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Megan Learns Her Lesson
by WolfenDom

"Now look what you've done to my hands, you sorry little fuckslut...all wet and slimy with your cunt juices!!!...Fucking whore!!!!...lick it off...kiss my hands...tell me you love me to hurt you...want to be punished like the filthy slutfuck you are." "No" What a mistake...and she knows what it does to me to ever have anything negative shown to me by any slave...ever... "You think you can defy me, don't you, Megan?...even now?" "Fuck you" I slap her tits now with my lash...20 times...each tit...criss crossing, under and over...directly over the aerola, the nipples...refusing to soften... "Stop it you fuck head...let me go!!" Over and over again...I bring my lash over her tits...hurting, stinging...ripping...taking a gag now...ball it into Megan's mouth to stop those stupid driveling words of hers..."You are so foolish" I rip her legs now wide open...tying them through iron rings to weights, now off the dungeon she can hardly move them...before they stretch that cunt open so wide it feels like she'll tear in two. ...I love to watch her struggle, her erotically arousing to me...

Megan knew the game we played. She lived for it - punishment as deviously as I chose, each time a bit different, maybe not more severe or intense, but it was how she enjoys body-shuddering orgasms like she has to have. Addicted to it, to me, she is very good at "asking" me to use her body and mind as my erotic tool, my sexual instrument for bringing pleasure to her. She'll immediately deny that this is her drug, her aphrodisiac, but she knows that I know her better than anyone on this earth. What she confides in me, during times of confession, relaxed intimacy, is not only her way of letting me know her past and the particular "sexual imprinting" that sears her soul, but also her unique recipe for pleasure. The game increases now in tempo.

"You pathetic little whore!!! You deny me and then think you can defy me??!!" She was spread as tight as a banjo string, her legs gradually giving up their resolve to remain anything but closed, away from me. The double-stacked plastic milk crates already are mashing her reddened ass into a lattice-work of pressure points. Her arms are shackled above her, sadistically chained and now wrapped into her braided hair, more knotted than braided, but I did not care at this point for her delicacy in alluring me to her...yet still Megan is beautiful and still smelling so fragrant from her dedication to always present herself to me as my willing sexslave. What is about to happen, unbeknownst to her is the struggle to not only keep her legs and pelvis from dipping into an excruciatingly tortuous angle below horizontal, but if she does not now pull up with her arms as fiercely as she can, her gorgeous blonde hair will slowly be drawn so severely, she might rip it out - an event she never expects. But not willing to damage this exquisite creature, she also doesn't know that above her wrists, another short chain is also attached in that maze of webbing so she can only sink a few inches. This chain itself tightens to the support, keeping her aloft with only the sensations of needles piercing her scalp.

To you, the reader, this seems so sadistically cruel, but I do this not for me, but for her. She only orgasms when she masturbates alone, and when she can relive the torture - and the more fiendish I express this to her, the more intense pleasure her orgasms build.

What a totally vulnerable sight this hard-bodied professional model - now sexslave is. Tears run down her porcelain smooth face. Perspiration drips from her breasts. Teeth try to clench inside her gagged mouth as snorts of air plunge down her nose. Her eyes shut so tight. The exertion on her legs, facilitated by the unforgiving 50# weights looped through rings and then tied to her ankles, cause even her outer labia to open, revealing her wet, swollen clit.

Pondering the moment, "Should I bring you more despair, my gorgeous little girl?", as I flick her rock-hard nipples, twist them as I lick the saltiness from between her heaving breasts. She only moans. "Really? More? Then allow me to help you really learn what your defiance earlier has purchased."

Wide-eyed I step away, move behind her to place a wide nylon strap under and around her thighs, ratcheting this momentarily up, then kick the milk crates out from under her, banging them across the slate floor. Whispering into her ear, "Now my sweet, your legs are spent," as I bring the flogger down fiercely at the juncture of her magnificent legs...again, and again, and again, and again...directly onto her swollen cunt. Her arms grab hard to pull herself...where??...away from me?? I laugh until I almost choke. "No, no, no, no, noooo precious girl. Your situation gets much, much worse now." The ratcheted nylon strap was only as supportive as I choose. "Oh, pretty baby, now I'm going to relieve you of this burdensome old thing," and I slowly let the clacking of the reversing ratchet loosen the support. Not only her wearied legs give completely out to the demands of the ankle weights, and her perfectly rounded ass begins its inevitable descent below horizontal, but she also feels the incredible tension now on the roots of her hair.

Snorting with terror-filled eyes, she pulls hard on the support above her head, knowing I'll really leave her...until it does rip her hair. (But we know I've already planned to avoid such a senseless waste...shhhh).

