The Best Erotic Stories.

Mother's Legacy Pt. III
by The Enchanter

We were up and out of the house by 8a.m. The drive to the club was uneventful as mom had her work face on and her interest in me was purely maternal. We chatted about how we would change peoples work schedules to suit her and a few other changes she would have to make. She said it was about time I took more responsibility, so she would call a board meeting to notify the board of directors it was her wish to make me a full partner in the corporation and I would be in charge of the west coast operations. I was dumbfounded to say the least. This new position would mean a penthouse office and problems piled penthouse high. I only hoped I can meet her expectations.

"Don't worry babe I'm sure you'll pick it up in a flash!" she said with a big smile and a gentle squeeze on my upper thigh.

"I'll have Gloria set you up in the office across from mine and we will hire you your own secretary. This afternoon I want you to go out and but some new suits as well as lease a new car. I don't care what kind as long as it suits you and your position. From now on it's you and me running the show sweet heart. We will make decisions together and together we will make The Castle the best club in the world!"

"Mother!.......I love you! You are the best! Say do I get to pick out my secretary?"

"Why of course honey. You can pick whom ever you like as long as she meets corporate standards. So if you choose wisely you could have the best of both worlds. A secretary that knows business and can suck start a Harley!" I looked at her and I knew she could see right through me.

"Give it time Gary. Soon you will be as sharp and as knowledgeable about the art of witch craft as I am!"

"I hope so mom. If I half as good as you I in for a treat!"

Gloria was the epitome of the secretarial staff. She was efficient to a fault. She stood about five-six, blue eyes and blonde hair. Her age was not a give away but I would say she was about thirty-one. She wasn't very big in the boob department, maybe a thirty four B if she was lucky. But they sat high on her chest and from there down was where she excelled. Her narrow waist gave way too flaring hips and legs that went on forever. She often wore clothes that brought out the color of her hair and eyes, as well as three inch heels to accent her lovely gams. Today she had on a red mid thigh skirt with a matching red silk blouse. Her red heels made her very attractive. She would be getting her usual share of looks from the male staff. I caught her looking at me a couple of time in the past when I visited mom's office, so I figured if I were to be in her proximity from now on I should see if she had any "other" ideas about me. Mother had explained to me how I could see if someone was interested in me, all I had to do was put a suggestion in their heads to enhance how they really felt. Soooooo I simply looked at her while she was talking to me and mentally cast a spell. (If you think I am good looking your nipples will get hard.) I stood and listened as she spoke and within twenty seconds I noticed her little buds start to push out on her bra cups. I was elated. To think I had just cast my first spell was a real mind blower. Gloria suddenly pulled at her collar and said. "Phew it's getting rather warm in her all of a sudden. Maybe I should check the thermostat. What temperature should I set it to sir?"

"I like it on the cool side Gloria. Please set it at 68', and please call me Gary when we're alone. You can leave the sir stuff for the formal times."

Yes Gary. Thank you. Would you like some coffee, and a Danish perhaps?"

"Yes that will be nice. I would also like you to make an appointment with a good tailor and call the Mercedes dealer and tell them I would like to come in and look at a new car." Oh and one more thing. When I am ready to go to the tailor I would like you to come with me to help me drees the part of my new job."

Yes sir... I mean Gary . Right away. I would like to help you pick out some new suits and I know just the tailor. She has been dressing the best for some time and I know she would be the best for you."

She! I thought to myself, this could be interesting. Gloria was back in no time with a cup of coffee and a plate with several Danish. I told her to get a coffee and meet me in my mother's office. I sat in mom's chair and I could smell her scent, which permeated the whole office. I was looking out the window as Gloria returned and sat in her usual steno chair.

"Tell me Gloria. What qualities should I look for in a secretary?"

"Well Gary I would not accept anyone who did not have a degree in business. The right person should be honest with some kind of history to back it up and above all she has to be loyal to you. She has to put your wishes above all else."

"I see. So I take it you fill these requirements with mom? I mean you are willing to do anything she asks."

"Yes sir I would and I have." Time for another little suggestion. (You think he is cute but you are afraid to say anything for fear of loosing your job. Cross your legs and show him some of what you have. If he looks, he may give a raise and it doesn't have to be money either.) As II sipped my coffee I watched as my subtle hint went into action. Gloria raised her right leg and let it slip over her left causing her skirt to rise up exposing half of her thigh. She drank her coffee and managed to take quick peeks at me to notice if I was looking. Hot dam this is fun. I had better be careful though I wouldn't want to screw this up. I set my cup down and casually walked around the desk to stand in front. I leaned back against the desk and crossed my legs, resting my hands on the desk top behind me. I looked right at Gloria's nylon clad thigh and licked my lips. She picked up on this and seeing she had my interest she started to rock her leg which made her skirt ride up some more and her high heel was dangling from her foot. Her curled toes are the only thing that kept her shoe from falling.

"My trap was set so I reached out and said, "Shall we go?"

I pulled her to her feet and she ended up two short inches from me. Her nipples were pushing at the front of her bra again and I could see a flush in her cheeks. I complimented her on her appearance, which made her smile. She showed me her white teeth and I detected a gleam in her eyes that was not there before. I ushered her before me and as she led the way I was sure there was extra wiggle in her hips. I didn't mind. Hell I was hoping I could plant my hardening dick between those cheeks.

Then I heard it.

"Shit my pussy is wet and it's not even noon. I wonder if he likes me? I bet he would like me if I had bigger breasts! I could hear her thoughts. It was mind boggling. I decided to play a little trick on my new friend.

"Their fine Gloria. Would you like to use the ladies room before we go?" She stopped dead and I bumped into the two soft cheeks of her ass. "Oppps! Excuse me. I didn't mean to run into you!"

She just turned and mumble an apology and the look on her face told me everything I needed to know.

