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Megan Learns Her Lesson
by WolfenDom

Megan was still asleep, and I had been watching her for nearly twenty minutes. Her blonde hair cascaded in waves over the pillow and her face was peaceful and content. I smiled as I watched her breathing, her chest slowly rising and falling in rhythm with her breaths. The sheet had fallen down around her waist, leaving her chest exposed. I slowly moved my hand over to her breasts.

They were still asleep, just like the rest of her, but I had made up my mind to wake them up. I slowly began tracing her nipple, barely touching it, very carefully circling her breast. The nipple sprang to life. I increased the pressure a little bit, rubbing the nipple until it jutted out from Megan's breast like a hard little rock. It was only then that Megan stirred.

She moaned a little, then stretched her arms up over her head and yawned. Finally, she looked over at me and smiled.

"Good morning, gorgeous," I greeted her. She looked down to see my hand begin to squeeze her exposed breasts. She smiled at me, happy for this early morning gift. "Hmm, mmmm, that feels so good."

Megan closed her eyes and prepared herself to feel every sensation that I chose to give her. She arched her back a little, moving her breasts closer to my waiting hands. I smiled at her eagerness and began groping her. Her breathing became quick and shallow as she let herself be taken away in my gentle caresses.

Just when she was beginning to feel really good, my touch stopped. Surprised, she opened her eyes and moaned in protest. My face was solemn and my eyes told her that something was wrong.

"Have you forgotten about last night, my slave?"

Her stomach dropped. She had hoped I had forgotten about her transgression last night, but I never forgot. It had started out so innocently. The two of us planned on a quiet evening at home together. Megan had laid down on her bed, eagerly awaiting my return from work. She knew that once I was home, I would prepare her for my pleasure. She would be bathed in pleasant-smelling oils and her hair would be brushed until it shone like the sun. Then, I would apply the wax to her pubic area and under her arms and slowly, agonizingly rip the hair out, one by one, prolonging the pain as much as I could. I would attach the leather collar around her neck and fit her ankle and wrist cuffs on. Finally, I would attach the little bell to the ring that I had placed on Megan's right labia. Megan knew that it was only then, when she was clean and prepared for me, that she would be able to serve me. She had looked at the clock. She still had at least an hour until I got home from work. Megan couldn't wait any longer. Moaning softly, she began to caress her bare breasts and her fingers slowly moved down to her pussy. Thoughts of me rushed through her head as she began to rub herself. She wasn't allowed to masturbate without my permission, but she had figured that what I didn't know wouldn't hurt me. Just as she orgasmed, she heard someone clear their throat in the doorway of the room. She had looked up to see me staring at her, disapprovingly.

"I see you don't need my company tonight, slave," I had said. Megan knew better than to protest. She sat up from the bed and hung her head in shame. I had gathered my things and told her that I wouldn't be back until much later.

"Where are you going, Master?" she had asked, tears running down her face. She knew she had failed me.

"That is none of your concern, Megan. I will deal with this in the morning." When the door slammed and I had left, Megan had cried. She hated to disappoint me, and she knew that she had been a disobedient slave. All our plans for a romantic evening had been ruined because of her.

Now, the morning after, Megan remembered that she had slipped into bed after midnight when I still hadn't reappeared. She had cried herself to sleep and she had been too exhausted to hear me return at two in the morning. Now, she knew she had to face punishment for failing her master.

I had slipped out of bed and stood in front of her, tall and imposing. "I want you to do everything I say, Megan. Don't ask any questions and don't hesitate. Prove to me with your obedience that you are sorry and that you desire to be a slave to me."

I smiled secretly when I saw her lower lip pop out and the tears begin to fall. I didn't really mind Megan's disobedience. It excited me that she was such a sexual creature. However, rules are rules, and nothing excited the two of us like a punishment session. I tried to hide my amusement and instead said in the sternest voice I could muster, "Get out of the bed."

Megan rose, her head hung low. She knew she had to take whatever I would give her, and she would do it gladly. She wanted me to see that she was sorry and that she could take anything I would dish out.

"Go over and face the wall, slave. Stand with your legs spread far apart and your hands on the wall over your head."

She did as she was told. She knew I was watching her every move, seeing if she would hesitate. She stood before me now, bracing herself against the wall, waiting for my touch.

I stood behind her. "Megan, I put up with a lot from you. I don't ask for much, but you continue to disobey me, and I can't stand for that." She heard me rustling around in a drawer for something. "You need to learn a lesson. Prepare yourself for a punishment."

Her stomach tensed in anticipation as she braced herself. She felt her whole body tense up, knowing what was coming. I put a hand on her back so I could get leverage and brought the flogger down across her ass as hard as I could.

She jumped. No matter how many times she was whipped, the first stroke always startled her. She brought her hands down to her butt instinctively, trying to rub out the damage done by the lash. She heard me sigh at her from behind.

"Slave, you know the rules are that you are not allowed to move yourself from that position against the wall unless I gave you permission. You moved your hands. That just brought you more punishment." She quickly returned her hands to the wall. "Now, slave, can you hold position or do I need to tie you?"

She shook her head. "No Master, I'm sorry. I won't do it again." She knew the punishment would be much worse if she were tied. She was determined to get through this as quickly as possible so that she could continue serving her master in the way that I deserved.

