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Maria's Hunger
Pt. II: The First Evening
by MiamiCuban

In our first afternoon Maria had been transformed from a sexually inexperienced housewife into a willing participant to a new lifestyle. In her first hours in Miami she had been finger fucked at the airport parking lot, had performed oral sex while in a crowded expressway, had her first bisexual experience with my wife and lost her anal virginity to my willing member.

After such prolific copulation, stoned on wine and weed, we slept for six hours, waking up at 10p.m, then dressed to go out on the town. My wife and Maria both wore black. Elizabeth wore a mid-thigh dress with a low cut front showing off her cleavage while Maria wore a one-strap dress. They both looked sensational, their round nipples showing hard on the thin material of the garments.

"I've used your mouth and your ass," I told Maria, "Before morning I will have your third hole. When your husband arrives tomorrow afternoon he will find you well-fucked."

She smiled. Her nervousness had disappeared with the enjoyment of her first threesome.

"We will go to several places tonight," I said, "and you will obey me blindly. Do you understand?"

She nodded in acceptance.

* * * * *

I had been in Miami for an afternoon and my life had changed. I went from inexperienced I've-never-fucked-anyone-but-my-husband housewife to performing a threesome. I felt like a slut, but it felt good, felt erotic. I was a bad girl and suddenly I enjoyed being a bad girl. I was somewhat apprehensive about the way Rick treated me, but he also made me wet just by the way he ordered me around or looked at me with a twisted grin.

We walked to a nearby club and Rick did not dance but allowed his wife and I to dance with each other. We did a couple of fast numbers and when a slow one came we went breast to breast, her nipples against mine and I could feel guys at the bar staring and making comments but I did not care. I belonged to Rick and Elizabeth. I was their toy. I was enjoying not wearing panties and the way men stared as I crossed and uncrossed my legs.

We had been smoking weed and drinking hard liquor and I was looped. When Elizabeth and I returned to the table, we found that Rick was talking to a friend. The man, introduced as Jerry, winked at me with a knowing look. Within minutes, his hands were groping me in the darkness of the booth. My nipples felt like hot coals.

* * * * *

Jerry suggested the four of us walk to his condo a couple of blocks away. I told Maria to walk a few feet ahead of us, so people would think she was alone. Before she had cleared the nightclub parking lot a young college student coming in the opposite direction gave her the eye.

"Hey, buddy," I said, "You like that meat?"

"Sure," he answered, taken aback by my question.

"She's one my sluts," I answered as we all stopped, "want to play with her?"

"You her pimp?"

" I don't make money from sluts, I just use them. They like it and I like it."

We walked a few feet to an alley where we stood behind a large Dumpster. Maria's eyes were wide, nervously darting back and forth between us. She was feeling doubts again.

"Maria, my obedient whore," I said looking directly at her, "I want you to beat this young man's meat and tell him a little about yourself, about your sex life, so he can come comfortably."

She nodded slowly. She was terrified but I could sense her excitement.

"You," I said to the man with the college sweatshirt, "feel her up but no penetration, is that understood?"

He agreed with a leer. The show was on.

* * * * *

My God, I couldn't believe what was happening! I had enjoyed the threesome and even looked forward to an orgy with Jerry included, but now Rick was ordering me to masturbate a stranger in a public place!

I had to obey him. Just the way he said those words, the inflection of each sentence, I had to obey. I reached over and unzipped the man's pants as his hands caressed my breasts. His cock was thick, with a large mushroom head. I took his dick in one hand and stroked back and forth, building up a rhythm, while the fingernails of my other hand scratched lightly at the pouches of his testicles.

"Talk to him."

"My name is Maria," I said to the college boy, as I looked him in the eyes. "I am a happily married woman... but I am also a fuck toy to this couple. He fucks me in the mouth and ass and she eats my like that? You like to think of her eating my pussy?"

"Yes, I do."

"Your dick is sooo hard....oooh, baby, I feel like such a whore...a puta, as they say in Spanish. You like feeling me up? See how wet I am?...I'm a married cock sucking puta..."

I was enjoying this now. Really enjoying it. I pumped his meat back and forth and he was gasping, moaning.

"Yes, you heard me..." I continued. "I am a free whore...I don't charge but I am a puta... and my husband knows it. He will join us tomorrow and watch this man fuck me...would you like to fuck me? Come in my ass?...Think how it would feel to have my tongue licking your hairy balls...cum now, yes, baby now."

He came in a long spurt. I milked his dick well and used a handkerchief to wipe my hands, as my three companions cheered my performance.

