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My Mother, My Whore Pt. V
by Angelo

Morning arrived and the anticipation waiting for my cousins to arrive was nerve wracking, for both me and my mother.

My mom was dressed slutty, as usual. She had on a short micro mini, that barely covered her ass, no panties, light black stockings, garter belt, ankle strap "fuck me" spiked heels and a pushup bra that exposed nearly all of her big, juicy, forty inch chest. Her hair was all teased up and she had on a heavy coat of makeup, with shiny lip gloss over her luscious cocksucking lips and a light scent of perfume. She totally looked the part of a whore. My cousin Eddie was gonna go crazy when he saw how slutty my mother was dressed.

I told my mother to go upstairs, and I'd bring her down when they arrived, so she could make a grand entrance.

The doorbell finally rang and I greeted my cousins at the door and told them to have a seat in the living room. Eddie told me he couldn't believe all the things that Andy was telling him and how lucky I was to be fucking my mother for the last four years. I told him that he was going to get to experience it first hand now himself, so let me go upstairs and get my mom and we'd get started. Eddie said he could hardly wait.

When I went up to get my mother, I told her that after I introduced her, I wanted her to come dancing into the living room for us, and to put on a really good show. She said that first she was gonna call Eddie over and give him a good kiss to welcome him and make him feel more at ease and to ease her nerves, too. I told her whatever made her comfortable and we headed downstairs.

The steps leading downstairs are not visible from the living room, so when we got to the bottom of the stairs, I told my mom to wait there and not to come into the room, until I put on some music and introduced her. I put on the music and then began my introduction.

With the music playing, I said, "Guys, especially you Eddie, the newest member of our little group, I'd like to introduce the hottest mother, and to you guys, the hottest aunt on the planet, and as you'll see Eddie, one of the biggest slut's you've ever seen in your life and probably one of the hottest fucks you'll ever have, too. So without further ado, here she is, My Mother, Your Aunt, Our Whore."

With that, my mother came dancing into the room, and I watched Eddie, as he feasted his eyes upon my mother's provocative outfit, and hot body. His eyes bulged out of his head, his jaw dropped and his mouth opened and he mumbled out, "Wow, Holy Shit!!"

My mother smiled and said, "So you like the way I look Eddie, you like my body?" Eddie replied, "What's not to like, you look outrageous. I wouldn't have believed it, if I didn't see it for myself."

My mom answered, "Oh, so you're ready to fuck me then, right?"

After a stunned silence for a few seconds, I guess shocked by my mother's boldness, Eddie stammered out, "Umm.. yeah, of course."

My mom then said, "Well, then come over here and give your aunt a big kiss."

With that Eddie got up from the sofa, my mother and him embraced and began tongue kissing. My mother then told Eddie to feel up her body, with his hands. Eddie began rubbing up my mother's tits and ass, then my mom told him to sit back down and watch as she danced for us.

My mother then started moving sexily to the music, which evolved into a lewd, sleazy, tease dance, which had all of us cheering her on. I finally told the guy's to let's go up and surround her and for all of us to begin feeling up her body all over, with our hands.

We did that, and before you knew it my mother was writhing in ecstasy, with her arms flailing over her head, as six hands groped her body from head to toe. I removed her bra and now her massive tits were exposed to Eddie for the very first time. I told Eddie to start sucking my mother's tits.

He went crazy on them, sucking and squeezing them like a wild man. I then began rubbing up my mother's pussy, with my hand and Andy began tongue kissing with my mother.

It didn't take long for my mother to explode into a cunt pumping, screaming orgasm.

It was now our turn. I suggested that we all go upstairs into my bedroom and begin the festivities. Once in my room, I told my mother to strip out of all her clothes and then put her spiked heels back on, after she removed her stockings. As we all watched, she did that and then we all took our clothes off, too.

I then told my mother to kneel on the floor, and all three of us formed a circle standing around her and she began taking turns sucking our cock's, until she had made each one of us cum in her mouth.

The next thing we did was to lay my mother down on the bed and each one of us took turns performing a different activity, sucking my mother's tits, eating her pussy out and having her suck a cock, all at the same time, until we put my mother through a series of multiple screaming orgasms. It was now time to fuck my mother.

I told Eddie that he could have the honors, as this was his first time with my mother.

He quickly mounted my mother, and sunk his huge cock into my mother's pussy and began fucking her pussy. Eddie has the biggest cock of all of us, as it's at least ten inches and thick. I knew my mother was enthralled by it, by the way she was sucking his cock when we first started.

