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Megan Pt III
by Patrick

For a number of days I saw nothing of Megan, and began to wonder if I'd upset her in some way during our last get together. Perhaps it had even run its course already, after all I was 56 and she a beautiful 23, I couldn't really expect to maintain her interest indefinitely, but I knew it wasn't over for me, every time she came into my mind my cock throbbed and stiffened and I'd imagine sliding it into her delectable pussy or her tight sexy ass, Mmmm, fantasized a lot over those few days.

Then, as I was leaving for the shops one afternoon I bumped into Megan's husband, and stopped to talk. He told me he'd had a slight work accident that had resulted in some arm lacerations, nothing too serious but he'd been given a couple of weeks off work to recover fully. I expressed my sympathies, and then, quite to my surprise, suggested that if he got too bored he was welcome to come over and take a dip in the pool. His eyes lit up, "Well, that's very generous of you" he said, "On a hot day like today that would be most welcome, and I'm sure my wife would love it too, if that's all right"

"Yeah, sure" I replied, "don't worry if I'm not around, just let yourselves in, I've noticed there's a couple of small gaps in the hedge between us, perhaps you can use one of those"

He flushed slightly, then laughed, "actually we did a couple of times when the house was empty and up for sale, I hope you don't mind" he said.

"Not at all, it's certainly too good a pool to waste"

Driving down to the shops after leaving him, I grinned to myself, understanding why Megan hadn't been over and realizing that although I wouldn't get to touch her, I might just get to see her around the pool and drool over that fantastic body of hers. My reason for going to the shops this time was to get some invitation cards, now that I had things sorted out at the house to my satisfaction I'd decided to hold a house warming party and invite some old friends and family. I was still on good terms with my ex wife, so had no hesitation in putting her name on my list, then, with a slight grin, I made the mental note to add Megan and her husband to the list. Mmmmm that ought to be interesting, ex wife and current lover in the same room, current lover and her current husband in the same room, Mmmmm what a warped sense of humor I have!

I set the party for a week ahead and sent out the invitations that day, I made it casual dress and structured it to start at 6pm when it was still light and usually still warm, and indicated that people were welcome to bring costumes and use the pool if they so desired. Then I worked on ordering all the necessary food and drinks. Megan and her husband did come over a couple of times for a dip in the pool and I would stand at the kitchen window and watch them frolicking happily together, and drool over Megan's sumptuous figure. On one occasion I actually took them out a cool drink, and as I stood and chatted briefly with Megan's husband on the edge of the pool, Megan in the pool behind him, and out of his vision, quickly lowered her bikini top and cupped her hot tits up at me as if offering them to my lips - god what a horny tease! And I loved it!

I went out that night and came back quite late, and as I walked through to my kitchen in the ever so quiet house, I reached up for the light switch, then stopped dead when I thought I heard a noise. Moving over to the window, I opened it slightly, and the noise became very clear, a deep moaning and the slap of flesh on flesh, and I instantly knew what was happening, Megan and her husband were making love out by the pool. I wondered if they'd noticed the faint flicker of light as I'd moved from the lounge to the kitchen, I doubted it, as it was clear they hadn't heard the car as it drove up or they would have abandoned their love making by now. But it still took a moment or two for my eyes to adjust to the dim light of the kitchen after the light of the lounge, so it was a moment or two before I could see them clearly out in the moonlight, then I groaned, and my cock almost exploded outwards through my track pants.

They were curiously closer to the house than the pool, and both totally naked, Megan was on her knees with her hands on the ground in front of her, and her husband was kneeling behind her feeding his cock vigorously into her pussy. They were side on to me and I could clearly see Megan's lush tits bouncing around as he fucked her hard, holding on tight to her hips as he thrust deeply into her. Then Megan turned her head and appeared to be looking directly at me, and a huge grin came to her face, and I knew! Knew without a shadow of doubt that she was aware of my presence, had in all probability set the whole scene up, that's why they were closer to the house, she wanted me to see, she wanted me to watch, she was teasing me in the horniest possible way. And I did watch, I couldn't drag myself away, I watched as her husband fucked her, and I got more and more turned on. My cock was suddenly in my hand, as big and hard as I can ever remember it being, and I was stroking it, stroking it in time with his cock slamming into Megan's eager pussy. And as he let out a guttural roar and shot his load deep into her pussy, my own cock exploded too, shooting it's load all over the sink, and Megan was looking at me, her body arched in the throes of an orgasm, and I swear she was looking straight at me, knowing that I was shooting my load over her. I turned quickly away, feeling drained, yet unexpectedly excited, what a bitch, what a hot, horny bitch, and I wanted her, wanted her more than ever, and I knew that's what she wanted me to feel.

