The Best Erotic Stories.

Mother's Legacy Pt. I
by The Enchanter

I didn't want to get up but if I stayed in bed any longer I would end up cleaning up a wet mess. The beer from last night wanted out and would not wait any longer. I pulled back the covers and dragged my heavy head to the standing position, holding on to the bed post for support. The house was still dark as the days were getting shorter. I made my way to the bathroom bumping the walls like a bumper car, until I pushed open the door. WHAM! The light nearly blinded me. There was mom standing at the sink washing her make-up from her face. She looked over at my face and her eyes were drawn to my piss hard-on.

She looked back up at my face and smiled saying, "Looks like you need to relieve yourself hon! I'll just be a minute. Don't let me stop you." I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to. Blinded by the light and embarrassed at having my mom see my early morning boner I made my way to the toilet. Once there I lifted the lid and let fly with a torrent of yellow. I was holding onto the window frame over the toilet with both hands supporting my bulky twenty four year old body. I slid the widow open a crack to get a breath of air. The cold morning air blew in and gave me goose bumps along with a shiver which caused the stream of urine to flail like an unguarded fire hose. Needless to say piss was flying everywhere until I calmed down.

"Hey big boy hang onto that thing," said mom grabbing me by the cock, surprising the hell out of me. She stood there at my side holding my dick making sure I hit my target.

"Whoa mom take it easy!" I could smell her perfume and her hand on my dick made it, and me jump up straight. I'm only human and you might make this cannon go off doing that.

She smiled at me, letting go of my cock and giving me a bit of a wet kiss on the cheek. "Sorry honey, But I hate getting a wet ass when I take a leak. Don't forget to wipe the seat when your done. Oh you might want to get a girl friend to help you with your... umm...... morning hardship."

Now I was really embarrassed.

I made my way back to bed and fell into a dream filled with tits and ass of all the pretty women I have known.... Yes even mom's were in there right up front with all the great one's.

My dream was broken up by mother yelling from her room across the hall. "Hey handsome, I'm going to a Halloween party tonight. I don't have a date and I hate seeing you mope around the house all the time."

"Who's going to be there? I hope it isn't all those stuffy air heads that frequent the bar!"

"Oh don't be such an old fuddy duddy. We could have lots of fun if we dress up. Nobody would recognize us. It would be a riot. Come on say you'll show your old mom a good time!"

"But I don't have a costume!" The knob on the door turned and my own hand flew to hide my own knob. Mom opened the door and was holding a black tux with a blood red French lace shirt.

"TA DAAAAA! I anticipated that question last week so I went out and bought you something to wear. What do you think?"

"Wow it looks cool mom. Do you think it'll fit?"

"Well lets try it on. Come on hop out of bed and well see. If it needs any alterations I'll get them done this morning."

Fuck! I thought to myself. Me and my big mouth. How do I hide my hard-on for the second time this morning. "Give me a minute to wake up and we'll do it OK"

"All right get a bath robe on, I'll go make some coffee and we can do it in the kitchen." With that she turned and set me free from further embarrassment.

I got up, brushed my teeth and went to the breakfast nook anticipating a good cup of Java. Mom was just pouring my cup with her back to me and the morning sun was throwing just enough light to silhouette her body under her evening clothes. Man what a fucking fox. She was sure one terrific looking woman, mother or no.

"Here you go son. A nice wake up call." She handed me my cup and gave me another kiss on the cheek, leaving a red mark that I could feel burn into my flesh. I had to think "Down boy. Now is not the time to raise you mighty head."

"Come over here and try the slacks on dear while I go get some straight pins."

I went to her side and took the pants from her. As she walked away I stood there and watched her ass sway as she walked. "Put the pants on and quit looking at my big ass!"

"Wha....." How did she know I was looking at her ass? I shook the cob webs from my rattled brain and did as she asked. I had the slacks on by the time she returned. Like an obedient son I stood still hands at my side, looking straight ahead as she checked out the fit. Mom sat back on her haunches and I watched as her eyes traveled up my legs, stopping for a peak at my crotch and then up to my face. "How do the slacks feel around the waist." Saying this she stuck her hand in the top of the pants and made her way around to the side. "They feel just right. OK bub put the jacket on." I did and it too fit like it was made for me.

