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Maid in India
by Shintani

Nirali sighed softly as she prepared to open the door. Although she was home from university on break, her parents saw fit that she should still be working. It wasn't that she minded helping them out, it was just that she absolutely hated the job she was currently doing. But, this was her place, to help her mother and father run their business. Usually, if she was required to lend a hand, she ran the front desk of their motel, but today was different.

Her parents only retained the services of one maid during the winter season, and she had called out sick today. Instead of her mother filling in, her parents seemed to have no problem in assigning their daughter the unpleasant task of tidying up. Always the obedient daughter, Nirali would do as she was told to help the family out. After all, since immigrating to the United States from India, they had worked hard to build the family business and send her and her siblings through school. If they needed some sheets changed, or a toilet scrubbed, well, then, it wasn't her place to complain then, was it?

Upon entering the room, she noticed a faint scent in the air. Looking over at the nightstand, next to the disheveled bed, she saw the melted stumps of some scented candles. That would have to get cleaned up. Maneuvering her cart into the room, she quickly surveyed what she would have to do. The worst of the work was the bathroom, as always. Still, this room wasn't too bad, polishing up the mirror and scrubbing the fixtures didn't take her too long. Collecting up all the used towels and linens was another thing, they were scattered throughout the room. A pair of washcloths by the bed had a suspicious looking stain on them, Nirali had a good idea of what it was and was very careful in removing them from the floor. It was so typical, of the people who stayed, to not care about anything they did, or who would have to clean up after them.

While her parents tried to run a respectful establishment, there were still those couples who would utilize the motel for a quick, after hours rendezvous. This couple was only slightly different, the presence of a pair of overnight bags revealed that they were perhaps on a weekend liaison instead. After she finished the roundup of the towels, Nirali quickly changed the sheets, careful as to where she placed her hands. Didn't want to find any hidden surprises. Emptying the trash came next, through the clear plastic bags, she could see the various drink containers and birth control wrappers, yes, this room had been used for sex, apparently quite often. She disposed of the trash, and moved the maidservice cart over to the door, blocking it.

Vacuuming was to be her next task, and she tried to finish as quickly as possible. While doing so, she accidentally bumped the television set, turning it back on, but with the noise of the vacuum, she didn't notice. To occupy her mind as she proceeded to complete this menial task, she wondered what kind of couple had spent the night here, what had they been doing. Although the answer to that was quite obvious, it still intrigued her how easily some people would engage in illicit sex. She was no virgin herself, but still, her ultra-conservative parents controlled her dating very rigidly, and always made sure that she presented herself as a lady in public. Still, the thought of a couple, on a weekend getaway or whatever it was, engaging in that most intimate of encounters intrigued her. Had her attitudes towards sexuality been more liberal, Nirali would have identified her feelings as the beginning stages of arousal.

A flash of red caught her eye, interrupting her thoughts. Quickly, she shut the vacuum and bent down to retrieve the item that had captured her attention. It was a pair of lacy thong panties, somehow tucked away under the bed. She picked them up quickly, so as to not ruin them with the vacuum, and found a matching bra down there as well. During the evening's activities, they must have somehow gotten lost under the bed. Looking around for one of the overnight bags to put them in, she noticed that the television was turned on. The channel was turned to an adult entertainment network, on the screen, a happy couple was busily engaging in various lewd acts together. As she looked up to and was about ready to turn the television off, she saw herself in the mirror.

Considered pretty by most standards, Nirali was definitely of a petite build, and a bit on the short side. Her long black hair was tied behind her; the only makeup that adorned her face was the bright red dot on her forehead. Curiously, she looked down at the discarded undergarments she was holding. The color, bright red like her head marking, accentuated her dark complexion nicely. She had never owned such a scandalous outfit in her life; her own panties were always white cottons, with plain matching bras. Never anything lacy or seductive. A thought crossed her mind. Once, just once, she would like to see what such clothing would look like on her. The door was locked, she knew, and besides, her cart was blocking the way. Without giving it a second thought, Nirali placed the lingerie down on the bed, and began to shed her own drab clothes. First off was her sweatshirt, followed by the baggy sweatpants that she always wore when working. Next came her plain bra and unimaginative panties. A bit nervously, she pulled the tight thong up around her waist, it wasn't entirely comfortable, but as she looked in the mirror, she understood why so many wore them.