I heard her giggle as they finished up and left to go back home, heard her husband whisper loudly in the still night air, "God, that was crazy Megan, what if William had come home", then her hot laugh.

"Mmmm, you got to admit it really turned you on honey, that thought of discovery, and if William had come home, well, maybe we'd have had to invite him to join us" she said.

I heard the sharp gasp, "Megan! What a thing to say, what's got into you tonight?"

She laughed in a very hot and wicked way, "Mmm, must be your hot cock, honey, makes me eager for more, Mmmm wonder what it would be like with two?"


Then they were gone, pushing through the hedge and out of ear shot, and I was left with a cock that had rapidly hardened with her last few words, and I groaned, imagining fucking her ass as her husband fucked her pussy, wonder if that's what was in her mind?, even if it was, from her husband's reaction, it was highly unlikely to happen. I didn't sleep too well that night, tossing and turning with all sorts of horny, lurid images floating through my mind, all involving the delicious and delectable Megan.

I did see Megan again before the party, but only briefly, as I was emerging from the pool one afternoon she squeezed through the hedge and bounced over to me. She had on tight shorts and a blouse that had most of the buttons undone, so her hot tits were almost falling out. "Can't stop long, he'll be back soon, just wanted to thank you for the invitation, we'd love to come" then she flung her arms around my neck and pressed her sexy body hard against mine and whispered in my ear, "Yeah, I certainly intend to cum, cum with your hard cock in my pussy or in my ass or in my mouth"

My reaction was instant, and obvious, and with a giggle she pulled back and looked down, then dropped one hand to fondle my erection through my bathers, "Mmmm god, I've missed your gorgeous cock" she said, "Missed it so much", then with a final squeeze, she released it and spun around with a laugh and headed back to the gap in the hedge, but just before disappearing through, she turned and grinning at me, opened her blouse wide and gave me a clear view of those lush tits. God she certainly knew how to inflame me, my cock was jumping about like a snake in a sack. Then she was gone.

The night of the party came, and people started arriving quite early, most heading straight for the pool as it had been a surprisingly hot day for so late in the summer. I greeted as many as I could, including my ex wife, Jenny and her new husband, then gave up and just joined the party myself, so I wasn't on the door when Megan and her husband arrived, but realised something was up when I heard, or sensed, this collective sigh from the males in the room, and when I turned around, there was Megan in all her glory. She clearly intended to avail herself of the pool because although she was wearing tight shorts that molded perfectly onto her incredibly sexy ass, her breasts were covered with just the briefest bikini top imaginable, and with her breasts so ripe and firm, the sigh from the men was understandable. Of course the reaction from the other women was a little more cool, but that just seemed to amuse Megan as she strode through the room, a slightly flushed husband tagging along behind. It was clear that he wasn't sure if he should be mad at the reaction to his gorgeous wife, or proud of it, I think he settled for a little of each and quickly reached for a drink.

The buzz created by Megan's entrance soon settled down as she and her husband moved around and chatted to a few people and then came up to where I was standing talking to my ex, and thanked me for the party invite. I performed the introductions, and immediately saw the mutual summing up that took place between the two women, almost a quick computer scan, and when Megan and her husband walked away Jenny giggled and leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "She's got the hots for you!"

I felt the flush rush to my face, "Don't be crazy" I spluttered, "We've hardly ever met"

She tossed her head back and laughed, "Makes no difference, I can tell, she has the hots for you just as you've still got the hots for me!"

I felt myself getting a little angry, perhaps because she was so right, divorced or not, she still had the body and the looks to turn me on, but I resented the fact that she knew that. So of course, I hit out in a typical childish male way, grinning lewdly, I said, "Well, if the party gets dull later we can liven it up with a threesome!"

"In your dreams" she said, tartly, but there was an almost anguished look in her eyes that left me pondering as she turned and briskly walked away. The party rolled on as daylight faded, but the heat remained, so a lot of people made use of the pool. I waited until much later when the crowd had thinned out before I slipped into the bedroom, changed into my bathers and went out for a swim, greeting a couple of old friends that were frolicking in the pool. As I swam back down the pool the second time I found Megan perched on the edge of the pool, a drink in her hand, I stood up in front of her and grinned, "Not coming in tonight?" I asked.

