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Morning Mood Part 2
by Chac

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Some how they both knew what was going on. They both knew that each of them wanted one thing, and that one thing was non-stop, uncensored, uninhibited, unbelievable, XXX rated, practically illegal, hard-core fucking. Once their eyes met they scanned each other's eager bodies quickly and frantically looking for the best, most sensitive region to invade. Gabriella made the first move by dropping to her knees and taking Antonio's, swollen, aching cock into her mouth. She clutched his trembling ass cheeks and slid his prick passed her lips, teeth, and tongue, to the back of her throat.

Antonio moaned from deep within and felt his testicles tighten as his hips eased forward to welcome Gabriella's warm, inviting mouth. Gabriella remembered only being able to take half or at the most 3/4 of Antonio inside of her without gagging. But this time her throat seemed relaxed and her primitive urges surpassed her normal reflexes and she welcomed his enlarged crown partially down her throat. She continued her grip on Antonio's ass as she held his penis deep in her throat and sucked him. Antonio was already on the verge of climax and struggled to pull away from Gabriella's grasp.

When he finally broke free he grabbed her by her wrists and pinned her to the floor. He sunk his teeth deep into her soft neck then sucked her ear lobe into his mouth. Gabriella arched her back, pushing her soaked mound against his pelvis. As Antonio worked his teeth, lips, and tongue along Gabriella's shoulders, collar bone, and finally her breasts, she struggled to free her wrists, enjoying the frustration of being bound to the carpet. Antonio licked and suckled the soft tissue surrounding Gabriella's nipples, periodically brushing them with his lips and the tip of his tongue. Gabriella lay in erotic agony yearning for Antonio to engulf her nipples with his mouth. She longed to feel his tongue and teeth on her eager, erect points.

As Antonio kissed and sucked Gabriella all over her upper body, her wrists still gripped tightly, all she could think of was her tight nipples and how urgently she needed them to be trespassed. Finally, Gabriella freed one hand, raised her torso from the floor, clutched Antonio by the hair and forced her left nipple into his mouth. Just as Gabriella performed this maneuver Antonio took the opportunity to use his free hand to thrust his index and middle fingers, unexpectedly into Gabriella's hot, wet hole. The anticipated ecstasy of having Antonio's mouth on her nipple and having his hot, thick fingers invade her simultaneously was almost too much for Gabriella to bare. She felt her back tighten and her toes curl as her asshole burned hot.

Still gripping Antonio's hair she pulled his face down, between her quivering thighs and lifted her ass away from the carpet, bringing her swollen clit to meet his lips. Antonio immediately released her other wrist and squeezed Gabriella's fleshy, round ass in his hands as he sunk his tongue deep into her slippery cunt. He always loved the way she smelled, especially down there. But this morning, she hadn't bathed and her smell was even more pleasant than usual. Antonio took in Gabriella's carnal odor as he sucked and licked her without mercy. Gabriella uncontrollably screamed and gasped for breath as she concentrated on the sensations Antonio was generating for her.

Antonio licked and fingered her inviting slit as he rubbed his bloated member against the coarse carpet. Finally Gabriella could not take anymore teasing; she wanted hot dick in her hot cunt. She began to pull Antonio up on her body but he resisted only licking and prodding with his tongue with even more engrossment. Gabriella's obvious desire to have him inside her magnified Antonio's enthusiasm. He maintained his position and placed his hands behind Her knees forcing her thighs up against her full breasts. He then plunged his tongue even deeper than before.

He bit and sucked the backs of her legs and made his way back to her pussy, often alternating between her clit and her asshole. After at least thirty minutes of pussy and ass eating Antonio finally appeared to give in. He sat up on his knees and positioned Gabriella to be entered. But he did not enter. Much to Gabriella's agony Antonio held the head of his cock against her clit, occasionally flicking the head inside her moist, hot opening. Antonio pinched her nipples, sucked her neck and clutched her ass as his thickness teased and taunted her throbbing lips. Gabriella pleaded, begging to be fucked as Antonio denied her pleasure and took pleasure in her torture.


This is a 3 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:

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