"Yes I would like to powder my nose, if you don't mind waiting."

"Certainly." I said out loud. "Take your panties and bra off while your in there if you want to" I said with my mind.

Five minutes later Gloria was walking back towards me, her now bra-less tits giggling with each step she took. As she walked past I also noticed there was no visible panty line or nylons! I thought to myself. Gary you are one lucky warlock! We rode the elevator to the garage and the company limo was waiting for us. The chauffeur politely opened the door for us and Gloria sat with her back to the driver and I sat in the forward facing seat directly opposite the panty-less blonde. I knew I should take it easy on the poor girl as she must be wondering what is happening to her. I decided to let her be herself and let nature take it's own course. I was looking a brochure of suits that Gloria had given me when I peeked over the top and saw her looking right at old Mr. Dick. I decided to tease her so I concentrated on her. I imagined what her naked breasts looked like. I thought of her with no clothes on with a finger in her pussy masturbating while thinking of me. Soon my old ugly head started to grow. The movement of the material along my pant leg was not missed by mother's secretary. Her eyes were getting as big as my cock. I watched her spread her legs a little bit at a time showing me more of her creamy white thighs. He breathing was getting faster as her fingers were wringing themselves trying to calm herself. "Go ahead and show him your pussy. He must know by now that you took your bra off. His cock is getting bigger every second. Is he thinking of me or his girlfriend." All of these thought were going through her mind. I couldn't let her go on like this. I had to let her know it was hard for her.

"I don't have a girlfriend Gloria. Your the one causing this," I said as I laid her hand on my pant leg next to my cock.

"I.....I...I.....I'm So soorrry .... Sir... I mean Gary.. Ohhh darn. I'm going to get fired for sure now!"

"Why do you say that Gloria. Just because you turn me on doesn't mean I am going to fire you. Heck I think you are very attractive. If I didn't do you think I would have this woody?"

"You mean your not mad at me for being so bold... staring and all?"

"Hell no Gloria. Look come over here. Come sit next to me." I hit the intercom and told the driver to take us across town so we could have some time.

"Gloria crouched and spun to sit next to me. She was trembling with fear. SO I tried to put her at ease.

"Look dear. Don't be afraid. I think you are a very lovely woman and what ever you decide you might want to say or do to me will stay between the two of us. OK? Now why don't you undo your blouse and show me those pretty tits like you have been wanting to for the last hour." She looked at me as if I were a god, wondering how I knew. I dare not tell her lest I break any spell she may be under. Her fingers undid her buttons one by one, all the while she looked at my smiling face. She opened her silk covering and I was treated to two of the sweetest breasts to ever grace a woman's chest. They were not big at all. One hand would completely hide a breast. Her nipples wee a bright pink, and were turned up at the end pointing at my eyes. The tips were about a half inch long and the areola were about the size of a fifty cent piece. The up-thrust breast looked as if they had never felt another hand aside from their owner. They were so firm and yet they looked so innocent. Her chest was starting to blush, along with her face. I could not believe the picture presented to me. Here I was sitting in the company limo driving down town with my mother's secretary stripped to the waist, ready to do my bidding.

"Gloria your breasts are beautiful. May I touch them?"

"Oh your just saying that to make me feel good...... I think they are too small. I am the runt of the family. My sister and mother are the one's that are blessed with big boobs. I'm stuck with these little bumps. It's no wonder I can't get a man. They must think I'm a nerd or something.......If you want to you can touch them......please!"

"Trust me my dear I am saying it because it is true." I cupped a hand around each one, and I swear the nipples grew the second I felt her. They hardened into little rocks. I pinched each nipple and rolled them back and forth. It was having the desired effect. Her breathing was increasing and her eyes were closed, savoring my touch.

"Oh Mr. Parker please don't stop. It feels soooo goooood. I have never had anyone touch me like this before........ Your hands feel so warm and strong at the same time."

"Are you telling me you have never been with man Gloria?"

"Yes sir......I mean no sir I have never....... I have never made......I have...."

"You're a virgin? You've never been fucked?"

"Yes sir........... I am still a virgin. I have never...."

"Say it Gloria. Tell me what you have never done. Tell me what you would like to do."

"I... have....never...been ffffff.......fucked!. There I said it. I have never been fucked, and I want you to fuck me sir....please fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my cunt. Play with my tits. Please Mr. Parker do it do me . Do everything to me."

"That is my intention Gloria. But because you are a virgin I have to do something before I fuck you."

"What do I have to do sir. Anything. I will do whatever you ask. I'll never tell anyone, or hold this against you or.."

"Shush my love you will not have to do anything but remove your skirt and spread your lovely legs. Because it is very hard to eat pussy through clothing."

"Eat pussy? You mean you want to put your mouth on my pussy?"

"Yes I want to put my mouth on your pussy. I want to put my tongue in your cunt and eat that pretty little quim until you beg for mercy. No man in his right mind would ever think of fucking a virgin pussy before he paid homage with his mouth. It just isn't right! Now take that kirt off and let me see that pretty cunt!" Her fingers were trembling as she unzipped her skirt. She put her fingers inside the waist band and wiggled her butt, pulling her red minidown her legs. Her tits were jiggling as she removed her last piece of clothing and it made my dick harder just watching this older woman expose her self to me.

"What's this! No panties. Why you naughty naughty girl!."

"I'm sorry sir. I don't remember taking them off..... I know I had some on this morning. This is just to much..... I'm not really like this. I don't dress like this. Honest! I don't know what to say......"

