The Best Erotic Stories.

Mrs. Martin
Ch. XII: The Luau
by Tom Davis

It was 4 PM when Susan's car pulled up in front of Nancy's house. Tom and Judy followed Susan to the front door and waited as she rang the doorbell. Judy was speechless as she looked up at the large brick home. She had driven past this neighborhood before but never dreamed she would be entering one of these elegant homes as a guest.

"Come in, come in," Nancy said as she opened the door wide, "just go on through the family room and out to the pool, Patty and Andy are already out there." "Nice ass," she thought to herself as she watched Tom pass.

Susan kissed Nancy on the cheek and said, "this is Tom and Judy. This is Nancy."

"Your home is beautiful," Judy told Nancy as they walked down the hall to the family room and out the French doors to the pool area.

When he stepped out of the family room Tom stared in disbelief at the back yard. It was larger than the lot his mother's house sat on. A 25-meter pool in the shape of a figure eight with a diving board at the far end was in the center of the yard and completely surrounded with patio. To the right was a building with four sets of French Doors covering the front of the building. To the left, past the patio, was a volleyball net set in the middle of the thick lush green grass. Beyond that was gardens that encircled the entire back yard. Against an eight-foot privacy fence ran two rows of Poplar trees that were over thirty feet tall. Hiding the trunks of the trees was a row of six-foot Juniper bushes and along with the Poplars it gave one the feeling of being secluded from the rest of the world. The area between the Junipers and the lawn was bejeweled in color from tall rose bushes to flock ground cover. The two back coroners had a brick sidewalk that passed through the roses and other flowers to go behind another short angled row of Juniper bushes and came out on the other side. In front of the small building was a twelve-foot long table that was covered in food and flowers. Elsewhere around the pool were chairs, lounges and tables. All the cushions looked new with bright colors, as did the colorful tablecloths on the tables. Standing in front of them was two men, one with graying hair and the other slightly taller with dirty blond hair. Between them stood a five-foot lovely oriental women, with short straight black hair, hair, dark eyes, and smooth tanned skin.

Nancy started with the introductions, "this is Ed, my husband," as she pointed to the man with graying hair. "This petit little one is Patty who is married to Andy here, Ed's partner. This is Susan, Patty, the boys meet her earlier in the week."

Susan continued, "this Judy an friend of mine and her son Tom."

Andy had told Patty about Susan and the game of bumps and Grinds on Tuesday night. Patty now reflected back to when Nancy had told the three of them that Susan would be bringing Tom and Judy.

Susan had told Nancy, 'Tom was the best man she had ever been with.' That commit had stuck in her mind and perked her curiosity to find out what Susan had meant by it. She had even repeated it to the group before Susan arrived.

Ed had laughed and said, "a young stud like that maybe more than you can handle."

Patty replied, "well I'll be happy to finish the job if Nancy can't."

"Poor kid doesn't know what he is in for tonight," Andy added. "Two hot women and one 18 year old young man, could be interesting."

As they stood shaking hands Patty didn't see anything special about this young man. He was tall, well built, and good looking. The bulge in his crotch was thick, but so was Andy's and through all their party going she had only meet a few men that were larger than Andy in that area and never by much. "He's young and it should fun," Patty thought to herself.

The group exchanged greetings and the two men and Tom walked over to the French doors of the Pool house and went into the bar. The bar was centered on the back wall of a large room. Behind the bar was in inset that contained a refrigerator, a sink, and a counter. Ed passed between the counter and the bar and the said, "what'll it be gentlemen?"

"I'll take a beer," said Andy.

"That sounds good to me," added Tom.

Ed opens the refrigerator and pulled out three beers and handed one to Andy and Tom.

Ed said to Tom, "the doors to the right and left are restrooms."

"And the doors at the far end on each side go to bed rooms. Each with a king size bed for lots of fun," piped in Andy.

The women, taking more time, moved slowly to the pool house. As they passed the long table Judy said to Nancy, "the table is gorgeous, and look at all that fruit and meat, you really must have knocked yourself out."

"Not really, I had a cater bring in most of the food. Ed insisted on doing the chicken strips, so tell him they are terrible," Nancy laughed.

"The flowers are beautiful, did they come from your gardens," asked Susan.

