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Maria's Hunger
Pt. I: The First Afternoon
by MiamiCuban

I waited for her by the airport gate.

Maria was a striking woman in her mid-thirties, with black hair cut short in a shag style that resembled LA LAW actress Susan Dey. She looked alluring dressed in a white shirt that showed off the aureoles of her breasts, with a wrap around linen skirt and leather boots that stopped below the knees. Maria had a solid body with creamy thighs, solid hips and bouncy tits. Her makeup, candy lipstick and some eyeliner, was well applied. The wife of my friend smiled nervously as she walked across the airport towards me; as she approached I smelled perfume and rum.

* * * * *

I married virgin and I never dreamed that I would be doing this. My husband is a lawyer and I am a schoolteacher and the mother of two girls and one boy, a member of charity groups and community organizations. My whole adult life -sixteen years of marriage- have been dedicated to my home, sex with my husband and little else.

To spice our lives we watched a few porno videos at home and the thought of a threesome seemed very exciting. At first it was a turn-on, then we treated it as a private joke, then it became a hot fantasy. When we fucked my husband would whisper to me: "Wouldn't you like another man to be here right now? Wouldn't you enjoy two dicks inside you? Would you like me to watch you be fucked by another man?"

I was turned on, really turned on, but it was just a fantasy like a dream that's never going to happen. We would go out to dinner and Carlos would point out men and ask me if they fit a fantasy. Sometimes I would agree.

One night I was really turned on by a man I saw at a nightclub, handsome with a well-trimmed mustache. Carlos noticed me looking at the stranger and teased me. I did admit to admiring the man's good looks but did not say anything else, although my husband made a remark about the three of us in a waterbed.

Later, back home, Carlos took out a dildo and went down on me, fucking me with the vibrator while doing things with his tongue and I put his penis in my mouth and went at it. The meat in my mouth and the electrical monster between my legs sent me over the edge. I visualized the stranger and my husband both naked, feeding me their cocks. I licked my husband's meat and pretended I was sucking the stranger in a darkened booth at the club, and my husband whispered to me: " This could be real...If you want it to be." And right then and there I was willing to do it, to suck and fuck the man with the mustache. I did not say anything to Carlos, but he knew by my passion and hunger that I was excited.

The thought of an orgy was intriguing and Carlos surprised me by saying it would turn him on to see me naked with another man. I was stunned but the more I thought about it the more exciting it seemed. I had never tasted another man. Did all sperm taste the same? How would a different tongue feel? Over the next few weeks I began daydreaming about threesomes. In one scene I was in a motel room while two men fucked my mouth and cunt as my husband watched. In a second fantasy a stranger penetrated me as I performed oral sex on Carlos. I masturbated several times to such daydreams.

After a dildo workout I finally approved. My husband was smiling as he said he would personally make all necessary arrangements. A few days later he says it's all set, tells me with whom, and I freak out. I had known Rick and Elizabeth for years, and I believed that the intimacy of such a situation...well, I was embarrassed. The sexual adventure did not seem so appealing any more. But Carlos insisted and I said yes, so that's how it started.

Carlos did not fuck me for a week before the trip and often talked about sex to get me hot. He told me the meeting would take place in a rented beach cottage in Miami and I would have sex with Rick and he would enjoy Elizabeth. Because of a scheduling problem I would fly down a day before him. I protested, not wanting to face Rick and this unusual situation by myself, but Carlos was adamant in his instructions. The day I left on the trip, he picked out my outfit. Being without a bra felt embarrassing. My nipples rubbed raw against the shirt fabric.

I had three drinks in the plane, out of pure fear. I began to panic for a moment, realizing something very different was going to happen, It felt wickedly sensual but also scary. A man not my husband was going to touch me, fondle me, penetrate me, put his thing in my mouth. I was nervous and excited. I had doubts but I was horny. A man walked past me on the aisle of the airplane. As he passed, my eyes glanced between his legs and I could see the outline of his meat through the jeans. How many women had he fucked in his life? I had never had another man but Carlos, and now I was going to have sex with a friend with my husband's approval. Another man walked past. I began to fantasize that we were naked and he chased me up the aisle and took me as other passengers looked on. I was sweating and a little boozy by the time I arrived in Miami. Rick waited for me by the gate. * * * * *

As she offered her cheek for a nervous peck, I held her and kissed her mouth. She froze and I let go. She looked around like a frightened deer and I asked her if she was afraid of being seen? She nodded. So I kissed her again and for a moment she froze, then her mouth opened and out tongues met.