"I think we will be the two best dressed tonight honey." She said and pinched me on the butt.

"What are you going to be and what does this black tux make me?"

"Well Mr. Smarty pants you and I are going as two people of mysterious backgrounds. We will be slightly evil minded, maybe even a little sinister."

"Oh yeah! Well that doesn't tell me much."

I'll tell you what. Wait until this evening, and when I'm dressed we will see if you can figure out what we will be as a couple. Sound like a deal?"

"Okay I'll play along, but we better have fun!"

Mom came up right in front of me and held my chin with her long red nailed fingers and said. "Baby it's just you and me tonight and we will have a ball." Adding a sly wink and another kiss. Only this time it was on the lips and I could feel the electricity flow from her to me.

It was about six thirty and I was dressed and waiting in the den sucking back a cold beer when I heard the click clack of high heels making there way across the marble floor leading to the small room where I sat. The clicking stopped and the two large oak doors parted revealing what I perceived to be a drop dead, gorgeous, sexy, lust evoking goddess. I sat up straight and spit out the rest of the last gulp of beer. Either I had died and gone to heaven or I was looking at the most beautiful creature these eyes have ever seen.

"Whaaaaaa Wooooowwww....... Hot dam....... Your beautiful mom! Your a fox if ever there was one!" There standing in the door way with the light from the chandelier highlighting her outfit stood my date.

Her outfit consisted of a pair of black silk harem style pants slit from the ankle to the belt line with a little strap mid way to keep the looker's in suspense. Her top was adorned in a matching jacket with long pointed lapels which hugged her torso and seemed to pinch her waist. Under the jacket she had on a red lace camisole, which matched my shirt. There was only one button holding the jacket together and the thread had to be made of steel to hold those two beautiful white fleshy orbs in place. The camisole did not offer any support , there was no bra strap showing under the jacket and when she did a pirouette to model there was no sign of a bra clasp from the back! So tell me how did she manage to have her soft warm tits fill the front of her outfit as if she was wearing a push up style bra?

I forced my gaze upwards past her succulent red lips, her pert nose flinching drawing my eyes to hers. Her lashes were long and black and her steel blue eyes were shadowed in a dark color to give her the appearance of a....... witch. Her hair was usually short but tonight she had donned a long black wig which fell just past her twenty three inch waist to give it the final touch. She looked like an honest to goodness witch.

"Mother you are the sexiest looking witch I have ever seen. You look fabulous!"

"Thank you son. You look very handsome but you need some make up. Come on up to my room and I will finish your look."

I followed her up the stairs hypnotized by the twin globes encased in her harem pants. Try as I might I could not detect any panty line at all. My guess was a thong type panty. She turned at that moment and just said "Good guess." And kept walking.

We reached her huge bedroom and I made my way to her make up table and sat facing the mirror. I pulled the stool back so she could get between me and the table. Mom was good at applying make up as most women of beauty are. She crouched in front of me and started to apply the colors to my eyes and cheeks. I however was looking straight down the front of her top trying desperately to see some sign of a nipple or even the promise of one. I think she knew what was up and did a good job teasing me moving just the right amount to give a quick glimpse of white flesh. Within five minutes she said, "OK my handsome Warlock let us be off to find merriment and drink." She reached for my arm and held it close to her soft breast and we made our way to the limo out front.

The drive to the club was too short as far as I was concerned. Mom sat close enough to me that our thighs touched as the movement of the car caused them to gently strike together. Mom, ever thoughtful had chilled champagne and as we drove we sipped and made idle chit chat, and I could not for the life of me keep my eyes away from the valley in the front of her jacket. She did not mind though and I could see her nipples react to my gazing. They were getting very prominent and with their growth I could feel more pressure on my thigh from hers.

As we pulled up to the front of the club mom grabbed my thigh just missing my hardened cock and said, "Thanks Gary for coming with me tonight. I need a man's company and I couldn't think of a more handsome hunk of a guy." She gave me a real nice squeeze and another quick peck on the lips.

"Lets go knock em dead baby," she said and scooted to the door as the chauffeur opened it.

I stepped out of the car and put my arm around mother's bare waist, pulled her close and we walked into the club as a couple not as mother and son.

