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Miss Katlin
by IndianAsian

I sat in class looking at Miss Katlin. She was the new English teacher in our school. Too bad she wasn't a very good one. She was stunningly gorgeous and none of the straight guys I knew of could pay attention to anything else but her. She didn't have extraordinarily large breasts, hips, or anything that would be thought of as erotic. However, she carried herself with a dancers grace that showed off the smooth curves of her body. Everything she wore seemed to accentuate the smooth curves. Her face was slightly girlish, and had a nice lopsided if not a little impish smile.

I loved to draw nude sketches of her. They were not provocative, but rather sensual. I could never picture her as a slut. She carried herself too well. One day however, she came over as I was just finishing drawing her. She looked at me and softly said, "See me after class." I was worried. I would probably not be passing English this year.

I showed up after class and when I came in, she told me to close the door behind me. She came up to me and asked, "Do you enjoy dreaming of me naked?" I nodded slowly afraid what was going to happen. She looked at my grades which were pathetic in her class. Then she looked at my confiscated drawing. "The pictures you draw in my class are quite good. I'll make a deal with you. You draw me in the nude and I'll tutor you and give you a fair grade in English." She put a stress in tutor and it suggested something more than books.

I nodded, excited that she was asking me to draw her naked. I got out a drawing pad and pencils. I sat down and waited for her to take off her clothes. She just looked at me with her bright blue eyes and said, "I'm lazy. Undress me."

My heart started to beat faster. She was asking me to undress her. I stood up uneasy and walked forward. I was half a head taller than her and concentrated, looking at her dark brown almost black hair in order to prevent myself from grabbing her and ripping all of her clothes off. She looked up at me and stood on her tippy toes to kiss me. I felt her tongue dart out and mingle with mine. I stuck my tongue out and she sucked tenderly. I wished my cock was receiving that treatment now. I moved closer and put my hands on her hips. Her skirt was tight and it made an uncomfortable feeling in my cock. It kept grating and got me really horny. She spoke softly, "Aren't you going to undress me?" I smiled wickedly and allowed her to lean back so her breasts were pointing up at me. I kissed her neck and moved down to the first button on her dress. Since I was devoid of hands, I used my mouth to part them. She giggled and I was barely able to restrain myself. My cock was growing too hard.

I saw her bra and stuck my tongue under the upper corner of it and began licking her breasts. Her breathing got heavy and she said, "Oh, take off my bra and lick my nipples. I went lower and saw that her bra closed at the front. I moved her over to her table and put her down so I could undo them. I lowered myself onto her and felt that she was really hot. I touched the nipples lightly and she gasped. She moaned, "No fair, I was supposed to be seducing you." Then she gave a giggle that made her even more alluring. I moved down to her legs and began kissing them. I moved higher and higher up her legs and eventually got to the hem of her skirt. I hiked up the skirt and saw her with panties which were soaked. I breathed lightly on them and she gave a gasp of pleasure. I inhaled her aroma and slid my tongue up her thigh up under her panties.

I slid down the wet panties and revealed her pussy to me. She spread her legs as if to cool off. I slid a finger into her and she gasped loudly this time, "Ah!" She was so tight that my finger felt constricted. The inside of her pussy was velvety and smooth like vaseline. I moved down and sucked on her clit. She began to moan louder and louder until she came violently spewing her juices everywhere. She smiled after calmed down. But she wasn't through just yet. I swirled my finger in her juices and she licked them off my finger.

After she was done cumming, she slid to the ground and stood back up in a serpentine grace. She took off my tee shirt in that upward motion and began licking my nipple. Her tongue played over them driving my dick so hard against my slacks. My dick was starting to hurt. She moved down and slid my slacks do my dick was free. She looked at it in amazement. She got out a ruler and measured it. A whopping 13 inches. She licked it lightly lubricating my cock and driving me mad. I took the back of her head gently and pushed into her mouth. She took in as much as she could and strummed my cock with her dick. She withdrew her head and asked me to suck her some more. She slid her arms out of her skirt and embraced me as we kissed.

I knelt and she put one leg over my shoulder presenting her pussy to me. I licked it and drove her to ecstasy once again. She came again suddenly and now her breath was hoarse. Before she settled down I pushed her down on her desk again and inserted my cock into her. It took six thrusts before I could bury my cock into her. She moaned with delight and grabbed my ass to push me deeper in. I thrusted into her slowly at first, working up until a climax where she began screaming, "more! more!" And then we came together. It was the most wonderful feeling fucking her though her orgasm. Before I was done spurting cum, I climbed up on the desk between the pulses and trust my cock into her mouth. She sucked greedily and sucked me dry.

When we were done, I drew her naked in an imaginary landscape and handed it to her. She smiled at me and said, "there's a tutoring session at my house tomorrow after school. Wait for me and I"ll take you there." I smiled, wondering what else would come.

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