* * * * *

At first I froze, but then it felt naughty and I responded. The feel of a strange tongue in my mouth made me wet. As we walked to the airport parking lot his hands lightly felt my nipples, then he felt my ass like it was a piece of fruit. I shivered and told him I was nervous. He laughed.

"Did you ever have another man? No?." He smiled, "You will love it. After tonight plain sex will never be the same. Have you ever had a woman?"

"Of course not."

"You will tonight."

I was stunned. When he mentioned his wife I blushed and I did not know what to say? A woman? Lick and be licked by another woman? I had not even considered.... But before I could formulate a sentence he said: "Ever been fucked up the ass?" -And I shook my head dumbstruck and he smiled.

"How delicious to fuck a virgin ass."

I was petrified.

"I've never done that..." I said and he chuckled.

"It will hurt at first but you will enjoy it... Carlos never fucked your ass?"

"We tried it a couple of times but never finished it. It hurt too much..."

He smiled....What the hell was I getting myself into? I was ready to turn around. I was suddenly very nervous, very scared. I had never expected Rick to be so forward, so dominant. I was unsure whether I could go through with this sexual game.

* * * * *

As we approached my car I could tell she was freaking. She was a little buzzed and the situation had tensed her up. I placed the small bag inside the trunk and walked over to open her door. As she walked up, I grabbed her, turned her against the car, pressed myself to her and kissed her candy-red lips. She responded warmly and after a minute or so began breathing hard. I caressed Maria's nipples through the shirt, feeling the tips become hard as pencil erasers. My tongue found her ear. She moaned. A car passed by and a teenager howled.

"We should leave here," she said, "someone could see us."

"Perhaps I'll let them watch and maybe even fuck you. ..."

She gasped. My hand reached through the slit of her dress and I felt the warmth of her thighs. I caressed her mound through her panties. Maria's eyes opened in surprise as I pulled the panties down, made her leave them on the concrete floor then frenched her mouth as I slid my hand into her skirt and played with her wet slash. When my fingers slid in, two of them twisting and twirling inside her, Maria moaned and exploded in a wrenching orgasm. It was an intense feeling that left her woozy.

* * * * *

It was incredible the way he was so rough and in command. It happened so fast. I was terrified but it was so daring, so out of the ordinary, being finger fucked out in the open, that it was incredibly thrilling. I was terrified, but I had an explosive orgasm in seconds. I was standing there, feeling so weak that I could hardly move...I sat in the car and he told me to get dressed without helping me. I rolled my skirt around and buttoned up the shirt.

* * * * *

I drove and she was more relaxed, having experienced her first orgasm.

"Like to suck dick?" I asked her. She blushed and stammered, then nodded.

"Kneel," I said, "and eat me." Her eyes opened in disbelief.

* * * * *

We were in the middle of SR 836. He had fingerfucked me in public and now he wanted a blowjob in afternoon traffic. It was insane. I went down on my knees and his uncircumcised dick popped out of his jeans.

"Suck it," he said, "like an ice cream cone."

I did suck it, feeling hungry for his meat, thrilled out of my mind at the situation. He tasted different than my husband. I could hear the traffic around us but I twirled my tongue around his dick, my head bobbing up and down on his meat. Rick went through the tollbooth pressing my head down as a black male toll attendant stared at us in disbelief. I was wet and I wanted to be fucked as his meat slammed into my throat hard and I ran my fingernails on his balls as he came in a delightful orgasm, filling my mouth with salty sperm, which I swallowed as I came for a second time.

* * * * *

"Liked it?" I asked and Maria nodded, her head moving in a sleepy motion. She seemed hipnotised.

"You want to be fucked, don't you? I asked and she nodded once more. "You will wait until I feel like fucking you. I already fucked your mouth. There are two holes left to fuck."

At the beach cottage Elizabeth greeted us with a tray with a dozen joints, a pitcher of pina coladas and a decanter of white wine. My wife is thirty-four, with a mane of curly chestnut hair and a very sensuous body hardened by aerobics. Elizabeth's only garment was a two piece yellow bikini that enhanced her brown tan. My wife kissed Maria lightly on the lips, I changed into a bathing suit and we proceeded to get high, smoking and drinking. I told Elizabeth how I had fingered Maria and she had sucked me off in the car and we both laughed as she blushed.

"I don't feel right about this," Maria said, "I mean I enjoyed today but....this thing...I'm not a lesbian and I don't feel right...and you said you would do something...and I never up the rear...I don't know if I want to continue..."

I walked up to her and pulled her by her hair towards me. Her eyes opened wide in fear.

"Don't play the innocent angel," I told her, "You squirmed when I fingered you and then you swallowed my load. I will take your other holes and so will my wife. Do you understand slut?"