"Don't say anything my pet. Just lift your sweet limbs, and spread them so I can see pink!" She placed her left leg up on the seat behind me and her right fell away from us. Her pussy was like a delicate flower waiting to be enjoyed. I leaned closer and could smell her aroma. I gently licked the outside of her mound keeping clear of her lips. She jumped at first contact, not sure what to expect. I washed her pussy area, the inside of her thighs up to her navel sinking my digit in and out. I traveled to her tits sucking first one then the other treating them to equal time. They were lovely small tits and she was moaning her delight at the way I was working them over. I made the return journey and this time I stopped just above her clit. I pulled on a few hairs with my teeth and then said. Get ready for an experience Gloria." I stuck my tongue out and parted her pussy lips using just the end. I lowered my mouth until I was at the center of her wet hole. Then I slowly pushed forward, sinking my sex organ deep into her unexplored cave.

"Ooooohhhhhh sirrrr... oooohhhhmyyyyygaaawwwdddd..... What are you dooooinnggggg tooooomeeeeeee! Please donnn'tt ever stopppppp. Oooohhh gawwwwddddd yeeesssssss..."

I had my face pressed against her mound and my tongue was as deep as I could get it. She was tight and as hot as an oven. Her juices were sweet and flowed like a river from the opened petals of her flower. I lifted my head to let her know how I was enjoying her.

"Gloria you taste wonderful. I'm going to attack you little man in the boat. I want you to let go and cum so I can drink from you sweet cave." I sunk my head back down between her shaky legs and feasted on her drenched grotto. I started to suck on her stiff little clit and that pushed her over the edge.

"Ooohhh myyy I Ohh fuckkk iii...yessssssI... I... I... cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeee..."

Her pussy gushed cunt cream and I tried in vain to capture every drop. There was so much it was impossible. Her legs gripped my head and I thought my eyes would pop out. Her screams were barely audible to me, and her hands were trying to pull my hair out. Lucky for me she didn't decide to cum for an hour. I would have suffocated! When her breathing and orgasm had settled she was laying with her head on the seat back,eyes closed and a look of pure contentment on her face.

"Was it good for you my dear?"

"Oh my goodness sir..."

"Gloria! Stop with the sir shit. It's Gary. OK?"

"Ohhhh Gary I have never felt anything so wonderful. It was out of this world. Can we do it again?"

"Oh don't fear my pet. I plan to sample that tasty tart again. Often. But I think you should take a look at the immediate problem facing us." I pulled her nude body to a sitting position and placed her hand on my rock hard cock.

"Gary! What in heavens name is this. It feels like a baseball bat."

"Not quite love. It's only eight inches long. But it is as hard as a piece of white ash! Why don't you introduce yourself to him?" Her fingers reached for the tab to my zipper and she pulled all the way down. Tentatively she reached inside not knowing what to expect. She met resistance in the form of my boxers, but soon found the opening and wormed her hand inside. I felt her warm hand circle my shaft and her eyes lit up when she felt it's size.

"Oh my you sure are huge. I have never felt one before. It feels like hot velvet! So hard! Yet so soft. Your thing feels good Gary."

"My What!"

"Sorry......... Your COCK feels good. Hey!.... That sounds so wicked, and naughty. Heh heh! Your cock feels good! Your fucking cock is hard! Your big fucking hard cock, feelllssssss GREAT!"

"Well why don't you pull my hard fucking cock out and give him a big kiss if it feels so nice!"

"Ouuuu yes. Come to Gloria baby!. Her hand pulled on my cock and it took some time to clear a path, but she succeed. When it popped out from it's hiding place she stared dumbfounded.

"Gaaawwwd!!!! It's a tree!" With her both hands around it's girth she leaned in for a closer look. She pursed her lips and planted a soft kiss on the head. Then her tongue slipped out and she licked the surface feeling the texture.

"It's so soft and hot. How come you don't have any hair. Your as clean as a baby! What happened?"

"Well there is this lady I know who is kind of kinky in a small way and she thought it would be cool if we were to shave one another. So here I am!"

"Wow it looks kinda different but sexy. Gary umm I uh I have ... I don't know what to do! How do I do it. You know give you a suck off."

"Heh heh heh. Honey it's called a blow job. Giving head. Cocksucking... not suck off"

"That's it! I like that one! COCKSUCKING! Yes cocksucking.... I like that word." Her mouth opened and she circled her lips around the head. I could feel her tongue swirling around the blood filled head of my cock. She didn't know what to expect or do but she seemed to like the taste and feel in her mouth.

"That's it Gloria. Your doing fine. Try and take more in your mouth. Just enough so you are comfortable."

Her pink colored lips slid down the shaft until she had about four inches. Her hand was still a good inch from her mouth. I think she wanted to please me so she forced her head down until her mouth made contact with her hand. She was unable to keep it there as the gage reflex took over and her head popped up. She coughed a couple of times and grabbed her throat. She looked inot my eyes and with her face screwed up in determination she dropped her head back into my lap and again tried to suck the big pole in front of her. This time she was able to keep her head in place and I could tell from the way she was sucking she was not going to quit until I spilled my seed in her mouth. Just as her mouth closed around my cock the cell phone chirped. I pulled it from my pocket and opened it to talk. Gloria looked up at me and I pushed her head back down giving her the quiet sign with my finger in front of my closed lips.

"Why hello dear." I said to my mother. "What can I do for you." Gloria could not hear the other person so she was not aware to what was going on.

"Did Gloria go with you dear." Asked mom.

"Why yes as a matter of fact."

"Put her on for a sec would you."

"I can't. She's eating." I replied just loud enough for mom to hear.

" Eating. What is she eating at ten in the morning. It's too early for lunch."


""What! Gary Parker!. Do you mean to tell me that my secretary is sucking you off! You ought to be ashamed. I give you my secretary for one day and already your having sex with her. Is she any good?"

"I have to say that you are correct. She is very proficient at it. She's a natural. Oh one more thig. She has never done the dirty! How would you like to try her?"

"She's a virgin. I...I......I have never been with a woman before. I am not sure it would be a good idea dear."

