The Best Erotic Stories.

Mother's Legacy Pt. IV
by The Enchanter

We woke bright and early and were off to work to complete the tasks we discussed last night. Mom was dressed to perfection as usual, looking every part the business person she was. I on the other hand had a bit of catching up if I were to succeed in the family business. We arrived at the office and were greeted by a smartly dressed Gloria. She had a smile when she greeted us and she was definitely a new person. Mom even commented her on her bubbly attitude.

"Gloria if I didn't know better I would swear you went out last night and got laid." Gloria turned about ten different shades of red and turned away from mom, embarrassed to face her for fear of giving her secret lover away. Little did she know mom already knew and approved to a point.

"Would you be a dear and get us some coffee and bring it in to Gary's office. We need to go over some details for a meeting I am setting up and we need to hire a new secretary."

"Yes Miss Shamane. I will be just a few moments." Gloria turned and nearly ran to get the coffee.

"Mother you can be cruel can't you. She probably thinks she is going to be fired for what we did yesterday."

"What! I was only telling the truth. Don't worry my pet. I am only going to do what's best for us. I plan to give her to you and get myself another secretary. I may even get a man, so I can have some means of relieving my daily stress at the office."

"You would be willing to give up your right arm, your personal secretary, for me! Wow! You are willing to do anything to keep me happy aren't you.

"That and anything else that has to be done to ensure the longevity of our little empire. Besides. If I get preggers I will need you here to see that things are running smoothly in my absence. By having Gloria with you only ads to the equation of success!"

"You truly are a genius mother dear. I'm so happy I can be a part of your life. I won't let you down, you can depend on me."

"Thanks baby! Now lets get down to work shall we." Gloria returned and after mom assured her she was not getting fired, she was more at ease.

"I was even thinking of asking you and your sister and mom over for diner so we can become better aquatinted. After all if you mother's going to be our tailor, and your sister is looking for a job you will become a bigger part of our family, and families should stick together. Right?"

"Yes... I guess you are right Ms Shamane, and thank you so much. I can't tell you how relieved I am. I was certain I was going to be reprimanded."

"Why Gloria. What could you possibly do that would cause me to reprimand you?" Mother was looking at me and smiling when she said that.

"Oh! I would never do anything to upset you or cause any trouble mam."

"Come on Gloria. We have some things to do if we are going to hire a new secretary for mom. Maybe we should call your sister in for an interview. Is that OK with you boss?"

"Certainly son! If she is half as good as my "former" secretary, I will have no worries."

"Thank you Ms Shamane. That is very kind." Gloria and I left mom and made our way to my new office. Once inside the door Gloria grabbed my arm and with a terrified look in her eyes said.

"Mr. Shamane! Did you mother find out about yesterday?"

"Gloria! Please don't worry about mother. She trusts you almost as much as she does me. If she were to find out about yesterday, she wouldn't do anything. She realizes that what I do is my business and I'm the one who will have to answer any questions. If she were worried that relationships were to jeopardize our club then there would be consequences. As long as we do not hurt the business we can 'entertain" anything we wish." I pulled her closer and kissed her on the forehead. "Now go call your sister and have her be here for ten sharp." When she turned I slapped her cute ass with an open hand. The tight skirt she was wearing made for little cushion and she jumped. She just turned and blew me a kiss, and closed the door. I sat at the big oak desk and started going over the records and found there was a bit of skimming with one of the bartenders. The averages between the bartenders were not close enough. Two of the figures were near the same amount and the other was a constant four hundred less. This meant that we had a thief. I decided to set a trap for him with the help of one of the staff. This particular lady was very attractive and the thief in question was always trying to hit on her. I brought her into the office and explained the situation and show was more than happy to help out. It turns out she didn't like the creep and the plan we had was a good way to get rid of him. I explained that if we nailed him and the charges stuck there would be a nice bonus in her Christmas pay check.

After that piece of business was through it was 9:50. In ten minutes a new member of Adele's family would be sitting on the other side of the table trying to persuade me to give her a job. I sent out a message to Gloria, that it would be nice to have her in the office when her sister was here to ease her nerves and help me see more of Sandra. The knock on the door woke me from my thoughts. Gloria entered the room and behind her came a fox. The young lady was beautiful. She stood 5'9" was about 130 lbs. Her blonde hair was to her waist and her blue eyes could bore through the toughest exteriors. Her sister didn't lye when she said mom and sis had her beat in the titty department. I figured them to be about a 40 C cup at least. Her legs were encased in silk stockings and her short skirt showed just enough thigh to enhance her total look.

Mr. Shamane this is my sister Sandra, or Sandy as she likes to be called. Sandy this is Mr. Shamane."

"Pleased to meet you sir. Gloria has told me a lot about you."

"All good I hope. How do you do Sandy. Please have a seat." The two ladies sat in the high back chairs opposite me. I sat and went over the resume and asked her a few queastions, while I glanced at her dossier.

"It says you are twenty-four and you live with Gloria. Do you know what we are expecting Sandy?"

"I have a pretty good idea sir. I have talked to Gloria quite a bit and I feel I am qualified to handle the duties. I majored in finance and I am excellent with numbers. I have taken additional courses, to enhance my credentials. My only pitfall is that I was unable to finish my last semester because of a unscrupulous professor. He figured that since I needed at least a B+ to ensure my 3.8 G.P.A. He could make sexual advances and get away with it. When I told him I was going to report him to the Dean he managed to get one of his unscrupulous friends to back him up. They both went to the Dean and reported I was trying to seduce my prof when the other one came in and watched. The Dean took their word and I was forced to quit. I have been unable to clear myself so I am stuck."

"I sorry to hear that Sandy. I am willing to give you a chance and we may even find a way to get back at your prof. I admire a woman who lays it on the line and is not afraid to stand up for herself." I sent out a message to Gloria to see if she could get Sandy to open up a little and find out if she would be interested in another menage-a trois. Only this time it would be sister on sister. I made some excuse to leave the two ladies alone for a while. Before I left I put the speaker phone on and buzzed mother's office, telling her I had something important to tell her. I made my way to mom's office and she was already listening to the conversation in my office.

"Well What do you think of my boss Sandy?"

"He's really cute. Does he have a girlfriend?"

"I don't think he has a girlfriend, but I know a couple of his lovers."

"You do! Who is it? Do you know them?"

"Yeah I know both of them. So do you come to think of it."

