The Best Erotic Stories.

My Niece Eva Pt. IV
by JEdwins

I let Eva's legs down from my shoulders. I needed respite from that position and I'm sure she did, too.

"Lay down here and let me rest a minute," she directed. I lay down. She reversed her position to mine, positioned my legs into a figure four, lay her head on my left thigh and put my cock in her mouth. Didn't even ask my permission.

"You didn't ask my permission to do that!" I told her, rightfully indignant. Or as indignant as I could be considering what she was doing to my cock with her lips and tongue.

She paused in her ministrations long enough to say, "It isn't necessary for me to ask your permission, considering the way you've treated my poor innocent body so far."

"Bitch!" That was my manly retort.

Stopping sucking on me again, she said, "You'll think bitch when you see me with my ass high in the air, my shoulders on the bed, my pussy totally open, my ass waiting for you to fuck it, and my finger transferring pussy cream to my asshole to be ready for your lascivious assault on me."

This girl could talk some shit. Maybe her ex had left her so that he could get some rest. She could give a corpse a hard on.

After about 10 minutes she sat up and said, "How long can you last if you started fucking me now?"

Taking advantage of the hiatus I spun around toward her nipples again and said, "I've been blessed with staying power, sometimes too much, and then I can't come."

"I'll make you come. More than once."

I believed her. Never in my life have I encountered this much sexual energy and voluptuousness. The situation didn't have to be heightened by the fact that she was my niece. Eva was s-e-x. She was every man's dream of rampant sexuality. Her hunger for satisfaction was palpable. Almost an assault on my own emotions. An honest man can only hope he can keep up with and satisfy this woman's needs. But he can't loose.

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