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Manda Pt. II
by Patrick

The return journey, from the beautiful lake setting where we'd just made mad passionate love. to Uncle David's house, became a series of childish tag and catch as catch can games interspersed with fierce, and sometimes incredibly passionate embraces, so when we finally arrived home we were both flushed and breathing quite heavily, a state that did not go unnoticed by Auntie Jenny! But all she did was grin widely and ask David if he was ever going to grow up.

I grinned to myself as I thought of how grown up he'd been at the lake -at least a part of him anyway! But when Auntie Jenny said that dinner would be ready in less than half an hour and we'd both better shower first, I was stunned, and more than a little embarrassed, when Uncle David grinned wickedly and said "Oh, both together, you mean?"

Auntie Jenny's response was an equally wicked grin and a tea towel thrown across the kitchen which landed on David's head and set us all off laughing, then David hurried me out of the room and down the corridor and pushed me into the bathroom, "You first" he said, grinning, "But leave the back to me, I'll be in soon"

Still laughing, and feeling incredibly happy, I quickly stripped off my clothes and slipped under a medium warm shower, firmly believing that David's final comment was just part of the joke from the kitchen. I was taken completely by surprise, therefore, when I felt a cold blast of air and turned around to find David just closing the bathroom door, a David that was totally naked and very, very aroused! As he moved into the shower cubicle and slid his arms around my waist and drew me to him, I managed to burble, "But what about Jen..?", when his lips descended on mine and stopped me from saying anything else.

By the time his lips moved away enough for me to speak, I was no longer capable of doing that, or caring about Jenny at all!, my body was back on fire again, and all I wanted was to feel his hands and his lips on me, and his big, beautiful cock inside me, and it seemed as if that was all that was on David's mind too as his hands roamed over my breasts and my ass cheeks, and his lips and tongue followed. It was even more crazy than at the lake, at one point I was standing, leaning back against the wall, with one of my feet up on the nearby basin, and David was on his knees with his face buried in my pussy, while the shower water cascaded down over both of us, and my body was shaking and shuddering like it had suddenly developed a fever! Then he moved me around so I was bending over with my hands holding on to the basin, and he slid his big, hard cock deep into my pussy from behind, and began to stroke into me as he leaned forward and cupped and fondled my breasts. Oh god, it felt soooo good!

This time, not a word passed our lips, even though the sound of the water running would probably have drowned our voices, it was as if we were both acutely aware of Jenny's proximity, so kept silent except for the slap of his balls on my ass cheeks and his thighs against the backs of my legs. I know I was very aware of the fact that Jenny was close by and could even burst in at any moment, and that seemed to add a new and exciting dimension to what was happening , and it wasn't long before his pounding cock was lifting me to an incredible explosion. I almost bit through my tongue trying to hold back the scream of ecstasy that welled up in my throat, but couldn't stop some of it squeezing out as a deep moan as my body went into a series of convulsions, and that seemed to urge David on even more, and he fucked his cock into me faster and faster, until a mighty groan came from him too, and I felt the sudden surge of his cum juice as it shot deep into my writhing pussy. His body went into a series of convulsions too, as his cock spurted and spurted his hot juices into me, and my pussy walls grabbed hold of his cock and milked it of every last drop.

He held me tight until the last shudder and shiver had rolled though our bodies, and his cock had softened and slipped from my pussy - along with half a gallon of his cum juice, that streaked down my inner thighs to be washed away by the cascading water. Then he slipped from the shower cubicle and, with a brief kiss on my lips, disappeared out of the door again, leaving me slumped, exhausted against the shower wall. After a short while the water began to rouse me from my semi stupor, and I completed the task of having my shower and dried off, before dashing to my bedroom and throwing on some loose clothes and heading for the kitchen.