"Mother, I whispered in her ear. People will surely recognize us and the jig will be up!"

"Have no fear my handsome warlock no one will make mother on this one!"

I wasn't about to doubt her because if mother says trust her you just do!.

We strolled arm in arm through the entrance and the maitre d simply nodded and bid us welcome. He escorted us to one of the better tables in the house and refused a tip explaining it was his pleasure to serve madam and me. I looked at mom and she just winked. When we were comfortably seated the waiter having taken our drink order I leaned close to my date and said, "Mom the maitre d has known you for ten yeas and he acted as if her barely knew you. What gives?"

Gary you are so full of silly questions. Relax and lets' have some fun with our hidden identities!"

Markus arrived with our drinks and he too could not keep his eyes off mom's tits. Can't say I really blame him. As we drank mom kept looking all around the club smiling at the unsuspecting patrons.

"Dear. Do you want to have some fun? Come with me and play along. Act the part of being my date no matter what Okay."

"Lead the way my mother! I'm all yours."

We picked up our drinks and headed towards the bar where Jerry and Barb Mayban were holding up their end of the bar. They were very wealthy and were known to everyone as swingers. Mom said Barb had hit on her many times. When we reached the bar they both did a double take on mom and me too for that matter. Barb was the first to talk. "Well hello there I don't recall seeing you two before. Are you new to the club?"

"Why as a matter of fact we are. I'm Amanda and this is my lover Gary. Who do we have the pleasure of meeting?" I looked at mom giving her a nudge in the side. She just looked at me and gave me a "play along look."

"I'm Barb and this is my husband Jerry. We have been members here for quite some time. In fact I am the best friend of the owner. It just so happens her name is Amanda as well and I think she has a son named Gary too. Isn't that a strange coincidence?"

"Yes it is said mom. We are not members really, but we may if we can meet the right kind of crowd. You see Gary and I like to live it up and have fun if you know what I mean." As she said that she put her hand on my ass and gave it a wicked squeeze. At the same time she stuck her tongue out and licked my ear giving the unsuspecting couple a show of lust. Then my date did something I would have gotten a slap if I had tried. She reached over to Barb and placed her hand on her midriff and slowly traced it up the other woman's side grazing the outside of her breast sliding forward and turning her hand palm up flicked the stunned and excited woman's rising nipple saying to her. "My dear Barb what a sexy outfit you have on. We must chat later. I would love to know who your dress maker is." As soon as she was finished she grabbed my arm and pulled me away saying, "We must mingle with the rest of the crowed my dears. Catch you later....... maybe!"

We made our way around the room and mom was drawing admiring looks and leers from both sexes. As for me, I noticed a few women glance down at my crotch and when they did you could see head lights come on. My ego was being inflated along with my cock. After four drinks, none of which we had to buy I could see a bigger change coming over mom. Her posture stayed the same as well as her speech but her hands started to roam freely over my body. When she would introduce us she would place her hand on my chest under the tuxedo jacket and then rub my nipples through the red embroidered material. When we walked her hand would come to rest on my ass and it would often rub and glide over my butt as if she were trying to smooth out any little bumps. I figured if she could do it why not me. So I bolstered up all my courage and as we made our way to the next table I let my hand wander over the gentle swelling mounds which graced the tops of her legs. When I did she looked at me and pursed her lips and kissed me open mouthed for just a few seconds, sucking on my lips with her mouth as she parted.

"That feels nice baby. What took you so long?"

"Mom can we sit down before I embarrass myself like this morning in the bathroom?"

"Why certainly dear. I don't want the other ladies to see what my date has to offer. I may loose you to one of those wenches."

I couldn't get to our table quick enough and mom was along side with her hand in my wallet pocket gently pinching my ass.

"What seems to be troubling my handsome warlock Hmmmmm......."

"Well.... For the last little while I have noticed changes in you and how you act. Like this morning for example when you grabbed me right by the prick and held it for longer than was necessary to avoid a mess and when we were walking and you turned and said "Good guess!" The way people don't seem to recognize you or me and the brazen way you push yourself around. Don't get me wrong. I think your very cool and all. but...... ummmm.... I..ah.... don't know how I can go on like this and do something I may get my face slapped for!"

