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Maria's Hunger
Pt. III: Her Husband Arrives
by MiamiCuban

Carlos was coming to Miami from Newark on a late afternoon flight. After his wife Maria's phone call the night before in which she had related participating in a foursome and even masturbating a stranger in a parking lot, Carlos was thrilled and anxious to join us all at the beach cottage.

I orchestrated his reception committee. Elizabeth and Maria were both ordered to dress in similar outfits consisting of a black dress for Elizabeth and a green one for Maria. Both garments were cut low in both front and back with provocative side slits. High heels and black hose with garters completed the attire. The only underwear allowed was a dental floss thong and the lone jewelry consisted of matching spiked dog collars, worn around their necks. As the girls walked, their breasts bounced and their asses jiggled drawing stares from passer-byes. Both women wore candy-red lipstick and blue eye shadow that make them look like twin sluts. They were dressed for a party.

The three of us waited for Carlos by the airport gate. He arrived with a nervous walk, in a hurry to see his now sexually experienced wife perform in a foursome, to see her penetrated by me, another man, or orally satisfied by my wife. Yes, Carlos was eager to join the orgy and his wife was a happy, well-fucked woman about to be fucked some more.

* * * * *

As we walked through the airport towards the gate where my husband was due to arrive, I felt men ogling me, eating me with their eyes. Twenty-four hours before I would have blushed but now I enjoyed it, felt my nipples harden as they rubbed against the fabric of the dress. Yes, I thought, look on, check out my nipples, my tits. Do you desire me? Would you like to fuck me?

Then my husband was standing in front of us; his eyes riveted on Elizabeth and I, the twin sluts. I smiled at my husband licking my lips. He kissed Elizabeth and I in the mouth, two long wet kisses that drew stares and comments from travelers walking past. I did not feel apprehension or shame. I was ready to do anything with anyone while my husband watched or participated.

Elizabeth went down on Carlos right as our car pulled out of the parking lot.

"You seem a little tense," she said, unzipping his pants, "let me relieve the stress and you will be much readier to enjoy the festivities."

Seconds later I was watching my husband's cock enter Elizabeth's lips. It was erotic, exciting to watch my friend and new lover swallowing my husband's meat. Rick drove but readjusted his mirror so he could look into the back seat.

Elizabeth's head moved up and down as Carlos was mesmerized by the oral performance, her tongue licking the underside of his mushroom head, her teeth nibbling at the hard roll of flesh that emerged from his pants.

"Talk to your husband," Rick said, "Tell him what a whore you are."

"Yes," I said, "Carlos...I am a puta. I fucked Rick and Elizabeth and their friend Jerry and I even masturbated a stranger, a college boy in a parking lot. And I went out without underwear and flashed strangers at the bar, letting them see my nipples and pussy. I loved it, honey. Two men have fuck me up the ass and tonight you will be the third. You want to fuck my ass, Carlos?"

My husband only grunted in agreement as Elizabeth deep throated him, her fingernails raking his thighs as her lips and tongue made magic on his cock.

"She's good, Carlos," I continued, "she's sooooo goood. I know for she has licked me and I have tasted her. She's very good, isn't she?"

Carlos ejaculated in Elizabeth's mouth, collapsing back on the seat.

"This..." he said, "it's better than I could ever imagine."

"The day is still young," Elizabeth said, "and I never tire of cock."

* * * * *

No sooner had Carlos been released of tensions, relaxed by my wife's soothing blowjob than I pulled into the parking lot of a bar.

"We gonna watch a show?" Carlos asked.

"Yes," I answered, "your wife is going to strip on stage in front of strangers."

"Are you serious?" Carlos asked in disbelief. It was impossible for him to fully comprehend how much his wife had changed in only twenty-four hours.

"My friend Jerry who fucked Maria last night owns this bar. It is not a strip joint but it does have a small stage with a fair sound system and that's all we need. Jerry's customers are in for a treat. Maria will be the only and only star tonight unless Elizabeth also wants to participate."

"Why not?" Elizabeth said, looking at Carlos, "Want to see me get naked onstage?"

