The Best Erotic Stories.

My Lovely Leila
by Tawny T.

I have been asked on-line and in the chat room if my stories are true. Most stories are fiction, while some small part of a story may sometimes be based on fact, the rest is fiction. This story is true. This is the telling of my first sexual encounter with a really lovely friend, who has become my lady love. I hope she enjoys reading it. Tawny T

Leila and I had just come back to our home. My husband was out this particular evening at my request, and I had planned a quiet evening with my friend. This day was a sad one for her as it was the second anniversary of the death of her husband in a plane crash. I had tried to keep her mind off of it all day with a luncheon for two in an upbeat restaurant, then a shopping spree where we tried on clothes, sexy lingerie, and new shoes till we were exhausted.

Trying on the sexy lingerie in Victoria's Secret had gotten me a little horny. Seeing her in several sexy bras and panties had made me think of her in a more intimate way. Seeing her small sexy body so thinly clad had gotten me hot. She'd looked at my body too, but if she was interested, I couldn't tell. We'd laughed and giggled like schoolgirls. It seemed to certainly cheer her up.

We had come home, and I'd made us some frozen strawberry daiquiris. We'd slipped off our shoes and gotten our second wind. I had turned on my CD player and my usual classical music selections were softly playing in the background. I got up to refill our glasses and Leila got up too, for some reason. Why I never knew.

I came back into the room to find her standing dejectedly in the center of the room, eyes downcast. I set the drinks down and went to her and pulled her close to me and just held her. I am 5 10 and she is only 5 1 and I pulled her face against my breasts and just patted her and stroked her hair softly. We stood rocking slightly. Her head felt so good against my breasts. I could feel her body heat coming through my clothes. In the background Revel's Pavan for a Dead Princess was playing, a soulful, wonderfully moving, very sad piece. I fully believe that this was the final link that brought the next move into play.

I held her while she sobbed, and my heart went out to her. She looked up at me, tears in her eyes and my heart melted for her. A tear ran from my eye too, and she saw it and reached out to touch my cheek.

Leila is a beautiful woman, natural red hair, and pale flawless skin with not a blemish on it, and a small compact body. I could feel her breasts against me. They pressed against my upper belly she was so short.

The music, her closeness, her subtle perfume all conspired, and I could not help myself. I leaned forward and kissed her very softly and gently on the lips. Her eyes went wide for a brief moment then closed. She didn't pull away. She didn't move her lips. I broke the kiss for just a moment then kissed her again just as gently.

I felt her body shudder slightly then her lips pressed back against mine. Her hand came up to move behind my head and press my lips harder against her own. Very gently, I slid my tongue out and stroked her lips, butterfly soft. Her lips parted slightly and I felt her tongue hesitantly brush against mine. I pulled back slightly and looked at her. Her eyes were closed, lips parted, expectant, and waiting. I kissed her again just as softly, but this time letting my tongue play over her lips a little longer, slip just a little deeper between her lips, feeling her teeth.

Her hips moved imperceptibly against mine, her hand pressing my head against hers just a little harder. I stroked her back feeling her tremble under the touch. Her skin was so hot. Her tongue slid out a little more and touched mine. I gently slid my tongue into her hot mouth. Her breath was fiery as she exhaled.

I pulled her even closer and we swayed to the soulful, beautiful, magical music. It wrapped around us like a wonderful comforting blanket. She later said it was the most soul satisfying moment of her entire life, my holding her, comforting her as we kissed.

We kissed for minutes, hours, time meant nothing. We were one in spirit and body, just holding each other gently, body to body, kissing so gently, so softly. I felt my nipples grow hard and taut, my pussy became wet and I could feel my clit tingle as I held her. I wanted this wonderful woman. Yet I dared not, I could not loose her. I was torn. My heart was in turmoil.

I made myself just hold her and continue to kiss her, keeping my body, my lust in check. Her tongue became bolder and slipped into my mouth pressing, sliding over mine, and skillfully making me hot and excited. Her hips pressed against mine more insistently. She moved her legs a little and straddled my leg and I felt her firm pubic mound press against my leg. Her tongue became bolder, her hand moved from my neck to stroke my shoulder then to slip between us and cup my breast. God I felt like I was on fire. She wanted me!

