The Best Erotic Stories.

Mrs. Martin
Ch. XI: The Lawyers Meeting
by Tom Davis

As the bell rang for the end of the day and the students left the classroom, Susan started to pack up to leave for the day. She heard the door shut and looked up to see Tom standing there.

He moved to the back of the room and said, "Come here, Susan."

She walked around her desk, the full skirt of her soft dress shushing around her legs. "Yes?"

He grabbed her and pulled her close to himself feeling her soft body crush against his hard muscular chest, as he inhaled the sweet aroma of her perfume. He pushed her long blond hair off her shoulder and bent his head down to nibble on neck sending shock waves of pleasure through her body.

"Oh Tommm" she moaned as her hands took hold of the firm muscle wrapped tightly by the seat of his jean shorts. The classroom around them spun away as he moved his mouth from her neck and his lips met hers. His tongue darted in-between her lips as his fingers pulled the zipper on the back of the sundress down. She released her grip on his pants as he slid the straps of the dress over her shoulders. Without breaking the lock their lips had on one another she placed her arms around his neck as her dress slid down her body and floated to the floor after passing her hips.

Tom broke the kiss and stepped back to admire this goddess dressed only in garters and stockings whose bare breasts were heaving with excitement. He reached down and cupped one of her ample breast in his hand as he bent down and took the nipple into his mouth. Slowly he sucked and nibbled on the hard protruding bud.

She moaned with pleasure and twisted her fingers in Tom's hair trying to hold on as her body tried to float away into space and gravity seemed to disapear. She was aware of his strong arm supporting her back and head as she was lowered to the floor. Susan's back came to rest on the cool linoleum floor. Her body was responsive to the tongue that now slid off her breast, through the valley and across her diaphragm. She took and deep breath and sighed, "yesss" in anticipation of where he was going.

Tom kissed her shaved love mound and inhaled the musky smell of her womanhood seeping from her lips now wet with her excitement. He spread her lips and his tongue darted across her love button.

Shocks of electricity shot through her body each time his tongue made contact with the sensitive little piece of flesh. Then he placed it between his lips and sucked, it was all over for her. Susan's body shook and jerked, bouncing on the hard floor as waves of pleasure swept over her body. "Please Tom, fill me, take me," she moaned as the waves subsided enough for her voice to return.

He positioned the head of his massive organ at her dripping opening and pushed.

She arched her back and screamed "yesssss" and inch by inch he stretched and filled her aching love hole. It seemed like forever but then she felt his head rub her cervix and he started to withdraw. Tom's motion increased and with it the passion within her body. Just as he stiffened, Susan wrapped her nylon covered legs around him and pulled him in tight as the waves of pleasure swept over her more intense than ever before.

The two lay on the floor breathing hard as they tried to catch their breath. Tom pulled out and placed his lips full on Susan's. His tongue rubbed passed her lips telling her of his admiration of her. Tom broke off the kiss and said as he stood up, "Good luck at the lawyers and I'll see you tomorrow."

How she wanted to take that large organ he was now stuffing into his pants and lick it clean. How she wanted to feel him inside her again, but she knew she had to finish her business with Dave today, and tomorrow would start a three-day weekend.

Susan pulled up her dress, gathered her books and headed to the car, thankful no one saw her. She raced home as she entered the house the grandfather clock struck four. She was supposed to be in Nancy's office around five. She quickly ran upstairs to her room, she had laid out her suit she wanted to ware that morning, so she head for the shower, shedding cloths as she went. In the shower she was tempted to use the showerhead on her aching loins, but knew she didn't have the time. She did her hair and dressed in her suit she had laid out, short skirt, sheer white blouse with a bra that gave her plenty of lift for good cleave but allowed the outline of her nipples to be seen, and a dark jacket. She took one last look in the mirror as she left her room, "eat your heart out Dave," she thought to herself as she headed down the stairs. The boys and Linda were just coming in as Susan reached the bottom of the steps. Linda let out a low whistle and Dave Jr. said, "mommy you look like a movie star."

"Thank you dear," Susan said to her child as she squatted down to give both boys a hug. "Now you be good for Linda and go to bed when she says to."

"Yes, mommy," they said.

Susan stood and Linda wrapped her arms around her. Linda kissed her cheek and said, "Good luck."

"Thanks," replied Susan and then whispered in the young woman's ear, "I'll see you tonight."