"My sweet dear loving son. Don't ever think I would do something to embarrass you or cause you any pain. I love you more than you realize and there is a purpose for what I am doing. Just think of it as a test that you need to be put through and if you pass the rewards will be worth every second of doubt you may have now. For the time being though please have patience and do what you heart and mind tell you to do. I promise I will not put you in any danger of any sort and everything we do tonight will be safe and ... even enjoyable for both of us. Now come her and give you date a big kiss."

I moved in and was prepared to give her a motherly kiss when she held my chin with one hand and grabbed my leg just below my crotch with the other and gave me one hot fucking soul kiss. Her lips touched mine and lights and whistles went off in my head. Her tongue pressed at my lips until I conceded and allowed her to enter. We jousted back and forth trying to swallow each other in the process. Her hand was rubbing my leg getting dangerously close to my hardening prick. She broke the weld between our lips and looking me straight in the eye she grabbed my steel like shaft in her hand and said, "Would you like to have Barb come over her and take care of this for you," gently squeezing and running her hand up and down my hard cock.

"Mother if you keep that up any longer I won't need anyone to take care of anything except maybe a dry cleaner!"

Just then Barb appeared at our table and slid in next to me. She looked at me and spoke to mom. "Amanda would you mind if I asked this handsome hunk of yours for a dance. As she said this her hand came to rest an inch from mom's. I think mom sensed this and pulled her hand of my cock.

"He's all yours for now. I have to go make a few phone calls just bring him back as soon as your finished."

"Anything you say Amanda. Come with me my handsome Warlock lets see what you've got"

I looked at her and the bell went off inside my head. Somehow, my mother has conveyed my state of arousal to this woman and she is going to do me.

Barb pulled me up and almost as if she knew she walked just in front of me to hide my bulging pants. We made our way to the Gazebo outside, which at this time of year is used by few if any. She pulled along side wrapping her arm under mine pressing her breast against my arm. I noticed her nipples were poking out the front of her nurses costume and it was evident she wasn't wearing a bra either.

"You know I don't think your date is being very nice."

"What do you mean, Barbara."

"Oh don't be shy with me. I walked in front of you so no one could see this big piece of cock flesh you have hiding in you tuxedo. If your date had any sense she would do this to help." Saying that she dropped to her knees, pulled my zipper down and with the skill only a practiced slut pulled my aching boner into the night air.

"My God you are absolutely huge and I know I'm going to love this thing in my mouth." Her face descended on my cock and without any hesitation she throated all eight inches of my pulsing cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmm baby you taste like heaven. I want you to grab my hair and fuck my face until you cum. I want you fuck my throat and don't stop until you cum," she said between licks and sucks. "Now start fucking baby."

I was only to happy to oblige. I reached out and filled my fists with her blonde locks and pulled her face forward until I was buried in the hot cavity of her mouth. I could feel her throat contracting on the head of my cock. It felt like a velvet vice. She pulled back rather harshly which I took as a signal to apply more force so I did. I pulled hard on her hair until her nose hit my stomach. I pushed her back and forth not really caring about her , only wanting to satisfy the need to cum. I let my inhibitions fall away and started to fuck her face.

"Yes you sweet fucking hag suck my big cock. I am going to fill that worthless cunt you call your face with my seed, and you will thank me. Suck me cunt, suck the fuck juice from my cock."

She definitely liked the verbal abuse I was giving her. Her left hand was busy fucking her pussy and her other hand had pulled her blouse open and she was pulling savagely on her nipple stretching it further than I thought humanly possible. This woman was a swinger in the true sense of the word. She put everything she had into the suck job I was getting.

All the teasing from mom and the way this fine lady was sucking my cock had gotten to me. I didn't want to hold out any longer.

"Ohhhh yes my sweet little cocksucker.... Here it comes baby I'm going to fill your face with fuck. Yes cunt suck it suck it suckkkkiittttt...... Unh unh unh." Three grunts and three jets of come shot from me. She had pulled back and opened her mouth so I could watch my hot spunk fly into her mouth. She looked at my face as if in a trance and moaned her approval as the thick white flow filled her mouth. As the flow ebbed she once again closed her lips around the head of my cock and I could feel her trying to suck my balls through the end of my dick wanting to get every drop of juice she could. When she was sure she had it all she sat back on her legs and with a smile and a gulp she swallowed the load of cream. Her tongue swiped across her lips and she gave another satisfying hum. That's the way I left her, with her tits hanging out and her finger dancing on her clit.