"I do! Who is it? Tell me!"

"You have to promise to keep quiet if I do."

"Yes yes I promise. Who is the lucky girl?"

"Your looking at her!"

"You? You lucky little shit. Your still a virgin aren't you? Don't tell me you broke our pact about saving it for the right guy. We promised one another we wouldn't do it unless we talked it over. Remember?"

"Well I haven't gone all the way, but I did do something that was a real turn on and I think I am addicted. I sucked his cock yesterday. Twice. But that isn't the best part."

"You mean there is something else."

"Yes but unless you trust me completely and you give your word you will follow my leads in the office and at home I cannot tell you anything else. It would hurt innocent people and I promised I would not hurt anyone."

"I give you my word I won't say a thing. Promise!"

"Well you remember a few years ago when you came home and found mom in bed with no clothes on and you...'

"Oh my God. Oh how did you find out? Oh my God I'm so embarrassed. I want to die."

"Don't be upset Sandy. I did the same thing to mom just yesterday, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Like I said I think I'm addicted to cum. Yesterday I ate mom's pussy and she ate mine. I also helped her get fucked. I held Gary's cock and put it in mom's cunt. It was so erotic I'm hot just thinking about it. Are you still upset?"

"Gee I guess not. I never figured you to do that. The only reason I did it is because I wanted to keep my virginity like we agreed and I couldn't trust anyone because of the thing at school. When I saw mom's body all naked I was just so frustrated and confused I.... I.....I just did it. I have to admit I really liked it. Mom thought we should not do it anymore for fear of getting caught. So what do we do now?"

"Well for starters why don't we both gang up on your new boss when he comes back?"

"But I don't even know him!"

"Your right. But I can't think of a better way of getting to know him. Can you?"

"OK sister. I'll try and follow your lead. What are we going to do?"

"Just do what I do!" I looked at mom and told her I wanted her to see me do these two women and it might be a good idea to do it in a more relaxed atmosphere. She agreed and suggested we continue the interview this evening at home, where she could at least watch.

"Mother I would hope you would join in on the fun."

"I don't know dear. I have never been with another woman before."

"We could change that tonight and then we would have two closely knit families!"

Mother pressed the intercom key for my office and related instructions to the two women.

"Gloria." There was a five second delay then we heard the familiar, "Yes Ms. Shamane."

"Gloria. I need Gary to take care of a few matters. Would you please pass our apologies to Sandra. I would like to have you and Sandra join us for supper at the estate this evening. Would that be possible?"

"Yes I think we can make it. What time would you like us to be there"

" How does sixish sound?"

"That will be fine Ms Shamane. Is there any thing else mam?"

"Yes would you please see that my new secretary Sandra has a new wardrobe for work on Monday. Take five hundred out of the petty cash and mark up a slip for uniform expense."

"Yes..... YES! YES! YES Ms Shamane I certainly will. Thank you mam!" I could hear Sandy in the background saying, thank you thank you thank you so much. Mother looked at me and we both smiled. It seems we have one problem solved. The real test will come tonight when the three ladies and myself decide how close our families will really be. The rest of the day went by rather well. I managed to lay the trap for our second-story man and the heroine was really into getting the "piece of shit" as she profoundly put it. She was going to accept a date with the asshole and after she had him eating out of her hand she would relate her monetary problems and how she didn't know where she could come up with the extra money, seeing as how her cheapo boss wouldn't give her a raise. She was just looking for a way to get back at him. Hopefully the dip shit would bite and offer her some cash assistance. The next part would be to try and pump the truth from him. I told her to use what ever was at her disposal, but not to put herself in any danger. I gave her a wire so we could record what was being said between the two. If she felt she was in to deep or was getting scared all she had to say was "I'm cold" and another of the staff would come to her rescue. He was 6'7 and weighed in at 340 lb. - no fat.

Our bouncer was not a man to mess with. Everything was all set to go when Bobby-Jo asked where was she suppose to put the mike?

"Well the best place would be right about here," I said pointing to my breast bone.

"I'm afraid I don't know how it should go. Would you help me Mr.Shamane?" As she said this she opened up the top four buttons of her blouse and opened in revealing two lovely bra encased tits. They were about a 38 C from where I was standing. She looked up at me with those innocent doe eyes pleading for me to hook up the mike. Hey Never let it be said I left a lady in distress. I picked up the bug and slipped my right hand under the front of her bra where the cups met and gently pulled the strap to allow me to clamp the alligator style clip to her right bar cup. All the while I acted like a true gentleman and I think she was sorta pissed I was acting so nice. I could see her lip curl into a slight pout. Just my luck I couldn't open the clip wide enough to connect the wire.

"Would it help if I took off my bra Mr. Shamane?" Not waiting for an answer she unsnapped the catch in the front and the cups fell to the side revealing two firm upstanding breasts. I coughed and stuttered and told her it wasn't necessary to do that, that I could have hooked it to a strap just as well.

"It's no bother Mr. Shamane. It is my pleasure believe me. I would do anything to help you all you have to do is ask and I''s yours." I could see where this was going and I had to stop it or else risk getting into a situation which could cost me and the club.

"Really Bobby-Jo it's not necessary to bare your.....your soul shall we say." I picked up her bra cup and fastened her mike then hooked the bra together, making sure I did it politically correct. Then I fastened the buttons to her blouse and said we were ready to begin. She rose and with that pout showing again she bid me adieu and went out to nab a "shit-head."

I closed the door to my office and went to the parking lot, jumped into my new Mercedes and headed home for what I hoped would be a wild Friday evening. I was home and in the shower washing my hair when I thought I felt a draft of cold air. I had my eyes closed because of the soap suds on my head. The next thing I felt was something warm and wet grab my cock head and swallow whole thing. I reached down and felt a head of hair then shoulders then tits.

"Well, I said to no one in particular. I am glad its a female sucking me off and not a male." The mouth came away from my dick and an all to familiar voice said.

"Well that's a fine "thank you for sucking me off" welcome." mother said.

"I'm teasing you sweetness. Now put my cock back in your mouth and finish what you started, and if you do a good job I may let you have a piece of Gloria and Sandy tonight."

"Oh is that so buster." She grabbed me by the balls and squeezed just hard enough to make me stand up straight and freeze.

"Listen to me young man. For your information I am still the boss in this house and if there is any sharing to be done I say who gets what. Understand? To push her point home she squeezed just a little bit harder.

