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Missy's Hunting Trip
by Savage

Missy always hated the month of November because that is when deer season came in. I would usually spend 3 weeks in a camper with about six of my hunting buddies. I would only come home on Saturday night and leave on Sunday night to go back to our camper. Missy and I would normally spend Saturday night in bed making up for all the lack of sex from the previous week. Missy really hated being home alone and I would normally have to hear her complaining all day Sunday. Sometimes she would tease me that she might go and find another if she gets to lonely. I told her that if she got that lonely she could come out to the camp and I would take care of her. I never really expected her to take me up on that.

On Tuesday of the second week, I was in the camp getting ready to prepare some dinner when I saw Missy's Explorer coming up the old logging road. I knew the guys was going to tease me about this. She got out and gave me a big hug and a kiss. The guys all rode me a little but by the time dinner was over and it was night out, I was glad Missy was there because I was feeling a little horny myself. The guys all teased me about not being able to play cards because Missy would need my attention. Missy said not at all, she would play with us. I new then that I was in trouble. Missy couldn't play poker worth a damn and even if I won tonight I new Missy was going to lose big time.

We all got in Roberts camper, as he had the biggest card table. It was Robert, Missy, Gary, Steve, Hunter, and myself around the table in that order. Al could not get off from work this week so he wasn't there. The game was going good. Lots of drinking and laughing, mostly at my expense as Missy was doing just what I thought she would, lose. I ask Missy if she wanted to stop when she got down to about $50.00. She said she was planning on winning it all back; she just needed a good streak. Gary was the one raking in all the money. He was defiantly on a streak. After about 2 1/2 hours of playing poker we decided to take a break.

Missy and I went into my camper to stock up on more beer. I told Missy that she couldn't borrow any money from me when she lost all of hers, She got a little pissed by this and said she had something better that money and she might just have to anti up. Missy and I have always shared our fantasies with one another, and she knew I always wanted to see her with other men, but she always would get pissed if I ever brought it up for real. I knew that she was bluffing and didn't pay any mind to it.

Robert called everybody back to the table and we got down to some good poker. Missy held her own a little longer than I thought she would. We were all getting pretty darn drunk. Missy finally lost every bit of money she had. She looked at me like "What is it going to be." I decided to call her bluff. It was Steven's deal; he ante up and so did everyone else when Missy threw in her baseball cap. All the guys looked at me, I just shrugged my shoulders, and I really didn't think she would go threw with it. I one that hand and it was Hunters deal. Everyone anti up and Missy threw in a shoe, Steven told her that she would have to throw in both shoes as they bought together as one item. She didn't even argue the point; she just threw in the other shoe. This went on until she had lost her socks, and shirt. She then won a hand and got all her clothes back. She didn't even bother to put her clothes back on. That was when I knew she was actually going to go through with the whole thing.

She finally had lost all her money and her hat, shoes and flannel shirt again and it was time for her to anti up her blue jeans. Missy got up turned around and wiggled out of her jeans with her but facing everyone. She got them off and threw them on the table and looked straight at me as if to say, " Still don't believe me." I won that hand and I told her she could have her pants back, but she told me that if I wouldn't loan her money she didn't want her blue jeans as a loan either. It was my deal and everyone watched and Missy anti up her bra. Her nipples were hard on her 36 c breast. She threw her bra in while looking into my eyes the whole time. She looked around and she could see all the excitement in everyone eyes. She was truly enjoying herself as I noticed a wet spot in her panties. The only piece of clothing she had on. Upon the next round she had to ante up her panties. I tell you there was all kinds of sexual tension in the air. She stood up and turned around so!! that her butt was facing all of us. She bent way over so that her anus and pussy was clearly visible for all of us to see. Needless to say we were all hoping she would lose the next hand. She did and I thought that was going to be the end of the game for her.

We all anti up and Missy looked straight into my eyes and she said. "My ante will be a 3 minute blow job to the winner." All the guys looked at me. I really didn't know if I could handle those terms but what could do now, it had all ready went further than I ever imagined so I looked at her and said fine with me. Gary won that hand; Missy got up, crawled over top of me and pulled Gary's erect cock out. It was about the same size as mine, but it did have a curve in it that I thought was odd. She stated sucking and the guys started cheering her on. Her butt was face up on my lap so I started to rub it. I could really tell she was enjoying all this because I rub her pussy every now a then when I rubbed her butt. At about the 2-minute mark, Gary shot a load in Missy's mouth and some on her face. The guys really cheered at this. She wiped the cum from her face with her fingers and lick all the cum off. She looked at Gary and said, "Thank you very much, that was delicious."

By that time all the guys were horny as hell. Missy knew it because she said that if she lost the next hand she would be there little slut for the next 1-1/2 hours. She folded the next hand and got up on the table. She spread her legs and spun around so each man could get a good look at her wet pussy. Steven grabbed her hips and pulled her towards his mouth so her could lick her pussy really good. Missy leaned over and started sucking Hunter's dick while Robert played with her titties. Missy started to coming all over Stevens face. He then got up and took his dick out. Was Missy going to get a surprise here. Steven had a huge dick. He was at least 10 inches long and as big around as a child's arm. He rubbed it around her pussy before he started to enter her. When the first inch went in Missy tensed up. She knew she was about to get the biggest dick of her life. He kept easing the massive dick in her. She was loving it "This is the biggest dick I have ever felt. Fuck me all!! of you" Steven was slamming into her when she came again. Hunter started to pump in her mouth real fast and he pulled out a shot his load all over face and chest. This sent Steven over the edge and he shot his big load in her.

Robert took Stevens place between her legs, and I took position at her head. She was turning me on so much; I couldn't believe that I like her being the slut she was being. Robert was pounding her good and hard. Robert had good staying power and he didn't cum to easy. I didn't want to cum so I pulled away to get a little rest. Missy and Robert reposition themselves to where Missy was top of Robert. Gary went up behind them and started to lick Missy's asshole. Missy loves that more than anything and she started cumming and I didn't think she was ever going to stop. Robert started talking dirty to her. Telling her that she was a dirty little tramp and that she need a good fucking and that she was going to get it. Gary then got up behind her and started to ease he dick in her. I think Missy started cumming again and I don't think she ever stopped until it was all over with. Gary came in her but and then I took his place in her ass, then I came and Steven took my place. I didn't think her ass was going to be able to take such a massive cock. But it actually took it easier that her pussy did a few minutes prior to that. Robert finally came in her pussy and he was waiting on Steven to finish up. Steven came and pulled out of her ass and Missy rolled off Robert. Cum was flowing out of her holes as she laid back and looked at me as if to say "Told you I would."


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