"I have to come...I mean go now I'll discuss it later over diner. OK? I folded the small portable and put it back in my pocket. I looked down at mom's secretary, working ever so hard on my hard cock.

"Your doing fine my dear. You were born to suck cock. That's it baby suck it hard....... Go up and down.... jack me with your hand at the same time. That's the way. Let some of your saliva drip down the shaft.........wet my whole cock so your hand can slide easier."

Her mouth was watering so much so that when she opened it to let some of her saliva dribbled out and ran down the length, wetting her hand and my dick at the same time. Her mouth was making sucking noises at the same time. She was no expert but her enthusiasm made up for her inexperience. I watched her attack my manhood with a vengeance. Her pert little tits swaying with her torso, her blonde hair flying around her face. she was sitting in such a manner that I had a clear view of her pussy. I could see she was dripping pussy cream. I figured her for the type of woman who didn't masturbate so I decided to see if she would.

"Put your fingers in your pussy dear and play with your cunt while you suck me. That's it yeah....Play with that wet pussy. Doesn't your cunt feel all wet and gushy? Yesss......... my new found pussy play with yourself and suck me deep! Yeah just a little longer now. Soon I am going to shoot my spunk in your mouth. I want you to swallow as much as you can. OK?...... Get ready........ suck a little bit harder........ cumminnng soooonnn yyeeeeesssssss... OH FUCK... Suck me... Cuuummmmmiiinnnnnggggggg!!!!!!"

I let loose with a profusion of cum. Her head shot back and the jets were hitting her in the face. Her mouth dropped back on my cockhead and sucked the remaining stream of cock cream. When she was sure she had it all she lifted her head. I scraped her face with my cock and presented her with the cum tha was on her face. She opened her mouth and washed my cock clean. When she was done she looked in the vanity mirror and with her fingers she wiped all the remaining traces of cum and licked her fingers clean.

"Did I do OK Mr. Parke....Gary?"

"You did great honey. You were made for cocksucking you know that. I could tell the way you put everything into it and the way you devoured my juice, is proof."

"I like the taste. I could get use to this real easy. Would you let me suck you off again some time?"

"Pretty lady. From now on you will be my official cocksucker when I am at work, and who knows, I may even take you home once in a while."

"Really. You mean I can do this at work! Oh wow that's terrific Gary. You just point at your cock whenever you like and I will suck you off and drink all you delicious cum!"

As we finished dressing the car pulled up to the place Gloria had directed us to.

"I thought you said we were going to a tailor Gloria."

"We are. That is we are hear. The tailor is my mom. I hope you don't mind but since my father passed away she had to go back to work part time to finish paying off the house."

"I'm not mad at all. I would like to meet her and your sister as well."

"I think Dianne is home. She just finished college last summer and has not had much luck landing a job. She wasn't able to complete her masters. So it has not been easy."

"What did she major in?"

"Business, like me. The only difference is I have a masters."

We wlked to the front door and Gloria called out for her mother. "Mom we're here." Just then a very attractive older women came into the front room. She was an older version of Gloria with two exceptions, and they were leading the way. It was the first thing you notices about this woman. You couldn't help it.Her tits were huge. They had to be triple E cups at least.

"Mom this is Mr. Parker. My boss's son. Mr. Parker. This is my mother, Adelle.

"Pleased to meet you Mrs. Smith Your daughter recommend you highly. I am sure I will like what you will do for me."

"Why thank you Mr. Parker. Please call me Adelle."

"Adelle, and please it's Gary."

Well shall we get to it then. Would you please follow me to my dressing room. I have some suits and fabrics for you to look at while I take some measurements. Gloria. Would you be a dear and go get some refreshments. What would you like Gary?"

"Oh maybe some white wine would be nice."

"Yes sir I will have the driver take me to the store. I'll be back in a half hour or so."

We were left on our own and I could not help staring at this woman's huge gazongas. I tried to be as nonchalant as possible. My dick was becoming a bit of a problem though. Thank God she did my back first. Maybe by the time she got around to the front I would be able to soften up some. After about five minutes she came around to the front. She had me stand on a small stool so she could take some measurement of my pant length etc. The dress she was wearing was cut so if you were above her you had a better view of her big treasures. Looking down the front of a woman's dress was nothing new for me. Looking down a woman's dress who was over fifty was something new for this guy. I was just about to send an idea to Adelle that she should go with her feelings right hand slowly made it's way up the inseam of my slacks until she touched the crotch with the back of her hand. I was embarrassed to the point of turning red in the face. Her hand stayed there for a few seconds and I saw a smile spread across her face. My dick was not behaving itself and was making a tent in the front. To hell with it I thought. ("Tell him what you feel. Don't stay in this shell any longer. Your 56 years old and there won't be many more chances like this")

"Sorry Adelle. I am not being a very nice gentleman."

"Sorry! Don't be my dear. I'm flattered that this old broad can turn on a handsome man such as your self. If I knew I could get away with it I might have a go at that brute. It does get lonely without a man around you know." Her hand made it's way back to my hardening cock, only this time the only thing she would want to measure would be the length of my hard prick.

"Your not repulsed by an old hag making a pass at you?"

"Does it feel like I'm repulsed?"

"No I guess not. My you sure are a big fella. Can I have a look?"

"Please! If you don't take it out soon I'm afraid you will have to pull my slacks down if I get any harder. You could see the lust burning in her eyes. The suggestion I sent her way only made her do what she thought. Her hands moved to my zipper and she focused on me and me alone. It's a good thing too. Just as she grabbed the tab I looked up and saw Gloria entering the hall leading to the dressing room. I gave her the sign to be quiet, but to keep coming. She slowed and proceeded with small soft steps. Her mother was to involved to take notice and was in the process of freeing my hardening cock. Gloria made her way up to the small sewing table behind her mom and quietly placed the tray of drinks on the fabric covered top. Adele had fished out my cock and was staring in fascination. She stroke my length and a small drop of pre cum formed at the tip. Her tongue poked out of he mouth and swiped it away in an instant.