David was already there, his arms around Jenny as she finished off the meal, and there was a momentary flash of jealousy as I saw how gorgeous and happy they looked together, but that soon left as I caught the aroma of the cooking and realized just how hungry I was. The meal was delicious, and the conversation was light and funny, with lots of running jokes at my dad's expense, and tales of some of the things David used to get up to when he was young, but succeeded in blaming on dad. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much, especially when I remembered that this visit was a 'punishment' for me, wow, wish all punishments were this good! Perhaps it was the delightful dinner with all it's accompanying laughter, or perhaps the sunshine of the afternoon, or the incredibly fresh air out in the country, or perhaps it was the two bouts of hot, horny lovemaking, I don't know for sure, but within an hour of dinner finishing I was yawning and almost falling asleep, so didn't take much persuading to go off to bed. After changing into my short nightdress and hopping into bed, I think I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, a deep, untroubled, dreamless sleep.

I had no idea what had awakened me, some sound that seemed to linger in an echo around the room, but as I lay in bed listening through sleep filled ears, I could hear only a distant, vague sound of music. My eyes were open, but only half focussed, as my mind struggled to make sense of things, then it came again, a half cry, half moan that seemed to reverberate momentarily through the house, and I sat up rigidly, fear creeping into me, not accustomed to country sounds, I had visions of some animal prowling around outside.

I quickly slipped from my bed and opened my bedroom door, and the faint sound of music became a little clearer, and as I looked along the passage I could see a flickering light coming from the lounge room. It drew me like a moth to the flame, despite my slight feelings of fear, and I slowly made my way down the darkened passage until I was standing in the doorway to the lounge. Here the music was much louder and the light from a number of candles spread around the room, much brighter, but I was still in the half shadow of the hallway. My eyes jerked wide open and I had to smother a gasp of shocked surprise. There in the centre of the room were Uncle David and Auntie Jenny, and they were totally naked, and they were making love.

Feeling a rush of embarrassed red to my face, my first reaction was to immediately turn and rush back to my room, but somehow my legs refused to obey my mind. I found myself standing there watching them touch and stroke each other's naked bodies, and it was the most erotic sight I'd ever seen. Oh, I'd once taken a peep at a porno video that one of my boyfriends had in his house, but somehow this was different, it was live and right in front of me, and I found myself becoming increasingly turned on. I could feel the incredible horny energies flowing between them, and they seemed to reach out and embrace me too. My eyes flicked back and forth over Uncle David's familiar naked body, enjoying the sight of it once again, and licking my lips at the sight of his rock hard cock which Auntie Jenny was gently stroking.

Then my eyes moved to Auntie Jenny, and once again I sucked in a sharp breath, she was absolutely gorgeous! A slim, toned body, browned by the sun, with high, firm and surprisingly ripe breasts with dark red nipples atop them that looked in the flickering candle light like miniature volcanoes. David was busy flicking his tongue over her nipples and they were already swollen and hard, and as his tongue moved it was almost as if he were touching me, as my own nipples started to swell and stiffen, my hand immediately coming up to rub them. Then David moved and my eyes widened as I caught sight of Jenny's pussy, it was totally clean shaven, god, it looked gorgeous. That thought pulled me up short, what was this?, was I going crazy?, I was getting turned on looking at another woman! So turned on that without me being aware of it, my other hand had crept between my legs and was slowly stroking my pussy. I half closed my eyes and groaned inwardly, at least I hoped it was inwardly as my eyes darted fully open and I held my breath, expecting any moment to be discovered. But they seemed totally lost in each other, so I continued to stand there and watch, one hand on my breasts, the other on my pussy, getting more and more turned on as each moment passed.

Then I heard David whisper hotly and urgently, "Oh Jenny, I've got to be inside you, I want to feel the walls of your pussy gripping my hot cock, I want to fuck you so much"

A light and slightly hot laugh came from Jenny, "You mean like you wanted your cock in Manda this afternoon?" she said, and this time I was quite sure my gasp was out loud, but they still didn't give any indication of being aware of my presence.

"Yes" said David without any hesitation, and my eyes widened, I guess I'd expected him to deny it, "Just like I wanted it in Manda"

A low moan came from Jenny, "and was it good being inside Manda?" she asked huskily.

"Oh yes" said David, "She's incredibly beautiful and incredibly sexy, and I loved making love to her"

I felt myself start to smile at this confirmation that he'd enjoyed it as much as me, and I was still smiling as Jenny rolled over and got to her hands and knees, and looked back over her shoulders at David, "Yes" she seemed almost to hiss, "Come into me, fill me with your big, beautiful cock, fuck me like you fucked Manda, fuck me hard!"