She shook her head, "Not until later when there's not so many people around, and I don't have to dress again afterwards, there's nothing worse than having wet bathers under the shorts"

I grinned, "Well you can always just stay in your bikini"

She shook her head and laughed, "Not likely, you have too many friends with roaming hands!"

"I thought you liked that" I said, with a grin.

She leaned forward and briefly pressed her lips against mine, "Only with you William, only with you", then she got to her feet and swayed back into the house, giving her ass an extra twitch every now and again because she knew I was watching. My reverie was interrupted by a light laugh, and I turned quickly around to find Jenny standing just a few feet away, "Told you so", she said.

"Haven't you got a husband looking for you" I snapped, embarrassed that she might have heard everything.

Her laugh died away, and a look of unbelievable sadness came over her face, "No, he's only looking for the bottom of a bottle" she said bitterly, "and finding it"

"Oh, I'm sorry honey, I didn't know" I said, and I reached out and drew her to me, and held her for a moment. A moment too long as it turned out, the familiar feeling of her lovely, almost naked body against mine had its predictable effect and my cock swelled and hardened instantly, and I felt her shake as a giggle burst from her lips against my naked chest, then her head came back and she looked up at me and said, "Told you so, again!"

"Damn you" I said, and dropping my head forward, mashed my lips against hers, and she responded, her lips parting and her tongue coming out to dance with mine, and my hands were roaming all over her body, up and down her back, cupping and stroking her ass cheeks, and the kiss got hotter and hotter as our bodies ground together in mutual hunger.

Then she jerked away, gasping, "No, no, we mustn't"

In that moment she looked as beautiful and desirable as I'd ever seen her, and I lifted my hands and cupped her breasts through her bikini top, and she moaned, "No, no", but her body was saying something entirely different. Then we both heard a slight giggle and looked up, to find Megan standing above us.

"Mmmm" she said, "This looks much more interesting than the rest of the party, can anyone join in?", and with that she reached up and unhooked her bikini top and tossed it aside, allowing her incredible breasts to bounce free, and I heard Jenny gasp. Then Megan bent forward at the waist and peeled down her shorts, taking the bikini bottoms with it so that when she straightened up, she was totally naked. I don't know if Jenny's gasp or my groan of pure lust was the loudest, but we weren't allowed to dwell on it for long, as Megan slid into the pool just behind Jenny and reached out and started to undo Jenny's bikini top. I could see that a part of Jenny wanted this to stop right away, but was also surprised to see a part of her that didn't, so when the bikini top came loose, I brushed it aside and cupped and fondled her naked breasts. She wasn't anywhere the size of Megan, but the very smallness of her breasts had enabled them to remain firm over the years and she did have incredibly large and sensitive nipples, and as I rolled them between my thumb and finger, she moaned deep in her throat and actually leaned back into the naked arms and naked body of Megan, who began kissing and licking her ears and throat.

Suddenly Jenny snapped back to the present and jerked upright, "God, what if somebody comes" she gasped.

"Oh god, you're right, our husbands" moaned Megan, and I was surprised at the fact that she seemed to be breathing heavily as if totally turned on, "Quickly, follow me" she gasped, and grabbed Jenny by the hand and moved to the pool steps. Jenny followed as if in a daze, and I followed them both. Megan quickly grabbed up her bikini, and, not letting go of Jenny's hand moved quickly off to the gap in the hedge and squeezed, through. Jenny looked at me, not quite sure what was going on, but we were quickly through and out of sight of the house, and Megan led us both over to the blanket she used for her sunbathing. "This will do, no one will see us here" she said, and drew Jenny down onto the towel, "Hurry, William, hurry"

I quickly tore off my bathers and my rock hard cock sprang into view, and I heard them both groan, then I was on my knees beside Jenny and my lips were wrapped around one of her cute, firm breasts. I felt the brush of hair against my face, and Megan's head was alongside mine, eagerly sucking on Jenny's other tit, ad Jenny was immediately bucking and heaving and crying out in a soft, mewing voice, "Oh yes, oh god yes", and Megan and I licked and sucked her hot tits and incredibly sensitive, swollen nipples.

