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Mrs. Martin
Ch. VIII: Going Out For Ice Cream
by Tom Davis

After Tom had gone to the store and cut the grass he came in the house. Both women were still naked, and in the three hours Tom had been working they had cleaned the house and were now sitting at the kitchen table. Tom said, "What are we having for dinner?"

"How about hamburgers on the grill?" replied Judy.

"Sounds good to me, I'll start the grill about five," Tom answered. "There's a game on TV I want to catch so I'll be in the other room." With that he reached down and pinched a nipple on both women and ran to the living room.

By the time they were done eating it was starting to turn dark. Tom said, "I could use some ice cream to finish off that dinner."

"We don't have any ice cream," Judy responded.

"Well then why don't you ladies clear the table and do the dishes while I watch," said Tom.

"Yes, master," the two women responded.

Tom sat and watched as Susan cleared the table and Judy loaded the dishwasher. "Wow, I can't believe this," Tom thought to himself. I have these two women here, naked and doing what I want them to do. His shorts had been getting tight ever since he sat down for dinner and had watched those four beautiful breasts, with their hard nipples bouncing at the dinner table while they ate. He was hard now and really wanted to grab one of these women and fill her and relieve the ache in his groin, but he had a plan and decided to stick to it. As he watched Susan carried a plate to Judy and then rubbed her hand across the other woman's soft buns.

"None of that," Tom told her, "We'll play later, but for now you'll just have to wait."

Susan thought to herself, "If you had seen what we did while you were at the store." Judy was sore from the sex, the spanking, and the first anal intercourse she had ever experienced. So when Tom left Susan ran Judy a hot tub of water and bubble bath. The warm water felt soothing to Judy's sore private region. She could have lain there for hours, but then, Susan started to bath her. When she reached Judy's crotch she started to play with her. Washing the woman's large breast had turned them both on but when her hand slid over Judy's clit, Judy lay back in the tub and started to moan.

As sore as she was this hand rubbing her clit, while she lay in the warm bubble bath, was sending waves of pleasure through her body. Before she could cum, Susan quit and told her to stand up. "Ohhh Susan, no, keep rubbing me," she pleaded.

"No, now stand up and let me dry you off," responded Susan. When Judy stood up Susan started to dry her off; she started with her head and worked her way down. When she got to her breast she took her time and used the towel to stimulate Judy's nipples. Susan stopped at her waist and started to dry Judy's feet and work her way up. When she reached the top of her legs, Susan had Judy spread her legs and ran the towel over Judy's pussy. Judy about fell down when the soft roughness of the towel spread between her lower lips and wiped over her clit. Then Susan dropped the towel and placed her tongue on Judy's lips.

Judy started to quiver and said, "Yessss, don't stop but I have got to lay down." With that she bent her knees and slowly lowered herself to the floor. Susan held onto Judy's soft ass cheeks, keeping her mouth and tongue pressed against her pink pussy lips. Judy folded her body down until she was lying on her back enjoying the pleasure Susan's mouth and tongue was providing her. Slowly Susan's tongue licked up to Judy's clit. Judy had a shiver pass through her body as Susan's tongue made contact with her clit.

Susan only let her tongue flicker across Judy's clit and then slid back down her lips. She pushed Judy's legs back exposing the small hole Tom had filled earlier. Susan used her tongue to rim the edge of Judy's small hole.

That was all Judy could take as she screamed out, "Yessssss" as waves of excitement swept over her.

"Are you OK?" asked Tom as he reached out and touched Susan.

"Oh yea, I'm great, I was just remembering this morning," as she felt a tingle run through her body. She looked at Judy who was smiling and gave her a wink.

"Well ladies, it is now dark outside and I want some ice cream," Tom declared.

"Yes master," both women responded, not sure what he was getting at.

"I think we should all go to the store and get some ice cream," Tom continued.

Judy turned to Susan and asked, "Do you have some clothes to put on?"

"She won't need any," Tom interrupted.

"What? Surely you don't expect her to leave the house naked?"

"Yes, and you too," Tom responded.

"Tom Simpson, I can not go to the store with no clothes on. They won't let me in to start with." Judy emphatically replied with her hands on her hips.

"I know they won't let you in, so you and Susan will stay in the car and wait for me to come out. It is dark outside and Susan's windows have a tint to them so no one will see you," Tom answered her. "Now, let's go get in the car."

Judy had never been out of her bedroom totally naked before today. Now she was getting ready to ride down a public street in town with no clothes on. That thought caused her to tremble.

Tom opened the door and handed Susan the car keys, "After you, ladies." Tom laughed and slowly strolled out the door to the car as watched those tits and asses jiggle as they ran to the car and jumped in. When he got to the car Judy had climbed into the back seat of Susan's two door car. "No, no, no, mom you get in the front with Susan." Slowly Judy climbed out to allow her son to climb in the back.