* * * * *

"Yes," I answered whimpering. Rick licked my face while he told me I had to obey him blindly without question. I was terrified but I was also very wet, feeling dominated for the first time in my life. I was afraid of him but I also was thrilled with the way he commanded me. I wanted to be fucked totally. Before I was aware of what was happening, he sat, pulling me across his lap, as he told me that I needed to be disciplined, taught to obey. I began to protest as his hand lifted my skirt. My panties had been left on the parking lot at the airport, so I was bare ass naked. His wife was delighted with my shame, calling my exposed view a "cotton-tail sweet ass." I tried to protest, but Rick's hand came down on my rear with a stinging bite. I yelped. Another slap and another, until my ass felt like it was on fire and so did my cunt, for I was soaking wet, dripping, dying to be fucked. I could feel Elizabeth staring at my exposed ass and wet cunt. It was humiliating but also thrilling, making my mound very wet.

* * * * *

"Are you going to obey me, whore?" I asked and Maria nodded, tears streaming down her face. Keeping her across my knees I opened up her legs. Elizabeth went down on her, my wife's tongue flicking across Maria's clit. She contracted in a spasm, eyes opening, looking over her shoulder at a woman eating wife's tongue went in deeper and Maria bucked as I held her down across my knees, opening her legs as my wife's face jammed between the white ass cheeks now marked pink by the spanking. Maria moaned again as my wife's tongue flicked up and down her wet slit. I let my wife lick her until she came, jerking violently, Elizabeth's wet tongue sinking deeper into her mound.

As Maria's body relaxed I rolled her to the floor.

"Stand up and don't move a muscle." I said.

* * * * *

I obeyed him although I was weakened by all the orgasms. My ass was on fire and I was soaked between my legs. I had never wanted to be fucked so badly in all my life. To feel another woman's tongue inside me had been an electrifying moment. I stood up in front both, fully dressed, my ass burning, my crotch wet from sexual desire. I wanted to be fucked. I was trembling with sexual hunger.

Rick walked around me as I stood still, tracing the naked line of my back with the tips of his fingers. I shivered but did not move. He licked the back of my neck and blew my ear while Elizabeth played with my nipples. He was driving me crazy with his touching, breathing on me. My ass tingled from the spanking and I did not move but shivered from sexual energy. His wife nibbled on my nipples and I whimpered in delight. I felt faint.

"Have you enjoyed yourself, slut?" Rick asked.

I nodded. I was limp as they placed my ass over the arms of the couch, my legs dangling down.

"What are you going to do?" I asked weakly.

"Fuck your cherry ass."

I was drained. I felt like a broken rag doll. I had experienced so many orgasms that I felt I had nothing left in my body. When he said he would fuck my ass I felt a jolt of apprehensive energy shoot through me. I knew it would be painful and degrading, to be taken up the ass in an act of adultery, my anal virginity taken by a friend, not by my husband. I did not want it willingly, but I knew it would happen. The head of his dick rubbed against my slit as he lubricated himself...

"Please don't," I begged, "please don't..."

He grunted as his hands opened my ass cheeks. His wife was above me, holding my waist so I could not move even if I wanted it...

"Please don't, not back there, please don't...Oh, no, no, no, please don't!" and he entered me hard and quick, his thick meat filling my ass, burning into me as I felt the nakedness of his belly against my rear. I screamed and tried to move away but I was being held, hands grabbing my hips and yanking my hair.

"Please, no...take it are hurting me...please, not there."

"Relax," he said, "learn to enjoy it. Your ass is mine."

He sank deeper into me, enjoying his penetration. Rick was into me to the hilt and he swiveled his hips, feeling his cock inside me, splitting open the moons of my ass, riding me as I stopped whimpering and shivered in resignation, my hips beginning to grind back as he fucked my ass. His meat felt thick inside me and I moaned in acceptance as the sodomy was perpetrated.

I went from pain to a sexual rush that made me totally orgasmic. I began to moan and he asked me what I wanted and I knew the answer he wanted. He was vulgar and I would be too.

"I want your dick in my ass," I said, "fuck me deep...oh yes, crack my virgin ass, fuck me hard. I feel like such a whore..."

"You like it?"

"I love it. I am a whore. I love your dick in my ass...oh, yes, fuck my ass!"

He came in an explosive spasm and I joined him, screaming in delight.

We showered afterwards, all three soaping each other. Rick made me kneel and soap his balls and ass, occasionally rubbing his meat against my cheeks or cock whipping my face lightly. It was delicious and I was exhausted. Collapsing together on a bed we slept for six hours.

To Be Continued...


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