I waited for Megan to brace herself again, then once again brought the flogger down across her ass. She groaned a little, but held position. "That was much better, slave," I told her. I increased my rhythm a little, landing four strokes across her thighs as quickly as I could. She cried out and bounced a little from the pain, but her hands did not leave the wall. Smiling, I knew that with the next stroke, she would have no choice but to disobey. I swung my arm all the way back and brought the flogger up between her legs, landing a hard stroke right on her mound and her clit.

My hand, softly cupping Megan's pussy...just before I bring the lash once more under her...mmmm...soothing Megan's reddened ass with my hands...caressing...softly smoothing her pained flesh...roaming under her wet cunt, I move under her, tongue tasting the saltiness of Megan's groin while her juices are flowing...and letting her pussy continue responding to my hand while her hips are unashamedly moving her clit to rub against me, as I hold my hand still for Megan to moan...and then...withdrawing my hand so she knows...the lash...about to....*whack*...and Megan again jumps...with her slick juices now dampening the grip pulling her hair back roughly so she now looks up at the ceiling...I tell her..."You must learn to be obedient to be a good slavegirl for me..."

I bite into Megan's neck, teeth marks my hand returns to her hot cunt...her pussy rubbing harder now...then...*whack*...again...again...again...up under her legs she feels the lashes...jolting her entire pussy up into the my strokes are brutal...meant to hurt...and cause tears and pain now... "Is my pussy wet, a bit...slave?", feeling the heat rising into her nipples...her face flushed with some degree of she feels...a lash again...she feels my hand once again also...guiding my hard, throbbing...dripping cock to her wet and brutalized now telling Megan, "Tilt your ass...up on your toes...slavecunt...grip this cock inside your lips...and hold it there" As I take each nipple...rubbing her cunt juices on them to slicken them as my fingers twirl...and pull them to pleasure ... enough to make Megan acknowledge the inescapable orgasm begin building inside her errant pussy. As my cock is held so carefully...I bring my lash back down HARD on her back legs...causing Megan to impulsively squeeze her pussy so hard she pops the head of my cock...out. "Ohhhhhhh....bad slave!...very, very bad slave!'ve failed me...AGAIN!!" Now...I turn her to face me, grabbing Megans's shoulders, so limp now in my hands, daring not to show one sign of I tie her arms tightly above her head..."Never ever find anything more important than my needs and wants...serving and servicing these things...are your become the perfect slave to me!!"

I know you well, you want this so at times, then you feel trapped...and like a wild animal, you have to get away at any cost, but come back...because you want, but it's much more than just a "want"...without it you would suredly die...for I am more than just a part of you...I am your life...and you know I know that, so you want it as I can give it to you won't take it from anyone else, could never imagine your life with anyone not only love this...but as it became an expression of your life, have fallen in love with me, your master...

"You don't want anyone else knowing how you really want to be...need to be you really are, Megan...afraid to trust anyone else to be able to give what you need...and then...let you also be as you need...without it at times...but with it much much more than you ever can be without sadistic domination of your you ask for and need to be punished...for bolting from me...for any reason whatsoever, if I choose or doesn't live for my attention, no matter how I dispense it...gently and lovingly...or like this"... "You do know you're to be punished, Megan"

"Yes I know Master" "You need to be show that you're aware of being wrong...being bad... needing to show me you're willing to take what I give you'll try harder next time to please me. Also pretty slave, you do this because you know I enjoy seeing you in pain like that...don't I?...and you enjoy feeling that pain...for me, don't you? You'll do anything for me, won't you? "Yes Master." "I'd love to see you arching your back now...on your hands and knees...pushing that red lil raw pussy up to me...asking me to fuck you...hard and rough. You do love me to fuck you hard...don't lil cuntbitch? You love to be punished...but you need to be can't get my cock in you now...Meagn, my bad lil cunt nasty lil dirt-rubbing pussy...I'd have you begging I have you on your hands and fuck you...rape you hard and oh, so that'll be your leave you lying in the dirt...all night...cum...squeezing out of your pussy. You better beg me...whoreslut...or I'll make you wish you were never born!" "No, I don't want to beg." "Then...find out what I do to bitches who think that they can refuse me!!" Laughing in some maniacal tone, I jerk you up by her the floor..."No cunt of yours is going to entice me to fuck it now...whore!"...dragging the wall...taking each arm... tying it wide to the side, parallel to the ground...with gravel toned voice telling Megan to spread those cunt lips by having her feet outside this 4' wide board...never bringing them closer." "No." "Oh my gosh!!!!...Megan, you foolish lil idiotbitch!! I grab her cunt...squeeze it so hard she has tears flowing freely...her lips trembling... can't breathe it hurts so my nails dig into Megan's cunt...squeezing it like a foam rubber ball...over and over again...I grab it...hard...harder...even more harder now, with fingernails tearing into her soft smooth skin...looking into her squinted eyes, closed so tightly...teeth if anything she could do now would avert my tempestous lust to devour her impertinence...

"You like this, bitch? feel like cumming for the lil dog whore you are?" I squeeze these cunt lips so hard...and bite on her nipples, watching her eyes as she looks and sees her nipples pulled outward between my eyes drilling into Megan's soul, this aggression she brings out in me..."You better cum for me loud and the whorefuck you know you are to me...bitchslut!!"

Megan did...screaming a most terrible primal burst of energy...screaming from both the pain and the exquisite orgasm she finally was allowed to have ripping herself apart from within...her body...likewise bucked and contorted as if volts of searing electricity possessed her totally...god was she so gorgeous right at this very moment...

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