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My Maid Mitzi
by Mike Tauron

Paula is very strong on equal rights for women, so she was more lenient than I would have been with our part-time housekeeper, a young woman from Korea we called Mitzi because it was the closest we could get to her real name without stumbling over the pronunciation. Mitzi had a lot of personal problems, including a stormy relationship with her boyfriend, but my wife Paula was always willing to forgive her any failings in her work because she was after all doubly disadvantaged as an immigrant and as a woman. Even when Mitzi got pregnant my wife encouraged her to continue working for us as long as she wanted to; firing her for getting pregnant would have been anathema to Paula.

So last weekend Paula was out of town at a Law Society conference in the capital. I was planning on idling the Saturday away and having a quiet day at home. After my shower I slipped on a robe and wandered into my study to check my e-mail, discovering to my surprise Mitzi was in there. I hadn't heard the vacuum cleaner going -- and that was because Mitzi was over at the liquor cabinet helping herself to a generous slug from my gin bottle. She looked over her shoulder at me, completely unfazed at my surprising her, and sniffled something about her boyfriend didn't love her. I could tell she'd been drowning her sorrows since she arrived for work; she was far from sober.

I took the glass from her and put it down. She swayed a little in front of me as I gave her a few standard cliché's - I was disappointed in her, she'd betrayed the trust we'd placed in her, this was not the way to behave in her condition, etc etc. She was standing very close to me and I could smell her hair as she looked down while I lectured her. "And," I concluded, "Paula doesn't believe pregnant women should consume drugs or alcohol. When she hears about this, I don't know if she'll be willing to keep you on......"

She gave a moan and said piteously "Please, not tell her. I need my job. My boyfriend no good to me. He says I am getting too big to be a woman to him, and I am scared he may leave me." She swayed against me unsteadily, and I could feel her breasts through the loose-fitting coat she wore to work. I felt a stirring somewhere and something twitched in the back of my mind. "Well, maybe I could forget this," I said after a moment, "but you'd have to persuade me." She blinked at me uncertainly and to make my meaning clear I took her arm and drew her close to me, so close that I could feel her swollen belly pushing against me. I felt the blood beginning to surge in my veins, warmth in my groin spreading throughout my body. She looked up at me, her mouth forming an 0 as she digested the message of my body language.

While she was still taking it in, I pushed her gently down onto the couch and began unbuttoning her coat. It was a warm day, so I wasn't surprised to find she was naked beneath it except for some nice looking silk panties. Her firm young body was golden in the morning sunlight, and her boobs were full and round, bigger than they were before she got knocked-up. I closed my hand around one of them, hefting its weight as I felt the nipple digging into the palm of my hand. She moaned a little. I ran my hand down her body and rested it on the "bump", feeling the swollen belly heaving against me as her breathing quickened.

I could feel my cock stiff and eager, pressing against my robe, and I hurriedly undid the belt and shrugged off the robe, leaving me naked and splendidly erect. My cock felt harder than it had in a long time, the head red and throbbing as it stood up and saluted my lovely young Korean maid. I took it in one hand and rubbed the head against the swelling of her pregnant stomach; she groaned as she felt the warm bluntness of it pressing against her. "Not tell," she muttered drunkenly as I began to peel off her panties. Her neat little pussy was framed by a beautiful wisp of pubic hair and I moistened my suddenly-dry lips as I looked down at her.

The blood was singing in my ears, and I couldn't wait another minute. I clambered onto the couch with her and spread her legs invitingly. She murmured something incomprehensible, which I took as assent to place the head of my stiff manhood against the entrance to her delightful pussy. Pushing into her, I felt the glorious warmth of her surrounding my firmness. My groan of pleasure mixed with her startled yelp as I thrust all the way into her.

Oh, she was gorgeous! I began to work my cock in and out of her wonderfully tight moistness, the couch's springs groaning as I thrust into her again and again. I could feel her swollen belly against me every time I buried myself to the hilt in her and this just stimulated me all the more. She made little squeaking noises each time I pushed into her and I found this curiously exciting. Her legs were spread wide, allowing me full access to her sweet little cunt, and I took full advantage of the situation, plundering her golden body without mercy.

I suppose it was only a few minutes, but my forehead was shiny with sweat and my breathing was ragged as I felt my climax approaching. I began thrusting into her even faster, trying to bury myself as deeply as I could in her sweet young pussy. The couch was groaning and shuddering beneath us like a living thing as we rocked back and forth on it, almost drowning out my gasps and her squeaks.