"I have ever seen a specimen as big as this in my life. So big and hard. My husband wasn't even half this size, and I had a wonderful time with him God rest his soul. I have to have you Mr. Shamane. I don't think I will ever have the courage to try this again if I fail now. What do you say? Would you like to make an old broad happy."

"No I don't want to make and old broad happy but I'd love to get in on with an attractive older woman." Her face went from flushed to white and back to a smile all in the time it took me to reply.

"You won't be sorry young man. I have been known to get a bit wild at times!" She looked at my cock and said, "Come to momma you big beautiful cock!" Her lips made there way to the end of my cock and I could tell this woman had given head before. She went at it like she was in love with my manhood. Not like she had to. Gloria stood there with her mouth hanging open and was in complete amazement. She definitely never expected to see her mother going after a younger man, especially a man she just met. Gloria, after all doesn't realize the power certain men have over other's. I was anxious to see haw far this woman would be willing to go so I asked her to show me something to keep me hard. Yeah Like I really needed it!

"My dear sweet Adele you have done this before haven't you."

"Ummmhmmmff" Was her only reply.

"You know since I arrived I have been wondering what those big beautiful breasts would look like, if they were out in the open. How would you like to make this young man happier?"

Her hands went to her blouse, and she took hold of the lapels. In one big rrrippp as pulled the material apart and shucked the remnants. Her bra was filled to capacity with flesh. Her hands reached behind her to pull the clasps apart but I stopped her.

"Please! May I have that privilege? I took the straps in my hands and flipped the catches apart. I slid my index fingers under the shoulder straps and made my way to the top of her shoulders on either side. I waited a moment and continued my journey until my fingers were resting just above her cups. At the same instant I flicked my fingers forward and the cups fell away, exposing the two biggest tits I have ever seen. They fell slightly from her age and their weight. For the size of them they didn't sag as much as one would suspect. Her nipples were about half an inch long and her areola were the as big around as a hockey puck. Adele was slobbering all over my cock her mouth felt good. She knew just how hard to suck and bite to heighten the sensations. She managed to take three quarters of my shaft in her mouth, which is what I had expected. I knew if she were to come around again in the future I would be able to experience the full depth of her oral talents. It only takes time to bring this out in a woman willing to go all the way.

Gloria was perspiring noticeably so I mouthed the words, "Take your clothes off!" She understood because she shook her head vigorously in the negative. I figured she would leave but she must have thought of something else because her hands went to her blouse and she started to peel out of her clothes. She was only a few feet behind her mother but Adele was sucking so loudly that she couldn't hear a thing.

"Adele! Why don't you stand up for a second and let me have a look at your beautiful body. You will be able to take the rest of your clothes off at the same time. I would like to see your cunt as well. I'll bet a months' pay your as wet as a river down there."

"I haven't been this wet since my poor departed husband fucked me on our honeymoon. I want to make love to you so much, but Gloria will be back soon and I fear she may walk in on us while we are compromised."

"Don't worry I call her on the cell phone and have run a few errands." I reached for the phone and pretended I was making the call and talking to Gloria. Meanwhile She was standing behind her mother naked as a jay bird and I could see she was as wet as the other female in front of her. I had to keep Adele from turning around so I played with her massive jugs with my free hand. I pinched her huge nipples sending jolts of pleasure/pain through out her body. Her eyes were closed and she was lost in the eroticism. When my phone call was finished I placed the phone down and attacked both globes with renewed interest.

"Tell me Adele. Have you ever had sex with anyone else since your husband died?"

"Ohhhh I er... I oh that hurts so gooood. I did have an affair with one person some time back, But I could never admit it to anyone. I am so embarrassed and ashamed of what happened."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes it was very stimulating and I got lost in the moment and we had wonderful sex together. She was beautiful."

"She! You mean you made love to another woman. How erotic. Tell me about it Adele. Tell me while I sample this wet pussy of yours."

"Oh please I couldn't. I am so ashamed. I shouldn't have said anything." I lowered my face to her love grotto and started to lick around the outside edges. Her sharp intake of air said she was enjoying it. I let my tongue enter the opening of her wet hole and sucked out the juices which were dripping from inside. I backed away and looked up at her.

"Tell me my pretty lady. Tell me. Whose pussy did you eat? Was it someone close? A next door neighbor? Who? Tell me and I'll eat your pussy until you cum in my mouth and then I'll stick this big hard cock in you wet slippery cunt and fuck you long and hard. I'll fuck you pussy and make you cum again and again. Then I will fill that wet hungry cunt full off my hot creamy cum. Would you like that?"

"Oh yessss Please eat my poor pussy. It's been soooo sooo long. I need you please."

"Tell me Adelle. Tell me who you made love too first. Then I'll eat your wonderful cunt."

"It... it... it....was... my... myyyy... daughter! There I've said it. Now please eat my wet pussy before I go insane with desire."

I thought Gloria was going to scream. Her eyes got as big as her mother's areola and her jaw had dropped. I did however notice the fingers of one hand were buried in her cunt, and the other hand was pulling vigorously at her red nipples.

"Oh my Adele that must have been something. Tell me what happened while I suck this marvelous cunt of yours." I thrust my tongue deep into her soaking pussy, drawing all her sweet tasting juices into my waiting mouth. Her hands held my head in place as she began her story.

