pool and after taking my suit off, stood looking at my naked reflection in the mirror. "Damn woman, you are beginning to show some crow feet by your eyes," crossed my mind. "Still and all, your figure still can turn heads, and a face lift will be in the works in a couple of years." AT forty one, I can't pass for thirty any more. "Well, darn, if I have anything I want to try, there is no better time, then now." With that, I put on my robe and turned on my computer.

That was it. It was the moment that I knew I was going to explore the myths of group sex.

I had laughed when I had heard the term, "Gangbang." From what I knew, a girl had several men taking turns putting their dicks in places, where I wanted men to place their dicks. Up to that time, I thought that, contrary to conventional wisdom, it was the woman's advantage to have a couple hours of constant attention, while the guys got only a few minutes each. Should men say, instead, that they have given "her" a good "Wonderfuck?"

After a week of roaming in cyberworld; primarily in the "Swinger," "Interracial," Slut wife," sites, I determined that there were well organized groups of men in Montreal, Camden, Nashville, Tampa, Orlando, and Las Vegas that were available to provide a woman with several men, who were young, good looking, black and white.

Since my travels include all those places, it became a matter of which was the best forum for me. Vegas was out, because the members had a bad reputation. Tampa and Orlando were out since I go to parties in both cities. It would be easy for someone to identify me by checking my car plates. Camden and Nashville were eliminated because the "place" was in an area that I did not want to travel in alone.

The question then became; "Just what does Montreal have to offer?" My e-mail to a Mr. Vernon Bartray of the "Montreal Stallions" brought a reply that was almost a put-down. Read this, will you. "Dear Ms. Kendall, We would be pleased to consider you for our services. As a general guideline, we must inform you that we prefer woman between twenty five and forty, no more then 150 pounds, with genuine breasts. Swinger experience, multi orgasmic, anal, and oral skills enhance your qualifications.

"Qualifications?" "Was I over the hill at forty one," was all I could think, as I read and reread the message?

It continued; "Upon the receipt of information describing your past experience, and a current photo, we will contact you with photos which will confirm that we are, indeed, deserving of the name, "Stallions."

As I shut down the computer, and stormed out of the den, I cussed them;" Well, damn you all to hell, I sure don't need you jerks to get my sex life humming."

Two days later, when my dander had changed to the challenge of;" Once you guys see my picture, you will swamp me with invitations," I mailed them a note detailing that I had bedded over 100 men. I also sent my picture. Lastly, I informed them that Saturday, May 20, 2000 was a good date for me.

Please place photo "Sue 5" here.

Damn them. They sure were not waiting with "baited breath" for my e-mail. A week later, I received an e-mail saying that I was accepted.

There was not much left to the imagination. They would arrange for the number of men to be with me. I was to expect; "Tag team, deep penetration for an extended period of time - vaginal, anal, and mouth. I would be placed in several devices designed to allow the most sexual satisfaction for all concerned.

I flew into Montreal on the 17th of May and got a room at the "Royal Towers."

Being busy preparing for meetings on the 18th and 19th took my mind off the "party." May 20, at four PM, alone in my hotel room, I sipped a "bloody Mary," as I ironed the dress I was to wear. I frowned as I thought; "Was I getting in over my head?" "Heck, all they have are cocks?" "Pieces of soft meat, that give me a wonderful feeling when it is in me." Another "Bloody Mary."

The cab stopped in front of Rue Labell 26684. As the cab departed, I eyed the place. Four story gray stone building with a lounge on the first floor. Soft Jazz, and the mummer of conversation gave a warm feeling to me as I walked to the bar as instructed. "Mr. Bartray in?" "Yes, Ms. Kendall, he is expecting you. I will buzz him." "Hmm, they don't miss a trick, they have given a picture of me to the bar tender so that he can greet me," I thought as my eyes traveled around the room.

I am attracted to self assured, handsome men. Vermon Bartray was all of that and more. Six two, 185 pounds, and clothes that were cool, top of the line, complete with dinner jacket. Offering his arm, he led me to the elevator. Speaking softly and close to me, like he had known me for years, this black man conveyed that he knew what he was about.

His digs covered the third and fourth floors. Leather, and plush carpet.

