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Meghan Gets a Surprise
by Ariel

When Meghan awoke she was laying on her side with Joshua pressing lightly against her back. For a brief moment she wondered if last night had been a dream or not, but the weight of Joshua'a arm across her side removed any doubt. Her mind was reeling with thoughts and questions. She wondered what it was about this man that totally captivated her.

Meghans thoughts drifted to Bill. Why had sex with him never been as exciting as her first night with Joshua? Meghan recalled the events of the previous night and her pussy started pulsing instantly. Her eyes wandered and she found a clock.. oh my god, she thought. Bill will kill me. Suddenly she realized she didn't care. For now all she wanted to do was enjoy this time she had with Joshua. She had no clue if he only wanted a one night stand or if he wanted to develop a relationship with her, and for now she didn't care she just wanted to enjoy the moment.

Softly, so as not to disturb him, she rolled over to face him. She gazed into his face and studied it. God, she thought, he is so handsome. He was sleeping so peacefully, and had a contented look about him. Suddenly Meghan got an idea, and wondered for a minute if she should do it or not. Last night had been amazing to say the least and Meghan wondered if this man could actually handle her sexual appetite.

Meghan studied his gorgeous face more and admitted to herself that her sexual appetite had grown in abundance lately. She had given up on Bill pleasing her, and had actually purchased a vibrator to use, and it had been getting used plenty lately. Maybe with Joshua now though she wouldn't have a use for it. First though her pussy was pulsing and moist, and she got this urge to wake Joshua up.

As if he knew what was about to happen Joshua rolled onto his back. Perfect Meghan though, and she slipped down under the covers. With just the sheet covering them, and the light of day Meghan stopped and just looked at his cock. Normally she was not one to have her eyes open and taking these things in, but with Joshua she wanted to know every inch of his physique and intimately. Meghan noticed that Joshua was very well hung, his cock was proportionate to the size of his body and his balls were magnificent. She pulled her hair back and lightly kissed the tip of his cock. She felt him stir under her lips, but had no idea if he was awake or not. With her tongue she made on slow long lick the length of him and she watched as he responded, his cock growing hard beneath her touch. She gently placed her hand around him, and felt the throbbing there.

Her head hung down lower and she lightly kissed both balls. For some reason, Meghan stared at his balls, longing to place them in her mouth and suck on them while she stoked his cock with her hand. This was something she had never done to any man before in her life, and she wondered if she should or not. The longing to taste his balls forced her to give in and she gently sucked them in her mouth. She sucked delicately on them her tongue flicking whenever she could and she felt them grow heavier in her mouth. Her hand was busy stroking his cock and he was hard as a rock now. Meghan thought she heard him moan, but wasn't sure if it was him or not. Moving her mouth to his cock she traced around the ridge of it with her tongue, and then shoved her tongue inside his small male opening in his cock. With her other hand she pressed one finger against the spot between his balls and his anus, and then she knew she heard him moan.

"Oh god Megh, yes!" Joshua cried out loudly.

Then Meghans mouth wrapped around the head of his cock and while she tongue fucked him there, she sucked hard on the head. The throbbing in his cock was more intense now and Joshua's breathing was ragged.

For the first time ever in her 37 years, Meghan realized that this man was very close to cumming. She could sense it with Joshua, could almost feel it. In one fast movement she thrust his cock all the way down her throat swallowing him completely. She felt the covers removed from her body, and heard Joshua groan. At the same time she pressed harder on that spot between his anus and balls.

Meghans tongue worked expertly on his cock in her mouth. She had no clue how she knew this, but she loved the taste of him in her mouth. She enjoyed the feelings of his cock throbbing, the muscles in it spasming while her tongue flicked across and around it.

Joshua was close, and she knew it. Her mouth started moving faster up and down his cock, and she could hear him moaning and groaning softly.

"oh god Megh.. Oh yes!!" he kept saying.

