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My Mother, My Whore Pt. IV
by Angelo

I couldn't wait for morning to arrive to tell my mother about my brainstorm.

Morning arrived and when I told my mother that I had not one, but two people, that I thought would be more than willing, she perked up. When I told her who they were, I couldn't believe how enthusiastic she was about my choices.

The two people I told my mother about were my two cousins, Andy and Eddie, who are her two nephews, her sister's children. Andy was twenty years old and in the fall would be a junior in college. Eddie was seventeen and in the fall would be a senior in high school.

She said, she'd take either of them over my Uncle any day and that she had no problem with them being her sister's children, as long as they understood that everything had to be kept a secret. I asked her if she wanted both of them right away and she said let's start with Andy first, then see what happens. We had our choice, but now we had to find a way to approach him with the idea. My mother and I talked and she decided that it would be my project to get my cousin Andy to go along with everything

So now I had to come up with another plan, to bring this up to Andy. I couldn't just come out and ask him, so I had to do it in a way that I could feel him out first and see how he felt about fucking a family member.

I came up with a plan and I called him up and told him that we should get together and grab a couple of six packs and go down by the lake in the park and hang out. We made plans for a couple of nights later.

I was really pumped up when I went to pick him up, as I had cleared my plan with my mother and she was all for it. My mother was more than ready to take on some more cock, in fact two cocks at once

We were into our second six pack, when I told him I had something that I wanted his opinion on. I told him that my mother had been dressing really sexy around me lately, bordering on slutty and that I thought she was coming on to me, as she would never dress that way when my father was home.

That really got his attention and he asked me how she was dressing. When I told him that she was dressing in a variety of tight and very revealing outfits, he almost jumped out of his pants.

I then popped the question!!

I asked him if he thought my mother was coming on to me and that if it was his mother, that was dressing that way for him, would he make a move on her?

Well his answer left no question in my mind about what he'd do. He told me not to get mad but if that was his mother, he'd make a move on her. He then added that my mother was really hot looking and he could just imagine how she looked dressed that way.

When Andy said that, that's when I suggested he come the next morning to the house and see for himself. I told him he should come about 9:30 a.m. and wait by the side door and I'd let him in and we'd surprise my mother with his presence. I told him that if he rang the doorbell, she'd go upstairs and would not let him, or anyone, see her dressed like she was. I added, that that's what she'd been doing when the bell rang a couple of times, and we had UPS deliveries. I didn't tell him that the UPS man was delivering some slutty outfits that we had ordered, not then anyway.

Naturally, he was all for it. We talked some more, finished our beers and I dropped him home and said I'd see him at 9:30 a.m. He told me he couldn't wait.

The next morning when I told my mother, she was very excited and said she was really going to give Andy an eyeful. It was time to put the second part of the plan into action.

My mother got all sexed up by putting a heavy coat of makeup and lipstick on, teasing up her hair and then putting on a solid gold one-piece catsuit, with a cut out that showed off almost all of her ample 40-inch cleavage and she put on a pair of clear 5" spiked heels. She looked awesome!! My cousin's eyes were going to pop out of his head, but not nearly as much as when he witnessed what would happen after.

My mother was primed and ready, as was I. My mother was about to get into some swinging, some family swinging!!

Well, 9:30 a.m. arrived and a couple of minutes later Andy came walking up the driveway to the side door.

I told my mother that it was "Showtime", and I went to let Andy in.

After letting him in, I was whispering and telling him how slutty she was dressed. Andy just kept shaking his head as if he couldn't believe what was happening. My mother was in the kitchen, as we had arranged, and I had her facing away from the kitchen entrance, so I could make Andy take a peak at her from behind, before he saw the front. I led him to the entrance and he peeked around and saw her ass sticking out from the catsuit like a sore thumb. He just mouthed the words, "Holy Shit!!!!", and then we quietly slipped into the living room.

I then told him I was going to go into the kitchen and he should peek at my mother and get a good look at her. When I went back outside to him again, I told him that I was going to call her into the living room. I told him to hide behind wall, so when my mother came out, she wouldn't see him at first and then I would announce his presence. As soon as Andy was hidden, I went back into the kitchen for little while, then I came back outside again into the living room area and that's when I called out to my mother to come into the living room.

When my mother came walking into the living room, I told her that we had a visitor and I told Andy to come out.

My mother acted like she was really surprised when she saw him, she cried out as if in shock, "Oh, Andy!!!", and tried to cover her breasts up.

I looked at Andy's eyes and they were popping out of his head. He was just standing there with his mouth wide open.

