The Best Erotic Stories.

Morning Mood Part 1
by Chac

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Gabriella got up, at her usual time, to go to school. After hitting the snooze button three different times she rolled out of bed knowing a shower was out of the question. She scooped a pair of slightly wrinkled shorts out of a laundry basket next to her dresser and carried them to the dryer where she found a wearable shirt. While eating toast and drinking orange juice, she let her shirt spin in the dryer with the rest of the clothes that had been sitting in there for at least three days. Gabriella had sweated in her sleep the night before and could smell herself while she ate.

She didn't smell too bad, but the odor, although faint, was noticeable, just as noticeable as the slightly slimy feeling in her vagina, which she couldn't help but take advantage of by crossing her legs and swinging one leg back and forth, causing her vaginal lips to slide against each other. Meanwhile...Antonio was awakened by Gabriella in the kitchen, clanging dishes and silverware together. After unsuccessfully trying to go back to sleep Antonio rolled out of bed to take a piss.

Finding it difficult to urinate with a morning erection, Antonio took advantage of the sensitivity of his penis, which was intensified by his need to pee. He hid just out of Gabriella's sight at the edge of the dining room. She sat, wearing only a thin pair of white cotton panties, finishing her orange juice and reading an article in Cosmo about a method of female masturbation. Antonio saw her leg swinging back and forth and imagined her pussy lips sliding against each other. He noticed her supple, full, creamy breasts and began tugging and rubbing the enlarged head of his penis.

As the dryer ran and Gabriella continued to read her Cosmo article she became extremely moist and she felt her heart quicken as she quickened the pace of her leg swinging. Antonio noticed a flush of red on Gabriella's cheeks and upper chest and began to wonder if she was becoming aroused for some reason. This suspicion only amplified his yearning to sink his fingers into her delicate flesh and systematically cover every part of her ample figure with his mouth. He continued to manipulate his member as Gabriella continued to fantasize about utilizing the methods she was reading about in her magazine.

She became unaware of her need to leave for school and fell into a trance, only aware of her images of masturbating later that night and the warm tingling between her thighs. Suddenly Gabriella was snapped out of her trance by the thought that Antonio would be laying asleep with his cock, stiff and reddened by it's inevitable erect state. She immediately left her chair and began to make her way toward the bedroom and that thick, veiny, wanting prick. Antonio's heart pumped ten times faster as he realized Gabriella was getting up and walking right upon his secret session. For a split second, it ran through his mind to just act as though he was walking into the kitchen, half asleep to get a drink of water, but he just froze with his dick in his hand and his heart in his throat. Gabriella turned the corner into the living room and was startled by Antonio standing there, his magnificent prick, barely covered by his hand. Some how they both knew what was going on. They both knew that each of them wanted one thing, and that one thing was...


This is a 3 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:

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