I hugged her to me fiercely, my hand slid down her firm muscular body and cupped one ass cheek. I pressed her against me and thrust my hips against her body. Our bodies wriggled and pressed together, as we both became bolder, our passions heated.

Leila pulled back and looked up at me. Her eyes were brimming with tears again, this time a different kind of tears, not sorrow, but regret. . "Ohh, Tina, I want you so. I'm afraid if I continue I will wreck our friendship. I'm sorry. I really am." She almost sobbed.

I pulled her back close and kissed her tears away. I smiled down at her. "Leila, I want you too. I'm on fire. You don't know how excited I am. My nipples are hard, and my clit is on fire. I want you too. I promise this won't hurt our friendship or our love for each other. I've wanted this for a long time but was afraid like you, it would ruin our friendship. I want you too, Sweet Lady."

Her face changed slowly, became radiant as she realized that I shared her passion, that I wanted her too! We kissed again, more insistent, our tongues fencing, playing, exploring deeper, harder. Her hips press against my leg, her pubic mound rubbing, thrusting against me. I returned my hand to her pert ass and pulled her against me harder, thrusting my hips against hers.

Her hand became bolder on my breasts, kneading, stroking, then slipping to find the space between my blouse buttons and slide inside to find my bra covered breast. She moved her hand up to stroke the skin above my bra. I moaned into her mouth. I felt a button pop. I didn't care. It gave her hand a little more freedom and she was able to slip her hand down into my bra part way. I'm not overly endowed but am a full B cup and it held enough for her.

"I've wanted to do this for so long. Seeing you today in the sexy lingerie made me so hot. I wanted to grab you and hold you. I've thought about it other times, when we were alone, or at the beach. I was afraid I'd risk our friendship if I made a pass at you. I couldn't loose you as a friend." She said puling back, the words spilling out of her as if she couldn't say them fast enough.

I kissed her softly and pulled her close. I just held her for a moment so close, feeling both our hearts racing. "Oh dearest, you don't know how I wanted you too. But I was afraid if I did, I'd get carried away and ruin our friendship too. God, the time we've wasted."

We kissed lightly now, passion abated slightly. Moving apart, we began to undress each other. I unbuttoned and slipped her blouse off while she did the same to me. She had on an absolutely beautiful lacy bra. Her breasts are fuller than mine, a C cup. I pulled her slip straps off her shoulders and cupped her bra-covered breasts. I could feel her heat though it. She had pulled my blouse off and her hands went behind me to find the bra catch. Her fingers fumbled in her rush, then I felt it come loose. I let her pull the straps down and uncover my breasts. They were swollen with passion. They are rounded cones, actually needing no bra, but I use one for propriety's sake.

She looked at them and smiled. "Beautiful, just like I knew they would be. Perfect! What lovely breasts, such beautiful nipples, so erect. Ohh, God!" She cried as she leaned forward and sucked one nipple into her mouth. I cried out it felt so wonderful to have her mouth on my nipple sucking. Her hand stroked my other breast, my nipple must have been boring a hole in her palm. I stood still while she sucked one breast and kneaded the other. She is short and didn't have to bend down to suck it.

I stroked her back, and reached around and found the catch of her bra and unfastened it. I pulled it forward and had to push her lightly away to get it off her upper body. She reluctantly pulled her lips from my nipple. As she did I saw a strand of gleaming saliva connect her lips to my wet nipple. It hung for a long moment then disappeared, a golden rainbow connecting us for an instant.

Leila's breasts were exquisite, fuller, more rounded than mine. Her areolas were brown and puffy, swollen cones on her rounded breasts. They were so exotic looking. The nipples were darker brown and only stuck up a little. I thought I would remedy that quickly. We stood kissing, her breasts rubbing against my naked flesh. I loved the feel of her lips sucking on my nipples.

"I want to see you beautifully naked," I said my voice hoarse with passion. "I want to see all of you." I had seen her semi-naked in bra and panties, and at the beach in her modest bikini. Now I wanted to see all of her, revel in her loveliness.

"Oh, god, I want to see all of you too." She cried out with feeling.

We pulled back and undressed each other. We unfastened the other's skirts and slid them down. We stood dressed in only panties looking at each other for a long moment. She cupped my pubic mound and pressed hard against my pussy. I moaned it felt so wonderful. Her panties were very sexy, thin and cut extremely high on the side, making her legs look longer.

