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My Guy
by erOTic

Jenn came up to the house and knocked on the door. Susan answered wearing a black short, loose dress and thigh-high leather boots. Jenn had seen her wear the boots before but usually with a longer skirt. Susan usually dressed more earthy than erotic.

"C'mon in Jenn. I'm glad you could come over," Susan said leading her into the living room. When Jenn entered she saw Susan's husband, Eric, on his knees in the kitchen cleaning the floor with a sponge.

"Hey Eric!" Jenn said. Oddly, Eric didn't answer. Jenn thought he must be wrapped up in his thoughts or something. "Well, what's this thing you dragged me over here to see?" She asked Susan.

"Come in here," Susan said while leading her into the kitchen. When Jenn stepped in she saw Eric still working intently on the floor. She hadn't noticed before that he was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans that were cut a little too short and a tight black shirt. Jenn had always admired Eric's ass and this sight kind of caught her off guard.

She tried to mask her surprise with some humor, "Hey Eric, I think you cut off your shorts a little too far. I can see the bottom half of your, well, um, bottom! Heh, heh..." Jenn also hadn't noticed that Eric had been working out. He had lost the beer-gut and love handles she remembered him having. She was starting to feel a little aroused at the sight of him on his knees with a good bit of his "best part" staring her in the face.

"He won't answer you right now, " Susan told her. "Let me fill you in a little bit and things will be a little more clear. A few months ago I came home from work and Eric was cleaning the house for our dinner party the next night. He was wearing shorts like the ones he has on. I was surprised when I first saw him, but I knew he had a bit of a clothes fetish and sort of blew it off after kidding him a bit. That evening he continued to clean the house. In fact, I think I was talking to you on the phone and mentioned that he seemed to be doing a very thorough job. When he was done he came over to me and did a little turn showing me the shorts closely: 'So, do you like my shorts?' Then he unbuttoned them and pulled them down a little. 'And look: I had to wear a g-string with them otherwise you'd be able to see my underwear. I thought about not wearing underwear but realized that I would be falling out all over.' I told him I liked the shorts and really appreciated the job he'd done on the house. Of course the sight of him slaving around the house dressed in skimpy clothes had done a job on me. I pushed him on the bed and we ended up fucking like banshees."

"The next week I took our daughter to a birthday party. I knew Eric was going to be home soon and since I didn't feel like cleaning up the kitchen so I left a note asking Eric to do it. Just for kicks I also set out the shorts and a bottle of wine. With another note that said, 'Heidi will be asleep by the time we get home. If you finish early you can drink the wine. If you do a good job you may get another reward!'"

"When I got home I was shocked. The house was spotless. I took Heidi back to put her in her bed and saw Eric working on the back bathroom. He had gotten sweaty from the work. He must have been as hot as he made me feel looking at him. I chided him some and told him that when he's finished he can come share the wine with me and if he's lucky he'll get to rub my back."

"I then slipped into a night gown and went into the clean kitchen to pour myself a glass of wine. Eric had set out a few fresh strawberries and some chocolate was melting in a pan on the stove. This gave me an idea. I pulled off my underwear and put them back in the bedroom. Then I took a bit of the chocolate and rubbed it around my cunt lips, being sure to run my finger inside to get everything good and slick. This was easy because I had been fantasizing about tonight all during the birthday party and now I was almost dripping. Once I felt sufficiently lubricated I took one of the strawberries and pushed it inside me. The feeling was very erotic. In fact, I ended up pushing two more up inside me after going into the living room and sitting down with my wine and eating the strawberries."

"Once the wine started to work on me I got even more aroused. I started rubbing my breasts and my nipples got so hard they hurt. Then I dipped my finger in the chocolate and started rubbing my clit with it. I licked the chocolate off and the taste of my juices mixed with the chocolate really got me going. Within a minute I was cumming right there in the living room."