After they were in the car Susan asked, "Where is the grocery store?"

"There is a Food Lion about five minutes from here. Back out and go to the right," answered Judy.

When they pulled into the parking lot Tom said, "pull up and let me out, then park over in that shadow area." Tom jumped out and ran in. When he came back out about five to ten minutes later he didn't have a bag.

That was the first clue to Judy that something was going on. At first she leaned forward to let Tom in but he wouldn't let her off that easy. "Out" he said. His eyes told her not to argue. As she was getting out Tom pulled the door open all the way, leaned around her. FLASH! She was blinded and stunned. Then she felt Tom step back from her. FLASH!

"Tom," she screamed, as he jumped in the car clutching the little disposable camera he had just bought.

"Go to Giant, I don't like any of the ice cream here," said Tom as he settled into the back seat.

"Tom that's all the way across town," said Judy.

"That's right, now lean your seat back," replied Tom. Judy leaned her seat back a little with met with "more" from Tom. She leaned it back a little more and again, "Lay that seat all the way down," came from Tom.

Judy laid her seat all the way back and found herself with her upper body laying down in the back seat with Tom beside her. He reached over and started to rub her nipples. Then he slid one hand down and started to rub her love mound.

"Well, well, well someone is excited here" Tom said as his fingers slipped easily into her wet channel.

Judy was so excited it only took a few minutes explode in waves of exotic. Her breast trembled and her body shook and she moaned, "Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh, don't stop." Tom continued to play with her body until they reached the parking lot.

Tom told Judy, "sit up so I can get out of here. Let me out and then park over there."

Susan pulled up and Tom ran in. Shortly he came back out and the two women were giggling as Tom climbed back into the car. "What's so funny questioned Tom."

"Just girl stuff," said Susan as she looked and smiled at Judy.

After about five minutes they came to a stoplight. Suddenly Susan yelled, "Go". Both doors flew open and these two naked women jumped out of their seats in the car, ran around the front of the car and jumped in the other seat.

Tom sat in the back seat dazed not believing what he had just seen. Judy was now driving and Susan was in the passenger seat. The scene of these two naked bodies, illuminated by the headlights of this car and the car across the intersection kept running through his mind.

"What's the matter Tom?" Asked Susan as she dropped her chair back. "Cat got your tongue?"

Tom leaned down and pressed his lips to Susan's lips and his tongue darted into her mouth. He reached down to his waist and undid his shorts. He pushed both shorts and underwear down to his ankles freeing his aching member. He kicked off his shorts and underwear and climbed between Susan's legs.

Judy was still giggling as she drew near the house while Tom was driving his large member into Susan's hot and ready pussy. She would look at the road and then look to seat beside her, and back to the road.

Susan had her legs wrapped around Tom's waist and he was driving all the way to the back of her opening. She was moaning and just as the car pulled into the driveway she shuddered and screamed "Immmmmm Cuummmmmminnnggggg"

Tom filled her with his juice as the car rocked from the violent shaking going on in the passenger seat.

Tom relaxed and looked over into Judy's eyes. "Are you finished? Can we go eat our ice cream now," she asked.

"No to both, because your next," as he reached out to grab her. She was to fast for him since she already had her hand on the door handle and jumped from the car. Tom quickly opened his door, climbed off Susan and fell out of the car. He raced to the front door of the house, arriving right behind Judy. As she opened the door she and Tom fell through and ended in a pile on the floor. Their lips meet and all the passion that had been building in her exploded. They kissed and she explored the inner regions of his mouth with her tongue, as his hands caressed the curves of her body. She spread her legs and his hand brushed over soaking love channel. He positioned himself between her legs and pushed his now rigid member inside her. She moaned as he entered deep inside her.

Judy wrapped her legs around Tom's waist and hung on tight as she felt the electricity from deep inside her spread and send shock waves to all parts of her body. "Ohhhhh Gawdddd, Fuck me Tommmmm" she cried.

Even as the first wave passed Tom was still going in and out of her tight pussy and she felt the second wave start to build. She felt Tom reach the inner most depths of her love canal.

Her pussy tightened on his dick and her legs tightened on his waist. He stiffened and held his dick as deep as he could and yelled "Yessssss" as he exploded his juices deep in Judy. Meanwhile Judy trembled as a second wave of gratification swept through her.

As Tom relaxed he rolled off of Judy and looked up. There stood Susan, hair a mess, naked and a cum run on the inside of each thigh, holding two bowls. She said, "Ice cream anyone?"

To Be Continued...


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