I then told my mother not the cover-up and to let Andy see her body. Andy looked at me with this look on his face, like I had lost my mind or something. My mother then took her hands away from her breasts and put them on her hips without saying a word. Andy was speechless.

That's when it was really time to blow Andy's mind.

I asked him what he thought of my mother big juicy tits. I then went behind my mother, grabbed her waist, pulled her towards me and began grinding my crotch area against her ass, then I reached up with both hands and started squeezing my mother's tits. I wish you could have seen Andy's face, total and utter shock.

That's when I said, "Andy, how would you like a piece of this action?" I then added, "We've been fucking for four years now and she's ready to take on more cock, and we want it to be you. My mother wants both of us to fuck her at the same time. So how about it Andy?" My mother then chimed in, "Come on Andy, I really want this to happen, I want both of you to fuck me."

Andy just smiled and said, "Four years!!, Four years!!, You guys have been at it for four years!!" He started smiling broadly and sort of laughing and shaking his head in disbelief and said, "Wow!!!!, Shit yeah, you better believe it, count me in!!"

With that my mother beckoned Andy to come over and kiss her, which he did and we then had my mother sandwiched between us. I began rubbing up her body and kissing her neck and then I knelt down behind her and began rubbing up her ass and legs, as my mother was tongue kissing hotly with Andy. Not too long after, Andy had my mother's tits out of her catsuit and was sucking them, as my mother's body was wiggling like crazy and she was panting and moaning heavily.
I was urging Andy on the whole time and when I began rubbing up my mother's pussy, with my hand, it didn't take long for my mother to explode into a screaming bucking orgasm. As soon as she finished and was calming down, I told Andy it was time to take our whore upstairs and fuck her. My mother chimed in by saying, that she wanted us to give her the fucking of her life.

As we started upstairs, Andy turned to me and said that this was fucking unbelievable and I told him that he hadn't seen anything yet and to wait until he saw my mother in action. My mother again chimed in by saying, that she was the best and was gonna prove it. I told Andy that we were gonna turn my mother into a fuck pig. To which my mother replied, "That's right Andy. I want you two to use my body anyway you want." To which Andy replied, "No man!!, No fucking way this is happening!! I can't believe what I'm hearing. This is fucking unreal!!" I told Andy that he'd better believe it, and it's gonna happen.

We reached my bedroom, shut the door behind us and I told Andy that he could have the honor of fucking my mother first, but first she was gonna suck our cock's. We all got naked and my mother knelt down and began alternating sucking our cock's, until we were both good and hard and then I told my mother to stand up and bend over. I went in front of her and she began sucking my cock, as Andy entered her pussy from the rear.

Andy had entered my mother's pussy for the very first time, while my mother was getting her first fuck from someone outside of our immediate family, albeit a family member nonetheless. Little did any of us know, that this was only the beginning of what would become a regular ongoing affair, that is still active to this very day.

As Andy rammed my mother from behind, she was slurping, licking and sucking my cock, as I began playing with her big swinging tits and was urging Andy on to fuck my mother harder. As might have been expected, Andy didn't last too long and was ready to shoot his load within minutes. I had told Andy earlier that when he was ready to cum, to pull out and shoot his load into my mother's mouth and make her swallow his cum. Well, when Andy was ready, I removed my cock from my mother's mouth and watched as Andy shot his hot load into my mother's waiting mouth and my mother gobbling up and swallowing every last drop.

I can't put into words, the feelings and total exhilaration I had, watching another person fuck my mother and then watch her swallow their cum. I was watching my mother become someone else's whore, right in front of my very eyes.

The feeling was so overwhelming, that I grabbed my mother, bent her over again, and began fucking her furiously, until I pulled out and shot my load right down my mother's hot cocksucking throat.

Next we laid my mother down on the bed and went to town on my mother, exploring every inch of her body with our mouth's, tongue's and hand's and fucking her in all kinds of positions, before giving my mother her first double penetration fuck of her life.
She went completely ballistic when we DP'd her. Andy was on the bottom, as my mother straddled his cock and I squatted behind her, with my cock up her ass and we put my mother through a couple of the most intense orgasms that, up until that point, I had ever seen her experience.

It was during this DP session, that Andy discovered what a total slut his Aunt had become. The reason for that was that I let loose with a verbal tirade of vulgar fuck talk, calling my mother every filthy obscene name in the book. But what suprised Andy most, as he later told me so, was not only my mother's full acceptance of what I was calling her, but her equally vulgar responses.

As Andy fucked my mother's pussy and I pounded her asshole with my cock, I said,
"How do you like having a cock in your ass and pussy at the same time Mom?"