"Understood perfectly mam. Would the missus like for this humble servant to get down on his knees and eat her lovely shaved pussy?"

"Yeah! That's a good idea slave. Get on YOUR knees and show me what you can do." I sank to the shower stall floor my wet naked mother now with the upper hand. I stared straight into the wet folds of her hypnotic cunt. It was the object of my desires. The wet hole that had me under it's spell. I parted the velvet lips with my tongue tasting her sweetness. I pushed up as far as I could wanting to fuck her with my tongue. Her hands clasped my head pulling me closer. Her moans echoed off the walls filling the stall with the sounds of pure lust.

'Yes baby suck my slit...........Oooooouuuuu yes bite mommas clit sweety......make me cum baby. Suck my hot wet pussy baby. You make mommy feel soooooooofuckinnnnnng goooooodddd. Yes meeeeee babyyyyyyyyyyy!" I had her little man in the boat between my front teeth and I was biting it ever so gently. I knew she was getting off on it because I could hardly breath. My face was jammed tight against her womanhood. He left leg was draped over my shoulder and she was leaning against the shower wall. I pried myself away from her pussy and I swear if looks good kill I would at least be in a coma.

"Why on earth did you stop!"

"I want you to be on edge for later this evening when our guests arrive. I want to make sure you wont back out when I need you."

"If you don't put that face of yours back against my cunt and make me cum I'll,......I'll........I'll go insane. Please baby mom needs to cum and your the only one who knows what to do!"

"Oh mother just relax. I will be worth it trust me!"

"If you won't do it then I will use my old stand-by!" I watched as her hands went to her pussy. Her fingers spread the blood engorged lips and her fingers deftly attacked her swollen clit. All the while she looked me straight in the eye.

"Yes baby watch your mother finger fuck her wet pussy. Watch me as I stick my fingers in my hot wet cunt. Oooooouuuu so wet and hot and begging for a hard cock. Wouldn't you love to stick you big hard fuck stick in my hot wet cunt baby. "Her fingers were rubbing her clit while her other hand had four finger sunk to the last knuckle in her wet sheath. I stood watching her mastubate right in front of me.

"Watch bay as mommy cums. Watch as I fuck my hottt wettt cuntttt. Oh fuck I'm going to cummmmmmmmmmm.............fuck,fuck fuck......yessssssssss!" Her orgasm took hold of her and she was trembling from head to toe. Her hand was nearly buried in her convulsing pussy. He rhead throne back and hair flailing. It was an intense orgasm from where I stood.

As her breathing returned to normal I went up to her and held her in my arms. I planted wet kisses all over her face and neck, down to her heaving breasts, sucking gently on her sensitive nipples, back up to her mouth and ended with a loving full deep kiss on her lips.

"That was very erotic mother. I have never seen a woman masturbate before. It was sexy to say the least."

"Well I couldn't find a man so I had to take matters into my own hand so to speak. I'm glad you liked it though. Maybe next time you can jack-off this big hard cock for your dear old mom." She stroked my still hard cock a few times and left me in the shower, hard cock and all.

When I finished my rejuvenation I went to the den and popped a beer and waited on the fairer sex to join me. Half way through the second bottle my ever so sexy mom made her appearance. All I could do was stare and wolf-whistle. She had on a black mini dress and black silk stockings, black pearl necklace and two diamond studded gold earrings dangling from each ear. Her lips were painted with a blood red lipstick and her nails were the same color. Her hair so shiny and black it had a blue sheen to it. The dress was as short as I have seen her wear. It was only about four inches below her love nest. The top half did cover her amole breasts but there was no bra to hide the hard little nipples. They poked out and the gentle sag of her beautiful tits made her look very sultry. She literally reeked sex.

"You look absolutely stunning mother. If those women don't hurry up and get here soon I'm going to eat supper without them and your the main course. Come hear and let me look a little closer." Mom walked across the room and pirouetted in front of me. Even with three inch heels she did it like a runway model. I held her at arms length and admired her body covered in the skin hugging material. I bent and kissed each nipple through the dress and then bent to kiss her covered pussy. Then I stood and pressed my lips to hers, sticking my tongue in her receptive mouth. She welcomed my kiss and returned it with the same lust as I was giving. The ringing of the door bell broke us apart. I returned to my seat and mother took hers as we waited for the butler to show our guests in. The big oak door opened and the two young ladies were ushered in by our elderly butler. With his usual courteous but monotone voice he announced our guests. With a side step he waved them in. They were dressed to kill. Gloria had on a red pant suit. The top was a simple red blouse with puffy sleeves. It was open to the middle of her two pert little tits. The way it fit you hinted at what lay beneath. If she moved the right way you might get a flash of her bra-less boobs. Her Slacks were the harem stile and they were split from the mid calf to the upper thigh, so much so she would have to have on the French cut panties not to be noticed. Her four inch high heels made her look very statuesque. Sandy was dressed almost the opposite to her sister. She had on a emerald green mini-skirt cut at mid thigh. Her top was a very shiny material almost like gold colored foil. Like her older sister she too did not wear a bra at her nipples showed through almost the same as mother's. Both women were very beautiful and I could foresee a eventful evening ahead. I looked at mother and her thoughts came in loud and clear. ("Are you going to stand there fucking them with your eyes or are you going to get them a drink!") I turned as re as Gloria's blouse with embarrassment.

"Could I get you beautiful ladies something to drink?"

"We are both beer drinkers. Our budget wouldn't allow us much more when we were in school so we've been bottle babies since then!"

"Two brews for my fair maidens." I popped the tops and filled the glasses. As I served the drinks They both managed to lean forward and give me a peak inside their blouses. ("Do you like their tits son? Be careful you don't get a hard-on. Wouldn't want to embarrass yourself again!.) I looked at mother and replied, (Fuck off mother! I am a growing boy after all and besides aren't you glad I look at tits and cunt and not cock? If your not careful I may fuck these ladies and not have enough for your sweet pussy!) she looked at me and said out loud "Touché son!" The two women looked at mom and then at me with a puzzled expression.

"Private joke ladies. Mom has a different sense of humor than most mother's."

"Ms. Shamane/ You have a lovely home. I hope you will allow us to have the grand tour."

"Please Gloria. You are our guests. It's Amanda, and yes after supper I would love to show you our little shack. Speaking of supper Gary thought you would like surf and turf. How would you like your steaks?"