And as I watched, I saw David's big, hard cock, slowly disappear into Jenny's pussy, god I'd never seen anything so horny, I almost came on the spot, as my fingers dug deep into my steaming pussy following the subtle movements of David's cock as it moved in and out of Jenny's pussy, and she was moaning loudly and shuddering, and I'm sure I was moaning and shuddering too, my eyes half closed , just feeling the pleasure rushing through me.

Maybe I did moan out loud, too loud, because the slap of flesh on flesh as David's thighs slapped against Jenny's sexy ass, suddenly stopped, and as my eyes flew open I found them both staring straight at me. No!, my mind screamed, they can't see me here in the shadows, if I stay absolutely still, but then Jenny grinned, and lifting one hand from where it was resting on the couch, she beckoned to me, "Come over here, Manda" she whispered, "there's no point in pretending you're not there, we can see you clearly, come over here now"

I still hesitated, looking from one to the other, but neither seemed angry or upset, in fact both of them were smiling, so I slowly moved into the flickering candle light and across to where they were. Jenny immediately reached out with her hand and took hold of mine and guided me towards the couch in front of her, "Sit here where David can see you" she said softly, and I slumped down onto the couch.

Jenny glanced over her shoulders at David and smiled, "You're quite right, David, she is just so beautiful, but she wont need the nightdress, will she?"

I saw David's smile widen as he looked at Jenny then glanced over at me, "Oh no, I think it would be much better if that came off so you can see her incredible breasts" he said.

Jenny chuckled, "The ones she teased people with at the party" she said, then looked straight at me, "Oh yes, I'm really looking forward to seeing them"

I was sitting there in a state of shock, yet I was feeling so incredibly hot and aroused that I automatically reached down and hooked my hands in the hem of my nightdress and pulled it up over my head and tossed it aside. I told myself that I was doing it for David, but it was Jenny I was looking at as I did it, Jenny I was watching as her eyes roamed over my now naked breasts and body, Jenny that I was waiting to receive approval from, and I didn't even know why.

I heard David's groan of delight and desire as my naked body came into view, but I almost held my breath waiting for Jenny, then she smiled as hotly as I'd ever seen anyone smile, "Oh yes, so beautiful, so incredibly sexy, no wonder David loved to love you! I'm going to love to love you too!" she whispered.

This time I did gasp out loud, but what started as a gasp of shock came out sounding more like a gasp of delight, and when Jenny took hold of my legs behind the knees and drew my ass cheeks forward on the couch until my pussy was at the very edge, then leaned down and buried her face in my pussy, I let out a screech of amazed pleasure, and exploded on the spot, much to Jenny's delight as she found herself lapping up the copious juices pouring from my pussy. Then she lifted her head and grinned at me, "Mmmm watching us sure did turn you on didn't it?"

"Oh yes" I gasped, then I was looking at David and there was a new and even hotter lust in his eyes, and he was literally pounding his cock into Jenny's pussy, and she was squealing and shuddering.

"Oh yes, David, fuck me hard, fuck both of us hard" she cried, and immediately buried her face back in my pussy, and as David thrust into her, Jenny's stiffened tongue thrust deep into my pussy, so it was indeed like he was fucking the both of us.

Oh wow, this was amazing, unbelievable, being fucked by a woman's tongue for the first time as her husband was fucking her, it sent me into orbits of pleasure that I never knew existed, and from the sounds coming from Jenny and David, it was having the same effect on them. And then I was cumming again, my whole body arching and thrusting into Jenny's face as her hands stole up to play with my breasts, and I saw David stiffen too and heard him cry out, and I knew he was exploding his cum deep into Jenny's Pussy.

Then I felt the incredible vibration of Jenny's muffled scream radiate through my churning pussy as she exploded in orgasm too, and I was away in a different dimension again, floating in a purple haze of undiluted pleasure.