"Oh, yes," Carlos said, "I can't believe this is happening."

"I'm not asking Maria," I said, "because she has no choice. I know what she wants."

Maria nodded in agreement and ran her tongue over her lips. She was nervous but willing.

There were about fifteen customers in the tavern, several of them construction workers coming off the day shift, cooling down before heading home to the family. Only three of the bar clients were female. Most heads swiveled our way as we entered, both women looking alluring in their elegant clothes.

Jerry took our wives backstage to prepare the strip show while Carlos and I drank beers.

"So what do you think of your wife?" I asked Carlos.

"It's amazing," he answered, "It took me months to convince her to accept the concept and now she's a bitch in heat. Did she really do all those things?"

"She did. She was hesitant and scared at first but after a little spanking and some good sex she caught on fast."

"I still can't believe it."

"Believe it. Here comes the first performer." The stage lights went on and the sound system vibrated with the fast beat of a Jamaican steel band. Elizabeth strutted out on stage and began swiveling to the music. She was experienced, having occasionally stripped on amateur and wet T-shirt contests. My wife loved and audience and her body undulated as she removed her garments. I lit a cigarette and looked at Carlos.

"You'll be fucking her real soon," I said, "and she loves new meat."

Carlos only nodded. He was into the whole scene but still had a pinch-me attitude. It took Elizabeth two songs to strip naked, her tanned skin glistening under the lights, her nipples hard, her bush exposed and her ass for all to see. A couple of customers made remarks and she smiled, bumping her hips their way.

Maria did very well. She was hesitant at first, but did some sensuous dance movements that brought comments from the enthusiastic customers.

"Yeah, baby. I wanna see you get naked."

"Wooo!!! I want to take her home."

She smiled and stripped with enthusiasm, playing to the audience at times, while focusing on Carlos in other moments. She stripped slower than Elizabeth, doing a three-number set. As she Completed her strip she looked magnificent, totally uninhibited and completely turned on. Her moist thighs glistened under the stage lights.

"I have no words to express what I feel," Carlos said, "except to perhaps say that I have never been as horny as I am now."

"Then let's take care of it," I remarked, "Both of our naked wives are waiting for us in a playroom Jerry keeps back there for little perverted games like these. He will join us, of course."

Carlos only nodded some more, still amazed.

* * * * *

It was incredible. I was a mother, housewife, schoolteacher and I was stripping naked in front of strangers. At first I was nervous, but the booze consumed and the erotic situation made me enjoy the moment. I liked the way both men and women looked at me as I undressed to the music. A construction worked winked at me, a black man in a telephone company uniform flicked his tongue and a mousy secretary with glasses pouted as I exposed my pussy a few feet from her face. Others, a muscular youth in a black shirt, a pot bellied man and a man in a jogging suit remained calm, not showing much in their staring, but I knew they had to be boiling inside, wanting to fuck me.

I looked straight at Carlos and I saw amazement as he sat frozen looking at his wife undress on stage. There was something else in his countenance, in his eyes, a hunger to experience the joy of total lust.

After that gloriously erotic strip, in which I loved prancing naked in front of strangers, Jerry ushered Elizabeth and I to a room behind his office. It was an interesting place furnished with a small bathroom, a couch, floor mat, massage table, a machine that looked like a mix between a leather easy chair and a solo flex machine with straps attached, and a small bar with a couple of stools. I also noticed the walls were sound proof and covered with erotic art.

I drank a soda to replenish my system. Jerry undressed casually as neither Elizabeth nor myself bothered to dress. I did not know what was going to happen but I assumed it did not involve me wearing anything.

Within two minutes of Carlos and Rick entering the room, we were all naked. I was flat on my back on the floor as Rick fucked my wet pussy and Jerry straddled my face, his long dick sliding on my tongue. As I sucked dick I looked at the couch, where my husband sat naked as Maria sat on his meat, his cock disappearing into the hole between her legs.