The bra was next; luckily, the woman who owned it was about the same size as Nirali, perhaps a bit less well endowed, as the lacy thing was a tight fit. Nirali admired herself in the mirror, giggling. The dark thatch of her pubic hair protruded from the panties, and her dark nipples were clearly visible through the red lace bra. Not bad, not bad she thought and went over to the woman's bag. She peeked inside to see if there were any other goodies for her to try on, but didn't see any readily available. What she did find, though, was better, much better. Withdrawing her hand from the bag, she came out with not one, but two vibrators. They were of differing designs, one realistic looking, the other a smooth plastic, but in her aroused state, Nirali decided that she wanted to try them out.

Sneaking back to the bed, as if there was someone around to witness her actions, she slowly sat up against the headboard, watching the action on the television, and slowly began to caress herself. Her long fingers stroked her pussy lips through the lacy material of her panties. From the thoughts she was entertaining, and the non-stop fucking she was watching on television, she was getting quite wet. Sliding her hand over the top of the waistband, she slipped her fingers inside the panties to directly stroke her cunt. She let out a slight moan of pleasure as she slid a finger inside her wet pussy, imagining that it was the hand of an unknown lover touching her in preparation for an evening of wild fucking. As she felt her juices flowing at that thought, she withdrew her fingers from her crotch, and slowly licked her own secretions off of them. Pushing the thin material aside, she took the smooth vibrator that she had found and teased her clit.

The buzzing vibrations felt so good, she slowly pulled the thong aside and started to slide the hard plastic toy inside. Her cunt was a tight fit for the toy, she manipulated it delicately, pushing it in and out of herself slowly, letting it linger on her swollen lips and clit. As she withdrew it from her cunt, and before thrusting it back in, she would turn it slowly, heightening the sensations she felt. As she lay on the bed, fucking herself with the smooth toy, she fantasized that it was a lover instead, ramming her pussy with his cock. Nirali looked around nervously as she fucked herself harder with the toy, her eyes catching the action on the television again. The pretty young blonde on the TV was taking a massive black cock inside her, screaming with pleasure. That gave Nirali an idea. She felt around on the bed for the other toy she found the realistic one. Finding it, she pulled the first toy out of her cunt, and slowly slid the larger dildo against her slick lips. While the new toy wasn't nearly as large as the cock on the man she watched on TV, it would do. Spreading her legs as if to take such a monster cock, she imagined being held down by a man, a very well endowed man who prepared to fuck her silly with his tool. She gasped loudly as she pressed the toy inside her, feeling the artificial cock stretching out her tight cunt. The lubricating juices she was dripping certainly helped as she thrust the cock into her hard and fast. Dexterous fingers manipulated her clit as she fucked herself deep and hard, screaming with pleasure.

Nirali's eyes stayed glued to the TV screen, her hands manipulated the dildo to mimic each thrust of the stud she saw. Her moans and screams matched the video slut as the artificial cock reamed out her tight fuck hole. The dildo felt so good as she slid it in and out of her cunt, her fingers furiously rubbing her clit as she came. Her cries of passion echoed through the empty room, drowning out the porn movie as it too came to a hot conclusion. Nirali lay on the bed, catching her breath before cleaning up. Yes, this had been a great way to kill time this morning; perhaps in the future she wouldn't mind this assignment to help out her parents. Little did she know that an even hotter experience was in store for her.

The next day, the regular maid showed up for work. Being in an unusually friendly mood, Nirali offered to help her out with the daily chores. Taking control of a spare maid cart, Nirali made a beeline for the room, the same room as the day before. When she opened the door, she knew that she was in luck. The detritus of the activities of the room's occupants lay before her. More cleanup for Nirali, but she knew just how much fun she could have with this. The normally fastidious girl didn't even mind that the bed sheets were conspicuously sticky as she changed the linens. Speeding through the tasks at hand, Nirali kept her mind focused on what she planned on next. To lay on the bed and masturbate furiously as she watched the porn channel, on a bed that had evidently been used for a hot night of fucking was such a turn on to her. There, that was it.