She replied, "Oh I love it!! I love it!! Give it to me, give it to me harder!!!"

I said, "You really feel like a fucking whore now, don't you slut?"

My mom replied, "Oh Yes!!, Yes!!"

I said, "Yes!!, Yes, What?"

She replied, "I'm a whore!! I'm a fucking whore!!"

I said, "That's right bitch and now your Andy's whore, too!"

My mom replied, "Oh Yes!! I'm Andy's whore, too!!"

I said, "That's right you're our fuck pig now and we're gonna use you any fucking way we want!!"

My mother replied, "Yes!! Use me!! Use my body!! Use me like a slut!! Use me like a whore!!"

With that, both Andy and I really started putting it to my mother with total abandon.
I was calling her, "Slut!!, Whore!!, Tramp!!, Fuck Pig!!, Slutty Mother!!, Slutty Aunt!!,
and other vulgar names.

My mother was going totally ballistic, screaming loudly and saying things like,
"Oh yes, fuck my asshole!!, Fuck my pussy!!, Fuck the shit out of me!!, Use my fucking body!!, Oh God dammit!!, God dammit!! Oh Jesus fucking Christ!!"

She was shrieking and yelping and then began babbling incoherently and sobbing loudly, until she exploded into an ear splitting orgasm and then collapsed on top of Andy, out of sheer exhaustion. She was almost at the point of being passed out.

As both Andy and I still had to cum, I pulled my mother's seemingly lifeless body off of Andy and stretched her out on the bed on her back. Then I told Andy that we'd finish her off, by cumming on her tits and face. We stroked our cock's and then Andy deposited his load on my mother's tits and I came all over her face and hair and then I began rubbing my cum all over her face, with my cock.

The very first DP of my mother's life was an experience that none of us would ever forget.
It also was a true coming out party for my mother.

It was now official. My mother was a total slut, a total whore. My mother was now a swinger, a family swinger. She sure had come a long way in four years.

For the rest of the day, Andy and I took turns balling my mother and it was just amazing how hard our cocks were staying, and how short our recovery period was. The whole situation made it that way and what also helped was how willing and eager my mother was during the whole time, gladly spreading her legs and giving all of her body, to her son and nephew to use like the slutty whore she had become.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Andy and I were constantly double teaming my mother, sending her into climatic orbit and completely using her for our total enjoyment and of course, for her's too.

Well I thought that my mother was completely satisfied, having two lovers at the same time, but boy was I ever wrong.

During a break in one of our fuck sessions, my mother matter of factly asked, "So, when are you guys gonna get me some more cock to fuck? Andy, how about getting your brother Eddie, do you think he'd wanna fuck me, too?"

Now I had already discussed that angle with my mother, when we were talking about getting Andy involved, but I never thought that she'd bring the subject up to Andy, out of the clear blue sky and especially so soon. Andy, of course, knew nothing about me and my mother's earlier conversations, so he was really suprised by my mother's request.

However, he quickly answered by telling my mother that he didn't think that it would be a problem at all. He told her that he knew that Eddie had the hots for her, as he always remarked to him, how great my mother looked every time he saw her at a family gathering or the like.

So my mother told Andy that she wanted him to bring it up to Eddie and tell him that it has to remain our secret and he can't say anything to anyone. Andy assured my mother not to worry, as he was certain that Eddie would agree to anything, as long as it meant getting to have unlimited amounts of sex with her.

It was almost all set now, my mother was going to take on three cocks at once!!
I couldn't believe it. I had created a super hot fuck machine.

Later that night, Andy telephoned me and said that Eddie was ecstatic about the whole situation and couldn't wait for the next day to arrive.

I then waited for the first opportunity to tell my mother the good news and that came about when my father went into the bathroom.

I whispered the news into my mother's ear and I could see the hunger in her eyes and hear the excitement in her voice, as she whispered her approval back to me. She told me that she was really gonna enjoy it and thought that this was gonna become a habit with her.

When I asked her what was going to become a habit, she licked her lips seductively, winked her eye at me and said, "Trying out different cocks!!"

I was sort of taken aback and asked her if she meant that after Eddie, she still wanted to fuck more cock. She sexily smiled and said, "Why stop at three!! But it won't be anytime soon, I'll decide that after you three studs use me in every way possible. I'm gonna enjoy you three to the fullest, before I even consider taking on anyone else."

With the last part out of her mouth, our conversation had to end, as my father was coming out of the bathroom. However, her words were not something I was gonna forget too soon.

But first things first.

There was a three on one fuck taking place in the morning and all I cared about was watching my slut mother in action, taking on three cocks at the same time.

To Be Continued...

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