I dropped to my knees and kissed her breasts for the first time. Her skin tasted so sweet and smelled heavenly. I sucked her nipples to hard points, going from one to the other, again and again as she stroked my hair. I'd never tasted flesh so sweet, so wonderful, and so exciting to me. Her fingers ran sensuously through my hair. I licked the sensitive under-sides of her breasts. Her nipples now were hard and erect.

I loved the smell of her perfume, subtle, and sensual. I moved over and kissed the sides of her breasts then further to kiss her armpit. She shivered but didn't pull away. Some people are so ticklish they can't stand to be kissed there. It's a very sensitive area and one often overlooked by lovers. I licked her flesh there, and she moaned and her body wiggled, hips moving from side to side. I tasted the flavor of her slight salty sweat and her deodorant. She wriggled a little more as I licked her there. I moved down slowly, kissing and licking her hot flesh.

I kissed down to her stomach, and slid her sexy panties downward as I kissed lower and lower. I slid my tongue into her navel, and sucked it. She pressed my face harder against her muscular stomach. I slid her panties downward uncovering her shining red pubic hair. Beautiful! I looked at it, and then up at her lovely face looking down at me. Her eyes were almost closed.

She trims her pubic hair neatly in an inverted triangle, the point leading to her pussy. I pulled back and just looked at her lovely pussy, so neat and beautiful. She had shaved the lower portion clean. Her outer lips were beautiful and well formed, and just peeping out was the inner lips, a deeper pink, barely showing. I caught a gleam of wetness there. I would taste it later. I kissed her pubic mound and nuzzled the fine red hairs there. I could smell her aroused sex odor and it seemed to go straight to my pussy. I could actually feel my pussy lubricate, and my clit swelled still more.

I bent forward just a little and kissed her pussy, then nuzzled it one final time. I wanted her to be frantic with need for me. I slipped her panties to her ankles, and she stepped out of them. God, what a magnificent body!

Leila takes good care of her body and it shows. She does yoga, and goes to the gym regularly. Her thighs are shapely and her legs, though she is short, are well-proportioned, beautifully shaped, with well-muscled thighs and calves, and she has a tight shapely ass.

"Beautiful!" I murmured looking up at her.

"I want to see you wonderfully naked too, please?" She said, her voice choked with passion.

I stood up and we hugged a moment then she pulled back. She kissed my breasts and licked them, leaving wet trails downward. She was in no hurry and kissed my stomach as she slid my panties down. When she got to my pussy she gave a little gasp. I keep my pussy bare. I don't shave it but use a depilatory that dissolves the hair. It leaves no stubble but a baby-butt smooth skin. It makes my pussy feel so much more sensitive. I've never had a lover complain. She looked up at me and a grin started on her face and lit up her whole beautiful face.

"Oh, God, I love it. It's so beautiful. I never dreamed you'd have a bare pussy. God, it's really lovely. So sexy." She said slipping my panties down my legs, and I stepped out of them. She took them, and instead of laying them aside brought them to her nose and ran them over her face.

My eyes went wide as she looked at the wet crotch, put it in her mouth and sucked on it. Her eyes were closed and it was the most sensual thing I'd ever seen anyone do in my life. My pussy spasmed and my clit felt about ready to explode. She pulled it out of her mouth and it was wet from her saliva. She put the wet end against my pussy and ran the slick wet cloth along my pussy lips. Ohh, it felt so erotic. Wet and hot from her mouth.

She slipped it along my pussy, pressing it in just a little. It felt like her tongue was there. Where she learned that trick I never found out, but it was sexy as hell and set me on fire. She moved closer and laid the panties aside. She looked at my pussy for a long time, as if making up her mind. I found later that this was her first time with a woman. She leaned in a little and kissed my pussy mound lightly. She looked up at me as if for encouragement. I nodded and ran my hands through her shining red hair and pressed her head ever so lightly toward my pussy.

She let me move her head closer. She nuzzled my soft mound with her face. I could feel her breath on my pussy, and knew she could smell the odor of my excitement. It was as if she was trying to finally make her mind up as what to do. I could imagine the thoughts running through her mind, I was the first woman she'd ever made love to and she was brought up with strict religious morals.