"Suck my cock"

"I want to shoot my load down your hot nasty throat"

Suddenly his hips thrust forward, his back arched. Meghan could feel the muscles ripple in his cock. She surprised him then and shoved her finger gently in his ass just as he was about to cum.

The feelings he experienced as he came down her throat surprised even Joshua. He came with such an intensity that it surprised him to no end. Wave after wave of cum shot down Meghans throat, and to his surprise she was swallowing as fast as he shot. Meghan just kept sucking hard on his cock, wanting to drain his balls completely.. wanting him to experience the same kind of intense orgasm she had the previous night.

When Joshua's cock started to soften Meghan removed him from her mouth and smiled up. She had his cock in her hand and a tiny bit of cum running down the side of her mouth. To Joshua's surprise Meghan took his cock and massaged the cum into her face, and then with her tongue she licked him clean.

Moving slowly up the bed, her breasts grazing delicately along his skin, as she kissed her way up to his lips. She pressed her body against his and leaned down and kissed him passionately, her tongue dancing with his. Meghan wanted him to taste how they tasted together.

"Good Morning sleepyhead" Meghan whispered as she nibbled gently on his ear.

To her surprise Joshua grabbed her by the arms, and held her still. There was a look in his eyes that was unexplainable to Meghan. He held her completely still for what seemed like forever, just staring icily into her eyes, yet he was smiling.

Joshua's mind was racing. He had met this woman only last night, yet she had him captivated beyond words. He wanted to take her to new heights of passion. Joshua liked to be in control at all times, but this woman, beautiful Meghan, had some sort of control over him. Somehow he had to get it back from her, and he knew just how to do it.

Using the strength in his arms Joshua rolled Meghan over and lay on top of her on the bed. Meghan noticed the look in his eyes now, and it was pure lust. Joshua leaned down and delicately kissed both Meghans eyelids, while still holding her arms still. She felt his tongue trace the outline of her lips and they involuntarily parted for him, wanting the kiss she was about to receive from him. The air was thick with passion, and Meghan felt the throbbing that had developed while she was sucking his cock, grow more intense. His tongue pushed through her partly open lips and Joshua heard her moan softly. Hearing Meghan moan had the desired effect on him, and he felt his cock stiffening yet again. Joshua's kiss grew into that of a hungry, wanting, almost demanding kiss. His tongue exploring her mouth, it almost seemed to Meghan that he was trying to devour her. At the same time, his left hand ran slowly and softly down her arm, her whole arm tingling at his very touch, until he reached her hand. Then his right hand did the same till they were lying on the bed. Joshua on top, Meghan beneath, and him holding her hands firmly at her side while he kissed her with such passion that she grew moist for him.

Suddenly Joshua surprised Meghan again and grabbed her hands and moved them carefully, yet swiftly to the top of her head, and he held them both there with one hand. His other hand reached for and grabbed a breast and he started sucking on it. Meghan arched her back wanting him. She heard Joshua groan.

"Oh God Megh, you are so beautiful. You have no idea how bad I want you as mine." Joshua whispered softly. Then he moved up to kiss her on the lips again. While he was kissing her, she was so involved she had no clue that he was tying her hands to the bedposts with scarves. Her right arm was tied to the right bedpost. He then took her left hand and she realized what he was doing.

"What are you doing Joshua?" Meghan cried.

"I'm taking control back from you Megh" Joshua replied as he tied her other hand to the left bedpost.

"What are you talking about?" she asked him.

"I'm talking about how you walked into my life last night. A life I had complete control off till I met you, and you took that from me because of how badly you made me want you Meghan. Now I will make you want me just as badly." he replied.

"Joshua, I do want you that badly" Meghan stated. She hated to admit it, but the longing in her pussy had started to go wild and she was getting very turned on by the sudden turn of events.