I made my way back inside to look for my date, and found her teasing a man old enough to be her father. I slipped my hand around her bare midriff and placed my hand just below her right breast. I leaned to her ear and stuck my tongue in side briefly and quietly said, "Everything came out fine mother. Barb is not a very talkative person, but then again she had her mouth full all the time I was with her."

Mom just giggled and continued looking at her older admirer introducing him as John Fidrick. CEO of a major oil corporation in New Mexico. We chatted with the distinguished gentleman for five or so minutes and mother bid him adieu, promising a lunch date next month, relating to me it could be beneficial to both of them.

The drinks started to take their toll on us so I suggested we go upstairs to the dining room for something to eat. Mom agreed so we made our way upstairs and were again greeted ceremoniously and escorted to the finest table in the house with a small army of servants in toe.

I let my wicked looking date order for us while I sat back and stared in awe of her grace and beauty. What I wouldn't give to.... A little voice spoke inside my head telling me to not only watch what I say but watch what I think too. If she did read my mind this morning I could get in trouble for improper thoughts.

"Soooooo.... how was Barb? Did she manage to bring the swelling down any.?"

"Oh yeah that she did. She sure does have a way with her mouth. Would you answer a personal question mom?"

"I'll try honey. What is it."

This test you are putting me through, how long is it going to be and when will I know if I passed?"

"Well son the test is all but over. I would say that by the time we finished eating and talking I will have my answers and then you will get your grade, as it were."

She slid closer to me and looked into my eyes with her sultry blue eyes and began to relate the whole idea of what I was going through.

"Gary what I am going to tell you may sound very strange and hard to believe, but I would like you to listen with an open mind and not judge before you her me out."

"That sounds fair to me mom."

"As you know your father was killed some years ago and they never found his killer. Well I will tell you that they never will because he too is dead and I am the only one who knows as I killed him." My jaw fell open and I sat there too stunned to speak or even nod.

"Close your mouth dear you'll let the flies in. Anyway ,"she went on. "Your mother is not really the person you and others think I am. My ancestry dates back to the middle ages from central Europe. Back then they thought of us as evil people who could do nothing but kill and pillage our way though life. My Great Great Great Great Grandfather decided to change our image and thus began the transformation of our family. Back then we were all called witches" There was a long drawn out moment of silence. My mother lowered her head as if she were ashamed. She probably thought I would hate her because of what she represented. I placed my hand beneath her chin and as I raised her head I could see a tear rolling down her cheek. "Please don't hate men son. I would just die if I felt you could never love me anymore!" There was such a look of fear in her eyes I knew she would be devastated if I were to shun her.

"Mother. Do you remember what you told me earlier, about you could never do anything to hurt me etc. Well I don't care if you are a witch. I don't care if you are a Werewolf. Hell I wouldn't give a flying fuck if you were a vampire. You are my mother and I couldn't love you anymore or less no matter who or what you are! Now! We have gotten that out of the way, tell me more about my heritage. By the way does that make me a Warlock if you are a witch?"

"Yes my handsome young man you are a Warlock. But I'm afraid if we do not do something our family will cease to exist. When my ancestors tried to change our lifestyle from so called monsters to a better more kind people we were ostracized and banished from the main clans in Europe. My family fled to this new world were we continued to live and eventuality prosper. Your father was actually a distant cousin of mine, but in order to keep the family tree alive we had to marry and raise our relatives in order to survive. We made sure we took all possible precaution and that's were we are today. You father was killed by a distant clan member whose family has held a bitter hate with us for centuries. I was so mad and incensed when your father was killed that I sought revenge and eventually was able to lure him into a trap and I disposed of him so he can never be found. His family believes he was killed in an accident so they have not bothered to pursue his death. The problem we have now is that we have to find a way to perpetuate the family line and you my young man are the last of our family alive to do that. Do you begin to understand what I am going through?"

"Yes I do mother. But why all the tests? What is the end to it?"

