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Moving In Pt. I
by Charlie

Mom owned a large house on a few acres only 45 minutes from the city. It is a two story place with a huge rumpus room downstairs equal to the size of the upstairs. There was a spare bedroom, shower, toilet & a small kitchen. But the main area was all, open. It led out to the yard & pool. A 10ft high hedge surrounds the whole back yard area. She had been renting the downstairs out. But recently her border moved out. She needed the rent for the upkeep of the house & that's where I come in. I was living in a room at my mate Baz's studio & he had been told he had to be out in a month. The place had been sold & the new owners wanted it for an import business. So I decided to approach Mom.

'You need a border don't you mom'.

'Yeah I sure do, I can't afford the upkeep on this place without it.'

'Well how about if I move back in.'

'What live downstairs?'

'Not me exactly, but I'll get to that. No I want my old room back & I'll pay you $300 a week, room & board.'

'That's too much.'

'No it isn't, I can afford it.'

'Well if your sure, I'd love to have you back here.'

'One thing mom. I see you're not wearing a bra under that "T" shirt. So you still don't like wearing bras. Do you still like getting around in sexy gear or naked?'

'Yes, but if you don't want me to I won't.'

'No mom I want you to, I love seeing you in sexy gear & besides I love being naked too.'

'Prove it Steve, take your clothes off.'

I did as she wanted & when I took my pants off & turned around she was starring at a hard cock.

'Steve you've got a hard on.'

'Well it's a bit hard not to seeing your tits wobble around under your "T" shirt. Now you get your gear off.'

'I'm not sure I should looking at your hard cock.'

'Go on mom get it off. I promise I won't touch you, that is not unless you want me to.'

When she stripped off I asked her to come & sit beside me on the lounge, that I had a proposal for downstairs. She wandered over not taking her eyes off my cock & sat so close to me I thought she was going to sit on my lap.

'Well mom you need to rent out the rumps room don't you.'

'yeah I sure do.'

'well, my mate Baz wants to rent it off you as a studio & he's willing to pay you $2000 per week. That's $1000 cash in the hand & $1000 through the books.'

'Fuck that's a lot of money just for a rumpus room. What's he doing drugs?'

'No mom no drugs. It's like I said he wants it as a studio, it's ideal for what he's doing & he's willing to pay well for it.'

'What's he into then, porn?'

'In a nutshell, yeah he's into making porn movies.'

'What's your involvement?'

'I'm in the movies.'

'You're a porn star, my sons a fucking porn star?'

'Yes mom & I love every bit of it.'

'How the fuck did you get involved in fuck movies,'

'Well, Baz was my Tech Drawing teacher. You remember Mr Haze don't you? Yeah anyway, he caught me wanking when I was 14yo & invited me around to his place. We sucked each other off & he introduced me to porn movies. He was making gay pics at the time & I was fresh meat. Since then I or we haven't looked back. He makes them full time now.'

'You mean he is making kiddie porn?'

'No mom. Back then we preferred to call them "young" movies. He still makes gay & BI movies but now has gone onto other things now. It's actually a specialist field. We're into mature women & incest movies. Mainly younger boy/older women, son/mom, grandson/granny, father/son, brother/sister that sort of thing.'

'incest, hell. So you actually sell these movies?'

'Yes mom, we can't make enough of them. Baz has a factory turning out thousands of finished movies a day. There's a big demand for them.'

'You actually like doing this sort of thing?'

'Sure. For one it pays well, Baz pays me a flat $5000 a week. For his money he gets someone to help him & a porn star that loves his work. I love sex, any sort of sex. Especially with older women & it's even better when I'm in a mom/son incest movie. I really get into it. I like to pretend it's you whose tits I'm sucking & whose cunt I'm ramming my cock into. Yes mom I love doing this sort of thing, I actually get to act out my fantasies, I'm only 18yo so I've got a lot more movies in me yet.'

'You have a mother fetish, you want to actually fuck me, your mother?'

'Sure, you're a horny piece of arse & I'd love to shoot my cum up your juicy cunt.'

'You couldn't mean that. I'm old, fat & my tits have sagged.'

'Mom your only 45yo, mildly plump & have big sexy tits. Really mom you're a mature sexy women. Baz reckons you're the horniest piece of arse he's seen & believe me he's seen plenty. Remember what I said mom. I won't touch you unless you want me too. So what do you say? Can I move back in & can Baz rent downstairs? Keep in mind mom your going to get to see a lot of naked people & a hell of a lot of fucking. Which I'm sure you will like. Also there's the money side of it.'