Sandy spoke for both women. "We both like them medium. Pink no blood"

"I'll pass that on to the cook. Gary would you be a dear and get me another drink?"

"Sure mom." As I went to the bar I could hear mom asking Sandy if she found what she was looking for when she went shopping. I figured this would be a good time to get back at mom for her earlier digs on me so I sent a couple of ideas in the direction of Gloria and Sandy.

(Gloria. Wow! Amanda sure looks beautiful tonight. Her dress really shows off her body. I didn't realize her tits were so big and firm looking. I wonder if she goes for women? I would like to try eating pussy again like yesterday. It is making me wet just thinking about it. I am going to ask her if she has a boy friend. If she doesn't maybe she might like to get it on. Wouldn't that be wild. Me eating the mother and Sandy sucking off the son!)

(Sandy. I wonder if Gloria is thinking the same as I am. I sure would like to get a crack at Gary, and his mom. I wonder if I they would ever think about getting it on together. It sure would be neat to see Gary fucking his mother. I wonder if Amanda would like to eat pussy? I wouldn't mind seeing her naked.) Mom looked at me with "I'll get you" in her eyes. She knew I was getting even.

"Amanda. Do you have a boyfriend?" Mom was taken back at first, but like a trooper she came back with the perfect answer.

"To tell the truth I haven't had any reason to have a boyfriend. I have enough things to keep me going. Besides I think there are to many chiselers out there wanting nothing but some pussy and anything else that comes with it. I want a person who will love me even when I'm ninety years old and these tits and this ass are lower to the ground." We all three laughed at that and to prove her point mom shook her upper torso shaking her firm tits back and forth like a dancer would do.

"Diner is served madam," said the chef and we all rose and headed for the dining room. I seated the ladies on either side of mom and me. The wine was poured and we chatted until the various courses were brought out. The diner went flowed smoothly as did the wine. I wanted to ease the inhibitions as much as possible. My suggestion for dessert in the living room was met with agreement from all. I had the servers bring everything to the living room and told the staff to call it a night and they could return in the morning to clean up. This would leave us alone for the rest of the night with our two new pussies. I was getting antsy. It was going to be so thoroughly erotic. I was going to see my mother eat pussy, and we were all going to fuck up a storm. I pushed the remote controls for the fire place and the stereo. The room now felt complete. It was a warm relaxing atmosphere.

We had ate Raspberry Tort and Spanish coffee and made small talk between bites. I noticed that Sandy kept looking at first me then mom. I decided to listen in on what she was thinking.

We had ate Raspberry Tort and Spanish coffee and made small talk between bites. I noticed that Sandy kept looking at first me then mom. I decided to listen in on what she was thinking.

(I wonder if Gary and his mom really are glad they hired me. I hope I can cut it. I sure do like Gary, he's so cute. Amanda sure is pretty, and what a body. That dress doesn't lie. She has a figure. I kinda wish she weren't my boss. I wouldn't mind a tumble in the sack with her.)

"Thanks Sandy." Sandy looked at mom with a quizzical look, then as if she realised mom was reading her thoughts she turned a deep shade of red.

"Would you ladies like a grand tour now. Gary you grab Sandy And I'll take Gloria. That way we can explain everything in more detail."

"Sounds like a great idea mom. Sandy!" I took her, placing it through mine making sure her we would remain in close contact and we started the journey. Mother was ahead of us and they were linked arm in arm as well. Watching their beautiful butts shake and jiggle would have been enough to give me a boner. Having a woman of such beauty walking with me added to the length. We made our way through the lower level, the ladies were full of compliments. It waz their opinion mom had the best taste in her decor. We were wlking up the stairs when I picked up on Sandy's thoughts.

(Gawddd what a beautiful ass. I wonder if I Gloria feels like I do? I wonder if she is going to make a pass?) I figured this is where I could put in my nickel so I passed her this little tidbit. (Maybe Gloria is waiting for me to make the first move. Maybe she's not sure of herself. Well here it goes. I hope I do this right!)

"Gary you have a lovely home so warm and pleasant, just like you. Do you think I can make your mother happy working for her?"

"Sandy. You make me happy. I'm sure mother will love having you around. She is a pretty good judge of character, and so am I. I think we are all going to make out OK." Saying that I put my hand on top of her arm, grazing the outside of her breast just enough to make it still seem casual. We slowed up a bit letting mom and Gloria enter mom's bedroom ahead of us. I turned to Sandy and looked her right in the eye. She looked at me and her thoughts said (Kiss him silly. You'll never get a better chance. The wine has loosened you up. You've got the courage! Just do it!)

"It's OK Sandy I want you as well." She hesitated just a moment and tilted her head to the side. I bent and kissed her parted lips. They tasted sweet and warm with the promise of lust smoldering within. I forced her lips further apart with my tongue seeking out hers trying to wrestle her into submission. She fought back admirably but I found a weakness in her when My hand strayed to her lush derriSre. I pulled her close so there would be no mistake when she felt my hard shaft press against her mound. She let out gasp which was muffled by the joining of our mouths. Her hands were roaming up and down my back not sure if she should grab my ass or not. I broke the kiss and looked at her face. She was one hot looking chick.

"Do you feel the same as I do? Do you want me as bad as I want you? Do you want to feel this hard throbbing shaft inside you? Tell me what you feel?"

"I....I..I.....have never been with a man. I have made a promise to my sister and I am not sure I can break it. I don't know what to say........I feel very attracted to you. I am very aroused. I want to tell you so many things but I am scared I'll say the wrong thing."

"What are you afraid of? I am a man who is very much attracted to you. I want to strip you of your clothes and inhibitions. There is nothing you can say which will make me blush or make me think any less of you. Tell me what you want to do. Tel me exactly what you want to do."

"I would like to have sex with you,.......but not intercourse just.....just....other things for know."

"Intercourse! Sex! We don't use those words anymore Sandy. Tell me what you want."

"I......I.....want.....I want to suck your.......pen.......your cock. I want you to eat my pussy. Oh dam I'm so,.....I need you Gary."

"Are you wet Sandy? Is your cunt all wet a mushy? Do you want me to eat your pussy like I ate your sister and Mother yesterday? Is that it my dear do you want to suck my cock Like Gloria did and your mom? They both sucked me off yesterday, and your sister just loves cum. She also ate pusyy yesterday. She ate your mother's cunt, and she loved every minute too. Would you like to eat pussy too Sandy? Would you like to eat your sister's cunt or maybe even your mother's cunt like she did? Would you?