"Your sister is married to a "mortal" if you will, so he cannot give her a witch or warlock. It is up to you, to fertilize her or me to conceive a new family member. I had to test you the way I did to see if you held the qualities we have looked for in order to be sure you would help me bear the proper child. I have to say in all truthfulness you are a true gentleman in every sense of the word and you would be the perfect father to our descendant. Does this scare you. Do you want to drop the whole idea. I will understand you know." Mother was truly scared I would balk and flee, leaving her alone forever.

"Mother I am honored you think of me that highly and I don't think there is anything I would love more than to make you happy. I would love to be the father of our descendant. There is only one problem. How do we accomplish our task? There are only two ways that I know of to have a child. One is...."

"Artificial insemination," she blurted out. "Or doin the dirty with mother," I added. We both looked at each other and almost at the same time with shit eating grins we said "Doin the dirty with mother!"

We slid together and sealed our pact with a long and deep kiss.

It was just after we broke our kiss that the waiter had brought our meal. We ordered a bottle of the best wine we had in the cellar and we ate our meal almost in silence both of us savoring the food and the events of the evening. I could not get over the fact that my mother was a witch and that she trusted me enough to want to share her special love. My mind was full of questions. If I were a warlock could I do spells and stuff. Could I read other people's mind's. I didn't know what to ask first. After the waiter removed the last of the dessert plates I held mother's hand and asked her how and where do we begin.

"Well how about we finish our date as we started, and we will just do what comes natural?"

"Sounds wonderful. Would my lovely date care to dance?"

"Why yes I would dear."

We walked hand in hand to the dance floor and she fell into my arms like a hand in a glove. I pulled her close to me feeling the warmth of her body, the smell of her perfume filling my senses with delight. Her breasts pressed into my chest and I swear they would burn holes in my tuxedo from the heat radiating from her. My mind began to race again thinking all sorts of thoughts. Mom put her head on my shoulder and I could feel her breath on my neck. It raised goose bump up and down my whole body. I could feel the starting of another erection and I knew she could feel it to. I thought to myself "Wow I am going to fuck my mother tonight and if I am lucky maybe even tomorrow" Mom pulled her head back and with a look of pure love and lust said. "No honey tonight I get to fuck my son. Tomorrow I can fuck him again and again the next day and every day I choose. We are as one from this day on. Mother and son and lovers. If you think Barb knows how to suck cock you ain't seen nothing yet stud. And to press her point home she kissed me pushing her tongue in my mouth and grinding her pelvis against mine forcing my cock to press against the warm wet cunt that was only two layers of cloth away.

"Let's blow this pop stand and go home to bed," she said in a sultry voice. "I took my thong off as it was wet from my juices and I don't know how long my pants will hide my arousal." We called for the chauffeur and while we waited we kissed and pinched various parts of our partners anatomy.

No sooner were we out of the driveway we were back in each other's arm kissing like long lost lovers. Mom had a way with her tongue sliding all over in my mouth, along my teeth from side to side under my tongue, then she would suck my tongue into her mouth. I was definitely having a good time. I think mom sensed a little timidness in me so she grabbed my hand and placed it on her treasure chest. With shaky fingers I gently pushed the material aside and kissed the top of each breast. My tongue snaked it's way out and I started licking the exposed flesh pushing my way to the tender nipple I knew was just a small piece of cloth away. I could hear her start to moan. "Yes baby kiss my breasts lick them all over.. Suck my nipples baby suck mother's tits baby make them hard honey bite my nipples baby. Yes baby yes yes yes yes, suck mom's tits.

I was not able to capture her nipple because of the camisole so I did what any other gut would have done I reached up at her throat, just above her tits at I ripped the silk undergarment exposing her white hills of flesh. This caused another moan of approval from my sweety.

"Oh my big stud likes to get a little rough. I think I am going to like this. Now come here and suck these big tits for me honey." She reached for the intercom button and said. "Donald hurry up and get this bucket of bolts moving We have an urgent matter at home that needs attending." She pulled my hand to her pants and in one quick yank she pulled the slacks down and put my fingers against her very wet pussy. "That feels urgent don't you think, honey."

"You are certainly right about that. I know just the cure for what ails you in fact I have two. I reached down and pulled out my hard cock and said, "Here's one, stuck out my tongue wiggling it at her and said here's the other." All I could do was feel the urgent wetness and give my date a big smile.