It must have been a trying moral time for her, the conflicts going on inside her lovely red-haired head. A formerly happily married woman with her lips almost touching another woman's pussy. I heard her moan softly, then she moved and her lips were on my pussy again and I felt her tongue slid out and touch my outer labia. My pussy has a slight round opening at the top, as one lover said like the top of a keyhole.

Leila's tongue slipped out and slipped into the "keyhole". I moaned as I felt it. Slowly she moved her tongue downward very slowly. I cried out as it glided over my turgid clit momentarily. As it moved lower, it parted my outer lips and continued downward. I managed to spread my legs a little to give her more room. Her hands went around my hips and cupped my ass to push my body against her mouth. She slipped her tongue along the lips, pushing it further into my pussy. It was awkward, as I couldn't spread my legs far enough for her tongue to slip inside me.

She moved her lips and tongue down, trying to get her tongue deeper inside me. I waited. She pulled back a little and looked up at me. "I can taste you just a little. I want to slip my tongue inside you, the way I enjoy having it done to me. Can we go into the bedroom? Please?" She said with a wonderful naughty little smile.

I reached down and pulled her up and we kissed and held each other just swaying together again. We parted and I led her into the bedroom. We turned back the cover on the king-sized bed and rolled the covers down so we would have the whole large bed to make love in.

We lay down together, side by side and them moved slowly together till we were just touching. Our hands stroked and she cupped one breast gently, and then pulled at the nipple a little.

"I've never done this before with a woman." Leila said almost in a whisper looking at my body.

"Darling, it's so easy, you said it yourself, just make love to me the way you like to be made love to." I said kissing her lips. "Do you want me to make love to you first?"

"I - I, well, I'd love to make love to you first, if you don't mind. You can coach me if you would. I'm a little scared I'll do something wrong to turn you off." She said looking into my eyes. Her eyes are a deep blue and are almost hypnotic when she is excited as she was now.

I stroked her beautiful face, then kissed her softly, gently. "Love, you couldn't turn me off if you tried. You are so beautiful and so sexy. Go slow, and take your time. Keep in mind that I'm just a woman like you, do any, and everything to me that turns you on. It's that simple." I grinned at her. "Try it, you'll like it!" I quipped.

Leila closed her eyes for a long moment, composing herself. When she opened them she was grinning. "Ok, Sexy Tina, I'm going to make love to you the way I like to be made love to. It's been a while, but surely I can remember. I know how I like my pussy stroked, I've done it enough lately." She hesitated for a moment, and almost blushed. "While I was thinking about you. I hope you aren't offended." She added quickly.

"Me as your sex object, certainly not, my Sweet Little One, you've certainly been my sex desire object for a long time." I said kissing her.

"But you're married!" She said with amazement in her voice.

"Yes, but he knows I lust for you, and it's alright with him. Why do you think we're alone tonight? No, he could have had no way to know, that tonight would be the night we'd finally make love, but he gives me a lot of leeway. He really doesn't mind at all, he's secure in his manhood and you offer no threat to him. He's my husband, and you are, or will be my wonderful female lover." I said holding her close.

"God, I had no idea." She said with almost bewilderment on her face. Then as the idea came full bloom in her mind she began to grin, and her eyes sparkled. "Think of all these years we've wasted. I have been attracted to you since we met. I just didn't think you were attracted to me, in a sexual way. I don't know if John noticed it or not, or would have understood my attraction to you. He was a good lover, but lacking in an adventuresome sexual drive. I've watched women in the movies and on TV, being attracted to other women, but I almost never dared hope that you were attracted to me. And here we are naked together. I had only hoped"

She kissed me deeply for a while, her tongue moving sensuously inside my mouth, then began to kiss my face, my eyes, my cheeks, and my neck. She nuzzled my neck and kissed the sensitive places there that always make me so hot. While she kissed, her hands weren't idle and they cupped and stroked my breasts and rolled and pulled my nipples. Her touches were slightly hesitant at times but as a woman, she knew what she liked and did the same to my body. My pussy became wet; my clit swelled still more, and began to ache for her touch.

I stroked her head and ran my hands thorough her hair. It always feels so sensuous to me to have that done to me. I looked down at her small perfect body and watched the play of muscles under her soft skin. I loved the look of her cute little ass and could hardly wait to get my hands and lips on it. My clit continued to throb as she moved down slowly to lick and suck my breasts.