Then my hand was tearing away her bikini bottoms and reaching between her legs to brush my fingers up and down her incredibly wet pussy. She bucked and heaved even more as my finger slid inside and started to rub and flick her clit, and her whimpers grew louder. Then I left her breast and eased down until my tongue was replacing my finger, darting deeply into her pussy, licking and lapping hungrily. In that position I could also reach Megan, and I slid my finger between her legs and started to plunge them into her pussy, and she started to moan and wail a little also.

"Oh William, fuck her, fuck her, she needs it so bad" called out Megan, and I was surprised at her intuitive assessment of Jenny. But I didn't wonder for long, I changed position again and rammed my hard cock deep into that familiar tight pussy of Jenny's and she cried out more loudly.

"Oh yes, William, that's so good, so big, fuck me William, fuck me please" cried out Jenny.

And I did, fucking my cock into her hard and deep, hard and deep, faster and faster. Megan had pulled away a little and was watching my cock slamming into Jenny's pussy and urging me on as her hands continued to fondle Jenny's hard tits. Then Jenny arched her back and exploded into a massive orgasm, and I felt her hot juices pouring over my rapidly thrusting cock, and I slammed harder, driving her even further upwards into her orgasm, then, easing off a little, I felt her orgasm wane, then stop completely.

I held her for a long moment, allowing the after glow of the orgasm to work its way through her body, then I slowly withdrew my still hard cock from her sopping pussy, and turned to Megan. She grinned widely at me and rolled over on to her back, "Oh yes, William, yes, I've wanted this for such a long time, wanted to feel your big cock fucking my horny pussy, come into me, fill me up, fuck me"

As I eased my cock teasingly slowly into her steaming tight pussy, I grinned inwardly at her concept of long time, it had been just over a week since I'd fucked her in the pool, fucked her hot sexy ass, But I guess it was enough to make Jenny think that this was the first time, and that was ok with me, then I started to fuck her in earnest, spreading her legs wide and ramming my cock as deep as I could into her hot, clutching pussy, "Oh yes, Megan, I've wanted you too, watched you and wanted you" I said, and heard her slight chuckle as she realized I was referring to the night she'd fucked her husband in my back yard.

"Mmmm so tight, so hot, so horny, such a beautiful fuck" I moaned as I slammed forward time and time again, ramming my cock deep into her pussy, causing her to bounce and wail. I glanced quickly over at Jenny and she was staring wide eyed at us fucking, and there was a hotness in her eyes as her tongue came out and brushed across her lips. "Suck her tits, Jenny, suck Megan's horny tits" I cried out and for a moment thought that she hadn't heard, then a shudder ran through Jenny and she lurched forward and buried her face in Megan's lush, firm tits, and started to suck on them like crazy.

"Oh yes" squealed Megan, "Suck my tits, Jenny, suck them hard, oh god William, that's so good, fuck me deeper, fuck me harder, oh god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm CUUUUMMMMMIIIING"

And her body arched in a mighty explosion, and that was enough to send me over the top too, and my cock swelled and exploded, shooting its hot and heavy load deep into Megan's shuddering pussy. The first burst I shot into her hot hole, then pulled out quickly and sprayed the next spurt of cum up over her breasts and Jenny's face, Jenny quickly slid down and caught the next spurt in her mouth as it clamped over my bucking cock. I quickly rammed a couple of fingers into Megan's pussy and finger fucked her as her orgasm continued, and I continued to empty my load into Jenny's hungry mouth.

When the orgasms began to fade, Jenny drew from my cock and moved back up to start licking my cum juice off Megan's tits, and I joined her, each of us taking one breast and licking and sucking on it, much to Megan's delight. Then it was all done and we momentarily fell apart from each other, gazing up at the twinkling stars in the clear night sky, as we collected our thoughts and our bodies. Then I rolled over onto my elbows and looked at the two of them, so sexy in their own different ways, and I sighed,

"Much as I hate to break this up, but I think we'd better get back before we are missed, I'll go first and check that the coast is clear"

I briefly brushed my lips over Jenny's, then over Megan's, then clambered to my feet and put my bathers back on and walked overt to the hedge and peered through. It appeared to be all clear, so I signaled the other two and squeezed through, deciding at the last minute not to return to the house by the back door, but to go out of the side gate and around to the front. I arrived at the front just in time to see someone leaving and to say goodnight, so it looked perfectly normal when I walked back in from the front door and entered the lounge.