Finally I could bear it no longer. I clenched my teeth, trying to hold off just a moment more, but it was no good. "Nggggggggh!" I gritted as I felt the irresistible urge to empty my loins into her tight pussy, thrusting into her with one last mighty shove. She let out a strangled gasp as she felt the gooey white globules shooting into her core, my balls tight wrinkled little spheres as they pumped out their delicious cargo right onto target. I lay on her motionless for a moment, luxuriating in the ecstasy of my cock pumping my cum into her till I was spent and my cock started to slowly relax.

"Gee, you guys sure make a racket!" someone said. My head jerked up and I was stunned to see my teenage son Teddy standing in the doorway of the room, towelling himself dry after a swim and staring at us with a wide grin. "I could hear you all the way down the hall." He took a couple of steps closer and I could see through his swim trunks he was hard and excited by what he'd just seen.

I looked down at Mitzi, who was blinking at him in alarm. "Mitzi," I said, "you'll have to keep him quiet too if you don't want this to get back to my wife." Teddy smiled understandingly and wriggled out of his swimming costume, kicking it away as he stepped up to the couch. I was proud to see that his cock was as firm and erect as anybody could wish - the boy was a chip off the old block!

"Come on, Mitz," he wheedled, bringing his stiff teenage cock close to her lips as she lay on the couch, her eyes trying to focus on him. Finally she opened her mouth and let him slide the cockhead into her lovely young mouth. "Oh yeah!" he groaned, pushing more of his firm young dick into her mouth as she sucked him deeper inside. "Oh wow, oh yessssss" he gibbered, filled with the sort of joy felt only by a horny young man whose wildest sexual dreams have just been fulfilled. I sat back on the end of the couch and watched him fuck her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked on his thrusting dong. The more she sucked, the wider that silly grin on his face got. I could see that he wasn't going to last long under this treatment.

Finally his back arched and he let out a cry of joy as he began to unload his sperm-filled balls into her mouth. "OH GODDD!" he cried, pumping into her mouth. She coughed and spluttered, half choked by the deluge of sticky white cum he deposited between her lips. A few drops found their way out of the corner of her mouth and dripped down onto her heaving breasts. I found the sight of Teddy's sperm on her nipples to be quite erotic, but I shoved the renewed stirrings to the back of my mind and clapped Teddy on the shoulder. "I think we'd better go now, son." He smiled weakly and turned to leave once he'd got his trembling legs under control. I looked down at Mitzi, with my boy's sperm glistening on her lips and my own cum seeping out of her pussy lips, and handed her the towel that Teddy had dropped. "Here, Mitzi, clean yourself up and I think you might go home early today...." I began, but I saw that her eyes had closed and she was breathing deeply and steadily. The combination of exertion and alcohol had caught up with her.

I stood there watching her for a minute. The swollen golden flesh looked so inviting I found it hard to control my urge to explore it again. She grunted and rolled over, leaving her buttocks staring me in the face. I took a deep breath, watching her lovely ass as I felt my cock beginning to fill with blood again. I told myself that this was crazy, but I couldn't help myself. I climbed cautiously onto the couch and spread those lovely ass cheeks, revealing a beautiful tiny puckered hole. My cock was still slick from the pussy juice and sperm that had coated it during my furious climax, and I placed my newly erect dick at her little hole. I pushed forward, feeling the opening around the head of my cock. It was reluctant to let me in. I leaned into her, letting my weight bear down on her.

Mitzi gave a startled yelp beneath me, woken from her stupor by the sudden feeling of an invader attacking her back door. I could feel the anal sphincter giving a little and I pushed into it even harder. Suddenly I felt it give and I popped into her little backdoor. God, she was tight! I could hardly get my dick into her, but I wasn't going to stop trying.

The young woman on the end of my cock let out a little shriek as I slid another inch into her. She started gabbling "no, oh no, please no.... don't......" as I sodomised her beautiful pregnant body. I could feel the walls of her passage tight around me as I pushed into her, groaning as I entered the oh-so-tight asshole. As I knew I would, I was too excited to last for more than a few thrusts and after only a couple of minutes buggering her, I felt anew the fountain of cum blasting out of my cockhead. I was still for a moment, feeling the pulsing of my dick in her sweet bottom as I pumped sperm into her bowels. Finally I withdrew, and bent over to stroke her gently on the cheek. She looked up at me with glazed eyes, seeming hardly to know where she was. I whispered "Stay there and rest, Mitzi. I'll come back and see you later. I think Teddy and I are going to stay home all this weekend........"

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