My nipples have always been sensitive and her lips surrounded my nipple and sucked. I felt her tongue flick and play over it. My areolas crinkled as she sucked, the nipple hardened in her mouth and elongated as she pulled on it with her lips. Leila stroked my body, running her hands lightly over it then back up to stroke my breasts from base to tip, over and over. It seemed to force blood into my breasts and they swelled and became firmer as my passion rose.

I cried out as her sharp teeth nipped at my nipple. The shock seemed to go directly to my clit. I felt it jump and become harder. How did she know that I loved a little pain? Perhaps she liked a little pain too and was just going on instinct.

My hips began to move of their own volition as I became hotter. I spread my thighs wider and my hips began a gentle upward thrust. She smiled up at me and moved over and lay between my thighs, her stomach against my pussy. She wiggled her body against mine and her hot flesh came in delightful contact with my spread pussy.

She continued to suck my nipples and knead my breasts till I was gasping for air and my hips were thrusting against her small body. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed downward. She took the hint and moved downward leaving a trail of wet kisses.

She didn't go for my pussy at once, but teased me by kissing my mound and then the sensitive junction of thigh and body. Her tongue laved my flesh and I cried out her name over and over as she set me on fire. For someone who had never made love to another woman she was setting world records with me. I wanted her mouth on my pussy so much that I hurt. I moaned my need aloud.

As I looked down at her, her head came up and she looked at me. I could see the slight indecision on her face. She wanted to make love to me, but this was the first time. I grinned and nodded to her, and reached down and stroked her cheek. She smiled, laid her cheek against my mound and her head nodded once.

Leila lifted her head and kissed my soft bare mound. She kissed it again and again, moving her lips around over the flesh. Her lips came open and she slid her tongue out, pointed and bent forward just a little and I cried out as it slipped between my outer lips and into my sex. I felt it slide inward and then heard her gasp. She pulled back a little, eyes closed.

"Oh, God, you taste to good. I never knew that a pussy could taste so wonderful, sweet and slightly salty. Mnnn, I love it!" She sighed. Her head went back down and she slid her tongue up and down my slit moving it slightly deeper with each stroke. My body felt as if it were turning inside out.

My husband loves to eat me and I have had several women make love to me but Leila set me on fire. Perhaps it was my love for her and the fact that we had both waited so long for this moment. I don't know, but my emotions were in a wonderful state of turmoil. I put my hands on her head and stroked her lovely red hair.

She kept stroking her tongue up and down, moving deeper with each stroke. Then I felt her tongue burrow into my vagina, slip inside my body. She sucked and I cried out, it felt so wonderful. She moaned as my abundant juices flooded her mouth and she really tasted me, tasted my pussy juices!

She sucked and tongued me. I screamed as her fingers found my hard swollen clit and rubbed it in circles with a wet finger. Her touch seem so sure, just the right pressure, the right motion of her fingers. I screamed her name again and again as I exploded. My hips shot upward against her head, and she burrowed against my exploding flesh, lips sucking, and tongue thrusting as deeply as she possibly could. My orgasm seemed to go on and on. She carried me from one climax to another, seemingly without let up.

She could not get enough of my pussy, and I did not want her to ever stop. Leila seemed the epitome of Sappho the Poetess who wrote of the wonders of woman-to-woman love in ancient times. She sucked, licked, and stroked me like I had never been made love to before. I soared; I flew into the sun and finally burst into a million pieces, filling the universe with the sound and iridescent light of my love and ecstasy.

I managed to push her head away before I slipped into a state of unconsciousness. I lay gasping for breath, exhausted, emotionally, and physically. She moved up beside me and held me, kissing my cheek and nuzzling my neck, till I regained my strength and speech. Her warm hand stroked my body in a nonsexual manner.

"My God, Leila, you are fantastic. Love, you can't tell me you have never made love to a woman before." I smiled up at her lovely face looking down at me. "You are just too good. No one has ever make love to me like that before."

She smiled down at me, leaned down and kissed my lips softly. Her touch was so gentle, so loving. I had to pull away for a moment as I was still almost gasping for breath. I stroked her hair and face and kissed her back lightly. I was so warm and feeling so wonderful in the afterglow of such fantastic lovemaking.