My mother was beside herself, urging Eddie on to fuck her harder and deeper. Eddie responded by furiously pounding my mother's pussy, as his balls slapped against her ass and their bodies slammed together.

Andy and I were just watching, urging both of them on, until Eddie screamed out that he was gonna cum and I told him to pull out and cum all over my mother's tits. After he completely soaked her tits, with a huge load of creamy cum, my mother lewdly began scooping up as much cum as she could, with her hands, then licking them clean with her tongue.

It was then me and Andy's turn to fuck my mother. I told Eddie to just sit back and watch, as Andy and I doubled teamed my mother. We showed Eddie how slutty my mother really was, as we fucked her in every way possible, including a DP (double penetration) fuck. Eddie was stroking his cock as he watched us and I eventually made him join us and he shot his load all over my mother's face.

We took a short lunch break after that, and my mom freshened herself up by taking a quick shower, just running her body, not her head, under the water, so not to mess up her hair. She also redid her makeup and just put her mini, bra and spiked heels back on. She was ready for our afternoon session.

Once we restarted, for the next three consecutive hours that followed, we completely used my mother like the whore she is. We triple teamed her, taking turns doing everything to her imaginable, at the same time. She was like a bitch in heat.

We were calling her all sorts of vulgar names and she was answering back in kind. There wasn't one second that a cock wasn't in her pussy, ass or mouth. My mother was in a constant state of ecstasy and I can't tell you how many times she came, but a few times she almost appeared to be at the point of passing out. We had given my mother the fucking of her life and she loved it.

The rest of the summer was one big fuckfest on my mother. We were triple teaming her and also fucking her on an individual basis, too. She definitely was getting her fill of cock.

Once school started again, we did manage a few triple teams, but it was mostly Andy and I doubling teaming my mother, as we were both in college and our schedules allowed us plenty of free time. Eddie used to take days off from school to fuck my mother, as my mother would write him his excuse notes and he'd also drop over after school for a quickie fuck, from time to time.

I won't go into full explicit detail, as it would take me much too long to put it all down on paper, so use your imagination, but over the course of the next year, until I graduated college, the three of us used my mother's body, in almost every way possible, we did everything to her.

We fucked her in all positions, tit fucked her, ass fucked her, DP'd her to death, deposited loads of cum in her mouth and all over her entire body, tied her up, gave her spankings, used sex toys on her and played kinky role playing sex games with her. One of our favorite games was our three on one "rape" of her, where we acted like intruders and held her hostage and ripped her clothes off, tied her up and forced her to have sex with us. She loved that one, too, as she knew that nothing bad was really gonna happen to her.

The only thing that we didn't do with her together was give her a "golden shower". My mother and I had reserved that for our private sessions and still do.

My mother was our total kinky slut, the fantasy woman of our lives and she was loving every minute of it. She couldn't get enough. She was always telling us how much she loved what we were doing to her and wished she could spend all night with us, too.

I remember thinking to myself, that my mother was turning into a nymphomaniac, right before my very eyes. All she was thinking and talking about to me was sex related. We didn't speak about anything else really. All she talked about was fucking, sucking and more fucking. What had I created? I was about to find out!

I graduated college and started looking for a full time job and found one within a month. Andy got a full time job during the summer, which ended up with him having to work part-time during the next school year on that job, too. Eddie graduated high school and he had to get a full time job, as he wasn't attending college in the fall.

Of course, all of that meant we couldn't fuck my mother as much. So my mother went from being constantly fucked to almost nothing, as far as steady everyday individual and group fucking went. I still fucked her every chance I got, as did Andy and Eddie, but it wasn't the same.

After being accustomed to a steady diet of fucking during the weekdays, my mother all of a sudden had a void in her life. Well, she would fill that void within six months.

So I guess now you know the inevitable happened next.

If you remember, I mentioned earlier that my mother had remarked to me, that she probably would try out other cock's in the future.

Well, for my mother, the future was now. It was time to swing!!

So my mother went out on her own and got herself some cock to fuck during the day.

I remember the day she called me on the phone at work and told me that she had something very important to tell me and wanted me to come right home after work.

When I got home from work, she said that she hoped I wouldn't be mad at her, as she didn't want to keep any secrets from me. She told me, that since Andy, Eddie and I, had started working, she had been feeling super horny all day long and it was getting to her.

Then she confessed to me, that she had started having an affair with another man.

And boy, was I ever surprised, when she told me who she had started fucking for.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

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