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Meet Joey Ch. II
by Sparky Kronkite

After the prerequisite aids and health tests were completed and proved conclusively healthy a meeting by the four was held to determine just how to go about the first time. At this meeting Patricia was absolutely randy but held herself at bay while the plans were being made. She savored the anticipation. She undressed Tony within her mind. She desperately wanted to know what his cock looked like. Was it like Joey's? The plans unfolded.

It was agreed upon that the first time, being very, very special, would have to be just that - very special. It would have to involve a nice dinner, some naughty, sexual oriented games, perhaps strip poker and maybe some naughty videos to set the ambiance and get the juices flowing (although everyone laughed and agreed that that would probably not be necessary). Candles, perhaps a fire in the fireplace - Hey! That's when it dawned on everyone that it had to be a Joey and Trish's place. Tony and Joan didn't have a fire place, besides Joey and Trish's also had the bonus item of an outdoor hot-tub. Even though it was March, in the middle North East, a communal hot-tub full of naked, wanton bodies turned everyone on - well that was that. Next weekend? Done. So be it. All set out with high hopes for next Saturday night. Hey? Who's going to line up a sitter for the kids?

All that week Joan and Patricia, now closer than ever, prepared the menu. Joan would come over early on Saturday and help Trish prepare the food and set the scene. Joey would drive the kids over to Tony and Joan's, leaving them with the sitter and bring Tony back over for the big evening of raunchy fun.

While preparing the diner, Patricia couldn't help but ask Joan what Tony liked in bed and Joan offered some reliable suggestions. The conversation and the information went both ways as Trish suggested things that Joey really liked too.

Joey and Tony on the other hand were a little more guy'ish in their conversation while driving back to Joey's. They laughed a lot when Tony made a comment about being too excited and cumming too fast. He wondered if he'd be able to get it back up for another round. Joey assured him that Trish knew how to take care of him, no problem.

Dinner was wonderful and very little sexual conversation took place. Mostly family stuff really. The wine flowed and a relaxed atmosphere took over the entire house.

Candles burned everywhere. Joan had spent fifty bucks on them alone. Incense burned, the hot-tub burbled outside and a fire crackled in the fireplace. Light jazz trickled out of the fine sound system.

Finally about eight thirty, it was Patricia who made the first nervous yet bold move. She just blurted out, "if some of our clothes don't start coming off soon, I'll just go fucking nuts." Well that broke the ice, everyone laughed. Tony reached into his pocket and pulled out a deck of cards and simultaneously all four got up and walked from the dinning room into the kitchen, with it's big glass breakfast table that overlooked both the hot-tub outside and the fireplace in the family room.

Joey said, "Let's not mess around with real poker, let's just cut the cards four ways, the lowest card removes an article of clothing, draw a joker and that person can request the removal of any piece of clothing from any other individual." "Done," was the welcome response.

Trish had already noticed the bulge of the familiar but as late, not often seen member inside her husbands pants and when she glanced to Tony and her eyes probed the same area on him, she pleasantly noticed the same thing, only it seemed bigger, she wondered, she tingled, she felt swept away. She hadn't felt this way in a long time. It felt wonderful. She tingled.

The cards shuffled, the deck made it's way around the table and everyone took a cut. Joan was the first to turn up, a seven of spades. Trish noticed that Joan had a grin on her face a mile wide. Joey turned up the Queen of hearts, how appropriate Trish thought. Tony turned up the four of clubs, much to Trish's delight. She flipped hers over and a huge laugh went out from all at the table. She had one of the joker's.

Immediately Trish looked at Tony, who know found himself in double jeopardy, what with the low card of the cut and the joker threatening. Trish savored the moment though. "Hmmmm," she hummed. Her tongue flicking the corner of her pouting glossed lips. "Two items?" she asked with an arch in her eyebrows. "Yeah common," Tony mumbled. And then very abruptly, within a second and without provocation, Tony stood up and started to unbuckle his belt. A hoot went up from both Trish and Joan while Joey just sat there, mouth agape, as his closest brother pulled his pants down and pulled one leg out of them at a time. There he stood in all his glory - in his white boxer shorts of all things. The real difficulty came in concealing his very stiff member, which poked out of the fly and bobbed around until he fumbled and put it back in. Patricia was amazed, it looked plenty big enough all right. Joan was laughing, nearly uncontrollably.

Tony hurriedly sat down again, his member flying - out on the fly - again! As he fumbled to put it back in his shorts Trish said, "Hey, that was only one piece of clothing, I get to pick the other and it's got to be the underwear." With that Tony said, "Oh what the hell." He got up, took off his underwear, took off the remainder of his cloths, yelled, "yah-hoo!" And went outside and got in the hot tub where he waved to the others through the large kitchen window.

Trish, Joey and Joan just looked at each other for a second, got up and started peeling off their clothes. They were all naked and in the hot tub in less than a minute.