"No, you are my first." She said softly. "I've thought about it for so long, planned what I would do, how I would do it. I masturbated so many times, thinking about you, imagining every move, every kiss. But when I kissed your sweet sex, I was hooked. I couldn't get enough of it. I wanted more and more of you. Your sweet pussy was so wet and hot; I loved the taste of it. I knew how my own juices tasted; I've tasted myself before, on my fingers and on John's cock after he'd been inside me. But you tasted different, smelled so exciting. It was unbelievably wonderful. Once I started I didn't ever want to stop, I wanted keep going forever."

"Mnnn, yes, I noticed!" I said heaving a sigh. "If you'd gone on one minute longer, I would have fainted dead away. My body couldn't have taken any more of that. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing."

I pulled her lovely head down and kissing her sweet lips. I could smell and taste myself on her lips, face, and tongue. I licked her lips letting her know how much I enjoyed it. I cupped her full breast feeling its heft and weight in my hand. Her nipple was hard and erect and seemed to bore a hole in my palm. I stroked and caressed it slowly.

We kissed and I stroked her small firm body till I had her breathing hard. I pulled her down on top of me and we rubbed our bodies together. The feeling of her body felt so wonderful to both of us. I rolled over and got her under me. I slipped between her thighs as she spread them and I kissed down to her firm breasts. They are full and firm and settled only slightly as she rolled on her back. I sucked her nipples making them erect more her areolas crinkle.

I love to suck and lick a woman's breasts, and paid long erotic attention to both of them. I bit her nipples lightly, then remembered her teeth biting on my nipples, and nipped hers harder. She cried out and her hips thrust hard against me, grind her hot wetness against me. Her breasts swelled still more as I kneaded and fondled them till they were swollen and hard, pushing up. My stomach was against her spread wet pussy and I could feel her wonderful heat against me. Her hips began to push upward, swiveling against me.

Leila's wet pussy was spread against my stomach and I pushed down against it, feeling the hot wet heat of her sex against me. I wanted to hurry to put my lips and mouth there, but made my self go slow and tease both of us and let the passion, the need, the lust, build between us. It was, after all, our first time and I made myself slow down. It was a hard thing to do, I wanted to just rush headlong and slip my tongue into her sweet pussy and devour her.

I kissed and licked her stomach, stroked her soft flesh for what seemed like hours. She sighed deeply and moaned from time to time as I worked very slowly downward. I played my fingers through her soft fiery red pussy hair. The first red head I had ever made love to. It was so soft and smooth. She pushed her hips upward inviting me to take her pussy. I chuckled and kissed her mound and moved to the side.

I kissed downward to the side to the valley where her thigh and body meet. I kissed and licked and she squirmed as I laved the sensitive flesh there. I moved downward licking her soft hot thighs. My eyes kept going to her red-fringed pussy. I could see moisture at the entrance of her love organ. The inner lips were now engorged with blood, swollen and eager for love. I could smell the wonderful mixture of her sensuous Jean Nate' perfume and that of her excited sex odor, a wonderful blend of her own personal odors.

I kissed closer to her pussy and pressed gently outward on her silken thighs. Her skin was so soft against my face, my lips. Not being able to resist any longer, I leaned down and kissed her pussy lips. She gave a strangled sob and her hands came down to hold my head. Gently I licked her pussy lips, soft as I could. I tasted her sweet juice and her sex odor filled my nostrils. I took a deep breath, breathing in her essence. I have always loved the erotic, fantastic scent of a woman's clean excited pussy.

Moving my head slightly I pointed my tongue and slipped it at the bottom of her delicious slit and penetrated it a little. Leila screamed as she felt me penetrate her. This time her juices flowed over my tongue and I licked upward slowly, spreading her wondrous flesh. She spread her thighs wider and her pussy lips parted more for me. I moved my tongue back downward again and slid it deeper into her wet flesh. I flattened my tongue and stroked up. Her delicious wetness flowed over my tongue. Her fluids were sweet, slightly salty, the taste of my wonderful friend, and the essence of her body, her sex. It was my turn to moan as I licked again and again. My tonguing increased the flow of her juices and I licked her over and over.

Finally I slid my tongue deep into her vagina, my lips covered the pink opening to her center and I sucked gently at first. She moaned and her hips pressed upward toward my mouth. She called my name over and over, and her fingers in my hair pressed me harder against her center. I sucked; thrust my tongue inside her, burrowing inside my sweet lovely friend. My hands slid under her firm ass, pulling her hard against my face. I thrust and rooted my face down against her hot wet pussy. I wanted to devour her.