"It was about two years ago, this past summer. It was a hot evening so I decided to take a shower t cool off. After my shower I returned to my room and laid down on top of the sheets. I hadn't bothered to dress as it was simply too hot. Ohhh gawwwddd your tongue feels so good Please don't stop....... I must have fallen asleep. I thought I was dreaming thea my husband had come to bed and was eating my pussy just like you are doing nowwwww....oh yessssss baby.....ung that's so gooooodd. I had to be dreaming because he never did that to me. I reached down with my hands and felt long hair. My husband was almost bald so It couldn't have been him. I opened my eyes and looked down to see who my dream lover was youngest daughter, Brenda-Ann looked up at me with a smile. She then told me how she ended up between my legs........Oh you sweet sweet man I am going to cum if you keep that up."

Tell me what happened next, but keep your eyes closed and imagine you are back in bed with your daughter." I motioned for Gloria to come closer. I kept my fingers busy in Adele's pussy as she continued with her erotic tale. Gloria sat next to my head and was staring right up her mother's wet snatch. I pointed at her and let her know I wanted her to take my place and eat her mother's pussy. She look as if she was in a trance. She nodded her haed in the affirmative and we proceeded to change places.

"Tell me more, and remember keep your eyes closed and think about that day."

"Yes Gary.......Please....please eat my pussy some more it feels so empty."

"I raised Gloria's head up to the waiting cunt. The juice from the wet slit in front of her was dripping onto her face. Her tongue reached out and wiped a droplet from her upper lip. That was all it took. Gloria snked her tongue out and started to wash the wet cunt presented to her.

"Oh yesssss.... Baby eat momma's hot wet pussy. Ohhhh baby you do that soooooo well.Make me cum.....make me wet your face with my cream.......yes baby.....yes......"

I reached up and rolled her fat hard nipples with my fingers. They were like little rocks they were so hard. I reached down with one hand and pushed the pussy eater's head away.

"Does it feel good Adele? Does it feel just like it did back then, when your younger daughter was eating your hot juicy cunt?"

" feels almost the same as back then......OH please eat me I'm gonna cummmmmm......Gonna cummmm....."

"Would you like to have your daughter back here now to eat your pussy Adele."

"Yes....yes...yesssss....please plllleassseee just eat my cunttttttt......." I lifted Gloria's head back in place and she devoured the wet pussy in front of her. She went atit the same way she went after my cock. I figured I would wait until the last possible second then I would have Adele open her eyes and see her oldest daughter's face jammed into her spasming cunt.

"Oh fuckkkk...yessssss. Eat my pussy baby. I'm going to cummmmm.....Ohhhhhhhhfuckkk."

"Open your eyes dear and watch as you cum." Adele opened her eyes and saw me looking back into her eyes just as she started to orgasm. She saw my face in front of her and then she looked down at the blonde hair between her legs.

"Yes Adele. Look at your lover. Look at the pretty woman eating you cunt. She 's making you cum dear. It's your other daughter Adele. Your oldest daughter is sucking your hot wet cunt and she made you come."

"Ohhhhh yeeeessssss momma's cuntttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh......unnnggggghhhhhhhhh."

Adele's hands were pulling her daughter's head tight against her climaxing pussy. Her legs were shaking back and forth, so I grabbed her by the arms before she fell and smothered her oldest girl. Gloria didn't stop. She kept sucking up all the pussy juice coming from her mother's hot pit of neglected love. When the spasms subsided Gloria took her mother's clit in her mouth and gave it a few more hard sucks. This cause another orgasm covering her face with more cream.

The two women rose up from the floor and held each other's naked form. They were both crying. They were tears of love and compassion for one another. Gloria was the first to speak.

"Please don't be upset mother. I wanted to do it. I heard what you told Gary and I understand how you must feel, not having anyone to love you. I was the same way myself until this morning. You see Gary introduced me to sex today and I never want to go back to the way I was before. He showed me how to make love to a man with my mouth and I loved every second of it. Just like I did with you. I loved eating your pussy and I want to do it again. I want to make you happy and forget those sad times forever."

"Oh thank you Gloria. I feel so ashamed at what I have done. It's not right, and I am sorry"

"Mother please don't be sorry be happy like I am. Besides we still have a big problem to take care of. Look!" She pointed to me and my hard-on sitting in the high back chair. Adele smiled at me then her equally naked descendant. She took Gloria's hand and walked towards me, those huge melons swaying back and forth with each step.

"Mr. Shamane! It seems my new lover and I have given you an erection, so I feel it only fair that we do everything we can to bring that sucker down. Don't you agree Gloria?"

"I certainly do mother. You take the high road and I'll take the low road.!" Both women dropped to their knees and moved in for the kill. The senior took the head of my shaft in her mouth and the younger took one of my heavy balls in her mouth and gently sucked on it rolling it back and forth in it's skin sheath, being ever so careful not to damage the goods. Just as I had figured the mother would try to get more of my cock into her mouth the next time she had a chance, she now had almost the whole length down her throat. Gloria watched and was mentally taking notes for her next attempt. I also noticed she had breast envy because she was rolling her mother's nipple in her fingers, pulling it down and away from her body to see how far she could stretch it before her mom would wince. I pulled the small breasted woman around until her ass was sticking up in the air. I eased two fingers into her moist furrow, twisting them, coating them with her cream. I pulled them out and pressed one against her puckered back door. I met with some resistance at first, but after a little effort I broke the elastic barrier and sunk in to the first knuckle. Gloria jumped up and let out a screech.

"YEOOWWWW. What is that?"

"That my dear is just a finger. When I get finished you be begging for a much bigger digit. Trust me. Now get down there and relieve your mom. Show her what you learned this morning. Maybe she will return the favor and munch on your sweet little box!" Gloria scooted down and gently pride her mother's lips off my ready to erupt, cock.

'Here mom let me finish him off. Why don't you show me how you ate my sister when you did her and when Gary cum's I'll keep it in my mouth and share it with you. OK?"

"Ooouuuu.....I'm so hot right now that anything sounds good honey! Speaking of honey! That looks like honey dripping from between your legs. Doesn't it Gary!"