The water was hot. A good thing too, it was at least thirty degrees outside. The night was beautiful. The stars shown down bright and clear. The hot-tub burbled and the outdoor sound system that Joey had so proudly installed, played relaxing jazz and blues.

Patricia moved closer to Tony who put his big left arm around her. She reached under the water and felt for him. Once she found it, she cupped it and then felt it's full length. She glanced over at Joey and Joan, they were kissing and she couldn't see any hands above the water. Joan moaned. She could see Joey's arm moving back and forth and she new he was finger fucking Joan to oblivion. That's when she realized that Tony had started to feel her right breast and lightly pinch her nipple. She worked her hand over his shaft and leaned into him for a deep tongue kiss. Trish's eyes rolled back in her head.

The next thing Trish knew was that Tony was out of the water and he was lifting her up. He was going to carry her inside. Trish looked around and did not see Joan and her husband. She relinquished herself to the strength of Tony and put her head on his shoulder, kissing the nape of his neck.

As Tony carried her through the family room, past the fire, which now had lost it's roar but still maintained a healthy amber glow, Trish could hear, from the living room, the moans of both Joan and Joey. As she and Tony reached the staircase that led to the bedrooms upstairs, he stopped and took a long look into the living room where his wife had straddled Joey, his little brother - right on the piano bench of all things. She rode him, up and down as he caressed her swaying breasts. Her head was back and she was moaning. Tony told Trish that he knew she was about to cum and wanted to watch. Joan rode faster, harder, she moaned louder. "Oh fuck," is all she said as she bent over to bring her mouth to Joey's and she simultaneously kissed him and mumbled, "I'm cumming!" She shuddered and the wetness rolled out of her and onto Joey's thighs and onto the piano bench.

Pat couldn't take it another second. She whispered, "Tony, let's go - I need to suck your cock." With that he slowly climbed the stairs, Trish in his arms.

Tony carried her to the guest bedroom. Trish figured that he didn't want to deal with any of the mental complexities of fucking his brother's wife, in his brother's bedroom but she didn't care. She needed dick and she needed it now, anywhere she could get it.

Tony laid her on the bed and Trish immediately took his cock in her mouth. "Wow," she thought! A mouth is the true measuring device for the size of a mans cock. Tony was stretching her mouth a healthy size or two wider than Joey's pecker could. Never the less, that did not daunt her, in fact it enthused her and she wasted no time in tonguing the head. She rolled it in her mouth and ran her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft. It turns out Tony must have been very, even overly excited. Trish could feel his orgasm building within seconds. She didn't care, she knew she could bring him back around in mere minutes and she relished the thought of his cum splashing the back of her throat, something she had not felt or tasted in two years. She cupped his balls with her left hand and jacked Tony off with the other, all the time maintaining mouth contact with his huge member. Tony, yelled, "Christ!" And cautioned, "Watch out!" Such a gentleman she thought. But Trish was well beyond giving a shit about gentlemanly overtures. She didn't say a word other than a repeated, "yes - yes - yes!" As Tony unloaded torrents of sperm into her eager mouth. His load was huge and seemed to never end. She could not keep up with it and his semen splashed over her lips and down her chin, pooling on her thighs. Tony's knees gave out and he crumbled onto the bed with a, "Whew!" Trish held him and planned for another attack - soon.

Tony had closed his eyes and Trish thought he did deserve a rest. Besides she was a mess, a nice mess but a mess. She told Tony she was going to clean up, that he should rest and she'd be right back. She had other plans though.

As she tiptoed out of the guestroom she noticed the master bedroom, her bedroom, the door was ajar and a faint light was coming from within. She carefully looked in and to her surprise, saw nothing. She heard moaning though and realized that it was coming from the adjoining bathroom. That was the source of light and that was illuminating the bedroom. She causally approached the bathroom. She looked through the crack provided by the slightly open door and in the reflection of the bathroom mirror she clearly saw what was going on. Joey had Joan on the sink, spread eagle, his tongue buried in her snatch and two fingers up her extremely well lubricated asshole. Joan was going wild.

Trish, who had not had an orgasm yet, instinctually reached down to her pussy and fingered her soft but hardening clit. But she knew that she could not watch for long. Tony would wonder where she was and she didn't want to break the flow of what Joey and Joan where doing. So, as she heard Joan yelp, "You must fuck me up the ass, please!" Trish turned and started to tip toe back to Tony in the guestroom.

That's when Trish jumped out of her wits, right through the ceiling in fact. Because before she could reach the door she ran smack dab into Tony coming the other way, he was looking for her. She made an excited effort the say, "Shoosh!" With her finger to her mouth she indicated for him to be quiet. Tony did this but he grabbed her with his big hands and nudged her back toward the bathroom door. It did not take much coaxing. Now both Trish and Tony peered through the bathroom door and in the mirrored reflection they both saw as Joey greased his penis with lubricant and Joan finger fucked herself and murmured for him to fuck her quick. Joey moved closer and brought Joan's ass forward to the edge of the sink. Joan was well prepared. Joey sank into her easily and began to stroke. Joan could only say, "Fuck, oh fuck!" And as she fingered her pussy with both hands, one on her clit and the other with two finger buried inside her as she let her head drop back against the mirrored wall.

