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My Night
by Hollywood2

It was quiet in the house as we were getting ready to go out. I was in the shower while you were getting dressed. As I was getting out of the shower I saw you slip on that black body-glove dress you have. I noticed you put it on with your stockings and garters but with no panties. After seeing this my dick sprung to its full 8inches of hardness.

I couldn't help myself when I walked up behind you and moved your hair so I could start kissing the back of your neck. When I did you told me no that we had plans. I said yes, but they just got changed. I then started to kiss the back of your neck. You tried to get away. I started to play with your hair. You started to relax. I continued to kiss your neck and play with your hair. You started to moan lightly. You must of felt my hard cock because you started to grind your ass into it. I continued kissing the back of your neck as I caressed your body with my hands. You continued to grind your ass into my cock making it even harder. I then bent you over the dresser and raised your skirt.

I started to rub your ass as I admired it for a minute. I then started to rub my cock up and down the crack of your ass. You moaned louder and started moving your ass with my dick. I then took my dick and started stroking your pussy making sure not to penetrate you. You were getting wetter by the second. I then dropped to my knees and started to lick your pussy. I would lick you from your clit to your ass. As I was licking your wet pussy your sweet smell just made me even harder. I looked up and noticed you had started playing with your tits. You were moaning louder and louder as I licked your pussy. As you were moaning louder and louder you started to grind your pussy into my face.

I locked hold of your clit in my mouth sucking it harder and harder. Just as your reached your orgasm I released your clit and drove my tongue as deep as I could into your pussy making sure not to drop any of your sweet nectar. As you were catching your breath I started to lick your ass. I would run my tongue up and down your crack making sure to touch your ass each time. When you finally caught your breathe you stood up and turned around kissing me ever so passionately tasting how sweet you are. I then started to suck on your nipples as you reached down and started to fondle my rock hard cock. You then dropped to your knees to return the favor. You took my cock ever so gently and placed it into your warm and wet mouth. You started sucking it slowly at first. You let it glide in and out of your mouth. You then reached around and grabbed my ass with both hands and started pushing me as so I was fucking your mouth. You then started to suck harder and harder. Just as I was about to cum you stopped telling me that I would haft to wait until we returned home. As I grumbled and started to get dressed you patted me on the ass and smile ever so seductively.

On our way home after or night out we were making small talk. You then pulled a small magazine out of your purse. I asked you what you were reading and you showed me the cover of a magazine of sex letters. I asked you were you got it and you said a girlfriend. You started to read me a story about a couple having sex. I noticed you had pulled up your skirt and started to play with yourself. I noticed my dick becoming hard. You must have noticed it to cause you reached over and started to rub it. I started to finger your pussy. I got even harder when you pulled out my finger and licked all of your sweet juice off of it. You finished the story and laid down the book.

You then pulled out my rock hard cock and began to suck it. After awhile you got up. You puled up your skirt and climbed over on top of me. I tried to get you to let me stop the car but you didn't listen. You just lowered your pussy onto my dick. You started fucking me slow then started to pick up your speed. After you reached your orgasm and me almost crashing the car you got off. You told me to pull over. I stopped the car and you got out. With me following you went into the woods. You went up to a tree and pulled up your skirt. You reached for me by my dick and pulled me towards you. Kissing me ever so deeply you whispered into my ear to fuck you in the ass. You turned around and bent over holding onto the tree. I got down and started to lick you ass and pussy. You were moaning louder and louder. I got up and rubbed my dick up and down the crack of your ass. You started to grind your ass into me.

I then pushed the head of my dick into your ass. You gasped loudly. I then slowly pushed the rest of my dick into you. I started to fuck your ass as you fingered your pussy and played with your clit. I fucked you harder and deeper and we both moaned loudly. Just as I shot my hot load of cum deep into your ass you had your orgasm and screamed loudly. I continued fucking your ass until I went limp. We then kissed and ran back to the car.

I drove home as fast as I could while watching you masturbate. When we got home we took a quick shower and got into bed making mad passionate love all night long.


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