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Meet Joey Ch. IV
by Sparky Kronkite

Joan continued her story to Trish.

The women in the room were awestruck. That's when Jim, with a big grin on his face finally asked, "Anybody else?" Every hand in the room including Joan's went up like flags. That day, of the fifteen women in attendance, all took a turn on the amazing Swedish Saddle, all who tried it had intense orgasms and three machines were sold on the spot. It was also decided to purchase one for the girl getting married, as a group present from all those in attendance. Joan, without consulting her husband Tony at all, bought one with her American Express card. It would be delivered in two weeks. She couldn't wait.

Finally, Patricia, listening intently all this time realized that Joan must have this thing, this machine, the Swedish Saddle, here, right in the house, she blurted, "Where is it, I want to see it." Joan said, "I haven't finished the story yet, you haven't even heard about how Tony and I started swinging." Trish said, "I don't care right now I just want to see this machine, please Joan. Please?"

The kids were in school so Joan said, "All right but I've got to finish up on this story, no fooling with the machine." She had a big grin on her face. Trish frowned but Joan made her promise - no saddle today.

They marched to Joan and Tony's bedroom where Joan opened a linen closet door, which was in their own private bathroom. On the top shelf of the closet, was a box decorated as if Christmas decorations were within it, Joan struggling a bit because of it's weight, pulled it down and headed back into the bedroom. She closed the bedroom door just in case the kids showed up early from school. She opened the top of the box, Trish peered in and there it was, "wow(!)," she said "Is that it? It's funny looking, doesn't look like much," she continued. "That thing is guaranteed to give me multiple orgasms?" Joan said, "Well it worked for me and I know many others who will say that it's worked successfully on them too." "Hmmmm?" Trish was real curious. "Let's take it out," she said with a twinkle in her eye. "No way, you promised," said Joan, "And I don't have much more time, we need to get this story out of the way. For your sake and mine." "Okay," Trish responded.

As Joan folded the top of the box she told Trish that Susan and Jim had eventually delivered the Swedish Saddle to Joan and Tony. Considering the situation was that the kids were out. In fact Joan said, "they were over at your house that night, you guys were baby sitting our kids while Tony and I received instruction regarding operation of the machine - and more," she added.

"No way," said Trish. "You and Tony and Susan and Jim?" "Yes way," Joan said with a big guilty smile on her face. "Tell me all about it," said Trish. "Uh- uh, we don't have time, it's too much for right now. I'll tell you this though. It was wonderful, that was the beginning. Jim and Susan eventually introduced us to a club or sorts, a group of people who like and can handle this sort of activity. We don't really do it, partake in it all that often, maybe twice a year of so but it's proved very good for our marriage and then you happened."

Something went off in Trish's mind and she said, "Hey did you guys target us for you sex games?" "Absolutely not," Joan said, "that was an accident. A very pleasant accident I might add. We had fantasized about you two from way back, long before we discovered swinging but our thing just happened. I hope you aren't disappointed. I'd hate myself if you felt I hurt you and Joey."

The rational of pleasure -

Trish took a moment, she thought about how she'd been feeling lately but none of it really had anything to do with Tony or Joan, she loved them and now more so than ever. She thought too that it really had nothing to do with sex. Heck she loved sex and she hadn't been receiving enough of it. She had been very frustrated and now she wasn't, thanks to Tony and Joan. The way she'd been feeling had everything to do with doing something that wasn't readily publicly accepted. She felt guilty for liking it and she felt guilty that liking it went against what she had been taught while she was growing up. She then asked Joan what she thought about this.