That's truly all Trish could take. She again made the sign, upraised index finger to her lips, an indication of silence and with the other hand on the bathroom door jam; she bent forward and spread her legs. Tony knew what to do. He got behind her and very slowly and quietly; he entered her, all the way. Her pussy went crazy. Her pussy convulsed and her juices ran down her thighs. Tony slid in and out of her very slowly but building in rhythm and intensity. Both he and Trish watched through the crack of the door as Joey took care of Joan in much the same way. All four of them were building toward orgasm - at the very same time.

Joan started to cum first. She nearly had her entire fist in her pussy and this just made Joey go nuts, he'd never seen such a thing. As Joan let out her first cries of ecstasy so did Joey, followed by the muffled cries of Trish and Tony. Joey pulled his dick out of Joan's ass and spewed her from chest to navel. That was way too much for both Trish and Tony. And Tony stayed in her, riding her hard as they both came. Tony's juices spurted out of Pat's pussy and globbed onto the bed room carpet.

That's when Trish lost her balance and virtually went head long into the bathroom with Tony in tow. They stumbled, he popped out of her pussy and they danced into full view of Joan and Joey. Spontaneous laughter broke out, fingers pointed and faces flushed with red from fresh orgasms bore smiles of grinning contentment from ear to ear.

Joey was the first to speak, "Showers anybody?"

That night, the first night, more lovemaking ensued. Right up until the mandatory six-hour time limit. Joan and Tony went home happy and sore, all fucked out.

The next day Joey and Trish went to pick up their kids. They were met with very warm hugs and much encouragement regarding their next erotic meeting. The only thing they discovered was that they had all forgotten about the condoms - whoops. Next time they'd remember.

All was happy on both home fronts and of course, nobody else knew a thing. The "big family thing" was intact. Funny thing, for all four of them, their sex lives with their life-long spouses picked up immensely. It seemed everything would work out just fine. That all was perfect. Patricia was very, very happy.

That was the first time.

Stay tuned for - the second time.

But first - "Guilt sets in."

Even though Patricia had only partaken in "extramarital sex - (Oh my God!!!!)," she gleefully thought - once! - and at that, for the very first time in her entire life (she married as a virgin) - she was simply rejuvenated. She was a whirlwind. At work, around the house, every where, people noticed. The bounce in her step was so high her toes were hurting by the end of the day. This was good, very good - at first.

Then it started to get to her. Especially the "people noticing" part. She didn't know what to say to them, "Yes, I feel great because my totally hunk brother-in-law shagged me rotten and not only does my husband know and condone it, he in fact had the same type of fun with his brother's wife - yes, the same brother I'm having fun with, we're all in it together - it's simply incestuous, isn't it?" Patricia started to feel guilty.

At first it was merely because she was "getting it," she was having this kind of sinful fun that most others only fantasized about. At least that's what she thought. After all, prior to this, she had only fantasized about it. She wouldn't ever have actually "acted upon it." It was pure fate, desperate need and family love that had somehow transformed her life into what it had now become. Surely most people did not have the same situations popping up in their lives. Or did they? Well, Trish didn't think so. So, she felt bad. Bad for them, all those people living out their lives in a desperately wanton, sexual shell of frustration.

Then her initial, light despair took a turn for the worse. One thing that contributed to this was that she was thinking too much, too much about the back and forth, the good and bad, of her situation, all bouncing around inside her head - that's when the catalyst for this new, deeper edge of despair, simply happened - the President of the United States got caught with his pants down. And with a very young woman no less, an intern even. An unpaid intern. And within days it was clear that she, the intern, wasn't the only one either. This man, the President, was not necessarily high on Patricia's list of great men, let alone Presidents. Yeah, she held respect for the office and the skills that would allow anyone to obtain that office but this particular President had experienced much controversy throughout his tenure and she therefore thought of him as sneaky - at best. This news devastated her.

She began to question the "good of illicit sex." And yes, she still called it, "illicit sex." After all, that's the way she was taught. That's the way she was brought up. That's what her parents and her church had always told her. Even though she had felt elated after partaking in it, even after remembering the years of frustration of denying the need for it, even after the feeling of complete freedom that she had so recently felt - she now felt guilty, she felt dirty, she felt cheep. No, she wasn't a mental wreck or anything; she just felt uggy and confused.

Joey on the other hand was planning the next "quarterly meeting" with unbridled glee. He was going nuts. His initial hesitancy was long gone. His libido, rejuvenated by their first group tryst, was literally through the roof. And when he wasn't planning for their next four-way bout he was chasing Trish around the house, they did it in the garage, in the car, anywhere. "Whew," Trish thought, "this was exhausting, be careful what you ask for. I mean, this is good, it's much better than it was before, but Christ, calm down dude." The truth is she relished the attention, attention she had not received from Joey in a long while. Confusion reigned.

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