I was surprised to find three other very attractive, and well dressed, women mingling with ten men, all dressed in the fashion of Vermon. "Hmmm," I did not think three to one was worth the trip. We will see?

For the next half hour we snacked, and I had two glasses of the punch. I should have paid more attention to the punch.

To regress here, let me explain that the "Stallion" information pack mentioned that some of there members were grad students, including pre med. They had access to various medicines. You should also know that I do not smoke, or know anything about "street" drugs.

I and the other three ladies, by chance, went to the toilet at the same time. One gal said that this was her second time with the "Stallions." "I really like the punch." We all looked at her, like she was nuts. She continued; "When you start to giggle from the stuff in the punch, the men know that you are ready for them to take you." What stuff in the punch," I asked? "Oh, it makes you very happy, pain free, and every place anyone touches you feels sooooo good," was the answer.

"She is nuts," was my reaction as I rejoined the men. Vermon started to dance with me. Half way through the dance, I stopped and begin to giggle. Just stood there giggling. Another gal looked at me and burst out laughing. On clue, the men led each of us away in a different directions. I didn't care. I was a happy camper.

Vermon was the leader, and as such, had first choice of the woman. I have a nice set of tits, which he keep staring at. He lead me to his bedroom; my first stop of the evening. A huge bed had a spotlight centered over it. Everything in the room was red. Vermon undressed me knowing full well, that in my condition, he could do what he wanted to me as long as he cared to do so.

He liked my breasts. "Sue, I choose you. You are built for comfort, and can take me." My breasts were like live wires, they were so sensitive," I thought, as I arched my back to protrude them for his mouth to fasten onto. He gripped both my breasts, kneading them hard and leaving red marks on them. I was impatient; waiting for him to put his hands, mouth and cock on and into my now fully ready cunt.

Happy, light headed, and wanting him to enter me, I let him lower me to the bed. It was only now that he removed his pants and climbed between my legs. Fully on me, he kissed me long and deep, with his tongue deep in my mouth. Every touch sent a shock through me. His hands were now on my buns, then my breasts. He was in constant motion. "Oh, Ohhh, my, he is sucking my clit. My legs open for his complete access. Then, he slides a pillow under my fanny and grips my fanny with both hands as he put the end of his manhood in my waiting cunt.

Giggling, and sexually aroused, I humped at him with my pussy. Smoothly he slid all the way into me. I love the fullness of first entry, and the stimulation of my vagina.

I don't know if you feel this, but every time that I am with a "new man," there is a "voice" in the back of my mind telling me to open myself so that he can give me a baby. My legs spread and I pulled my knees apart so that he could thrust deeply into my throbbing pussy.

Sometimes, I get the strangest thoughts. At that moment, I wondered, "where is the rest of my entertainment?"

The pace quickened and Vemon was now pumping me with glee. I could feel it coming. My pussy begin to grip him and I humped faster. It washed over me; Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, Ohhh, Yesss, Yessss, Ohh, Ohh. Ohhhhhhhhhh! That was what Vermon was waiting for. "Huh, huh, huh, aahhhaaaa" escaped his lips as he released his sperm into me.

Vemon rolled off me. He had three others to fuck. As he walked out the door, I heard him say, "playtime boys." Six naked men that I had not seen before strode into the room. I just giggled and lay there. My "entertainment" had arrived. I was not in La La land, but I was feeling no pain, and everything felt extra sensitive.

Both my breasts were being squeezed as my legs were raised. A young skinny white guy put a nice cock in me and just started fucking. I had been turned so that my head hung over the edge of the bed. A long thin black cock eased into my mouth and its owner begin to face fuck me. As he went along, he keep moving it deeper. I heard him say, "breath through your nose as he pushed it yet deeper into my passage and several spurts of his cum ran down my throat.

Please place photo: Sue 4 here.

I hardly had time to swallow as my vagina begin to convulse with an orgasm that was a live thing of its own. White guy felt it by my contractions and thrust into my moist heaven as fast as he could. We both were screaming in each others ear as we frantically sought to extract every last joy from our orgasms. "Oh, Oh, Oooohhhoooo."

Please place photos; Sue 1 and 2 here.

I was almost a virgin in the ass. What I did not know is that black guys know that most woman are tighter in the ass then in the pussy, and there is no "bottom" to stop them from burying their sometimes huge meat to the hilt and then to fuck with abandon.