This time when I came back to an awareness of what was going on around me, it wasn't to find David mopping my forehead with a cool, damp cloth, it was to find both Jenny and David mopping my breasts with their hot, wet tongues! And my breasts were absolutely loving it, so for a long, long moment I pretended not to be back and simply enjoyed their ministrations. But then I knew that I wanted to do more, I wanted to find out what it was like to taste Jenny, and, to my surprise, that realization and that admission to myself didn't cause me any guilty feelings at all, I just knew I wanted it.

So I let them both know that I was back, and as they pulled away slightly from my breasts, I slid from the couch and quickly positioned myself between Jenny's legs and thrust my face forward onto her incredible shaved pussy. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but it didn't seem to matter, I just let my tongue run riot over and in her pussy lips and did what I thought would please me, and it obviously worked, because in moments Jenny was writhing and moaning and urging me on with her hands on the back of my head. I spread her pussy lips a little wider with my fingers and sent my tongue on a journey of discovery into her pussy, lashing lightly and then more forcefully at her stiff and swollen clitoris that seemed just like a miniature cock, then probing deep into her pussy and lapping up all the glorious juices I was finding there, Mmmmmm she was so sweet and tasty, I never knew it would taste like this!

As Jenny's ass cheeks lifted more and more frequently from the couch to thrust up into my stabbing tongue, I glanced upwards and saw that David was partially watching me, and partially sucking on Jenny's ripe breasts and rock hard nipples, and for whatever reason, that filled me with a warm, warm feeling, and I redoubled my efforts with Jenny's pussy. Then she was screaming wildly and bucking wildly as an enormous orgasm ripped through her, and my face was deluged with a flood of hot, hot, sweet liquid, which I proceeded to lap up as fast as I could. Oh wow, I was absolutely loving this! And even as I was frantically lapping up the juices I felt David move, sliding down and around me, and suddenly his hands were on my hips and he was lifting my ass up, and his big, hard cock was slamming deep into my pussy, and as he rammed his cock home, he was thrusting my tongue deep into Jenny, just as he had thrust her tongue into me previously, and Jenny started to spasm and shake and shudder all over again as she watched and felt David fucking me.

It wasn't long before I exploded too, and David only a fraction behind me and it was a sea of threshing , thrusting bodies, and loud groans and screams, intermingling as we exploded into each other. This time, I think all three of us were thrown into that dimension of intense pleasure where we floated in a purple haze, because it was an absolute age before any of us was capable of moving again.

When we did, David made us all a tall, cool drink and we lifted it in toast to each other. Jenny reached across and brushed her fingers over my cheeks, "Oh thank you Manda" she said, softly, then glanced at David, "We've wanted to share like that with someone for so long, I guess it's been one of our favorite fantasies" then she giggled, "Except it isn't a fantasy any more, is it?"

David looked at Jenny with such incredible love in his eyes that I almost choked up, and I did, when he turned and gave me the self same look! "And was the reality as good as the fantasy?" he asked quietly.

Jenny groaned slightly "Oh god yes, for me it was, I hope it was for you and Manda"

David nodded, a huge smile coming to his face, "Oh yes, it far outstripped any of my expectations", then he looked straight at me and said, " But then we did have a very special partner, didn't we?", and I felt the heat rushing to my face.

"Oh yes, very, very special" said Jenny, "I just hope we can repay her for what she's given us"

I looked at both of them as if they were nuts, "Repay me" I squawked, "I'm the one that owes, you've made me feel like the most special woman alive, and I'll never forget you for that"

David grinned and reached over and brushed his hands down over my breasts, "In that case, we're going to spend the rest of your holiday proving that you're special over and over and over again!

Jenny laughed - I laughed - then she took hold of David's semi erect cock, and raised her eyebrow at me, "Guess he might need some help before he can make you feel special again, shall we?" and she dropped her head down and started to lick his cock. I needed no second invitation! I leaned down too and started to run my tongue up and down Uncle David's rapidly thickening cock, occasionally dancing with Auntie Jenny's tongue and kissing her - much to the delight and arousal of Uncle David.

Oh well, I thought to myself, no point in fighting it, I'm sure there's much more 'punishment' to come, after all, daddy ordered it! and I must obey my daddy!! And I took Uncle David's hard cock deep into my throat, and punished myself some more, Mmmmmmmmmmmm.


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