All of her clean up was done, and now it was time to play. Nirali lay back on the bed, stripping out of her mundane sweatsuit. Beneath, she wore a new set of undergarments that she had purchased the previous evening. The black lace of the demi-bra and the crotchless panties she wore contrasted sharply against her light brown skin. She rooted through the bag she found in the room. There! She found it. The rather large dildo that had brought her around the previous day. Easing herself back onto the bed, she flipped the TV on. As expected the porn channel was on, a brown-haired bimbo happily sucking down on her man. Without a second thought, Nirali parted her lips and wrapped them around the tip of the sex toy. Her other hand had wandered down to her crotch and had already begun to play with her wet pussy lips. Slowly, Nirali slid the cock into her mouth, mimicking what she was watching on the TV. The sensation of the cock sliding into her mouth, coupled with the two fingers that found their way into her cunt was electrifying. A muffled cry escaped her lips as she slid those long, delicate fingers in and out of her gaping hole. It felt so good, so tight as she finger fucked herself. Her juices were flowing; lubricating their path as a third digit joined in. Nirali moaned as the three fingers sawed in and out of her. She was so preoccupied with how good it felt, she failed to notice that her maid cart wasn't blocking the door, and someone was fumbling with a key out there. She arched her head back and wailed loudly as the door swung open.

"Who are you?" demanded a deep voice.

Nirali turned, shocked and surprised at the intrusion. She saw the man standing there, a wicked leer crossing his face as he watched the Indian beauty pleasuring herself on the motel room bed. "I-I...this is my parent's motel..." she stammered. "Please don't tell...tell of what you saw here," she pleaded. Nervously, she placed the dildo on the nightstand and tried to cover herself up with the sheets. The man closed the door behind him, locking it.

"Don't worry, sweetie, I won't tell. But that's my girlfriend's stuff you're playing with."

"I...I'm very sorry..." Nirali began to explain as the man drew closer.

"Tell me this," he asked. "Wouldn't you rather have the real thing? She's out shopping, I was going to get some rest..."

Without realizing what she was doing, Nirali slowly began to nod her head yes. At the slightest sign of her affirmation, the man climbed up on the bed next to her. He slowly pulled the sheets off of her, revealing her exotic beauty and grace to him. Her hard brown nipples showed clearly through the thin black lace of her bra, her dripping snatch was quite obvious beneath her skimpy panties. The man leaned in to kiss her softly, even as his hands found their way up sides, coming to rest on her breasts.

Nirali said nothing as she lay back in supplication to the man, the man who's room she had violated in her boldness. Her own wandering fingers found their way to the bulge in his pants, she knew what was to happen next. Even as he pulled her tits free of her bra, she was unzipping him, allowing his stiff cock out. A slight moan escaped her lips as his hot mouth enveloped her breasts, his hands and fingers massaging them, playing with her nipples, tugging on her. She wrapped her fingers around his stiff shaft, stroking him slowly as he pleasured her breasts. The man struggled free of his trousers as she continued to stroke him, his mouth unrelenting as he smothered her breasts with very welcome attention. Her hard nipples found themselves caught between his teeth, the feeling was incredible!

Nirali slowly spread her legs as the man climbed up on top of her, his mouth finding hers. Her dark brown eyes shined up at him as she felt his mammoth prick sliding oh so easily into her wet pussy. She smiled at the sensation, bright white teeth against her dark complexion beckoning him to her teasingly. His strong arms pushed her slender thighs up and apart as he drove himself into her. The girl was so tight, so wet from her previous activities as he rammed himself into her. She moaned slightly, calling him to her in her own tongue, he didn't understand the words but her meaning was clear.

In English, she would have been calling him to her "Fuck me, fuck me hard!" but the man did anyway, not comprehending her language but understanding what her body desired. His cock drilled the young Indian girl, his flesh pale against hers as he pounded himself into her pussy. She was so slick, so wonderful feeling as he fucked her. Her pussy's grip on his cock was amazing, the girl was no virgin but she was damn near close enough. Her legs were splayed up in the air, her pussy spread before him like a cheap whore. She grunted and groaned as his strokes into her grew faster and faster, her tits jiggled seductively before him as he slammed into her. Nirali's scream pierced the room as she came, screaming out to him. The man's pace quickened as he felt her cunt contracting as she came; his own orgasm was not long in coming. A few final, quick thrusts into her and his cock exploded, the sticky, gooey wad of his cum shooting out into her, filling her cunt to overflowing.

As his thrusts subsided, the viscous liquid oozed out of her well-used fuck hole and flowed out over the bed. The man held himself up over top of her, panting for breath as she looked up coyly at him. A smile of absolute delight lit up her face as Nirali asked if he and his girlfriend would be requiring any additional maid service that evening.


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