Her arms tremble and shake from the hideous demands I make on them. The loose ends of the chains tinkle like a wind chime. Her tears flow freely, dropping off her exquisite cheek bones. "Darling, let me give you something to take your mind off of this mean old predicament." I attach clamps to her shuddering nipples, so wet they slip off the first two times I try to close them on her buds. Then I smile into her eyes so sweetly as I pull her wet outer lips of her precious cunt and do likewise. Muffled screams.

I can almost hear the pain sear through the gag as she writhes, the weight of her entire body easily too much for even her toned arms to prevent for long. It's only when her absolute desperate terror of immolation is certain, that she's saved from losing her hair by the sadistic exactness of my predicted slack.

"My pretty girl, so ready to say 'no' again to me? To use profanity in my presence, and directed towards me?" She looks with eyes begging, constrained mumbling rushing from her gagged mouth. "No? I don't think you do either", and I release her hair by unclipping my snap-link, letting it drop onto her back, rivulets of sweat now running down and dripping of her pointed ass.

"But precious girl, I have a new instrument I created and I do think now is the perfect time to 'give it a test run', whattya say?" Now Megan is sure her careless words will never be uttered again. It doesn't matter. She's mine. I don't care.

With her mouth already crammed full of the foam rubber ball gag, she watches as I bring a swimmer's nose clip in front of her eyes. I love to see how wide these incredibly gorgeous blue eyes can spread. With her hair released, she now shakes her head violently away from me as I shush her, stroke her matted hair...then grab a vise-grip full of it and jerk her face to within an inch of mine. "Why do you still resist me, precious, when you know it only buys you more of the...same?" I kiss her dewed little nose, so cute...then let the clamps snap her nostrils shut - completely.

I didn't realize what an inverted angle a woman's legs can really spread into, as my unfortunate sexslave demonstrates. She bucks and screams as if she can shake the nose clip loose, and gradually, gradually she surrenders to the laws of nature...and passes out. Her head droops forward.

Attentive as ever, I lift her chin softly. You'll remember that I really do adore and cherish this creature of my pleasure. First, taking the nose clip off and then removing the ball gag, she begins to draw into her parched lungs full breaths of glorious air...still unconscious.

Kissing her sweetly, she stirs, then groggily awakes to see me where I left inch in front of her face. "Please Mark, please!!" "Shhhhh, precious girl; you will either be totally silent or I'll again have to let my gag and clip silence you - understand?" She is so very smart, one of her more attractive allures to me. She nods, lip poking out as renewed tears descend. "Good girl", and I step back to reveal my latest invention of pleasure. Megan stares in wonder, as I slide it towards her. A wheel fastened with, what looks like eight inch leather straps - obviously a whipping machine.

"No darling, I wouldn't just create something so one dimensional. What you don't see is the air compressor which supplies pounds of air that not only propel this wheel to turn at any given speed, but with this valve here, I can choose the amount of air that fills these industrial-strength balloons that are encased by the two dozen sheaths of leather. And, by the way, they are well oiled with hypo-allergenic topical cream that makes them so very soft or turgid as any human tongue...or, given my whim, as taut as any eight inch lash you've ever imagined. Care to see?"

"You know, I was thinking of you when I devised it, my little pain/pleasure slut. Now here, let me get it right at the juicy little cunt of yours, so neglected but so very, very wet." Allowing first the desired amount of pressure to make caressing tongues, I begin the revolutions of the wheel to create for her an ingenious degree of the best oral sex a woman could ever care to experience. Flipping from under her pussy, I make sure it does what I intend. Her clit is also totally lapped over and over and over and over again ad infinitum as Megan begins to feel such total pleasure, only momentarily disturbed by the always surprising jolt of pain when I remove the clips from her pussy and nipples.

"If you care to be a good girl to me again, Ms. Megan, I'll place that wide strap back under these tortured little legs and raise you up ever so slightly so you can relax and get tongue fucked with only delicious pleasure in mind. Care for me to do that?" She nodded. Very, very smart girl - didn't' I tell you?

Being the indulging Master that I am, I not only comfort her pained legs by fully supporting her weight with the straps, but I also recheck the angle of the wheel to maximize the surface area along her sopping pussy. Gently increasing the speed of revolutions, Megan begins to show all the signs of a deliciously, blossoming orgasm.

"Now precious, I'm going to get some refreshments and I just want you to spoil yourself with the new toy. Just sound...and I'll be right back." She nods with a look of complete rapture as she gives herself completely over to the ministrations of the tongues. What she doesn't know is that cameras and listening devices, along with a remote control for the wheel will, unfortunately, make sure she can't keep her promise. (Told you I was devious.)

Megan's tight cunt begins to throb as the spasms engorge her womb, contracting her uterus, sending waves of complete pleasure flowing throughout her entire body and mind. Relentlessly the tongues lap...lap...lap...lap her shuddering cunt as she once again strains against her chains, this time in abandoned ecstasy. All of this I'm watching on my monitors, listening for that inevitable moan. I did not have to wait long for my sweet, too vocal slave.