"Yesssss... I would like o suck your cock and eat my sister's pussy. I... I....Me and mother have already had sex together a long time ago. I would like to have sex with her again."

"Would you like to have sex with your new boss? Would you like to eat my mother's cunt and suck all her girl juices? Tell me the truth. You may even get lucky."

"Yesssss! I would love to eat your mother's hot wet pussy and make her cum in my mouth. I would love to drink her juices." I broke away again and we walked toward the bedroom. As we got closer we could hear some whimpering. I opened the door and I saw what I was hoping to see. Gloria was on her knees kissing mother's legs and rubbing her hands up under her mini-skirt. Mother had her hands behind Gloria's head pushing it into her trying to get her head under her dress up to her cunt.

"Look Sandy! Look at your older sister. She is trying to eat my mother's pussy. Wouldn't you look to be where she is? Doesn't it look exciting?" Gloria had mom's dress up around her waist now and was sucking on her mound through mom's panties. My mother was humping her pussy against Gloria's face, just like she was trying to fuck her. I pulled Sandy in front of me and put my arms around her just under her breasts. I whispered in her ears all the erotic words I could describing the scene unfolding in front of us.

"Ouuuuuuuuue! Look at the beautiful women Sandy. Don't they look sexy? Look at mother's dress. Your sister is lifting it up to see my mother's cunt. She wants to look at my mom! I think we should get closer and watch them play. Don't you? Don't you want to see Gloria eat some pussy, see her push her tongue into my mother's cunt and suck all her woman juices out of her wet slippery pussy?"

"Yesss.......Yes I want to suck your mother's pussy. I want to taste her cream. Oh God I'm so wet." I began popping the buttons on her blouse. With each flip of my fingers I was uncovering her huge soft melons. When the last button came lose from its eyelet I pulled the material back letting the cool air caress her nipples. I could see her tan lines from the past summer. They were fading but still noticeable. It was easy to tell she wore a very modest style swimsuit, the lines stopping high on her chest with the tit flesh all white. Your tits are very nice Sandy. Am I the first male to see these beauties?" I said as I cupped the twin mounds and kneaded the warm flesh.

"Yes......Yes you are the first man to see my naked tits. Do you like them? Do I have nice tits?

"Yes my dear. They are very nice tits. They are big and soft. I bet your pussy is soft too. I bet it's also very wet right now isn't it? I bet you would like someone to suck you pretty cunt and make you cum.....Hmmmmmm?"

"Yes. That would feel could. Would you please eat my pussy. Please....."

"Let's watch the show a little more OK?"

We turned our attention to the couple in the bedroom. Gloria's head disappeared under mom's dress the second time it reappeared and Gloria looked up at mom with a surprised look.

"Amanda! You don't have any hair on your pussy. Your pussy is....Your pussy is the same as Gary. Neither one of you have any hair."

"Hmmmm.... That is quite a coincidence isn't it honey? Personally I like the feeling. It's so wicked and sexy. Don't you think? Do you like my hairless pussy mound? Did Gary tell you why he shaved?"

"No. I just noticed it when I.... When I had his thing in my mouth yesterday."

"His what Gloria? What did you have in your pretty little mouth slut?"

"I had his cock in my mouth."

"What did you do? Tel me everything"

"I sucked his cock in the car on the way to the tailor's. He ate my pussy and made me cum. Then he told me how to suck him off. I kissed and licked his big hard cock until he came in my mouth."

"Then what?"

"Then I swallowed it. It was delicious. It was hot and creamy, a little salty and I loved it."

"What else did you do my little slut?"

"We went to my mother's place to get some suits for Gary. I went to get some refreshments in the kitchen and when I returned to the fitting room with some wine, my mother was pulling out Gary's cock. She sucked him for a while, until he was hard. Then He made me take my clothes off and my mother's cunt. I ate her and I loved every second. Then Gary fucked my mother and I watched him. It was very stimulating. I came just watching them fuck."

"Stand up my darling. I want you to undress me, then I want you to eat my pussy just like you did to your lovely mother. I may even suck your pussy. Would you like that? Would you like your boss to suck that hot wet cunt, and make you cum in my face?"

"Yes, yes.... I will." We both watched as Sandy's sister stood and pulled down the top of mother's dress exposing her firm ripe tits.

"Oh my! They are beautiful, and you have rings in your nipples. Oh wow! I have never seen that before. What does it feel like? Do they hurt?" She bent and licked the hard ringed nubbin, then she took it in her mouth sucking tender flesh. I pushed Sandy in the back forcing her to enter the room. We quietly shuffled up behind Gloria. Mother looked at us and a smile came across her face when she saw Sandy with her tits out in the open. She kept Gloria's head against her nipple and with her free hand she pulled her dress off.

"Amanda it feels so strange with those rings. It makes you look so sexy. I just love it."

"Pull the ring with your teeth Gloria. I like having my tits pulled. The pain is stimulating." She looked at me and I could hear her thoughts.

(Sweet heart take Sandy's clothes off. Then tell her to take her sister's clothes off. I want to watch Sandy eat her sister while this little vixen sucks your mommy's cunt. Doesn't that sound delicious?)

( Yes dear mother it sounds deliciously nasty and immoral. Imagine two sister's eating pussy. One eating her sister, the other eating the mother while the son watches.) Mother shifted her concentration back to the tit sucking sister.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm....yes baby suck on my hard nipples. It feels good. You must have done this before. I can tell. You like it don't you? Would you like to have me suck your tits. Stand back. I want you to look at me and take all your clothes off. Do it love." Gloria took a step back and unfastened her silky top. She pulled the tails from her harem pants and let the discarded clothing fall to the floor. She bent at the waist and pulled her pants off and kicked them aside. She put her fingers in the waist of her soaked panties and slowly pushed them down her thighs, never taking her eyes off mother. I could see the lust in mom eyes. I could tell she wanted to reach out and hold the nude form in front of her.

(Go ahead mother. Hold her pretty tits. Fell how firm and hot they are. Play with them.)

Mom's hands raised up and cupped the two small mounds of pink nippled flesh. Her mouth slightly opened her tongue licking her lips. I couldn't see but the look on her face told me she was enthralled.