'Yeah lets do it. You really think I'm sexy?'

'Mom look at my cock it's still rock hard & I'm dribbling pre-cum. All from just sitting beside you perving at your luscious big titties.'

'Yeah I noticed it hasn't gone down in the last 1/2 hour, just like when you were living her before. Do you want to go to your room for a wank?'

'No mom. Can I wank here in front of you? I want you to see me cum.'

'Well, I shouldn't let you but ok just this once if you don't mind me playing with my cunt. All this talk has got me turned on.'

'OK, you play with your cunt & watch your little boy play with his cock. Do you want to watch your little boy cum mommy? Want to watch me play with myself mommy?'

'Yes Steve play with your cock, cum for mommy. I want to watch my little boy cum. I'm cumming already. I'm cumming Steve, I'm cummming, cummmmmming for my little boy.'

'I'm cuming too mommy.' And before she could do anything I quickly knelt up & shot my cum all over her tits. 'There mommy I'm cumming on your big titties, all that hot juicy cum squirting all over them.' I finished cuming & sat back down, mom had cum dripping off her nipples. She looked horny just sitting there with all my spunk on her.

'Oh Steve that was great. I haven't cum that good for a long time. I thought you said you wouldn't touch me unless I asked.'

'Actually mom I didn't touch you, all I did was cum on you & I never said I wouldn't do that.'

'Well I must admit I enjoyed it. Watching you cum & feeling it on my tits was so horny I came again.'

'So we can do it again then mom.'

'I suppose it's alright. So long as that's all you do & you keep the mommy thing up, it was horny hearing you.'

'Yeah mommy it was horny hearing you & I actually got to cum on your titties. I never ever thought I'd get to do that. I always thought it would be restricted to my fantasies.'

'Look at me Steve mommy's got cum dripping off her titties. Do you want to clean it up for me?'

'You mean I can lick it off?'

'If that's the way you want to clean it up then yeah, I want you to lick it off my titties. Come around & kneel between my legs that way they will be right in front of your face that way you can lick & suck all that delicious cum off your mommy's titties. Yeah that's it suck them baby boy. Suck mommy's titties you dirty little boy. I'll teach you to cum on them, you naughty boy. If you ever do that again I'll make you lick it all off as punishment. Oh yeah oh fuck lick it, suck that nipple, make sure it's clean. Suck your mommy's titties you little fucker. Yeah suck son suck, I like it. Don't stop sucking until I tell you. Your cocks all hard I can feel it pushing against my stomach. I suppose your going to cum on me again. Are you? Are you, you filthy little slut, your going to cum on your mommy again aren't you. Keep sucking my titties or I won't let you cum. Your making your mommy cum again, oh yeah I can feel your cock jerking against my belly. I can feel you're hot cum squirting all over me. Oh yeah suck my titties, cum on mommy, you're making mommy cum again. Cumming. Cummmming, cummmmmmming, little slut, filthy little slut, mommy's horny little boy. Oh Steve that was great. Did you like that?'

'yeah mom it was fantastic. Can I lick my cum off you again?'

'Ok but don't lick my pussy, just lick it off my stomach.'

I was back home after 3 hours. I went to the studio to get my things & inform Baz that he could start moving. I also told him of my progress with mom. Our plan of getting her in an incest movie was well on the way. We were going to let her watch production as much as she wanted, ask her for tips & give her as much sex as she wanted. We intended making a real incest mom/son movie. While I was there he was in the middle of a scene & he had one of the girls, Jan dressed as a young 14yo teen caught by her father screwing her brother. Baz needed a shot of cum oozing out of her cunt so as I needed a fuck real bad I fucked her. It really felt like I was fucking a little girl. Jan actually looks like she's only 12-13yo but she's almost 19yo. Baz got what he wanted & I got my rocks off.

When I got back home mom was dressed in a red 1/4 cup bra, stockings, suspender & crotchless panties. I sort of settled in my room, stripped off & went out to the kitchen. Mom was getting dinner ready. I moved up behind her & put my hands around & cupped her tits. 'you look sexy mom. Do you mind if I hold your tits?'

'It's alright I'd like you to. Can I hold your cock?'

'Sure mom.' I moved to the side a little & she took hold of my hardening cock.

'Can I wank you Steve?'