Linda let her hand run down Susan's jacket and skirt. She could feel the garter belt and then the smoothness of her body until the top of the stocking. Both women looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

The parking ticket said 1700 on it as Susan pulled it from the dispenser at the parking garage. She pulled around and parked. As she got out of the car she thought, "this is the same parking place I had on Tuesday," and giggled as she remembered that day.

As she entered the office the receptionist was getting ready to leave and said to Susan, "you can go right in Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Jefferson is expecting you.

"Thank you," replied Susan as she headed for the office door.

"Susan, you look ravishing," said Nancy as she got up from her desk and gave Susan a hug. "Let sit over on the couch," she continued as she reached to her desk and picked up an open diet Pepsi. "Did you know Dave has a stock account worth almost $700,000?"

"No, I didn't. Where did he get it from?" Susan asked.

"Oh, he's been building on it over time, but the important thing is you should get half. He did not mention it in the agreement, but we can have it added. If he balks, though, it could mean a court fight."

"I don't care, it would serve that SOB right," Susan replied.

"Great just so you know. Now who is Tom?" asked Nancy as she stared at Susan who turned bright red.

"A friend," replied Susan, "Why?"

"Because I don't want any surprises when we go in there, and you called out his name the other night," replied Nancy.

"Well we have only been intimate, for a week. Not until after Dave told me he was leaving," Susan said.

"How long have you known him," asked Nancy.

"Since September," replied Susan a little nervous about where this was going.

"Oh, so he is a teacher," she questioned as she studied Susan for body language as she sipped her Diet Pepsi.

"Not exactly," replied Susan, as she looked to the floor.

"Is he a parent of a student," Nancy questioned.


Nancy choked on her Pepsi and then said when she could talk again, "Oh my god, he's one of your students! Do you know how much trouble you could get in?"

"Yes, but he's 18 and graduates in less than three weeks so all we have to do is keep it cool till then," Susan replied.

"Well, be careful," and then in a friendly voice Nancy asked, "is he good in bed?"

"The best," said Susan as she remembered the episode less than two hours before and a smile came across her face.

"Well it is time to go, are you ready," asked Nancy.

"Sure," and the two women got up and left the office for the five minute walk to Dave's building.

"What are you doing for supper," asked Nancy as the two women left Dave's building and walked to the parking garage.

"I am going home to eat, Linda prepared a meal tonight," said Susan. "Since Ed is on that surveillance tonight why don't you join me?"

"I won't be imposing, will I?"

"No, of course not, the boys go to bed by eight and we can make it a girls evening," Susan said with a broad smile.

"Ok, I'll follow you. By the way on Monday we are having a Luau, with Andy and Patty; do you want to come? You could bring Tom," said Nancy

"Well if Tom comes I have to bring Judy too," said Susan.

"Who's Judy?"

"His mother."

"His mother, how old is she? How does she fit into this," questioned Nancy. "I think we need to sit down over a drink and you explain this one to me."

"That's a good idea, follow me to the house," said Susan.

After arriving home Susan told Linda that Nancy would be eating dinner also. She then poured both her and Nancy a glass of wine and they went into the office where she proceeded to tell Nancy about the picture and the story about Tom.

"You mean this boy is blackmailing you? And you drove all over town naked with him and his mom?" Nancy had a confused look on her face.

"It's not really blackmail any more, just fun and yes about riding around town naked, we even made love in the passenger seat while Judy drove," Susan replied.

Nancy with eyes as big as saucers said, "Girl you may not have been wild before, but you have made up for it in one short week, riding around in a car naked, oeeee."

"And making love in the passenger seat too," added Susan.

Linda put her head in the office and said, "I fixed you ladies some plates and I am going to give the boys their baths."

"Thank you Linda, let me know when you are done and I'll put them to bed," Susan returned.

After the two ladies had eaten, Susan said to Nancy, "why don't you go into the family room and watch TV while I put the kids to bed?"

"Ok, You won't be long will you," asked Nancy.

"No, not long," replied Susan as she headed up the stairs.

The boys already had their pajamas on and Linda was putting dirty towels in the laundry shoot when Susan walked in and said, "Linda, Nancy is in the family room and had a long tense day. Why don't you go down and see if you can help her relax." Then she winked at Linda.

Linda smiled and asked, "are going to join us?"

"In a little while but you can get started without me," answered Susan.

Susan went into the boys' room and Linda headed down stairs. "Mommy read my book, Pleaseeee"

"No read mine, he always gets his book read."