Leila screamed out as she climaxed. Her fingernails bit into my scalp. I reveled in the pain she was giving me for I knew she was in ecstasy as I sucked her juices out, and slid my tongue as deeply as possible inside her hot velvet tunnel. She gave a thrust against my face and I felt hot juices shoot out and flood my mouth. I had known women who "squirted" a small amount of juices, myself being one, but her juice shot out in a long stream forcefully into my sucking mouth.

I almost came it was so fantastically unexpected. I had made my best friend cum and I had my mouth covering her pussy. I drank her abundant juices. I redoubled my efforts and she again climaxed moments later. This time her juices shot out, but not as much. My face pressed and moved against her, her wetness was all over my face. I felt as if I could enter inside her body and make her explode with joy and happiness. I had never felt this joy before at making love to anyone in my life. The feeling overpowered me, and I knew only her body and my lust, desire, to make Leila climax, as she never had in her entire life.

Time seemed to stand still, I sucked, licked her pussy, my tongue, lips thrust against her wondrous woman's opening, sucking her core, her center, her being, giving her pleasure after pleasure.

From far away I heard her voice pleading with me to stop. Her hands pushed at me head, trying to dislodge me from her body. Her nails bit sharply into my scalp bringing me back to sanity. I released my almost death hold on her body and let her hips drop back on the bed. I pulled my tongue out of her and stroked her spread pussy gently from wet bottom to top lightly still tasting her wetness. I raised my head and looked up her body and saw her face strained, yet smiling down at me. I laid one final soft kiss on her red, open center, and moved upward.

I pulled her gently to me and we held each other. She was trembling slightly and I realized I was too. The emotion of making love to this fantastic woman had driven me into a fever pitch I had never felt with any other lover.

We lay exhausted, kissing softly. I slid my arm under her and pulled her close against me. I stroked her splendid small body lightly stroking its contours as if trying to memorize every square inch of her body.

My husband came home several hours later and found us dressed, cuddling on the sofa, kissing softly, my hand cupping Leila's breast. We didn't pull apart when he came in. The smiles on our face told the story of our evening.

He came over and kissed me on the lips then turned and kissed Leila softly. His only comment was, "I'm so glad for you two beautiful women. It was time!"

Since that wondrous evening, Leila and I have made love countless times. She is an adept, innovative lover. One evening at our house she suggested that my husband join us. I agreed immediately, and he was surprised and very pleased that Leila had wanted him to join us. The evening was spectacular for all three of us. Since then he has joined us on a number of occasions. It is always Leila's decision for him to join us.

On the past Valentines Day we had a splendid meal, danced to a live band. He, Leila, and I danced together much of the evening. There is no jealousy on my part. My lovely friend is also my lover, and I am honored for my husband to be able to share her with me. Returning to our house, Leila and I undressed each other and begin to make love.

My favorite position during our lovemaking is for Leila and I to move into a 69 and have one or two orgasms together while my husband watches and strokes his long thick cock.

We then invite him to join us, and he moves from one of us to the other, slipping into one pussy then the other. He has marvelous staying power. Lying there with Leila's body pressed full length against mine, I watch his cock slide into her small sweet sex. I lick and tongue his thrusting cock and lick her clit till she explodes. Then he will slip out, move behind me, and with Leila's hands guiding his still wet cock helps him enter me. My mouth now has access to her open, recently fucked sex, still very wet and red from his thrusting. I cover it with my mouth and drink her juices while he slides so deeply inside me and her tongue plays over my pussy lips and clit till he and I explode together.

Leila and I make love together when ever possible. My husband never lacks for sex from me. I tell him all the juicy details of my lovemaking with Leila while he and I are making love and it stirs him on to greater heroic efforts. He believes he has the best of both worlds. Leila is always the one who decides when he will join us in lovemaking. Sometimes he watches only, and after Leila leaves, he and I have a love fest of our own.

My husband is very understanding of my love for Leila. He knew before we married of my leaning toward the ladies and has never had any objections to them. They do not threaten his manhood in any way. He knows I am faithful to him, and never have had any affairs with men - this is my call, not his. I have never felt the need of another man in my life. A woman - yes, I love them dearly.


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