The Best Erotic Stories.

Mrs. Martin
Ch. XIII: The Luau Continues
by Tom Davis

Susan got up from the lounge chair she had reclined on when Andy had seized her. The excitement of the dance had left her totally yearning for someone, anyone, to fill the desire building in her. Andy had quickly responded to that need and now lay on the patio beside her. She looked over at Ed and Judy. Judy lay on some cushions and Ed on top of her. Her legs were raised and locked around his waist. She moaned as he drove in and out of her. She could see Nancy sitting in a chair, legs spread and glistening with the wetness that had leaked out of her. Nancy had a far away look in her eyes as she sat on the chair staring out to space. "Guess she meet Tom," Susan thought to herself.

She turned and looked at the pool. The cool blue water was so inviting, "what the heck," she said to herself. Her arms swung behind her and back in front and her legs bent and sprung her slender body up and forward into the pool. In a few sift strokes Susan had reached the other side. The cool water had stimulated her nipples so that they were now rock hard as she rolled over and did a backstroke to the other side. When she bumped into the side she turned and stood at the side of the pool. She lowered her head under the water and with face upward broke the surface again. She wiped the water from her face as her long blond hair now entwined and disheveled hung down her back. Susan placed her hands on the edge of the pool and lifted herself out of the water. She stood and reached behind her head, grabbing the blond bundle and twisting it forcing a stream of water to run down her back. She shivered as the water flowed through the valley of her buns and splashed on the patio between her legs. A drop formed on the tip of her nipple and fell to the ground as she watched Andy, who had moved over to Nancy, she had his manhood in her mouth as she hungrily devoured it. Judy's cries of ecstasy filled her ears and she knew her friend was attaining the pinnacle of stimulus.

Susan went to the table of food and picked some of the fresh, robust strawberries from the fruit bowl and placed them in a small bowl. Then with the bowl in hand, she headed for the French doors. When she reached the building she could see one of the bedroom doors was open. She walked over to the bar, with her free hand, wrapped her fingers around the neck of the champagne bottle the women had opened earlier. She turned and looked out at the pool, smiled, and headed for the open bedroom door.

"Strawberries and Champagne anyone," she announced as she entered the room.

Tom lay on the bed with Peggy curled up next to him. He stirs and responds "sure," as he reached for the bowl.

"Not so fast," she said as she pulled the bowl form his reach. She hopped on the large bed, spread her legs and said, "this one is special, just for you," as she stuffed a strawberry between the pouting lips at the junction of her legs.

Tom shifted his position on the bed and crawled between her legs. He tried to bite the strawberry but only drove it deeper into her. He started to lift his arm and bring his hand to assist him when he felt a small set of fingers wrap around his wrist.

"No hands," Patty said as she held his wrist.

"Ok" replied Tom as he ran his tongue over the soft folds of flesh. He tasted the bitterness of the chlorine as he licked the drops of water from her. His tongue spread Susan's lips and tried to get behind the wedged strawberry. He was only partly successful in moving the fruit but was able to nibble at the exposed skin of the fruit.

Susan moaned as his upper lip pressed down on her button of excitement. Every time he dug with his tongue his lip would push down and rub as tom tried to nibble the strawberry. Another sensation sent excitement through her as she felt drops of the bubbly wine run down her ample breast. Patty's tongue would catch the steam part way down the mound and would chase it back to the origin and flicker across her nipple. Finally Tom sucked the last of the strawberry out of her and his tongue glided between the folds of skin and flickered across her bundle of nerve endings. The pangs of electricity shot through her body. Her hips bucked as Tom's arms firmly rested across her thighs and Patty lay across her body, licking her nipple.

When the aftershocks subsided Tom stood on the floor at the edge of the bed. His manhood was full and erect; he grabbed Susan's feet and pulled her to him. Patty rolled off Susan as she was dragged to the edge of the bed. Tom turned her over and she felt the floor under her feet.

She looked up and could see Patty's hips just inches from her face. Susan reached out and taking hold of the petite leg and lifting it over her head. This exposed the woman's irresistible mound to her hungry mouth. She could smell the musty mix of Tom's and Patty's love juices as she buried her face into the junction of the small woman's legs. When she put her mouth to the begging mounds of flesh she experienced the familiar pressure of Toms large organ press against her wet opening. She could feel him fill her the way no other man ever had. She dug her tongue deep into Patty's folds and licked up until the tip stroked the little protrusion of flesh.

"Yessss, lick my clit," moaned Patty as the larger woman held her hips and savagely attacked her.

Susan's mind was spinning as she worked the woman into frenzy; Tom filled her from behind. He had one hand draped around her and his fingers danced on her excited button.

Suddenly he stopped. She started to raise her head when she felt a large palm push her face down into the valley between the small woman's legs. She felt him slowly back out and both hands spread her back cheeks. She licked feverishly as she anticipated Tom's next move.

Tom moved his now wet fingers from under Susan and placed two at the opening between her cheeks. Gently he pushed the opening relaxed to accommodate the intrusion. He could see Patty rocking from side to side as Susan held her hips tight and continue to use her tongue on the woman. He removed his fingers and inserted three into her backside. The hole continued to adjust to the intrusion.

Patty was panting and saying, "stop, please stop," as the aftershocks and initiating waves mixed in continuos explosions that had every nerve in her body dancing beyond control.

Suddenly Susan raised her head and "yessssss" escaped her lips as her sphincter muscle stretched to accommodate the large mass now entering her. That arm was now wrapped around her again and the fingers were dancing in her love mound. "Ohhhh Gaaawd" she moaned as Tom slowly pushed deeper into her with his stiff organ. The stimulation was rising within her and she knew that any moment she would erupt in a massive organism.

Tom continued to push his aching erection into the tight hole. He loved the firm grasp she had on him and the way she loved this form of sex. He tried to hold back but could not stop the squirts the excitement forced from him. Her body trembled and she moaned as he held her hips tight.

She fell forward on the bed as he pulled out of her, gasping for breath and trying to hold on until the shock waves stopped and her free fall in space ended with her return to reality.

Tom looked at the two women laying on the bed, Susan with her chest heaving and Patty laying still, eyes closed and a broad smile across her face. He picked up the bottle of champagne and poured the remainder of its contents over the bowl of strawberries. Then placed one of the dripping strawberries in each woman's mouth. He kissed one and then the other and said, "shall we join the rest of the party?"

To Be Continued...


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