We pulled up to the door the tires chirping on the pavement. I started to put mother's clothes in place when she said, "Don't bother dear he wont see anything we don't want him to see."

"Oh yeah!. I dare you to accidentally show your tits when he helps you out of the car."

"How about I let him see your hard dick. Remember dear we have to be discrete for appearances. You and I have to stay on our toes. I'll teach you how to use your given skills, and then you will better understand."

Just then the door opened and an unsuspecting chauffeur helped mom and me out of the car , not giving our partially clothed bodies a second glance. I opened the front door and ushered my hot date into the foyer. I kicked the door closed behind us and we made our way up the stairs hand in hand. Mother's free hand holding my hard cock and mine was holding her asscheek with a finger insinuating it's way up her hot wet pussy,

"I think this special occasion requires us to share my bed don't you love?"

"Yeah I think it would be great to sleep in your bed again. How long has it been since I have done that? Twenty years?"

"Hey that's right it has been a long time. Although the last time you slept in my bed your dad was there also and your big hard beautiful hunk of flesh wasn't nearly this big. If it had been I my not have been able to control myself!" We both chuckled at her last comment. My date then opened her door and swept her arm in front of her self as if to guide me in before her. I walked in and took three quick steps and leaped onto her king size bed, landing in the middle. I pushed the throw pillows off the bed spread and pulled the top coverlet down to reveal the midnight blue satin sheets. I padded the mattress beside me and flexing my index finger I motioned for her to lay beside me. She looked me straight in the face and as she took the few steps towards the bed she flung a piece of remaining clothing, throwing them and not caring where the landed. The last piece of material obstructing my view was her bra. When the cups fell from her firm white flesh I thought I saw a glitter coming from her rosy colored nipple. Her knees hit the side of the bed and as she bent down and crawled onto the bed beside me I saw she had a small gold ring attached to each of her nipples.

"Wow!! What does my sexy mother have here," I said as I reached up to grab the tiny ring hooked to her nipple.

"Those my dear were put there at the request of you dear departed dad. They are gold rings to mark me as his property. It is something our for fathers thought up as a way of showing our love and devotion to our mates. Do you like them?"

"Like them.... I think they are extremely sexy, cool... you name it. I love them. Can I play with them?"

You can do anything and everything to these babies you little heart desires." She stated matter-of-factly as she held them up for me.

I sat up and gently pinched the ringed nipple between my fingers. I pulled on the small ring and the band of gold forced the red tip of mom's breast to follow. Mom didn't move at all. Instead her eyes closed and she threw her head back and uttered a guttural moan. "Oh yes baby pull the little ring. You don't know how long I have waited for a man to do that. Oh yes baby pull harder....... Yes baby stretch my nipples........ ooooohhhhhh that hurts sooooo gooooooooddddddd!!!!1 It's enough to make me commmmmmmm........ oooohhhhhhh......fffffuuuuuuuucckk. Mom's whole body shook as she came from me pulling on her nipple rings. I had succeeded in stretching them about six inches from her chest, just enough to make her tits into two perfect cones. I couldn't believe the simple task had brought her to a climax.

"Uummmmmmm... your turn baby. Lay back and watch how a witch sucks cock. I guarantee you have never felt anything remotely like it. I am going to make you cum like a fountain." She pushed on my chest causing me to fall back onto the cool sheets. She grabbed some pillows and lifted my head placing them under me so I Would have an unobstructed view. Her breasts brushed the side of my face so I took a swipe at her tit with my tongue licking the side closest to me. She made a small mmmmmm sound and dangle the whole breast in front of my open mouth. I sucked the ringed nipple into the warm cavity between my lips flicking the ring and her hard nubbin. Reluctantly she pulled her wet titflesh from my mouth and dragged the ends over my chest following them with her tongue, licking the flesh just past by her breasts. She made her way down to my navel looking me in the face the whole time. Her tongue stretched out what had to be four inches

I sat back and watched as her lips traveled over my chest, flicking my nipples as her wet digit flicked out like a snake feeling it's way around. Her black wig fell over her face hiding most of it. It tickled as she swept from side to side. When she hit my navel I gasped causing my stomach muscles to contract. She picked up on this and continued to tease me all around my in-ee. She could not go any lower as the head of my dick was hitting her in the chin as it was. I flexed my cock so as to make it rise and fall hitting her throat as she lick her way around my stomach.