"It surely does Adele. Come to think of it there may be another female interested in sampling that honey you have between your legs."

"You mean My sister?"

"Yeah.......and some one else as well. Lets eat ladies. It's cock and pussy time!" Adele watched Gloria lower her face and take my pulsing shaft in her mouth. Gloria took half of the cock in one swoop and left a veil of wetness when her head came back up. Her hand wrapped around the lower portion, and she started to jack me as if she had been doing all her life. Mother watched and you could see her nipples harden as she took in the sight before her. I reached out and pulled on one of her tits, securing a nipple between my fingers. I stretched the end until her whole tit was lifted from her chest. I then began a up and down motion which made her tit flesh pull even harder at the end of each stroke. Adele looked at me and I stuck my tongue out to indicate she should begin munching on her daughter's wet little cunt. Gloria's pussy was on my left and Adele was on my right, so I picked up Gloria's small frame and lifted her over me, making sure she didn't loose contact with my prick. Adele had turned and was looking up at her young daughter's pussy as I carefully lowered the wet gash to her face. I knew mom had her tongue working because Gloria moaned, sending the vibrations through my quivering pole. "You look so sexy ladies. I know I'm not going to last long. I don't think anyone could. This is just to dam, fucking, erotic. Mother is eating daughter. Daughter is sucking my cock, and it can only get better. YES......YES.......Yes.......SUCK MY COCK.......EAT THAT CUNT!!!!! Both women devoured the sex organs presented to them with untamed enthusiasm. I was glad I was a warlock and I think both women were glad I was where I was. Gloria had taken to cocksucking like a duck to water. Her lips slid up and down my shaft oblivious to everything save her mother sucking on her aroused slit. I watched as Adele held Gloria's legs apart while she fed on the buttery snatch before her. The sucking sounds she made told us all she was enjoying it. The mewing sounds coming from Gloria's filled mouth made my cock swell even more and sent shivers through my whole body. I knew it had been a while since the matron of the house had been royally fucked so I decided to offer my cock and my balls.

"Gloria! I'll bet it has been a while since your ravishing mother has felt a man inside that delightful opening between her legs. What say we get her turned around and I'll let you have the task of feeding this hard wand into that long neglected love grotto!"

"Ohhhh I think that would be a wonderful idea. You could fuck my mom, and I will help. Then I want a piece of that between your legs. It was the first one I ever sucked and I want it to be the first one to fuck me! Turn around mother so I can feed this big hard cock into your pretty pussy!"

"Before I take your virginity, I have to ask a certain someone. Then if that person agrees, and doesn't want a go at you, then and only then will I deflower you."

"Ohhh pooo......I was so hoping I could experience your love tonight."

"My dear. I don't think I will be able to get it up again after this. Besides which, if we wait another day or two it will only make it that much more enjoyable."

"OK.... I guess your right. Come here other and let me help Gary give you something you've been missing for so long." Adele stood over me, one foot on either side of my hips. Her pendulous boobs hung down inviting me to suck the hard protrusions pointing at me. Gloria scooted between my legs, running one hand up to my cock and the other to her mother's clit. Adele had grabbed her tits and was twisting her nipples, and pulling up on her mammoth breasts. She lowered her cunt towards me and Gloria aimed my rod. When the tip of my cock touched her pussy lips Adele squealed with delight. Gloria pushed the head of my cock at the opening of her mom's sex, swabbing the head, coating it with the warm oily essence. I was being bathed in lust from two relatively unknown women and loving every minute of it. The way Gloria slid my shaft through her mother's slit sent waves of pleasure up and down my body. Adele was throwing her hips back and forth in the opposite direction. Her jugs were flapping against her rib cage making a soft slap.....slap....slap.....slap, with each thrust.

"Please.....Gloria put it in..... I ne.....I feel it inside me. Please honey put the hard cock in momma's pussy......... Please baby!"

"Oooouuuuuyessssssmomma..... Lower that hot little hole and I'll guide you right in. Ouuuuuuu....You look soooo wet and hot..... Your going to love it I just know it. Oh how I wish it was me lowering my pussy on that big cock. Yesss that's it lower.......lowerrrrrrr.......Yes! Yes! Your on your own mom. Lower yourself as fast as you please! I'm going to watch how it's done."

Adele now had two inches in her pussy. I let her ease herself down at her own speed. It has been a while and she had to get used to the strange invader. The wet lips of her love pit stick to the side of my rod as she sank lower. Her cunt was very hot and it felt as tight as my mother's so I knew I would be in for a snug fuck.

"Oh my gosh!. It feels soooo nice. I hadn't realized how good it felt to be filled like this. It's been so so long. I don't think I want to wait this long for the next one either. You feel so good Mr. Shamane. You cock is so big and hard. How big is it? It feels like a telephone pole."

It is eight and three-quarter inches, my love and you still have aboooouut..... three inches to go." As I said this Gloria place her hands on top of her mother's shoulders and pushed down hard enough to force her mom to swallow the last three inches in one shot.

"Ooouuummmmfffffhhhhh..... Oh Gosh...... Oh my....... I must be split wide open. I have to be.... Oh gosh"

"Relax mother. Your fine and you have the hole thing inside you right to the balls. It looks so sexy too. Your pussy lips are hugging it so tight. How does it feel now?"