"No, this woman named Paula did that, I'll have to give you her address, and when you go there tell her I sent you and to give you special treatment," replied Nancy.

"What can I get for you ladies," asked Ed as he handed Nancy and Patty Piña Coladas.

"That looks good, I take one of those," said Susan.

"I'll have a diet Pepsi please," said Judy.

After the ladies had their drinks Nancy announced, "Ok, you guys go on out and eat and swim and all those kind of things, so we ladies can prepare a special surprise for you."

Andy came over to Nancy reached around her back and lightly squeezed her breast and said, "now what kind of surprise you going to give me?"

Nancy took hold of Andy's hand and spun away from him. Holding his hand she slapped it saying, "you'll just have to wait and see." Then she kicked the seat of his swimsuit with side of her foot and said, "now get out of here!"

The guys had been eating and swimming for about an hour when Andy let out a loud whistle.

Ed and Tom turned to look and Ed spoke saying, "will you look at that."

Tom was speechless as he watched the four women slowly move from the pool house towards them, shaking their hips and moving their hands. He was motionless as he watched the eight breasts with firm nipples jiggle. The grass swayed as they slowly turned around and when they shook their buns it became evident that all the ladies had on was the grass skirt.

Andy had quickly swam to the side and was trying to climb out of the pool when he meet Nancy's foot that pushed him back into the pool. Not before Andy had looked up and seen those pink puffy lips, between her legs, swollen with excitement. Andy just dropped in the water and floated on his back as he said, "pinch me, I must be dreaming."

"Your not allowed to touch the dancers," said Nancy.

Ed had taken a different approach and climbed out of the pool on the far side and had moved around the patio. "Who says?" Ed questioned as he grabbed Judy and laid her back in his arms. His head bent down and his lips meet hers. His tongue snaked into her mouth as he held her tight.

Judy became dizzy as Ed held her tight and pressed his mouth to hers. His tongue darted in her mouth and rummage around. A mix of emotions ran through her. It felt so good to be held by a man, but this was Nancy's husband, as she felt the water drip off of him and ran down her leg. Ed pulled his lips away from hers as he slowly lowered her to the ground. He captured her large nipple between his lips as she slid down. The feel of his tongue flicking across her nipple sent shock waves reverberating through her body.

By the time Judy was flat on the ground with Ed's arm cradling her head, Nancy had run around and was now playfully beating on her husband saying, "get off her you big oaf, your messing up our dance."

"Yessss" Judy screamed as Ed's left hand slid up her leg, pushing the grass out of the way and coming to rest on her freshly shaved love mound.

By this time Patty had joined Nancy beating on Ed and telling him to let go of Judy.

During the excitement Andy had climbed out of the pool and discarded his swimming trunks. He came behind Susan and grabbed her. "Gottcha," he said as his left arm held her waist firmly and his right pulled her hair back away from her ear and neck.

Susan made a half hearted attempt to break free, but when Andy stated to kiss and nibble on her neck any desire to resist quickly slipped away. She felt Andy's right hand massaged her nipple and as she relaxed his left hand slid down her stomach to between her legs. She felt the firmness of his manhood push against her backside. The stimulation had become too much, she turned and her mouth meet Andy's as her tongue slipped between his lips.

Tom had gotten out of the pool now and the exhilaration of the minute had made him totally confused him. The sight of the naked women had excited him, but seeing Andy with Susan had spurred pangs of jealousy through him.

Ed let Judy's large swollen nipple slip from his lips and called, "Tom, drop your drawers and take care of these two for me."

Nancy had now climbed on her husbands back and was yelling, "no, let her go."

Tom pulled his swimming trunks down freeing his 11" of manhood that was beginning to hurt in the constrictive material. Since her legs were spread on each side of her husband and she was bent over his back, except for a few strands of the grass skirt Nancy was totally exposed.