(Suck her pretty tit's mom make her nipples hard like yours. Go on show your son you aren't afraid to follow your lust. Suck her tits my beautiful cunt. Do it! Do it and I'll fuck your hot cunt and fill you with my hot cum. Then we will have these two beautiful cunts suck all that cum out of your cunt. Do it mother. Suck her hard little tits for me.) I watched in fascination as my mother bent to take the pert tit between her lips. Gloria's head fell back and the moaning started. I could hear better than I could see, so I maneuvered Sandy around to the side so I could have a better vantage point. It was very sensual watching my mother suck the tits of this woman. She had her hands in mother's hair caressing her scalp, vocalizing her feelings. I finished undressing Sandy and told her to go over to the other women and start making love to them both. As if she were in a trance she walked the short distance and feel to her knees beside her sister. Her head went directly to her cunt and she started to lick the nectar from her siblings pussy.

"Oh fuck that feels good Amanda. Yes eat my pussy, I love it."

"I'm not eating your pussy Gloria. You younger sister is. Look!" The older sister pushed mother back slightly and pulled her sister's face in close to her wet pussy.

"YES! YES! OH SANDY YES EAT MY PUSSY BABY! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS" I was sure she was going to pull her sister's head up inside her wet hole. Gloria's head was flailing back and forth her small tits trying to match her keep up to her gyrations. Mother reached up with her hands and cupped her tits and offered them to Gloria.

"Here my precious suck on these while your sister feeds on your wet slit. Suck my lovely big tits and join the three of us. We will make love for our appreciative audience of one. My loving son is watching and his cock looks hard under his pants. Why don't you ask him to let us see it?" Gloria looked over at me and answered my mother's request.

Please Gary show us you big prick. Take it out for us. I want to see it." I granted her wish and pulled my slacks and shirt off and in seconds I was as naked as the women. My proud hairless weapon pointing right at them.

"Look what I have for my girls. A nice big hard cock, ready to fuck a pussy or a mouth. Maybe even someone's asshole. I am hard with desire ladies. Make me harder. Suck your partner's pussy and drink her cunt oils. I want to see three face covered in pussy cream. Go for it ladies suck some wet hot slippery cunt for me.

I stroked my shaft and watched as they took their places. Mother stepped back and fell on the bed, beckoning Gloria with her open arms. Gloria reached down and pulled Sandy to her feet kissing her wet face tasting her own cunt juice. They moved to the bed, Sandy on mom's right and Gloria on the left. They each cupped one of mother's breasts and pulled the ring stretching the red nipple. Mother had an arm under each of the women's head's so she rolled them closer to her tits. They took the hint and bent to suck on her rigid caps. Hands were everywhere. Gloria hand three fingers sliding in and out of mother's cunt and Sandy was working on her own hole. Mom had a tit in each hand and was pinching them trying to make them longer than they were. I walked over and stood in front of mother, between her legs. I looked at her and let her know what I wanted her to say to the sisters.

(Mom! Tell these two gorgeous pussies why we are both shaved. Ask them if they would like to see me put my cock in my mother's nice tight wet cunt. Then I want to see you eat some cunt. I want to see my beautiful mother eat pussy. I want to see your tongue deep inside both of these two ladies. Do it for me. Show me what a slut you are. Show me how much you love me. Show these women how much you love fucking and sucking your son!)

"Oh yes my lovely ladies. Suck on my hard swollen tits. Finger my wet, open, pussy. Look girls! Look at my son's hard cock. It's pointing right at my clean shaven pussy. My pussy and Gary's cock are shaved clean. Do you ladies want to know how this came to be?" Both women grunted in unison. "I'll tell you! My son and I are lovers! My darling son has fucked my wet pussy and filled it with his seed. I have sucked his big cock and swallowed his hot cum. He has eaten my cunt too. He knows how to make a woman feel good. Would you ladies like to see him put that big fuck pole in my wet cunt?"

"Yes Amanda! We want to see your son fuck you, and shoot his load in you beautiful hot pussy," said Gloria. Sandy looked up and saw my hard cock two inches from mother's fuck hole. She took her fingers from her red swollen cunt and grabbed my member. She pulled it towards mom's waiting lust pit. Her wet slimy hands were jacking my cock as she brought it nearer. As soon as the head touched her splayed lips mom groaned her approval.

"Yes baby! Yes stick your hard cock in mother's hot wet cunt hole. Fill mummy with your seed baby. Fuck mummy." The other women voiced their agreement as well

"Fuck her Gary. Fuck your mother. Stick your fucking hard cock in her wet cunt," said Gloria.

"Yeah! Fuck her pussy! I want to see a son fuck his mother," form Sandy. Almost as if Sandy had read my thoughts to mother she expressed her desire to see mom eat pussy.

"Amanda! I want you to eat my pussy while your son shove's that monster in you. I am going to sit on your face and watch him fuck you while you eat my slit. I want you to suck my cunt and my clit. Make me cum while you eat me." Sandy moved trance like until her dripping slit hovered over mother's open mouth. The moment was at hand. I was about to see my mom eat pussy. I swear my cock grew another five inches. It felt as if it were going to explode. I slowly slid the length of my prick into her wet waiting cunt as Sandy lowered her pussy to mother. Just as I buried the last inch, mother's lips made contact with Sandy's pussy I watched her tongue slither out like a snake and lick at the hanging lips before her and just like a snake sensing the heat of it's prey, mother found the weak point of her prey and sunk her tongue into the depths of Sandy's wet slit. The groans from the young woman filled our ears and she started to pinch and grab her own breasts, pulling and stretching the flesh to it's limits. She showed no concern for her self as lust took over her senses. She ground her cunt down hard on mother's face sliding the wet opening all over. Mom was holding onto Sandy's hips trying to keep up with the frantic movements above. It look as if mother liked eating pussy as much as she liked sucking and fucking. Even though Sandy was grinding her cunt down on her mom was pulling on her hips as well. You could see her fingers were leaving a white ring around the flesh of her captor's hips. The next thing I felt was a warm wet tongue licking my ass. Two hands spread the cheeks of my ass and the wet probe licked the length between my cheeks. Then I felt it near my brown wrinkled asshole. The nearer it came the better it felt. The wet digit finally made contact and tried to push past the tightly closed orifice. Next came the wanton moans from my anal attacker.

"Let me in baby! Let me sink my tongue up your hot ass. I want to fuck your asshole with my tongue. Ungh..ungh....ungh." She forced herself up and her persistence paid off. The barrier was broken and her wet tongue slid inside my ass. The feeling was to much and I let go with a very powerful orgasm.

