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Meeting in Peru Pt. I
by Rune

A few years ago I was in Peru for a few weeks of trekking. Following old Inca paths, I walked all the way from Cusco to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. The view was breathtaking and I spent hours climbing old stairs and visiting the rooms of this ancient temple. Some rooms were used by the Incas for the sacrifice of enemies to their gods; some others were small caverns to bury the dead. It was a place of harmony and I took time to write a few poems to remember what my senses and feelings told me about this experience.

At one moment I had the strange tickling feelings of being observed by someone. A strong shiver climbed up my spin despite of the warmth. I turned around but didn't notice anyone. This place is playing with my senses, I thought and I continued on my exploration. Some little while later, as I was admiring a magnificent Waka (a ritual and sacred stone used to celebrate the sun, that draw strange shadows at some specific times of the year), I had this odd feeling again. I spun around and looked straight in the eyes of a lovely creature: a short blond girl with an almost animal like look. She had big blue-green eyes that sent waves of fire through my body and looked damn fine. She winked at me and gave me the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen before disappearing. I looked for her in the ruins but could find no trace of her.

Two days later, I caught the train for Cusco. Carrying all my bags, I climbed in the train and elbowed through the crowd to the back of the train to find my compartment. It was evening and the sun was already setting. Eventually, I entered my compartment and seated myself comfortably for the night, falling asleep shortly afterwards.

I awoke some time later in the night with a nice feeling of excitement. A foot was actually running up my leg to my crotch and I had a raging hard on developing inside my pants. I looked up to see to whom this foot belonged and there she was... it was the short blond girl from two days ago! She brought her finger to her lips to motion me to silence. God, was this girl gorgeous! She was probably around twenty, blond and short with lusty blue eyes. Her body was firm and I could see her raised nipples under her white shirt. She wore a very short dress and her beautiful tanned legs were wide open. The first thing I could notice was that she was not wearing any panties under her dress. Her inviting red lips opened into the cutest smile that send shivers all over my body.

Both her feet ran up my leg to find my crotch again and she started to rub my cock very slowly and gently over my jeans. Her right foot rubbed the entire length of my rod while the heel of her left squeezed my straining balls. I was hard as never before; my hard cock was like a flagpole extending to its full 20 cm under my pants. The girl, which name I would learn later on to be Michi, smiled wickedly at me, licking her full lips with her extended tongue. She continued on her footjob, rubbing me softly for a long time until my rod was about to cum, pulsating feverishly under her caress. She slowed down and squeezed my penis with both her feet to prevent me from cuming. When I calmed down, she started again.... and again... and again... At the end, I felt completely frustrated and crazy from this never-ending torture. The girl was smiling viciously at me all the while stroking her pussy with her fingers and moaning sweetly. Her cunt was dripping wet and she had three fingers inserted in that she moved in and out in a very quick motion.

I could not bear it anymore; little beads of sweat were running down my face. I took her and made her sit on me. She felt my hard cock from beneath her and bore her hips down on me , pushing against me as I became more and more aroused. She kissed me with her full red lips and invaded my mouth with her tongue. I removed her shirt while she removed mine and rubbed her breasts, pinching the nipples. I could feel the warmth from inside her as she pushed against my jeans. She stood there both to excite me but also to rub against her and feel the pleasure well up inside her cunt.

Then she slid down towards my feet, rubbing her hands across my chest, only to rest them on my jeans. She could feel my heat coming through the denim and looked up at me as she unbuttoned them. I saw her bite her lips and smile as she unzipped my jeans. A pleased look of surprise comes to her face as she discovered that there was nothing more than my jeans between her and I. As she slowly pulled them down, she saw me throb with every heartbeat; my dick was purple hard and oozing precum. She leaned down and licked the sides of me as I throbbed against her tongue.

Her mouth slowly engulfed the tip of my cock, as she continued to squeeze my balls, her mouth so hot and juicy. I began to feel her hot saliva running down the shaft of my huge massive rock hard dick and into my balls. It was good lubrication, her hand slowly spreading it around while manipulating me. Then she took as much of it as she could in her mouth while still massaging my balls and the part of me that just wouldn't fit in her mouth. I could feel the back of her mouth with the tip of my cock. She gagged a little, then pulled away. My beast was pulsating and covered with warm juices. She began rubbing her hand up and down my cock very slowly, then increased in speed. I was trying hard not to cum. She put her fingers up her slit and got them so wet they were dripping when she pulled them out.

She ran her fingers around to my ass again and inserted two fingers into my hole. I jumped and moaned louder than before. She took my cock again in her mouth and sucked me in deeper into her throat, sucking faster now, full strokes, her tongue running around the shaft as she badly sucked me. Her fingers were fucking up my ass all the while. She knew I was about to come. Her sucking became more frenzied, she wanted to swallow my come, to taste it; her head bobbed up and down furiously on my cock, feeling me swell, until I came - the first few spurts deep in her throat, the rest in her mouth and on her pretty face.

She moaned as she came, her body shaking, the waves of her orgasm rushing through her, as she savored the taste of my sweet cum in her mouth, on her lips and tongue and licking my cock clean... milking my balls of all its rich juice.

To Be Continued...


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