"Ok, ok, boys I'll read one for each of you," Susan then muttered to herself, "that should be enough time."

By the time Susan finished reading both of the children's stories, the boys were fast a sleep. Susan went into her room and removed her cloths. She then put on a short robe and tied it at her waist. This created a long v opening that showed her cleavage nicely. She reached down and picked up a basket, she stood up and admired herself in the mirror. Then, swinging the basket walked barefooted down to the family room. As she entered into the room she saw that her plan was working, Nancy lay on the couch naked while Linda let her hands work the older woman's upper thigh flesh. Susan knelt beside Nancy and whispered in her ear, "roll over."

Nancy raised up and complied with the request. Susan bent over and placed her lips fully on Nancy's in a hungry embrace, while Linda ran her hands over Nancy's love mound while pushing her legs apart.

Linda bent down and ran her tongue up Nancy's wet valley. She reached the knoll at the top and as her tongue darted over it, Nancy's body exploded in ecstasy. Susan had slipped from her mouth and was now sucking her breast and Linda was licking her clit, as soon as one wave of ecstasy ended another would start.

In her excitement Nancy had grabbed the sash around Susan's waist and her robe was now open and hid nothing. Susan let go of the firm nipple in her mouth and stood up. She moved behind Linda and reached around her waist and undid her belt. Next she undid the button on the young woman's pants, and slid the zipper down. Susan then placed her hand on the material and slid it over the large round mounds of flesh exposing them to Susan's gaze. Susan slid the shorts down and removed them from Linda's legs. She reached under her once again and undid the buttons of Linda's shirt. Linda let out a muffled moan as Susan brushed past the enlarged nipples on the small perky breast, but still continued to lick and suck the juices Nancy was producing as she rocked back and forth with wave after wave sweeping her body.

"Stop, pleaseeee stop," begged Nancy. Linda raised her head, not because of the pleading, she was really enjoying watching the woman buck and jump to the touch of her tongue, but because Susan's fingers had now found her wetness and was starting to rub and squeeze Linda's magic button.

"Yesssss" cried Linda as she raised up and arched her back as the touch of Susan's fingers brought all of Linda's nerve endings to the pinnacle of excitement. Linda fell back on to the rug and lay there on her back with her legs spread while she caught her breath. Susan reached into the basket and pulled out a two pronged, round piece of plastic.

She turned to Nancy whose breathing was returning to normal, and slid the large cylinder in to her open wetness. When the first large cylinder was about 3/4 of the way in she positioned the smaller two to three inch cylinder at her back hole and proceeded to fill both of Nancy's holes completely. Nancy started to moan softly at the fullness inside her, but when Susan flipped the switch on the back. Nancy felt the vibration start in both of her lower orifices and effect on the thin membrane between them was exhilarating.

Susan quickly readjusted herself so that her knees were on either side of Linda's head, and placed her mouth on those full, swollen moist lips of Linda's. Susan's tongue licked the furrow and danced on Linda's love button. Linda's musky scent filled her nostrils as the young woman's love canal filled with juice and soaked Susan's fingers that were working their way in and out of Linda's body. Linda's body started to buck and shake as the waves of ecstasy washed over her.

Susan raised her head and watched Nancy quake, her eyes were rolled back in her head and her tongue was hanging out, as the vibration flowed from between her legs.

Susan suddenly felt a tongue brush over her clit and causes her legs to turn to rubber. She rolled off of Linda, onto her back. Linda quickly followed, and buried her mouth on Susan's little button of flesh. Linda reached into the basket and pulled out the largest item she could feel. She took the object that was 10" long and almost 3" in diameter and placed it at the entrance to Susan's love canal. Slowly she worked the object into Susan body. Susan shook as Linda kept her mouth on Susan's love button nibbling and kissing it, while moving the plastic item in and out of her. Susan cried out the stimulation reached a peek within her.

When the pulsating in her body quit, Susan looked up to see Nancy, still laying on the couch, holding the 'toy' Susan had filled her with. Linda's head rested on Nancy's thigh. "Nancy, meet Linda, Linda this is Nancy. Now you two have been introduced." The three women laughed.

Nancy slowly got up and collected her cloths, "I need to get home, Ed should be home soon."

"Thank you again for all you did for me," said Susan.

"It was nothing, and don't forget Monday, love you," said Nancy as she kissed Susan and left.

Susan and Linda gathered up their cloths and toys and headed up to Susan's king-size bed.

To Be Continued...


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