Joan said that she had originally felt the same way but she had come to a very logical conclusion that provided stability. Joan said, "I came to the conclusion that I'm a modern women, living in this modern American society. I like to think on my own and I think like an adult. I've chosen to share my adult life with an adult man, a man who feels much the same way that I do. We think life is wonderful and holds many pleasures. These pleasures can, either be sought out and experienced or not, it's anyone's choice and that's their business. Tony and I respect all adult decisions that don't harm anybody but the fact is that we have chosen to responsibility experience some pleasures that are deemed by many, to be socially destructive. If we thought for a minute that anything we had experienced lately, regarding sex, was socially destructive - if we felt we had harmed anyone - we would stop. The fact is that we have not found that to be true. We really enjoy our special sexual fun. We believe that, we as individuals and as a couple are healthier because of it. We also know that because of our decision and our place within our society that we must be very discreet about our fun. We don't sneak around. We don't seek to secretly pervert others. We just don't broadcast what our preference's are. It's nobody else's business anyway. In a nutshell, Tony and I have discovered this, we have very much fun with it, we're responsible and safe adults regarding the practice of it, and it does take a lot of practice, (they both giggled at Joan's joke) and that's that."

Trish was amazed. Joan sounded very together on this. It wasn't that she sounded together so much but she sounded correct about it. Trish thought, as long as nobody gets hurt, what is the big deal. And if it feels good is in fact healthy and nobody gets hurt - why the hell not. Like Joan said, "It's nobody's damn business and hey, too bad for them, they don't know what they're missing." Trish felt better.

All of a sudden Joan and Trish could hear the slam of the front door, the kids were home. Trish told Joan that she really did want to try out the saddle before she had to go home. She was disappointed but not disappointed with their conversation. Trish thanked Joan and gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek. Joan told Trish to look forward to her initiation on the machine at the next group meeting with the four of them, now only a couple of weeks away. Joey and Tony were planning a ski trip for the four of them, it sounded wonderful. Trish couldn't wait, neither could Joan.

The second time -

The weeks came and went as they always do. They seemed to fly by a little slower than usual. Trish mentally blamed it on her eagerness for their next big excursion into adult sexual enlightenment. The talk she had with Joan two weeks earlier had proved very beneficial and Trish was back on track. She felt no guilt what-so-ever only the tingle of anticipation. This amazed her because she had been "getting it" quite a bit lately from her husband Joey but thoughts of Joan and Tony with "their love machine," their Swedish Saddle and thoughts of them with Susan and Jim had been driving Trish crazy. For the first time in her life she had felt the need to masturbate. Since her talk with Joan she had taken care of herself about six or seven times. She had neglected to tell Joey about this yet but she would. She'd surprise him with it, actually show him what she'd been up to. It was a plan still formulating in her mind. But she knew, Joey's' time would come.

The plan was for all four of them to take Friday off from work, leave in the mid-morning for Hunter Mountain, which was northwest of NYC, get there and check in around three. They would unpack, have a light meal and hit the slopes for some lazy night skiing. Then they'd warm up around the fire and hot tub that was included in their own rental cabin or "chalet" as Joey insisted on calling it and see what developed.

The plan was going to perfection. The guys had arranged for a very nice chalet on a wooded mountainside near the ski slopes. It had a deck with a hot tub on it and a big main room fireplace - and a bonus too - downstairs, under the deck, was a Jacuzzi. The place had two large bedrooms with separate baths, a large living area and kitchen and a loft outfitted with a queen sized bed and a TV and VCR. The loft had a hand carved wooden sign hanging from rope right over the headboard of the bed that read, "the playroom." They all laughed when they saw it.

Right before they headed out for something to eat and some night skiing Tony took command and rather sternly reiterated the rules of their union. He asked if everything was still clear and if anybody had any questions, if everyone was cool with it all. They all were. They all had smiles on their faces. Trish was thrilled, her heart pumping with anticipation.

The short drive back down to the base of the mountain and the restaurant was nice and cozy, especially in the back seat where Trish found herself necking like a teenager with her studley husband Joey. Tony watched, as best he could, in the rear view mirror - he was driving - or trying to - Joan was rubbing his crotch for Christ sakes. He's lucky he made it down the damn snow covered mountain.

Well they made it. They got something to eat. Not much, just fruit and salad stuff and off they went headed for the intermediate slope. Joey wanted to try out a run called Bunny Hop. He joked that this was appropriate considering the plans for later in the evening.

It turns out Bunny Hop is a longish four point five mile course that is primarily wide, with great swooping turns and occasional side trails that weave in and out of small pine trees. It was about six in the evening and fairly dark. They were having a blast coming down when they stopped to rest at the lift line. Joan spoke, "If you really want to have some fun follow me, I've got a treat!" With that she took off down the slope. The others followed. All were pretty good skiers. Trish wondered just what kind of surprise Joan had up her sleeve.