I was now watching my husband fornicate with another woman. Elizabeth was whispering something to Carlos but I could not figure out what was being said. It was insanely erotic and it did not take but a few minutes for all of us to orgasm, our moans echoing in the small room. I swallowed Jerry's load and stayed flat on my back on the mat, breathing hard, until I heard Rick commanding me to wash up.

* * * * *

When Elizabeth and Maria went to wash I lit a joint and passed it around. Carlos looked drained.

"Think you can get it up one more time?" I asked him.

"I don't know," Carlos answered, "I just had the two greatest orgasms of my life."

"Well," I answered, "it will be even better in about an hour or two. We will do some smoking and drinking and talking and we will relax for a while to prepare for something special. I have something planned."


"It's a surprise, Carlos."

After we all washed up, Jerry put his clothing back on and went back to tending bar until needed, while the four of us sat around naked, smoking and drinking.

* * * * *

My husband was drained but I felt relaxed. I had experienced so much and enjoyed the games to such a degree that I was totally calm, willing to do anything that I was ordered to do, no matter how bizarre it might sound to a "normal" person. It is hard to explain. I had been nervous and afraid to make the leap, but now I had crossed the threshold of morality and discovered the Magic Kingdom, a Disneyland of fornication to which I was quickly becoming addicted.

We smoked grass, drank wine and Rick became the moderator of our erotic story telling, aimed at exciting us once more, preparing us to enjoy the next round of whatever he had planned. Elizabeth broke the ice by telling how she had lost her virginity in high school, her boyfriend fucking her in the back seat of a Buick. Her narrative was very sexual, describing the thickness of her lover's dick and how he enjoyed mounting her.

Rick told a story of how he had seduced a friend of his mother, a married woman who craved young cock. The affair lasted two years and he even fucked her ass in the pool shed of her house while her husband played poker with friends in the dining room. My husband surprised me by telling how he had an affair with a French instructor in college, a woman I had known. She had masturbated him in her office in the Language Department.

Then it was my turn. I told them that I had married virgin and had little to tell, but I did remember an incident I deemed worth telling. While in high school I had spent summers at a beach in the Jersey Shore. Our family rented several units there and I would spend a couple of weeks with cousins and relatives I did not see during the year. On the first night, I was alone in my hotel room and decided to step out to the balcony to drink a soda and watch the traffic pass on the highway across the parking lot. As I stood there sipping a Pepsi, I looked down and realized that I could see into the living room of the unit one floor down and across. The curtains of the room were open about halfway and to my surprise I saw my aunt Silvia, who was a divorced mother of two teenagers, making out in the couch with a hotel lifeguard about my age. I stood in the balcony, in the darkness and watched as the young man with curly hair undressed my aunt. He took her right on the couch, doggie style and I could not hear them, but I imagined what they said as they fucked. It was very exciting and I touched myself as I watched, wondering what it would be like to be penetrated...

There were more stories. Elizabeth admitted to having a college affair with a man fifteen years older. He was a swimming coach who had shared her with others. On one occasion, four of them had used the college's pool for a midnight orgy in which a lot of fucking took place in the almost empty building.

Rick ordered me to stand up interrupting the sexual narratives.

"This is going to be delicious," he said as Elizabeth led me towards this Swedish furniture that was part easy chair part chrome gadgets and straps. I was told to close my eyes while I felt hands place a padded harness around my waist. A contraption was placed around my neck, momentarily replacing the dog collar.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"You will know soon," he said, "trust me. Relax now."

The machine had some kind of pulley system and I was naked, suspended doggie style a few inches of the ground. All my orifices were at the perfect height to be entered comfortably. I liked the position, the feeling of being tied helpless, open for the taking. The only thing that puzzled me was the gadget around my neck that did not allow me to turn my head.

Jerry entered the room and stripped down. To my surprise, Elizabeth and Rick set up a row of metal chairs and my four playmates sat down looking at me suspended like a mannequin on a store window.

"This part you will enjoy," Rick said, "One of the men in the audience tonight is a trusted friend of mine. In a few minutes he will open the door behind you, enter this room, strip naked and fuck your pussy without saying a word. Since you are not able to turn your head you will never see him. You will not know who he is, what he looks like or even the color of his skin. You remember the men who saw you strip? One of them is going to fuck your pussy and we will watch but you will not know who's doing it to you. You like this?"