"Unnnnnnnhhhh.....Ahhhhhhhh......Mmmmmmmmm!!!", she so tries to suppress, but I only smile, my cock alerting inside my pants. "Poor Megan, what am I going to do with you", as I witness a truly wondrous display of her sexuality. Her entire body convulses, her head wavers from side to side, back and forth. Her teeth bite down on her lips, but I only raise the volume of the microphones, as I touch the dungeon's outer door so she too will know...She did it again...tsk tsk tsk.

As my feet reverberate down the stone steps, all that is heard is the rapidity of the wheel's tongues...increased even more now, slapping a wet little naughty cunt that is the bane of my poor Megan. Her eyes meet mine as I stride toward her, tears again so precious and so sweet as I flick the machine off.

Her nose running now, eyes red with free flowing tears, my pitiful creature's lips tremble as she so realizes how awful her plight continues to be. "Don't feel so much self-pity, my sweet," as I hold a soft cloth for her to blow her red nose. "You do know what I know, so we won't dwell on it, okay; we shouldn't make this any worse than it already is, now do we?" Her eyes...gosh they are sooo beautiful, look up at me like an expectant child's, so ready to hear the good news.

"Well, darling girl, if I just 'let this go' for once, and...'just keep it between me and you', would that be all right?" She nods so cute, making her very best effort to show me she's learned her lesson. I gently stroke her tear-stained cheeks and lean down kissing her soft hair, inhaling her feminine essence.

"But, know pretty Megan...if I did may lose respect for me, thinking your sweetness could just manipulate me some other time. Then...where would I be, baby?...Just a mockery of my former self, who I am?" That look of impending despair sweeps over her totally, realizing I am fair, firm, sometimes even gentle, but always honorable to my own integrity.

"No prettiest girl ever...I think I'm going to have to show you the other feature of this newest toy...and I was so hoping to have a good reason to do so...with you...tonight. And, with you being such a sweet, adorable little slaveslut...well, you've been more than wonderful in allowing just that!! Aren't you proud of yourself, now?" That gorgeous little bottom lip...immediately pokes out as the first tears drop by.

"Now, now, now...behave for me, my pet. I really did mean for you to moan you know. Here, let me just show you what my machine can do besides lapping your little pussy into a frenzy. If I reverse the wheel, it will come over in a downward motion...AND...the other sides of the leather straps have the grain going...hmmm, shall we say...against you, not with you, if you catch my drift. So where the one motion was like a delicious tongue, this time when I pump more air into the leather, your soppy, wet, nasty, crusty cunt is going to be whipped incessantly till there's no more of anything left - and it won't stop, you know, until I make it!!"

As I start the medieval torture device, I bend down to whisper, "Now precious, I'll be good and won't make it hurt...too fast...too soon. I have to go back upstairs and leave you once again, because I have to meet a very special visitor. Hmmm...someone you know, in fact!! Your younger sister has been exchanging e-mails with me the last few months, and she really thinks this idea of being a slave is just what she wants too. I invited her here to the sanctuary where I do intend to "give her" everything her young heart desires. Bye for now, prettiness. You know I'm as close as the nearest monitor." Tears/Panic/Hyperventilation...just when she thought she may, at some time, be nearing the end of my pervisity. Her sister...mmmm...much more than I expected for one so young...but, do wait for that story in the near future...

***Later, some hours pass...that same night...when Megan's strength is totally spent...the devious invention set to perform varying regularities of speed and intensity...never allowing her to know when, how much, for how long...totally and desparately be a victim of some lifeless contraption...used...only for my desire...even if I'm not there to witness her depravity...her body finally and hopelessly droops as much as this tautness allows...

Absorbing this erotic scene in my heart, I silently creep back down the dungeon steps...Carefully assuring myself of her safety, it's only then I slowly allow my darling girl's limp body to seep to the comfort of the soft furs I have arranged below her...In her sleep, she is so incredibly delicious still to she always is, truthfully...even as the imp she loves to be...

I cradle her in my arms, as my precious little girl...with the mixtures of master/lover/mentor/father all playing upon my heart...stroking her softness, her curled that she's had such a moment of exertion...and whisper into her ear..."Megan, Megan...I love you darling girl...I love you so very, very you have captured my heart like no other...and have found your place within my soul...where you are always needed...always wanted...always...loved." And with the last words breathed into her...those gorgeous eyes, that make my entire being rejoice, open up and I fall so deeply into them, into she reaches for me to hold us together in a kiss...that lasts from the time I scoop her up into my arms, until I gently lay her down once my bed...where she will be cherished and adored...for the balance of this night...and even longer into the following day..

copyright '99 Wolfendom

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