Joan veered off onto one of the little side trails and just behind a pine windbreak of twelve-foot trees she came to a perfect parallel stop. She was soon followed in this action by all the others. It was a beautiful spot. Hidden by the main part of the big slope, in the opposite direction they looked out onto a vast snow covered and mountainous vista. There weren't many other skiers out so it was also real quiet, that special snow calm quiet that only happens in rural areas with deep snow. Tony said, "Okay babe what's up, what the hell are you up to?" With that Joan unzipped her jacket and reached in and pulled out a very plump wineskin. She said, "It's a decent Cabernet, check it out." They all took a turn and the wind was as advertised. As Tony took the last turn in the ring of wine drinking adventures Trish watched as Joey put his arm around Joan. Not wanting to feel left out she reached out for Tony. Before you knew it a major make-out session had commenced. More wine and more kissing and groping followed. Things were getting a bit breathless when a kid of about twelve yelled, "Yaahoo! Watch out!" He zoomed by at about twenty-five miles an hour, narrowly missing all the smooching wine drinkers. Trish said, "Let's take this as a good sign to head on back. I don't want anybody or anything getting broken before we all get to have some fun tonight." She surprised herself with her own daring. Everybody laughed.

Once back at the Chalet Tony set about building a nice roaring fire in the big stone hearth fireplace. Joey cranked up the hot tub making sure it hovered around a toasty one hundred degrees. Joan iced up a few bottles of champagne and prepared screwdriver fixings. Trish busied herself preparing assorted fresh fruit. She made sure there were plenty of big fat grapes and strawberries. Hopefully, later, these were to be included in a fantasy she had fostered for a long time.

The food and drink taken care of, now it was time for personal preparation and all in this frisky foursome retired to their private rooms for bodily adornment and some fresh hygiene. The guys didn't have to do much of course, so they just slapped on some Old Spice, put on fresh shirts, unbuttoned of course and some casual slacks but the ladies had planned on something special in order to ignite their cause. They'd been to Victoria's Secret for some shopping.

Trish had purchased a very nice black lace ensemble - bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. High heels, a sheer full body cape with a waste sash and a string of white pearls around her neck finished off the presentation. She decided to wear her hair up but loose with ornate comb. She chose to apply relatively light make up, just a little for her eyes and lips, a splash of perfume and she was ready. Joey who had been watching her prepare herself simply whistled. he hoped up from the bed yelled for Tony and they both bounded downstairs to await their fate. Trish grabbed her glass of champagne and headed over to Joan's room.

As Trish walked into the room she was astonished at the breathtaking beauty and sex appeal that Joan now exuded. Trish flopped down on the edge of the bed and watched as Joan applied the finishing touches of her make-up. Joan whispered, "Are you ready for this? I'm so fucking excited my knees are shaking." Trish said, "Me too. I'm worried I may spot my panties before I even get downstairs." They both laughed. From downstairs Tony yelled up, "Hey, what's going on up there? Don't you two get any ideas, we're a part of this too." The guys laughed as Joan and Trish both rolled their eyes. Trish blurted out, "Just keep your dick in your pants, have a screw driver, we're not finished yet!" Every one was laughing.

Meanwhile Tony put on some nice music; some Ottmar Lebert and Joey mixed them up a couple of strong screwdrivers with Absolute vodka. They settled in for what they hoped was a very short wait.

Joan was radiant in a dark blue silk and lace, low cut bra. She wore a tiny G-sting to match. Over the whole thing she wore a mini-cover up that was very sheer and see-through. She too wore high heels but her legs were bare. She topped off her look with a purple velvet choker with a small silver clasp. Her full, long hair was down in its full glory. Trish found her very stunning.