"Yes my darling fuck sluts I'm cummmmmiiiinnnnngggggg!" My white hot milky sperm shot out of my cock deep into mother's cunt. I bathed the walls of her hole with load after load of my seed. Gloria quickly pulled out of my ass and went to the point of contact between mom and me. She pushed back on my chest and my shooting cock fell from the wet confines of mother's pussy. She slipped her mouth over the spouting shaft and drank the remaining flow. Her cheeks caved from the suction, wanting to get it all. When The last drop was swallowed she simply turned and dove into mother's cum leaking cunt. She sucked all the dripping sperm from the outer lips then stuck her tongue deep inside retrieving all the available cock cream. I though to myself, (wow this is sure one cum loving little bitch) (She sure is, and her tongue feels divine inside my cunt. She's going to make.......) I looked up and saw Sandy falling off mother's face and mother grabbed her nipple rings, stretching her tits as far as they would go. Her back arched so much so her ass was a foot off the bed. Her orgasmic cry was a continuation of her thoughts to me."me cummmiinnngggg....... Yes you slut eat my cunt baby. Suck my wet fucking cuntttttt.. Fuck............I'm cumminnnnnnnnnnggg!" Mother's hips were rotating, holding Gloria's face tight to her spasming cunt. I noticed that Sandy didn't let mother's vacated tongue stop her from getting her jollies. Her fingers were manipulating her clit while she watched the scene in front of her. She was moaning herself, having reached the plateau. Her pusyy was convulsing in orgasm as the rest of us were coming down.

After we were back to normal the ladies grabbed me and laid me on the bed and then they surrounded me. Mother and Sandy on either side and Gloria curled up between my legs. All three women had that after orgasm glow about them and they seemed satisfied for the moment. Mother was playing with my limp cock with Sandy and Gloria kissed my thighs just below my groin. Mother bent and kissed my cock on the tip. She looked at Sandy and said,"You must think me terrible for loving my son the way I do."

"Oh heavens no Amanda. I don't think that at all. I think it's very erotic and wonderful. Fuck society and their stupid ways. I ate my sister and my mother, and if mom were here I'd eat her pussy again. I think it's great!"

"Me too Amanda. After yesterday I'm all for incest as long as no one gets hurt and everyone is at the age of consent. We are all adults and I say if it feels good DO IT. Besides the way I have become addicted to cum, male or female, One person is not enough. Hell I don't want to catch aids or any of those other diseases. If we stick to each other we have to be safe."

We all agreed on that and mom added that if any one were to join our group they would have to be tested and wait until they were positively cleared medically.

"What about my mom said Sandy. Can she join our group?"

"Go give her a call Gloria. I'll have a cab sent over to pick her up and she can join us tonight. Hell we'll have a pussy eating orgy all weekend, and my stud muffin son can fuck us in between," replied mother. Gloria jumped up, he small but pretty boobs jumping as well.

"I'll make sure she "cums" right over, but I get dibs on her pussy first."

"Mother!" I interjected. "I would love to fuck you all in between as you say but I think you are forgetting something. There are three pussy's in the room at the moment and two of them are virgins. I was going to fuck one of them yesterday but I wanted your first pussy to be a virgin. I was hoping to have these two fine women bouncing on my cock before the night is over. Just think. Two virgins to fuck in one night."

"Hey stud!" said Sandy. "If you plan on shoving that big pole up my tight little hole I think maybe your mother should prime it and guide in home. Doesn't that sound like an idea?"

"I would love to, Sandy. Who is going to go first. Gloria or Sandy. Lets flip a coin."

"Let's wait 'til their mom gets here. Hey mom why don't you surprise Adele. Meet her at the door with no clothes on and give her a lip lock. I bet you can't have her nude by the time you reach this bed!"

"Your on son. If you loose you have to be my salve for a day. Do anything and everything I say with no questions or hesitation. Deal?"

"Deal! If I win you have to do the same for me though!"

We sat and made small talk until the door bell announced Adele's arrival. We followed mom to the top of the stairs and watched in seclusion as she made her way to the door, her big tits flopping as she bounced down the stairs. She reached the door and turned to look up at us, giving us the "cross your fingers sign." She faced the big door and pulled it open.

"Good evening! You must be Adele!. Mom grabbed the surprised woman's arm and dragged her into the foyer. She pressed her body against the other woman and gave her a deep kiss. Adele was shocked at first, but after five seconds of kissing, she brought her arms up and around mom, returning the lust. When they broke the kiss Adele stood back and commented mom on her beautiful body.

"You must be Amanda. Your have beautiful tits and I just love you hairless cunt. I can't wait to stick my tongue in it." As she said this she put a finger in mom's gash and after a few seconds withdrew it and licked it clean.

"Mmmmmm Finger lickin good pussy my dear. Now where are those two no good slut daughter's of mine. I want my share of tongue."

Mom then said something to Adele we could not make out. Adele looked at mom and smiled and started to remove her clothes, dropping them as she made her way up the stairs. We scooted back into the bedroom and waited on the bed for the two mother's. They entered the room and Adele looked at us on the bed and a wicked lust filled gaze came over her.

"There you are you cuntsucking sluts. She laughed out loud and jumped on the bed hugging her daughters and kissing them in an un-motherly fashion. She pinched their nipples and stuck a finger in each cunt, pulling them out and sucking them clean of the juices.

"Well I see you two are still virgins. I was hoping that young man would have put a couple loads of cream in them by now."

"We were waiting for you mom," said Sandy.

"Yeah! We wanted you to be here to see your two daughters get fucked for the first time. Then you could climb between our thighs and suck all that wonderful cock juices from our well fucked holes," added Gloria. Adele licked her lips and put her fingers in her own pussy. You could hear squishing as she manipulated her clit. I noticed that Adele still had on her nylons and pointed it out to mom saying,

"We will start tomorrow mother dearest, with breakfast in bed!" Mom just smiled and nodded her head in agreement. She then walked to my side of the bed and wrapped her hands around my hardening cock. Her soft hands slid up and down the length, her thumb flicking the angry red knob.

"I think I'll wet this big monster down a little. We do need to lubricate it so you will be able to de-flower our virgins. Which one first honey? Sandy or Gloria?" While waiting for a reply she took my cock in her warm wet mouth lavishing it entirely, making sure she drooled all over it. Her throat opened up and my cock disappeared into her hot cavern. I would have been happy cuming in mother's mouth, it felt so good, but I would have to forgo that until my two virgins were well fucked. I closed my eyes savoring mother's cocksucking and voiced my choice for first fuck.

