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My Miss
by Alex Valentine

I have fantasized about you a lot more than I can say. I have had dreams. I masturbate and think about you. I think about you and wonder if you ever take off your clothes and think about the time I came over to your house and sat on the floor? I couldn't take my eyes off your legs, your thighs and your breasts. I wanted to suck your toes and make you wet. I wanted to go into your bathroom and cum soooo hard just to relieve the pressure in my cock.

I dream sometime that I did go into your bathroom and begin to masturbate, there's a picture of you in the bathroom and I have it in my hand and am wanting to cum soo bad. Suddenly the door swings open and you are standing there, you see what I am doing and you stare for a minute and then slam the door. I am very embarrassed. I pull myself together and straighten up. I leave the bathroom and begin to cross to the door to leave when you call my name.

"Come here you say" I stop in my tracks and cross over to you. "Sit down before you leave." I sit down on the other end of the couch. "No sit back on the floor and rub my feet like before, I have something to say." I swallow the lump in my throat and sit and begin rubbing your feet. After a bit you speak. "I am very humiliated that you would abuse my picture in such a way, and I though about telling everyone you know, I was so mad. But then what do I get out of that? Instead I though I would use you for a little bit."

I begin to open my mouth to speak and you shove you foot into my mouth. "No don't speak unless I tell you to" You say. I sit awe struck for a moment and then overcome with lust I begin to suck on your toes. "Umm that's nice" and you lie back "But I think you should be licking higher." I look up and you have opened you dress. Not in control any longer I crawl up your legs and begin to slowly and patiently lick you. My tongue flicking in and out over and under. I begin to sit to make myself comfortable and you grab my hair. "No I think you should stay like the dog you are."

I continue to lick and suck as you direct me. When you are through I have helped you cum many times. You then stand and undress me. You play with my enraged cock for a bit and then stand to make a phone call. "Stay" you say as you look back at me and then cross into the other room and make a phone call. When you come back you are nude. You cross behind me and sit on me. You then place a tape in your VCR and I hear the sound of people fucking. They are going wild and I can feel you getting wet. You are dripping all over my ass. You begin to play with your self as you sit there and watch that movie, every once and a while you will reach down between my legs and play with my balls or cock.

Then suddenly you slap my ass as you finger your self. I grunt in pain and you say "Ah ah ah, I said no talking dog." You then go back to watching your movie and playing with your self. I can feel you getting excited again and slap, there is your hand again. I can feel your fingers flying over your pussy and the more excited your fingers get the more you slap my ass. Finally I hear you cry out as you cum all over me griping my ass with your fingers as you do. As you finally quit shaking the door bell rings. You stand and open it.

It is Cristine. You kiss her on the mouth, a deep passionate kiss and then pull back and tell her. "I made a mess all over the dog. Clean him up and then come into the bed room."

"Yes mam" she replies and then she takes off her clothing. You leave and she comes over to me. "She told me what you did, but I'm glad you did it, she's wanted you for a long time." she says, then she kneels down and begins to lick your cum from my body rubbing her body all over me as she does. Finally she stands as I am about to burst and says follow me into the bed room, don't stand though, she seems to like you this way" I follow into the bed room. You are laying there. "Good, Cris is he clean?"

"yes mam" she replies.

"Ok, Chris I want you to lay down her and eat me while he fucks you, tell me if he is a good fuck and what I need to teach him. Dog do not come in Chris's pussy, that belongs to me. If you must cum, cum all over her ass and you can lap up your own mess later. Now fuck her dog." Chris lays down and begins to eat you and I raise up and enter her as you scream instructions to us both.

"Dont cum in her," you scream. Then you can't last any longer, You cum, screaming our names. You collapse and Chris whirls around, she lays under my cock, points at her face and tits and strokes it three times. I cum, splattering it all over her. I have never cum so hard. In fact the shock is to much, I pass out.

When I come too I am tied to the bed post. Chris sucking on my cock, you lowering your pussy over my face, but that is a whole 'nother story.

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