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Michelle, My Belle Pt. III
by Kimmie

The four of us lay there on the floor of the cabin, utterly spent. The smell of sex was pungent. We huddled together, one big mass of humanity and I felt someone tenderly rubbing my nipple. I didn't even know who it was and didn't really care, it just felt so good.

Then Eric, ever the comedian asked, "So, anyone horny?"

We all laughed and he said, "No seriously. I'm ready to go!" I looked over at him and he was slowly stroking his dick.

Michelle chuckled and helped pump him. "Oui, you are ready aren't you." With that she rolled him on his back and lowered herself on his rigid cock. "Well, I am ready, too!"

I just looked at Troy and he knew what to do. He rolled over and I straddled him. His dick wasn't hard yet but I rubbed my moist pussy lips across him a few times and he sprang to attention. I reached between us and took his lovely prick in hand and guided him into me. I always loved the feeling of a nice dick in my pussy.

So here we were, the two guys lying next to each other on the floor with their women on top of them. I liked to kind of grind myself into Troy when I'm on top and I noticed Michelle liked to go up and down on Eric's cock.

The best thing about being on top is that guys tend not to cum so quick and since both guys had already cum twice in a short period of time I thought this could go on for awhile. Well, Michelle must have wanted to set some kind of orgasm record because she was really driving Eric wild what with speaking to him in French and riding him up and down. Every once in awhile, his dick would come out of her with a little <ploop> and she'd scold him and put it back in. Then she reached down between them and got some of her pussy juice on her fingers and offered them to Eric. He sucked on them hungrily.

Meanwhile, I was watching this while riding Troy and coming ever closer to a climax. When we do it like this I can usually cum two or three times before Troy does but then Michelle put more pussy juice on her fingers and offered it to Troy. He looked at me first as if for permission and then took her fingers into his mouth. Seeing that, the way he closed his eyes with her fingers in his mouth and it was all over for me. I yelped and started grinding for all I was worth. Troy reached up and started rubbing my nipples like he does when he knows I'm close and that was it. I started cumming and thought I was going to pass out. Troy lifted his hips high off the floor and squirted another hot load of sticky stuff into me and that made me cum even harder. He sounded like he was in pain!

Next to us, Michelle was talking to Eric. "Look at them," she said. "I want you to make me cum like Kimmie and I want you to cum like Troy. Do it Eric. (It sounded like AIR-eek) Do it" and Eric cut loose with a tremendous yell. "Oh god, oh shit!" Michelle answered, "ah oui, oui, oui!" and arched her back. As her breasts thrust forward Eric reached up and grabbed for her nipples. She grabbed for his, too and pinched them. I saw that and thought "what the hell" and pinched Troy's nipples. "Oh, fuck!" he shouted and bucked his hips some more. His cock felt bigger than ever before - it filled me up both with it's size and with what it left behind.

Michelle and I climbed off our men, their cocks plopping out of us and on to their bellies. Covered with our pussy juice and their cum they shone in the light. I reached down as I usually do after fucking him to rub the juices from Troy's cock with my fingers. Sometimes I lick them off and I thought I might this time but as I started to collect the sticky fluid Michelle stopped me and said, "no cherie, like this." She took Troy's cock in her mouth and began to suck my pussy juice and Troy's cum from it. I didn't quite know what to do. Shouldn't I be mad? Troy was my man. Well, Troy didn't seem to mind. He did at least look at me before he gently put his hands on Michelle's head. She looked up from my man's cock and took Eric's semi-hard dick in her hand. "A day to remember, ne c'est pas?" With that she went back to sucking Troy back to life. I climbed over them and took Eric's cock from her. I didn't know what to say so I said, "hi Eric." Dumb thing to say. He just chuckled and said "hi, Kimmie." I lowered my head and began to clean up the beautiful cock of my boyfriend's best friend.

This was quite an experience for me. I had never had more than one sexual relationship going at a time and here I was with two guys in the same day. A day to remember? You could say that.

As I sucked Eric's cock, tentatively at first and then with more enthusiasm he put his hands on my head. He ran his fingers through my hair and it was kinda sexy. Before too long I didn't think of it as Eric's cock and my boyfriend getting a blow job next to me but just a nice big hard cock that needed my expert attention. His cock was rock hard and though they looked alike at close range Eric's cock was a little bit bigger around than Troy's. That made it harder for me to take in but I think I got enough for Eric. I concentrated on the top third of his dick, sucking harder as I neared the tip so as to create even more of a sensation when I let him out of my mouth. He groaned whenever I did this and his groans turned me on even more. I pumped his shaft with my nice warm mouth and could hear his breathing speed up. As it did though, noises from the couple next to us averted our attention. I looked up from Eric's cock which fell from my mouth with a plop in time to see my boyfriend Troy lift his hips from the bed and explode into Michelle's waiting mouth.

"Oh shit, oh fuck, ohhhh," he groaned as he pumped his sperm, which for the last year had been mine alone, into Michelle. I watched as she swallowed, once, twice, three times before she needed to take a breath. She pumped Troy's cock with her hand and his jizz kept squirting. Eric, meanwhile put his hands on my head and directed his swollen cock back toward my mouth. I took him in and he immediately started pumping. I just tightened my lips and let him fuck me that way. In just a few seconds he started to come. "Oh, christ, Kimmie. Oh, god," he groaned as he emptied his balls into my mouth. Long, smooth, hot, ribbons of cum spurted from his dick into my mouth and I swallowed all of it without ever needing to come up for air.

Well, as you can imagine we were all pretty wiped at this point. Even for 18-year-olds our guy's cocks had had enough. We all got under the covers and were soon asleep. The last thing I remember thinking was, "wow, this is only Friday night!"


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