The events of the last several minutes had loosened Nancy up and caused her juices to flow but even still she was not ready for what was about to happen. Suddenly without warning she felt two strong hands take old of her hips, then the pain shot through her body as that massive organ separated her puffy lips and pushed deep into her. "Noooooo," she cried out as it felt like she was losing her virginity again. Deeper and deeper Tom penetrated into her until she thought her love box would explode. She had never felt so full, then slowly Tom started to rock in and out of her and the pain gave way to pulses of excitement, quickly building to waves of pleasure that rocked her body. Every nerve in her body felt on fire as the waves subsided but still Tom pumped her. Then, for a second time a wave of pleasure started to build. Tom stiffened and shoved as deep as he could into Nancy as she screamed, "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaawwdddddddddd yessssssssssssssssssss."

Tom filled the woman in front of him as he squirted his fluid into her. He slowly pulled out of Nancy as she lay spread out on Ed's back almost comatose. Tom reached down and grabbed Nancy under her arms and lifted her up. She was like a rag doll, limp and worn out as he picked her up and set her in a chair.

"Thank you," she mumbled

"No problem," Tom replied as he looked over at Susan and Andy.

Susan now lay on a lounge chair with her beautiful buns at the edge and long legs hanging off. Andy was making long driving strokes into Susan as she moaned, "yesss, yesss."

Tom looked down and Judy who had cum twice while Ed's fingers had danced on her magic button, played with her lips, and dipped into her honey pot. Her eyes were now rolled back as she shook her head from side to side as Ed had moved between her legs when his wife was helped off of him. His tongue was now lapping her little button while his fingers penetrated both of her openings. All this stimulation had Judy's juices flowing and her body in such an intoxicating state she did not even notice when Tom lifted her head and placed a chair cushion under it.

Tom looked over at Peggy, who had backed away when she first saw the size of his organ. She was now mesmerized by what she had seen Tom and Nancy do and the activity going on around her. Her hand had dropped between her legs as she rubbed her love mound. She was so captivated by all the action around her she did not notice Tom come up to her.

Peggy had looked up when she felt Tom's large hands take hold of her. His lips met hers and his tongue shot into her mouth. His passion and heat stirred the excitement within her. She broke the kiss and starred down organ that rested on her belly just beneath her small breast. She dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around the thick shaft. She could taste the sweet fresh mix of Tom and Nancy's juices on him. She felt him start to grow and become firm. His hands held her head, with his fingers wrapped in her dark hair. When he became stiff and she could hardly take him in her mouth, she stood up and took his hand. "Come" was all she said as she took his hand and lead him through the French doors to the bedroom door on the right of the bar.

She felt Tom's hand on her hips pull the string that held her grass skirt together. With her next step the skirt separated and fell to the floor in front of the bar.

When they entered the bedroom Tom scooped Peggy up in his arms, "you are so light, I'll bet you don't weigh 100 pounds," he said.

She smiled, reached her arms around his neck, and lifted her lips up to meet his. Their bodies were inter-locked as they fell on the bed on their sides and he rolled on his back. Patty slid up on Tom's chest, as she did so she felt his organ spring to attention as she slid off of it. She had a burning desire to know what that monster would feel like inside her. She placed a knee on each side of his hips, breaking the kiss and rising up. She positioned herself over the large mass and started to impale herself on it. Slowly it filled her as she lowered herself, stretching her beyond the limits she thought was possible.

Tom reached up with one hand and took one of the hard nipples on small mound between his fingers and gently rolls it. His other hand reached between her legs and stroked her love button that was now fully exposed by the invasion of the massive organ into her small slit.

Slowly Patty continued to lower herself as Tom's hands sent piercing jolts through her body. She was most of the way down on Tom when the tremor rocked her body; she fell forward on to his chest. "ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss," she cried as a tidal wave of pleasure crashed over her body.

Tom rolled her over on to her back while still buried deep in her. Then he started to rock in and out of her. His immense size stretched her as he filled her like she had never been filled before. Patty's body spasms each time the head of his massive organ pressed against her cervix as he plunged deep into her. Faster and faster he plowed into her. Finally he pushed his entire massive organ into her and froze as her body shook. A wave of pleasure, like no other that she had ever felt, swept over her body. The juices squirted from him and she could feel them as they seamed to have the force of a cannon behind them and filled every bit of space they could find.

The intensity of the moment was so great she fell limp on the bed and could not move as Tom pulled out of her. She felt emptiness as he popped out of her, but a contentment she had never known before. Susan was lucky she thought to herself as she cuddled in his arms.

To Be Continued...


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