"Are you trying to tell me something son? If I didn't know any better I would say you were getting impatient!"

"Hey mom if I were licking around your pussy like your licking around my cock, and I wasn't making any effort to go any lower, what would you think?"

"When I'm through with this big stick of yours you can return the favor and you will see that I will not complain as I love to be teased. So there. Sit back, shut your cake hole and watch as dear old mother devours this big hunk of salami."

SO I did. I watched as my flesh and blood, lick her way to wards the head of my waiting monster. She wrapped her left hand around the base and licked the head coating it with her juice and making it gleam. Her tongue tried to force it's way into the small slit in the end of my cock. Then it would wash all around the top, swabbing the whole surface. Then her hot wet teaser licked up the front, over the top and with the back of her tongue she slid it along the back, up to the top again. She repeated this same routine about twenty times, holding my dick upright with one hand and rolling my balls with the other, never taking her eyes off my face. She then filled her mouth with my cock getting about half in, with out any trouble at all. Her warm wet cavern felt like hot velvet and I was beginning to believe her when she said that this would be an unforgettable blow job. Her mouth came off my rod and she spoke words that threaten to blow my mind as well as my load. As she related what she was going to do her mouth never stopped it's administrations to my cock.

"Do you like mummy sucking on your big hard cock baby? Don't you just love the feel of my hot wet lips around your hard fuck stick? Mummy is going to suck your big hard cock all the way down to the base and then all the way up to the top. If you think that big titted Barb made you come wait until I make you come. Mother is going to deep throat this big rod and hold it inside for a long time, and while it is in my throat I am going to do wild and wonderful things to it. Would you like that son? Would you like to cum in mummy's mouth. Would you like to shoot your hot, white, gooey fuck juice in my mouth and watch me swirl it all around and then swallow it...hhmmmmmmmm, would you?"

God mother if you don't put it in your mouth and start I may cum all over your face and tits! Would you like that?" It was said more in mock anger that in truth, but I was dangerously close to the end and I was not sure I could manage to hold off until she finished what she was planning to do. Sure enough. She put the head in her mouth and slowly pushed her head forward. I watched in awe as the length of my cock made it's way into her hot mouth. It seemed like for ever as she watched my face start to contort in pleasure/agony. Ever so slowly it disappeared and after a minute it was buried to the hilt. He nose was pressed against my stomach and her hands were around my ass and cradling my lower body. She was hugging my abdomen and her throat muscles were constricting around my cock.

"Sweet mother of mine what are you doing??????? Don't stop baby don't fucking stop..... it feels lick a fucking vice squeezing me. Yesssss baby milk me with your throat, make me come mother......make me fill you with my seed....... I am going to cum in your mouth then in your pussy then on your beautiful tits then in your mouth..... yes my hot cunt, suck me offffffff..... suck the cum from your son's cock make your son cum in your hot wet fuckinnnnnggggg mouttthhhhh.... Yessss... yesssss here... it... fucking... cummmmmmmssssssssssss... " I blasted my load deep in her throat sending four, five, six hot spurts of juice into her stomach. It was remarkable as she could not breathe and my cock never once left her throat after in entered initially. The whole thing lasted about three minutes and when I pulled out of her throat she made sure every drop was sucked out the end of my cock before it fell from her lips. She held my wilting dick in here hands and with a warm smile asked me if I had enjoyed our first encounter.

"Mother. That was without a doubt the best sex I have ever had. I can't believe you had me inside your throat for so long without breathing. It was incredible."

"My dear sweet boy I have many tricks to teach you about making love. Some of them are even a little kinky. I can show you things you haven't even dreamed about. Things we can do to each other and anyone else we choose. Just remember if anybody it to be included in our antics they will have privy to our relationship. Once we let them in they have to become a part of us."

"Have no fear mother I do not need anyone but you. I am going to take care of you. I am going to fuck and suck and do anything you want me too. I am going to make you pregnant so we can have an heir to our way of life and I will be the best fucking warlock you have ever seen. Because I love you love you love you!!!"

To Be Continued...


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