"Not good enough Megh, when I am done with you today you will be completely mine. You will always do as I request and you will dress the way I ask you to dress. If you don't, you will be punished accordingly." Joshua stated matter of factly.

"I am no mans puppet Joshua" Meghan growled at him.

The look on his face when she said that almost scared Meghan, but then he softened his look and smiled at her.

"Make no mistake Meghan, when we are done today, you will be mine, and you will obey me." Joshua smiled.

"What are you going to do to me?" Meghan asked.

"I am going to bring you to new heights of pleasure, like nothing you have ever experienced before Megh. Before I am done today, you will be begging me to fuck you." Joshua answered her.

Suddenly Meghan noticed Joshua's face soften and he smiled a handsome smile at her. She melted.

"Meghan, I don't want you to be scared. I have no intentions of hurting you. There will be some slight pain, but the pleasure will far outweigh the pain. You and I are so much alike that I want to share these things with you. I know you will enjoy them as I do, if you will just trust me completely. Will you trust me Megh?" Joshua asked.

Meghan knew then she was going to let Joshua do whatever he wanted to her and with her. She wanted this man desperately, and she suddenly realized he had no idea the amount of control he had over her already. Now he was asking her to trust him enough to allow him to have even more control. She wondered for a brief moment if she should, or was this crazy?

"Yes Joshua, I will trust you." Meghan replied.

Joshua leaned over her body and kissed her softly on the lips. Then he reached to the nightstand and opened the drawer, and pulled out a blindfold.

"Do we need that Joshua?" Meghan asked.

"Yes, I need time to prepare." Joshua replied as he placed he blindfold over her eyes.

Meghan lay there in total darkness, her arms tied to the bedposts, and her cunt throbbing uncontrollably. She felt Joshua's hands take her right leg, and he tied it to the post at the end of the bed, and then the other one was tied to the only remaining post.

The room grew very quiet and Meghan felt Joshua's fingers trace lightly around her lips, and down to her breasts. He stopped there and played a little, teasing her nipples and making them hard. Then she felt his tongue as it licked down her stomach and between her thighs. Very delicately she felt Joshua kiss her clit, and it drove her into a sexual frenzy. She tried to arch her hips to meet his tongue, but she was restrained and could not.

Then she felt Joshua get off the bed. Then she heard the door open. "Joshua, where are you going?" Meghan asked.

He never answered and Meghan heard the door close behind him. The room fell silent. Was she actually alone?

"Joshua?" Meghan said aloud.

No answer. HE must have left she thought to herself. Meghan suddenly realized what a sight she must be. There she was tied to the bed naked, and spread eagle with her clit sticking out, she was sure. And her cunt was throbbing so bad with want that she was sure that a person must be able to see it. Where had he gone? What was he up to? Meghan hated to admit it but she was getting very turned on by the turn of events this morning.

It had almost killed Joshua to leave her tied to the bed like that. He wanted to possess this woman, he wanted her as his own. He looked down, his cock was so hard it was standing straight up, and tied to his bed was a beautiful woman who he was going to make his own, but she needed to know who the master was in this relationship.

Joshua took a long look around his apartment. Over buy the door, laying in a pile were their clothes from the previous night. He walked over and picked up Meghans silky panties and held them under his nose. He could still smell her musky wonderful scent on them today. His cock was pulsing, demanding release, and the head was a deep red color.. it almost looked purple. He wanted to turn around and go back to the bedroom right then and there, and once again fill this woman with his seed. But he wanted her to beg, he wanted her to want him so badly that she ached. If he played his cards right, he hoped to make her orgasm without ever even entering her, with just the slightest of touch. He knew he could do that to a woman, he had on many occasions before, but Meghan was different. She had this power over him, that somehow made him weaken.

Joshua was torn about how to handle this. Laying on his bed tied there spread eagle was the most captivating woman he had ever met. Should he give in and go fuck her? or should he stick to his guns and bring her to all new heights of ecstasy and make her beg for his cock?

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