"I think I have died and gone to heaven. It feels so good. I feel so full inside. Let me sit still and enjoy it for a bit." The older woman sat with her eyes closed, a smile playing across her face. Her chest heaving with her increased breathing. I could feel her cunt gripping my shaft from top to bottom. Her fluids were flowing down my sack and below, coating ass and the sheets. Gloria was moving around to the front of her mother. She took her left breast in both hands and bent forward to take the hard brown nipple in her mouth. She sucked the rubbery nubbin into her mouth, bringing a good part of the areola as well. Her hands molded to the big sponge like breast. She was rolling it and squeezing the flesh trying to increase her mother's enjoyment. Adele lifted herself up and lowered her frame, each cycle taking about five seconds. Gloria's head was following her mom's tit, not wanting to give it up. I reached up and played with the neglected tit, giving it equal stimulation. The pace began to pick up, as Adele became more aroused. Her hips were rising faster along with her breathing. The wet squishy sounds were getting louder and Gloria's mouth was fighting to stay connected to her pacifier. I could feel the pressure of my jism rising from deep in my balls. Soon I would be coating the insides of her cunt with hot sperm. Although Adele was over fifty and her chances of becoming pregnant were slim I felt I shoal ask her anyway.

"Adele baby.......Have you gone through the change of life yet? I don't want you to get knocked up at your age."

"Don't you worry none son. I had a hysterectomy a while back. None of those little buggers will find anything up inside me. I would bet, however remote if there were a chance, that prong of yours is long enough to reach the furthest depths of my hot little hole. Oouuuuuuyesssssss..... you are one beautiful stud muffin. Promise will...... come....back... and again....... I do want another stab at this piece of flesh!"

"I think that can be arranged. Don't you Gloria?"

"Yes sir! Any thing you want is fine by me."

"Gloria! Remember when we were in the car, and where I put my finger? Why don't you try it on our new lover?"

"Oh how kinky!. Yes I think mom will get a charge out of that!" Gloria let her hand wander to her mother's soupy snatch and started to rub her clit, getting her fingers wet with cunt cream. Her mom figured this was what I did in the car and gladly accepted the intrusion, moaning with lust. After her fingers were sufficiently coated, Gloria replaced her wet fingers with her other hand and moved her wet hand behind her mom's back and slid them down the crack of her big ass cheeks. Adele didn't alter her fucking one bit as her charge, slid her finger to her wrinkled asshole. Gloria was rubbing the back hole with her middle finger waiting until she was sure there was enough lubrication, then she pushed against the elastic grip of her mom's back door and slid her finger up her ass as far as it would go. Adele screamed out at the sudden impaling and froze in mid stroke.


"That mommy was my finger going in you beautiful big ass! Doesn't it feel wicked?

"I'll say.... It was just the added push I needed to CUMMMMMMMMMMMM.. OH MY GOD!!!!!! I... OH YESSSSSSSSSS.. OHHHHHHhhhhhhhhnnggggg....." Her cunt muscles gripped my cock and squeezed it with vice like pressure causing me to shoot my hot stearm of cum deep in her belly. I let them both know I was adding to the orgasm.

"Oh Adele baby your squeezing the cum from my coccccckkkkkk......... Take it all sweety..... Ungh... Ungh... Ungh... Unghhhhhhhhhhh!" I let loose with four blasts of cum filling her hot wet cunt. Our juices were mixing inside her cauldron and the overflow started to leak out the edges, running down the shaft of my cock wetting my stomach and balls. Gloria quickly bent down and started to lick the mingle juices from our orgasm washing us both. Her mom lowered herself to the carpet and Gloria immediately sucked my wilting shaft into her starving mouth cleaning the traces of cum and cunt cream. When I was thoroughly washed she went right to mom's dripping quim and continued her cleansing. She pushed her tongue as far as she could into her mother's cunt spreading the lips with her hands. She absolutely adored cum and she didn't distinguish between male and female. We rested up after that and had some of the wine Gloria had brought in. Believe it or not we managed to size me up for some new suits before I left. I told Adele to pick the colors and get some shirts and ties as well. I told her to pick out what she thought would suit me. After all we had been through this afternoon I think I could trust her.

Gloria returned to the office with me. It was six o'clock and everyone had gone home. I drove her to her apartment and headed for my own nest. When I got home I went straight to the shower and cleaned up. I put on some lounging slacks and a robe and grabbed a beer and walked down the hall to mom's room. The door was open so I walked in and was greeted with the naked back of my mother. She was sitting at her make-up table putting some eye cosmetics on. Her black hair was wet and clung to her skin. She looked at my reflection and turned to face me, her lovely breast jiggling as she faced me with an indignant leer.

"And were have you been young man, and who have you been screwing?"

"Oppsss.. Does this mean I'm on you black list?"

"You should be! You sneaky little man. I promote you to a nice new job and the first thing you do is go out and fuck MY secretary. I'm not only upset, I'm also a little jealous." She gave me a little smile at the end, so I knew I was not in very much trouble.

"Mom! I didn't put it to your secretary. I only ate her pussy and she sucked me off. She's a virgin and I was saving her for someone special. But! That's not the best part. Gloria took me to a tailor to fit me for some new suits and it turns out her mother is the seamstress. When She was sizing me up for some slacks her hand bumped up against something hard and we ended up having a menage-a-trois. Mother daughter and me. It was incredible!" I went on to explain all the juicy details to mom. She sat and listened, hanging on every lusty detail. She turned around completely to face me and her hands were busy between her legs and on her creamy smooth tits. When I was done her chest was flushed pink and her nipples were hard as little stones. I finished by telling her she would not have to worry about me not wanting her anymore.

"Don't worry my sweet," I said as I reached for the wet spot between her legs. "This is the only pussy I am devoted to. I will never love another as I love you. You ARE and ALWAYS will be my true, true love." To prove it I leaned into her wet cavern and sucked her pussy until she begged me to stop, which was forty minutes later. She wanted to return the favor and suck me off but I told her I needed some rest. I had already come enough for one day. We stayed up a while longer going over some plans for my new office and what we should do in the way of improving the club's atmosphere. When we were satisfied we had covered all the important issues we retired to our bed for the night. Mom said we had to sleep naked, and I agreed, but she could not blame me if she were to be skewered in the night by a hard blunt instrument. We both chuckled and held each other close and drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued...


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