'Yeah mom so long as I can keep playing with your tits.' Mom wanked me & it was a feeling I'd never experienced before. It was completely lewd. She wanked me to orgasm & I came all over the cupboard. 'Mom that was great, feeling your hand on my cock was fantastic. I'd like to do that again.'

'Well mebe after dinner.'

'Ok but first thing after dinner there are a few things we have to talk about.'

'I'm intriueged.'

We ate our dinner, cleaned up & sat on the lounge together with a drink.

'Just a few things you should know. You're going to see me fucking & sucking a lot of women. Some very mature. One of our part timers is 68yo. Also you will see me with young girls, they are all over 18yo but they are made up to look as young as 11-12yo. You will also see me in stockings & panties a lot. And will hear me calling some of the mature chick's mommy a lot. You will also see me sucking cock, fucking another bloke or having a cock up me. You will see a lot of nudity, even the crew get naked. It helps with the atmosphere. After a days shoot we often get food in then we, well have a fuck session & I don't mind saying I don't care who I have my cock up. Male or female. If you want to watch the production you can & if you want a fuck anytime that's ok too. All the ladies are BI & I know you are so if you want a licking any of the girls will oblige. Every thing we do is legal, we just give the impression of underage boys & girls. All of our actors are recommended by the Porn Film Institute. We don't hire off the street. That way we can't get caught with under age kids. Our aim is to make top quality porn & our market is all the sleezebags like me & Baz that want to fuck their mommy's or sons/daughters. And believe me there is a fucking big market for what we do. Some in the industry think we're disgusting but they just aren't game enough to make incest porn themselves. Others think we are heroes but still won't get into it. So we're the only incest production company in the country & we're making a fortune. Don't get me wrong only Baz owns the company but he pays me well & I get a bonus of 20% out of the end of year profits. It's an incentive for all the help I give him. That little bonus can add up to a couple of hundred thousand dollars or more & for your help along with the rent he's willing to give you 5% bonus. But you will have to discuss that with him. Think of it mom that could add up to around $50 thousand plus a year on top of your rent.'

'This sounds all too good, plenty of money & all the sex I want. I suppose you will want me in a porno movie next.'

'Well that's up to you, Baz doesn't put pressure on anyone to do anything they don't want to. So what do you think, can you handle all that?'

'Yes it sounds all so exciting & horny at the same time, do you like wearing panties & sexy things & what do you think about when you're fucking your "mommy's"?'

'I love wearing girlie things & every time I plunge my cock into the horny sluts I pretend I'm ramming my hard cock up your juicy cunt. You're what makes me so horny & the reason I can cum so much. Some days I can cum 10 times over 8 hours. Look I'm ready to cum now.'

'I think men look sexy in panties & stockings. Would you put something on for your mommy?'

'Yeah I'll be back in a minute, I'll grab some of yours I know where they are.'

I came back out in all black stockings, suspender, crotchless panties & a sheer coat open at the front with my hard cock poking out.

'Well don't you look sexy. So you know where I keep things do you?'

'Yes mom I used to borrow gear when I was younger.'

'Oh son you've got me soooo horny. How about you just stand in front of me & wank then cum all over mommys titties. Then I'll let you lick it all off.' While I pulled on my cock she held her tits up & started with the dirty talk. 'you like your mommys titties don't you. And you like playing with your hard cock in front of your horny mommy. You're a dirty little boy, you look like a dirty little slut all dressed up in girlie clothes. I might make you wear girlie clothes all the time & you can be my personnel little slut. I'll make you cum on my titties all the time & make you lick & suck mommys titties clean each time.' All her filthy talk was making me pretty hot & I could feel an orgasm coming. 'mommy I'm going to cum, I'm going to shoot my hot cum all over your big titties. There you are, hot cum all over you, I'm cummming, I'm cummmming, cummmming all over mommys big floppy titties. Your making your little slut cum, you dirty slut of a mother. Oh yeah that's good. Hold your tits up so I can wipe my cock clean. Now I'm going to eat my spunk off you while I rub my cock against your sloppy cunt.'

'Your not going to try to fuck me are you Steve?'

'No mom I'll just rub my cock against you until you cum then I'll cum all over you. Do you want your slut son to cum all over mommys cunt?'

'Oh yeah get between my legs I need to feel your cock against me & get busy sucking up your cum I'm close to cumming.'

I wasn't ready to try to fuck her yet. I wanted her to get cock hungry. I had bigger plans for my slut mother.

End Part One

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