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Morning Mood Part 3
by Chac

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Gabriella pleaded, begging to be fucked as Antonio denied her pleasure and took pleasure in her torture. Gabriella's futile attempts to thrust her pussy around Antonio's thickness only made him enjoy the game even more. He continued to massage Gabriella's enlarged clitoris with his bloated crown as Gabriella practically came to tears yearning to be entered. Finally as Gabriella did begin to cry and to claw Antonio's back, demanding he penetrate her, he impaled her forcefully and felt his balls slap against her ass. Gabriella let out a wail and arched her back to welcome the fucking.

But Antonio did not fuck her. He immediately took his cock out and much to Gabriella's frustration he began kissing his way back down to her throbbing mound. He licked and bit the insides of her thighs periodically flicking her clit with his tongue. Gabriella began to cry again demanding that Antonio fuck her or she was going to leave.

"Do you want to get fucked, you little you?" "Do you want my cock in your dirty little cunt, you fucking whore?" "Tell me you want my cock, that you want me to fill your pussy with my cum!"

"Fuck me you asshole...I need your cock in me right now...I swear to god I'm gonna fuckin leave if you don't prick me right fuckin now!" Antonio took his mouth from Gabriella's soaking twat, pulled himself up to his knees and thrust his manhood deep inside her anxious hole. Gabriella's back ached with carpet burn but her pussy burned with ecstasy as Antonio pumped and prodded her, in and out. "Yeah baby, oooh, your cock feels so good...God...yeah Toni, fuck me papi...get dirty with me're so good!" Antonio wiggled his hands under Gabriella's ass forcing her knees to her ears.

He squeezed and kneaded her ass cheeks as he slowly, deeply, plunged his aching pole into her again and again. Antonio felt blood trickling down the crack of his ass from the sex-induced clawing Gabriella had administered. The blood tickled his asshole and ran down his balls as he continued to plunge in and out. Gabriella's moaning amplified Antonio's excitement and he quickened his pace, anticipating an intense orgasm very soon. Gabriella matched his rhythm and lifted her ass off the carpet to meet each of Antonio's powerful lunges. Each of them was entranced by the continuous, erotic motion of their performance. Antonio knew Gabriella was on the verge.

He quit holding back and fucked her with all he could afford. He fucked Gabriella so deep he felt his balls virtually follow his cock right inside her ragged pussy. All Gabriella could sense was the intense friction of Antonio's activities. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as a flood of tingling indulgence pulsed through her. She felt it in her pussy of course, but she also felt it in her back and in her toes. As Gabriella made fists with her toes and pushed her pelvis in the air, her inner thighs trembled uncontrollably. Antonio knew she was cumming and wanted, so badly, to fill her with his seed.

He held his cock deep inside Gabriella, his ass cheeks tightened by his effort and his pelvis trembling. His sack tightened as he neared climax. Antonio's balls caught fire and his legs developed cramps as a result of his hot load nearing the boiling point. He attempted a few more thrusts but they were poor attempts because of the unbelievable sensitivity of his penis. His face reddened and contorted as he emptied his loins and filled Gabriella more with each orgasmic spasm. After about two minutes of moaning and writhing Antonio collapsed onto Gabriella's breasts and lay still. Neither of them was able to move.

This is a 3 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:

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