Joan raised her glass toward Trish and with a come hither gesture said, "Come over here for a toast, a toast to us and the blissful damage we're about to do to the men we love but most of all," as Trish met her in front of the mirror, "to us and our ultimate, sexy bods." Joan raised her glass toward the image of the two of them in the large mirror, "Whoops." She lost her balance in her high heels, but just a little. Trish caught her, they both laughed and then all of a sudden Joan grabbed Trish full on the shoulders and kissed her. Not just a girlish peck on the lips either, a kiss. Trish found this amazing; another women had never kissed her. She rolled her eyes toward the mirror and noticed she was not kissing Joan back. She noticed that Joan on the other hand was really into it. She noticed Joan's great body, her great, beautiful ass. Trish closed her eyes and kissed back.

"Hey, what the heck is the hold up, up there?" Joey and Tony chimed in unison. The kiss fell slowly apart and hand in hand the two women made their grand entrance down the carpeted staircase.

As they appeared about midway down the stairs Tony and Joey's jaws just about dropped off their faces. Trish smartly said, "Evening boys. Been waiting long?" They didn't say a thing. Joan did a little pirouette in front of the fireplace and Trish curtsied. The guys didn't say a thing; they just stared in complete amazement. Finally Tony took a long sip of his half-empty screwdriver and simply said, "Wow, you two are the most beautiful women I've ever seen." Joey piped in, "Like wise." Then he said, "Let me freshen up your champagne." He grabbed both their flutes and headed toward the kitchen area.

The fire shown bright and crackled as Joan and Trish took up flanking positions on either side of Tony. It was a huge over stuffed couch, easily big enough for five. As Joey fumbled to open a new bottle of champagne, not one of his strong points, he was oblivious to what was happening to his brother over on the couch. The women were finding Tony a bit shy. Probably because he had never had two beautiful women, outgoing women, highly sexually charged and in-charge women, so close to him before. He was nervous. They loved it. They began to rub his shoulders, chest and stomach in unison. Not really teasing him but relishing their power over the situation. Trish leaned forward and bit Tony's ear as Joan began to massage his thighs. Tony began to loosen up a bit, he turned toward Trish and kissed her full, inserting his tongue, just a bit, he was trying to turn the tables, he was now trying to tease them. Trish would have none of that, at least not yet, she bit him, just enough to back him up and say, "Huh?" With that Trish grabbed him full in the crotch and cupped his manhood in her hand. Joan knew what was happening and nearly simultaneously pulled Tony's shirt open and lightly raked his chest hair with her long nails. Joan bent her head down and began to lightly lick and bite his nipples. Trish started to unclasp his trousers. Tony gave up. He let his head fall back and his eyes close, he let out a very low moan of defeat. For all he was concerned they could do whatever they wanted to.

And that they did. To Trish's amazed delight she found something here-to-fore completely unique to her. Tony's dick was shaved. Not just the shaft either, his balls and anus were smooth as a babies behind. She thought, "Cool!" She couldn't keep her mouth off it. She went to work with voracious vigor, licking all over Tony's ass, balls and dick.

By the time Joey came back to the living room, things on the couch had gotten quite steamy. Trish watched out of the corner of her eye as Joey stopped in his tracks and watched her, now with Joey's big cock in her mouth, on her knees and still at Tony's side. She dipped her entire upper body up and down as Tony's cock slid in and out of her soft wet mouth. She relished his look of lust and she went even further in her show by beginning to masturbate herself with her free hand. Trish moaned with delight. Joan, still on the other side of Tony was kissing her husband in a super passionate and deep kiss. She too was masturbating herself with her right hand. As for Tony, he was lost, a goner. Joey dumb founded, was fascinated and sat on the nearby ottoman, his jaw remained open, his eyes big and round, he gulped down one of the drinks he'd brought over for the girls, set the glass down and began to rub his own crotch, right through his pants.

Trish, now riding a huge wave of unbridled lust and feminine power finally popped her head up and said, "Joan Tony's shaved dick tastes so damn good, we must share, your turn baby." And with that she leaned back into the couch, spread her legs wide, her right foot up on the back of the couch, her left on the floor and said, "Tony, pleasure me with that sweet mouth of yours." Trish pulled her panties far to the side allowing Tony full access. Tony obediently leaned into his ordered duty and started to lick and suck Trish's sweet thighs. Joan too dutifully took up a position so she could suck her husbands cock and rub his massive hairless balls with her free hand. All three were moaning randomly know, things were beginning to really cook. Joey now had his pants down and was stroking his cock, still preferring his voyeuristic stance.