I was rolled over. Sections of foam rubber were placed under my upper body so that my ass was thrust in the air, and my head was in position to take cocks deep down my throat.

A thick cock filled my mouth and distracted my attention as a cock begin to slide in my ass, little by little. Without the "punch," I would never have been able to accept this black rod. It seemed, when fully in me, that he was at the top of my stomach.

He was there to fuck, and now he did as fast as he could pump into me. If nothing else, this moment was worth the time, and effort to set up this experience. With a hand finger fucking me and playing with my clit, a thick cock pumping in my mouth, and a foot of cock running races up my ass, I begin to orgasm. Orgasm is not enough of a description. I shook, pointed my toes, panted, arched my back to allow deeper penetration and if it had not been for the cock pumping sperm into my mouth, I would have screamed to "fuck meeee, Yes, please, deeepperrrrrr."

This club, "The Stallions," has two hundred and thirty members in the Quebec providence. When a "Party" is set up, everyone is e-mailed with photos of the women that will attend. Any man that wants to fuck one of the woman, donates fifty dollars to the club, and is guaranteed a fuck with the woman of his choice. Vermon and his two buddies have first "ride," but then anyone can fuck a woman as often as they please.

To keep things moving, the club has found that if the woman is bound in a fuck position then man after man can mount her without her slowing things down by wanting to vary the fucking. My arms were restrained over my head, and rubber ropes held my legs apart.

Man after man climbed onto me and fucked me. I was still a very happy camper, due to the punch, and liking it as my breasts were rubbed and pulled.

Please post photos; Sue # 10, 11, 12

I was rolled onto a table; restrained with my fanny at the edge. I stopped paying attention to the cocks that entered, cum, and were removed from my ass. There were big cocks constantly in my mouth. Very big indeed.

Being pumped at both ends, a guy playing with my tits, and another playing with my clit brought me again the joy of a profound orgasm. I begin to pant, sweat, and my ass humped as I screamed, "Ohhh, yes, fuck me, fuuuuccckkk meeeee." All the men cheered.

My head had not gotten clearer. I was now in La La and. My speech was slurred, I was a little numb, but would fuck anyone who wanted me. I don't know how many men I had that night, or how many times. It became a blur of men, cum, and my orgasm joys.

After six and a half hours, it ended. At 4 AM I took a shower and with just my dress on, and my underwear in my purse, got in a cab that was called for me. I was giggling and had slurred speech. I tried to tell the cab driver where I was to go. I closed my eyes and did not observe the cab entering the empty parking garage.

I opened my eyes, as the cab driver got into the rear seat and pushed me onto my back. In only moments, his pants were down and he had my leg raised with his cock stroking in and out of my enlarged pussy. I didn't care. I humped back at him and would have cum if he had lasted longer.

Since all I did was lay there giggling, he called some other drivers who soon arrived and fucked me. Four, I think. The one guy had a thick cock. As he rammed it in with a nice rocking motion, I cum. That is what I remember the most about those guys.

On our way again, I fall asleep. The driver stooped and talked to some men. I was carried from the cab to this apartment building. Once inside, My clothes are removed and a line of men formed to fuck me. It seems that everybody loves to play with my tits. The punch is wearing off, and I am sore along the thighs. When I protest, they tie me spread eagle the bed, gage me and continue to fuck me. The news spread through the neighborhood.

Men from twenty to sixty stopped by to ride me. With someone at each arm, I am rolled over for the ass fuckers and onto my back for the pussy men. Everyone loves my tits, which were tender from all the attention. I lost track of how many men did me, but one young guy came in me three times. "Where was he when I needed him?"

A tub is filled, and they put me in it to soak. Suddenly, I am alone. It had been twenty four hours since my saga begin. I dress, and walk out of the building. It is dark. The punch has worn off. At a corner market, I call a cab which returned me to my hotel.

4:16 PM the next day, I am back in Tampa.

I demand an "Oscar." You see, I have not told my husband of my adventure, and I will want to do it again with my "Stallion" friends. He had not seen me for a week and was horny. We fucked, long and hard. I clamped my pussy again and again on his throbbing cock and made him think that I had three orgasms. I deserve that Oscar!

I'm Softly, U B 2


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