"Oh, Jack and Eve were looking for you" someone called out, "Yeah, I replied, I was out front so just saw them"

At that moment I saw Jenny and Megan emerge from the kitchen, drinks in hand and deep in conversation, their bikini's were wet, so it looked as if they'd taken a quick dip in the pool to freshen up. After that the party pretty much went as parties tend to do, a few people had a little too much to drink, Jenny's new husband in particular and I had to help him out to the car when Jenny decided it was time to leave. As he lay slumped in the passenger seat, out to the world, I walked Jenny around to the driver's side and gave her a goodnight kiss, it was deep and passionate, and when we pulled apart she grinned at me and said, "Thanks William, I really needed that tonight, and I like Megan, like her a lot, but mind she doesn't fuck you to death!" and she got in and drove away, and I could hear her laughter all the way down the driveway.

Finally I waved goodbye to the last of my friends and family and walked back inside to start clearing up the mess, only to find Megan and her husband still there in the lounge room. Megan was wandering around tidying things up a little and he was lying out on the couch snoring quietly.

"Shall I wake him up for you to go home?" I asked,

"No, leave him , I'll help you tidy" Megan replied

"No need for that, I was intending to leave it until tomorrow" I said

She smiled broadly, "Ok, then lets do something more pleasant" she said, and undulating across the room she flung her arms around my neck and crushed her lips against mine!

Of course I responded, who wouldn't, and my tongue slid forward to engage hers in a hot dance and my hands slipped around and cupped and fondled her ass cheeks as I crushed my quickly swelling cock against her pussy. Then I jerked back and glanced quickly over at Megan's sleeping husband, and she laughed quietly, then moved over to stand directly in front of him with her back turned to the couch and facing me, and she reached around and unhooked her bikini top and threw it at me. As I jerked my hands up to catch it she laughed again and stooped down and pealed off her bikini bottoms, and threw those to me too, and stood there totally naked.

"Mmmmm, you want me William, don't you?" she said in a soft voice, "You want to fuck my juicy pussy right now don't you?"

I gulped and shook my head, "But your husband" I stammered

She stood there totally naked, grinning at me, as one of her hands played with her magnificent breasts, and the other with her juicy pussy, "You want me William, come and get me, come and fuck my hot pussy, I can see how hard your cock is, straining against your bathers, it wants to be in my cunny, you want to be in my cunny, fuck me William, fuck me!"

I couldn't believe this was happening, her husband was right there, he could wake up at any moment, and she wanted me to fuck her, and the crazy thing was I wanted it too! The whole scenario was turning me on like never before, and almost in a dream I pulled down my trunks and my rampant cock jumped free, throbbing and bobbing as I walked towards her. Without a word she sunk to her knees and turned towards her husband, and I knew what she wanted. I quickly knelt behind her and without any preliminaries at all I rammed my cock deep into her pussy, and she choked back the scream that threatened to burst from her lips.

I pulled back and rammed forward again, fucking her tight juicy pussy as hard as I could, then just as quickly I pulled out and she moaned lightly as she felt my cockhead slide up and brush against her ass hole. Then I was pressing forward, ramming my cock firmly into her ass, and this time she couldn't fully prevent the cry that was ripped from her mouth, and we both froze as her husband shifted and rolled over, but he didn't awaken, just sniffed and moaned slightly in his sleep.

I waited a moment longer then started to move my cock in her ass again, sliding it briskly backwards and forwards, and she turned her head and gazed at me over her shoulders and gave me the hottest, horniest smile imaginable, "Mmmm yes, fuck my ass William, fuck my hot ass" she whispered, and I obliged, ramming deeper and faster into her ass, fucking her long and hard. My hands were hanging on to her heavy breasts as I fucked my big cock into her, and I found myself staring at her husbands sleeping form, and that turned me on like crazy, and I fucked her like crazy, and I came like crazy, shooting my load like a water canon into her bucking, heaving ass, and she came hard too, desperately trying to hold down the cries that were welling in her throat.

Fortunately she succeeded, and her husband didn't wake until a good half hour later after we'd returned from another more traditional pussy fuck out by the pool. As I waved goodbye to Megan and her husband, I was reminded of Jenny's parting words, "Mind she doesn't fuck you to death!", well she nearly had, but what a wonderful way to go!! What a wonderful, wonderful woman!!


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