Tony, to Trish's great delight was very gently working her ever moistening pussy lips and carefully nudging her clit with his typical stud worthy Italian nose. With the grace of a dancer she swiftly striped off her panties to provide Tony unencumbered access to all of her most sensitive area. With Tony's new found oral freedom he began to occasionally dip his tongue into Trish as far as it would go, this sent chills up her spine and she arched her back and cooed gently trying to obtain more depth. She whispered, "Fuck me with you tongue," over and over as her passion rose toward the brink of no return.

Every now and then Trish glanced over toward her husband Joey who was now getting a bit envious of the attention his brother was receiving. Joey was getting hornier and hornier as he watched as Tony got his clean-shaven balls licked even cleaner by Joan. Joey's urge was to waddle over to the trio on his knees, replace Joan's hand with his mouth and continue to beat himself off but he withheld. In the back of his mind he knew his time would come.

Joan too was ascending toward orgasmic heights, heights that she had seldom reached before. Her eyes rolled back in her head, only slim slits of white appeared and disappeared. Her mouth slurping uncontrollably over the head of her husbands penis and three fingers of her left hand were buried up to her fist in her own very wet pussy, her G-string pulled wide to the side.

Trish found Tony to be a devilishly good pussy eater. She'd never before experienced anything like this. He began to slowly insert a finger inside of her, but continued to tongue her clit. He laid his tongue flat over her clit and pressed it firmly, rotating and jiggling his head slightly. With his one index finger, turned over and up, he located Trish's G-spot; he massaged the little pad with small, tight circles. Wow! Trish had never felt this before. She was a bit frightened and tried to back away. She whispered, "It's too much." Tony said, "Flow with it, give in to it, you won't believe it." She relented and tried to give into the waves of sexual physical pleasure she was now experiencing. She started to moan out loud but all of a sudden she felt like she had to piss and piss bad. "No way," she said in a husky voice and attempted to back away again. "I think I have to pee," she said. Tony said, "It always feels that way right before you go over the edge, relax, don't worry." She again gave it a try and leaned back while Tony gently rubbed her G-Spot. God it felt good. Why had she never felt this before? She thought the G-spot was some kind of myth. Before she knew it she was moaning again but still feeling like she had to pee. But it felt so good and she remembered Tony's reassuring words. She was beginning to loose all control. She glanced toward her husband Joey who stared in amazement. She said to him, "Baby it feels so good, I, I think I might cum all over the place." That's when Tony inserted another finger and applied a little more pressure and her head nearly exploded. Tony increased the pressure on both her G-spot and her clit. Joan flipped; she went over the edge, "Oh my God! Fuck! I can't believe it!" Her hips bucked and squirmed and to Joey's wide-eyed amazement he saw streams of clear liquid shooting from his wife's pussy. Trish was gushing! Tony bathed his face in the squirting love nectar, lapping as much as he could with his tongue but never relinquishing pressure on Trish's G-spot. Trish kept cumming, wave after wave and with that, spurt after spurt of her own fluids flew out of her, drenching the couch and Tony. She looked down and this turned her on even more. Tony put two more fingers inside her. She continued to cum, "Oh shit! Please! Ah! Uh! I can't take it! Don't stop! Oh fuck!" Finally, slowly, she began to calm down, it was sheer exhaustion, she simply couldn't cum anymore. Her knees were sporadically jerking in after orgasm spasms.

As she came to a panting, satisfied rest, she looked over at her husband Joey and smiled, she said, "Oh Joey that's so sweet." Joey had cum too, while stroking himself and watching his wife experience her huge G-spot orgasm. He shyly held forth his fist and penis, which were covered with white globs of semen. Hearing this Joan spun from her husband's cock and began to lick Joey clean. Joey groaned, finally getting some attention. Trish just smiled, Tony's head resting in her crotch, he gently kissed her inner thigh. She dreamed of what might yet be to come, in this weekend of sexual dreams.

The End - for now.

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