We headed back to Jerry's condo where we wound up in a balcony overlooking the beach, smoking weed and drinking white wine. The four us kissed and undressed each other out in the open balcony. I was burning up, dying to be fucked.

"Her husband comes in tomorrow," Rick said to Jerry about me, "I appreciate your help in fucking her tonight. One dick is not enough to break in a slut properly."

Elizabeth laid down on an air mattress in the terrace and I went down on her, tasting a woman for the first time, feeling her juices on my lips and face. It was wicked and dirty and I lapped her clit as she bucked and grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her wet snatch. Then I felt Rick entering me, like a pile driver slamming into my wet cunt. Jerry moved towards Elizabeth's face, his thick summer sausage of a dick penetrating her mouth, sliding back and forth, back and forth as she opened her legs and pushed upwards, pressing her mound against my face...

* * * * *

It was a great foursome. We came together; four naked bodies piled on an air mattress in an open balcony. After the first shagging we moved indoors, where Jerry nailed my wife right in the living room, doggie style, Elizabeth was moaning with pleasure, grinding back against his thick dick. Maria and I watched as we smoked weed. She was exhausted from her experiences. I still had one or two more ideas to be applied before the night ended.

"Call Carlos on the phone," I said, "and tell him about your adventures today."


"Of course. I will dial it for you. Hello, Carlos, I am glad you are home. I have a cock sucking slut that wants to talk to you."

* * * * *

I felt awkward talking to Carlos even though I knew it would turn him on.

"Hello," I said, "I am to tell you...what happened today..."

"Are you okay?"

"Yes. I'm fine. A little nervous..."

"Did you do them both?"

"Yes. Rick and Elizabeth both.... He fucked every hole. My ass also..."

"Did it hurt? Did you like it?" His breathing was deep. My husband was enjoying visualizing me in a threesome.

"Of course it hurt but it turned me on...and Jerry, their friend, also fucked me and I masturbated a college boy in a parking lot...I've had so many orgasms I've lost count."

"You busy slut," Carlos said delighted, almost gasping, "Did the college boy feel you up?"

"Yes, he felt me up. He touched me all over, but Rick fingered me the best, right at the airport parking lot."

My husband was breathing hard. Was he masturbating?

"Enough," Rick interrupted, "he will come tomorrow. He's heard enough."

After all those orgasms I was still hot and my confession to Carlos had provided a new sexual flush. Rick knew it, smiling as he looked at me.

"That made you hot?" he asked after I finished the phone call. "Yes."

"You ready for more adventures?" "Yes."

"Jerry hasn't experienced you yet. He has been rather busy with Elizabeth, but soon we will both double dick you. I will take your mouth and he will take your cunt. Would you enjoy that?"

"Oh, yes...a lot." I felt like a whore. I wanted two cocks at once.

* * * * *

I poured a scotch for Maria and lit up a joint. Jerry and Elizabeth joined us at the bar, all four of us getting high, fondling each other in between drinks and joints.

"What do you think of Maria's ass?" I asked Jerry as my hand ran over her smooth cheeks.

"Incredible," he answered, "like Jennifer Lopez. I want it."

"I will grant you her culo," I answered, "and Elizabeth will join us and I will take Maria's mouth. Do you hear that slut? You will swallow my load."

* * * * *

I had lost all inhibitions. I was a willing participant. Yes, I wanted cocks and tongues in every hole and to feel three pairs of hands on me at once...I was taken to a bedroom where we piled on the bed. Elizabeth licked my nipples and fingered me as Jerry entered my behind. Rick stood in front of me and rubbed his dick on my face, caressing my neck with the tip of his cock.

"Tell me what you want?" he said.

"Your dick," I answered, "I want to suck your cock. Please fuck my mouth."

I took him deep in my mouth as Jerry bucked his hips against my rear, his long fat dick reaming my asshole. Elizabeth nibbled at my nipples, chewing them and I felt an orgasm as I've never thought I'd experience, a tremendous jolt as I bucked back slamming into the hard dick penetrating my behind. It was incredible!

* * * * *

Maria had a very fast orgasm. She trashed about in the bed making animal grunting noises as she attempted to deep throat me and clenched her ass cheeks around Jerry's cock. She whimpered in delight as Jerry opened her round cheeks, slamming deeper into her. Her orgasm was so intense that she almost fainted. Feeling fatigued and totally exhausted she went to sleep laying on an easy chair overlooking the open terrace.

"Let's all rest," I said to Jerry and Elizabeth, "Maria's husband arrives tomorrow and he deserves our best as sexual hosts."

"I'll give him my best," said Elizabeth, "all of my best."

To Be Continued...


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