"As the fog of my orgasm started to lift I felt my legs being pushed apart and then a hot tongue on my clit. It was like someone reached right into my innermost being and kissed the erotic part of my soul. Eric kept licking at me until I came again. His unrelenting tongue didn't stop there. He kept going and I kept cumming. I'm not sure how many times I came or how long it lasted but I when he stopped I felt like I was completely lost in orgasm."

"Eric then pulled down his shorts and inserted his manhood inside of me. Oh god it felt good to be filled. He started pistoning in and out of me. I started to almost loose consciousness as the first orgasm swept over me. And then I remembered the STRAWBERRIES! I begged Eric to stop. He pulled his cock out of my cunt and it was covered with my cum and chunks of strawberries."

"He started to go to wash off and I stopped him. I grabbed the rest of the chocolate and poured it over his cock. Then I started to lick it off. The strawberries were very ripe and sweet and the chocolate was divine. This all mixed with my musky sex turned me into an animal. I started sucking his cock like it was some kind of giant popsicle. I got so into it I actually started deep-throating him. I kind of got lost in some kind of animal mindset. I felt deep inside me that I need to suck the giant organ in my mouth to nourish my soul. It was like my entire existence depended on swallowing this big piece of meat only I couldn't. All I could do is suck it deep inside me and then let it draw back out. I started to feel it pulsing deep in my mouth. The feeling was so intense I actually started to cum again! Just at that moment Eric started screaming and I felt hot jets of his cum fill my mouth. I tried swallowing all I could, feeling like this was the salve my soul demanded. Some of it ran down my chin. I wiped it up off with my finger and sucked it clean."

"A few minutes later we started to come down from our sexual high and I started to realize what I had just done. I'd never been able to stand the though of actually swallowing Eric's cum. But now I almost felt like I needed more. I felt like I'd found the nourishment my body had always long for and where to get it..."

"Damn... I got a little side tracked... Didn't I?" Susan mentioned.

"That's okay by me. I'm just starting to feel like I need to go home and relieve myself. Watching Eric clean in those short shorts and hearing you tell that erotic story has got me itching..." replied Jenn.

"Don't leave just yet," Susan said. "Eric, I think Jenn her needs some help from you."

"Yes, m'love," Eric said, speaking for the first time, "what would you like me to do?"

"Well, it's really up to Jenn but I think she needs a good licking," Susan replied. "Jenn, why don't you take off your panties and go sit down on the couch. You can keep your dress on, just lift it enough to expose yourself. I'll go fill the pipe with some weed."

Jenn followed Susan's instructions. Meanwhile, Eric went back into the bedroom and brought out a box. Jenn couldn't tell what was in it and Eric just left it on the floor closer to Susan. Eric then got down on his knees next to Jenn and smiled up at her. Just then Susan swung something.


"Unhhhh," Eric exclaimed from the blow of the whip.

"Eric, Jenn needs you to pleasure her. Do you want to do that for her?" Susan demanded.

"Yes m'love. Please let me pleasure Jenn. I want to lick her cunt until she squeezes my face into it." Jenn was a bit surprised by Eric's submissiveness. But she didn't mind. After the story Susan told about the other night she was ready to experience him.

"Here Jenn, let me take a hit and I'll shotgun you." Susan sat down on the couch next to Jenn then hit on the pipe. She turned to Jenn and brought her lips less than an inch from Jenn's. Just as she started to blow the smoke into Jenn's open mouth Eric licked her cunt. Jenn grabbed Susan's head and pulled their lips together in a deep open mouthed kiss. Their tongues played in the smoke. Susan broke off to take another hit.

"Ohh... Ohhh... Yesssss..." Jenn moaned. Susan turned back to her and they kissed again sharing the smoke. Jenn started to feel very free. Susan's soft lips felt like they were going to swallow her. After a few more hits Jenn felt like she was floating. Susan was rubbing her tits through her dress. Eric was licking up and down then shaking his head back and forth. He seemed to be putting as much effort into licking her clit as he had cleaning the house. She started cumming and pulled Susan closer.

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