"I really would like to do Gloria first. She is the oldest and has had to wait the longest. I don't think I could get it back up after Gloria has been satisfied so I would like to rest up. In the morning I would like to have Sandy give me a nice wet blow job , then I will take her cherry."

Adele then spoke up. "Young man you can fuck Gloria first and then I will get that big fuck pole of your hard and you will fuck my other virgin daughter.....tonight. I won't take no for an answer, and I will suck that thing until it is hard enough. Understood?"

"Yes mam. Loud and clear."

"Gloria dear come over here and let me prime you for that big juicy cock. Sandy! Why don't you be a sweety and see if you remember what turns momma on," she said rubbing her moist slit.

" pleasure mom." Sandy said as she replaced her mother's fingers with her own. She continued massaging her mom's pussy telling her how happy she was now that mom was one of the gang. "I'm so glad you broke out of your shell. It's great to see you having some fun. Heck it's great "seeing you" fucking naked and sexy." She dove head first into mom's snatch, digging her tongue into the wet folds of her parental pussy. All mom could do was close her eyes for a moment and revel in the wickedness of the whole situation.

When she was satisfied her daughter was comfortable she bent and commenced munching on her other daughter's cunt, happy to be free of any apprehension she felt earlier. She was now ready to watch her two women get their cherries popped, willing to do what it takes to see it through. My concentration returned to me and my dick. Mom was throating me with ease. He red lips traveling the veined surface, her throat felt like a velvet vise squeezing the pleasure out of every pore on my cocks exterior. My balls were beginning to crawl up in their sack which signaled an early release if I weren't careful. I played with her exquisite tits pulling and twisting the tips by the gold metal rings that pierced the flesh. It was amazing they hadn't been pulled out by now with all the yanking and torture we had put them through. Mom truly did like have her tits molested, and she encouraged it every time anyone persecuted them.

"Yes baby pull mummy's big tits," she said releasing my wet cock from her hot moist opening. "Mother lovessssssss her baby to pull her hard fucking nipples. You hurt mummy so good baby. Does my honey want to fuck that virgin cunt now? Do you want to stick that big pole up that tight hole? Come with me baby. Let your slut mother guide your big cock into that virgin fuck hole." Mom pulled me by my cock until we were touching the back of Adele's head as she licked the wet cunt, ensuring there was not a dry spot anywhere on the virgin pussy about to be impaled by my steel hard cock. Mother pulled back on Adele's shoulder breaking the contact between the relatives. She bent and kissed Adele sticking her tongue it the other mother's mouth, letting her know it was time to get on with the ceremony. Both of the women took part in the guiding of my cock. Mother held my shaft and Adele held open the lips of Gloria's cunt giving me a clear view of the flower I was about to pick. Sandy had creept into the picture as watched with fascination. She was gently twisting the nipples of her older sister's tits trying to do her part in the ceremony, realizing she would be the next victim. I was steered forward, millimeters away from the dew covered grotto. I looked at Gloria and could see small beads of moisture form on her brow. She was biting her lower lip, unsure of what to expect. The tip of my rampant rod touched the outer folds of her pussy. Mother placed her hand on my ass nudging me forward . The head of my tool disappeared in her slit. That's when the vocalization began.

"Oh my!. He is going to split me wide open. It's so big! How much is inside?" Her mother tried to soothe her from the invader between her thighs.

"Just the head dear. It will hurt a little at first until her has penetrated you fully. Then he will stay still until you are accustomed to him then the fun begins. Do you want him to plunge right in? It will only hurt for a few second, then you will feel only exquisite pleasure and joy."

"Yes I.....I.....gueeees....sooooooo! Do it quick baby. Bury your cock before I chicken out." I looked at each woman's face in turn and when I came back to Gloria I blew her a kiss and sunk all eight remaining inches into her cunt. Her cry would have woken the dead. She shrieked at the top of her lungs.


Both mother's started to kiss and suck the area around her filled cunt, Sandy suckled on her breasts all of them trying to calm her down. Her breathing was short and shallow trying to regain her senses. After a minute her gasping for air had all but returned to normal. Her hands were at her newly opened cunt examining the huge phallus buried inside her. Both parents had backed off a bit but stilled lavished kisses on her splayed thighs. She looked at me and a smile spread across her face.

"I did it! I lost my virginity. You feel so huge inside me. I can feel your balls against my ass. Do you have it all inside me?" she asked wide eyed.

"Every hard fucking inch my love. You are no longer a virgin. I am now going to introduce you to the extreme pleasure of fucking. I am going to take you to the top sweety. When you come you will understand what it's like to really have an orgasm." I pulled back until just the head was in. Then I slowly re-entered gliding in smoothly watching as the new found pleasure began to take hold of her. I gently touched bottom and repeated the love stroke. In to the end out to the end. Her eyes closed concentrating on only her pleasure, as it should be. After a dozen or so trips to her depths I picked up the pace. Doubling my speed. Her breathing increased to match my thrusts. Her excitement grew with each plunge and retreat.

"Yes gary..... fuck me......fuck my new pussy......Oh fuck it feels like heaven....... I love it! Fuck yessss Fuck me! Fuck me FUCK MY CUNT!"

Sandy watched my rod sink to the bottom of her sister's newly opened cunt, her own fingers trying to quench the fire building in her own. Both older women also had their hands in their cunts finger fucking themselves. Adele began to flick Gloria's exposed clit amplifying the pleasure. Mom snaked her hand under my bouncing bag and was probing the entrance to Gloria's asshole with a cunt juice covered finger. Gloria was fast approaching her first cock induced cum and she let us all know it was coming.

"Yessssssss... Yesssssssssss.... IIIIIIIIII... aaaammmmmmmmmm... gooiinng.. tooooooo..... cccuuuummmmmmm OH FUCK.... I'm going to cum!!!!!!!!! Yessss OOOHHHFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!

Her pussy muscles convulsed around my shaft. Squeezing it, then releasing, squeezing then releasing. She was milking the juice from my balls. I let go with my own orgasm, bathing the gripping walls of her vagina with hot liquid cum. My mouth was opened but nothing came out. I was silently screaming my release into her cunt, filling her to the brink with male seed. The seed that could start a whole new legacy.


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