"Sounds different."

"Do you like this?"

"I love it. I feel like such a whore..."

"You are a whore. Now we will get you ready."

Elizabeth stood next to me, holding a piece of ice, which she ran up and down my spine, barely touching my skin. The tip of the ice wedge continued to travel down the cracks of my ass to my cunt lips. I bucked in space, twisting like a marionette on strings. Jerry standing in front of me tapped my face with his cock. I opened my mouth to receive him, but he seemed content with rubbing his dick all over my face. Rick's fingers probed the outer edges of my pussy as my husband sat on a metal chair leering at the scene. I became very aroused, ready to be fucked. My body needed a cock, yet they all stopped and sat down in front of me. We waited for perhaps a minute as the four of them looked at me, wet with lust, placed in a doggie position in mid-air, waiting to be fucked by a stranger.

I heard the door open and close. I tried to turn but could only glance forward at the excited faces of the audience of four. I heard noises of a zipper being opened and movements of a man undressing. Which one was he? The muscle boy, the black man or the jogger? Perhaps it was a construction worker or even the pot bellied man. It did not matter for I was willing to fuck them all. This concept of being taken by a stranger one can not see aroused me enormously. I was excited to a feverish heat.

I felt a hand caressing my legs. I waited, anticipating his thrust but nothing happened. What was taking him so long? Couldn't he tell I was ready to be entered?

The stranger began rubbing his body against mine. I could feel his naked cock press against the flesh of my thighs. I moaned loudly, sending a signal, enticing him but he continued to tease. I was ready and I moaned once more when I felt the tip of his meat rub against the lips of my pussy.

Still he did not enter me, his cock head moving up and down my slit like a painter's brush. I was almost in tears, moaning and trying to push back into the unseen man, wanting to feel his dick slide into me.

"You want him to fuck you?" Rick asked.

"Oh, God, yes. Please."

"He will not talk to you but he can be convinced. Ask for it, beg a lot and maybe he will enter you."

My skin felt feverish. His dick kept brushing the edges of my wet pussy, teasing me into frenzy.

"Oh, please," I said loudly, "I don't know who you are or what you look like but I want you to fuck my cunt. Take it, please...oh, please I beg you, don't tease me like this. Please fuck me. Fuck me like a whore."

The head of his dick was now touching my clit, the tip rubbing and twisting, yet not entering. I was whimpering in desire, twitching in my bondage, begging for the teasing to stop, for the roll of human flesh to enter me deeply.

"Please, whoever you are," I said loudly, "please fuck my cunt in front of my husband. Please stick it in me, fuck me, use me...oh, please fuck me now. I can't stand it...use me like a whore. I need to be fucked. Please fuck me." The stranger's meat slid through the wet folds of my pussy. I was suspended in mid-air, impaled onto a stranger's cock as my husband and friends watched. My orgasm was almost instant as his dick throbbed inside me. It was a jolting feeling, an unleashing of sexual atoms throughout the inner reaches of my soul. I went limp as the stranger unloaded inside me.

* * * * *

After our visitor left, Maria continued to hang from the machine like meat on a hook. I allowed her to rest for a few minutes then talked to her softly.

"You were magnificent," I said, "in many years of orgies I have never seen such raw hunger to be fucked. Are you ready for more?"

"Oh, Rick, I can't. I have zero energy..."

Jerry was setting up a video camera on a tripod.

"One more," I said, "your husband must now fuck your ass. It will be taped so you can have a great memory."

She nodded, understanding.

"Thank you, Rick," she said, her voice weak from sexual exhaustion, "thanks for making me feel like such a whore."

"I was happy to feed your hunger. Enjoy your husband."

As the camera taped I sat around smoking a cigarette watching Carlos fuck his wife's ass for the first time in their relationship. Maria's face was full of the joy of lust as he pumped her behind.

"A fantasy fulfilled." I said to Elizabeth.


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